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Are We Finally Coming
Back To Life?

Jim Kirwan
For the last nearly eight years. the net has bristled with vehemence and fire, as writers from all directions have tried to find that mysteriously missing link between "people" and what is being done to them. "Where's the Rage!" And maybe more important, "Where's the Outrage"! These angry but valid questions have lingered over each and every new obscenity as this political kaleidoscope of the New World Order has continued to slice and splice the universe into ever darker slivers of our broken world.
Finally, it begins to appear that the public has begun to find its 'RAGE' in the current and pending nightmare now focused on the passage or failure of the "legislation-that-isn't" regarding the SLUSH-FUND that was initially a BAILOUT, but has now been officially designated "The Rescue Plan."
First, we had the Dictator's three page directive informing us in true fascist terminology that this will happen, no questions will be tolerated, and no oversight will be permitted ­ moreover this "legislation would be passed without being read because it was too important to waste time reading this new License-To-Steal, in whatever way the government, the Federal Reserve and the Treasury had already decided to redistribute the actual wealth of the nation - yet again! This project FAILED because members of the House of Representatives for the very first time in the last eight years actually listened to the rage coming from their constituents.
Then, in the shock of the aftermath, government decided to again depart from the constitution and allow the Senate to initiate legislation: which violates the proscribed necessity for all legislation to originate in the House of Representatives, because they are actually supposed to represent the Citizens. The Senate is our version of The House of Lords, and has no direct interest in what might be good for the people or the nation ­ but no matter ­ Bush overrode all that outdated stuff from the Constitution and cut another deal with the leaders of the Senate to create a new piece of legislation for the House to vote on. This time the original three pages had grown to what is now a 1,400 page document!  
No one in his or her right mind can read and understand one-thousand, four hundred pages of legalese, in a single day: in order to cast a yes or no vote upon what's inside this new pile of garbage.
No serious legislation ought to involve more than one-hundred pages of anything. Therefore this "legislation" ought to have been divided into fourteen separate bills; but of course this is an emergency, just as the Patriot Act and the Declaration of War on Iraq were "emergencies" that not only both turned out to be nothing of the kind-but were in actually based on nothing but huge lies and massive amounts of the public's treasure being stolen to produce end-results that were unnecessary, illegal and unconstitutional! This "emergency" was created by the same people that have so generously offered themselves to us again, this time as our saviors, in this time of CRISIS.
This is not a crisis; it is a national and international CATASTROPHE and it  is filled with more lies and deceptions than usual, beginning with the idea that the public MUST get behind this and contact their congressional reps. The public did get behind this one, without being told to, and they were and probably still are OPPOSED to this nightmare that promises to only get bigger! Today, if the "Leaders" have their way, the US House of Representatives will override the demands of over 70 percent of their constituents and will vote "YEAH" on this criminal theft of what has now grown to $850 Billion that we don't actually have for any purpose. If this happens OUTRAGE will return to the American psyche, and shortly thereafter probably to the streets and offices of this once proud land.
If this does not happen, and IF the House of Representatives does vote according to the voices of their constituents: then finally the real criminals will each and all have to answer for this colossal FAILURE. From Bush to Paulson, from Pelosi to Bernanke: All of the congressional leadership, the entire White House, the Treasury Department, the Securities & Exchange Commission-the whole corrupt government of the United States will have to answer for this one: because all of this faux capitalism will begin to collapse around them.  
The country will have a rough time, but it will survive, because we shall be shedding the skin of that two-headed snake that has for too long completely dominated the entire country. I prefer this outcome to the headline today in the NY Times: Economy Shed 159,000 Jobs in September. "The government is out with more <http://www.bls.gov/news.release/pdf/empsit.pdf>bad economic news this morning: The job market began to deteriorate even before the financial crisis reached a more serious stage two weeks ago.
Employers cut 159,000 jobs in September, more than twice as many as in August or July, the Labor Department reported. It was the biggest monthly decline since 2003, when the economy was still losing jobs in the wake of the 2001 recession.
Forecasters had been expecting a loss of about 100,000 jobs in September.
The new number was especially worrisome because the government conducted its survey during the week of Sept. 8, before the credit crisis took a new turn for the worse on Sept. 17."  (1) 
This, by design, is and has been a global problem for the whole of the last ten years, while the criminal-elites have been trying desperately to finalize their Coup to steal the planet. But a funny thing happened on their way to world domination: the very basic premise upon which their whole sick idea was based, has come back to bite them where they live!
'When all laws are routinely violated - then piracy flourishes! The plus side of this is that this clearly illustrates what happens when virtually everyone has finally accepted the fact that there is no longer any "law" that can control anything when it comes to war or politics: Therefore violence takes its rightful place on all fronts - which will doom the planet to the basic situation that turns once powerful nations into islands of chaos and destruction where only the Lords of the Flies shall reign supreme.
This was planned by various parts of the shadow-governments probably of several "nations," but "nations no longer matter, because only Corporate States have weight enough now to alter the equations of who shall get what and when. To date their sole 'claim to power' has been their willingness to break every law and murder anyone in their way. But they have over-reached and finally the victims "get it"! And since billions of us have been trying to live under what we thought were unifying laws; these obscenities have finally forced people everywhere to face the truth - and in this case that truth will lead to blood and  possibly to chaos in so many other arena's but at least these "players" and their true intentions will have finally been clearly delineated.'
It's fascinating to say the least-that the one thing they counted on to insure their supremacy over everyone else can turn out to be the one thing that virtually guarantees that OUTRAGE that is necessary to a return to sanity, in a thoroughly compromised world of greed and butchery on a global scale.
Regardless of what happens today in the vote or non-vote: for or against the hopelessly flawed convolutions of government-speak in the US House of Representatives: "America" it appears, has finally begun to awaken.
From now on those that have so freely voted against those that put them in their jobs as "representatives" shall themselves have to worry about a real BACKLASH that is both personal and determined by millions of their constituents'.
GAME-OVER bring on the clean-up of this cancerous parasite that has tried to steal our lives, our dreams and now our money along with our national identity! This ought to be something that no American's can ever forget; regardless of how the "mighty" will continue to try to force their will upon us all! Resistance it turns out-is NOT futile.
NOTE: Within minutes of submitting this article, word came that the legislation
passed the US House of Representatives. Now we'll see what actually transpires
and whether or not "We are Finally Coming Back to Life." Simultaneously, in
a message that arrived immediately after the notification of the passage I received
just this single word: "NORTHCOM"
1) Jobs Report Un derlines Economic Decline
Not One Dime ­ Mike Whitney
How to Fix the Wall Street Mess ­ Michael Moore
One Nation Under Capitalism: It's Time for a Crucifixion

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