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Post Game Show -
Russia Vs Georgia

By Karl Schwarz
Have you ever heard this one?  
"I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out."
If this Georgia fiasco were an Olympic hockey game, Russia went through Georgia like crap through a goose.  The Russians are putting their tanks and armored vehicles anywhere the Bear wants to drive or park them.  Scenes in Georgia from BBC are showing the Georgian police establishing roadblocks only to see Russian armor rolling right through them and going where they want to. Whoever covers the insurance for the Georgian police force vehicles has a major insurance claim forthcoming. Cause of claim: collision with Russian tank. 'The Mick' Saakashvili was so nervous watching the game he was actually chewing on his tie.  
Unfortunately for the City Of London Bankers NWO, the US and Zionist Israel both just got their clocks cleaned, 50-0.
That Gold looks great on the Bear's brown chest.
Team Russia is now just gliding around on the ice waiting to see if anyone else wants to get slammed to death into the rink wall.  As I predicted, the Bear has its paw squarely on the chest of Georgia and will only move on when he is damned well ready to.  Which may be a long, long time.
Seems the Russians also just found a US arms cache in Georgia - or intercepted an attempt by the US to smuggle arms into Georgia wrapped up as 'humanitarian aid.'
The Post Game Show and analysis of the game is getting uglier by the day.
I never cared much for Lyndon Johnson as a president, but he did come up with many colorful quotes that described our nation and its leaders well. His comment about Jerry Ford can well be applied to Bush and his entire team of nitwits:
"Jerry Ford is so dumb he can't fart and chew gum at the same time."
Here is a Democratic president commenting on someone who turned out to be a Republican president - and was exactly what Lyndon said he was. The Bush Administration has that same problem.
They devised a scheme in Georgia and DC to 'resolve the territorial disputes' so NATO could say 'YES' to membership for Georgia.  What happened? Well, Georgia took the opening puck but a bone-crushing body block delivered by the Russian defense shook the LED scoreboard into a blur.
The hockey game was so one-sided, Saakashvili was reduced to babbling and literally chewing on his tie while the BushCo Poodle's 2 cell brain got stuck and kept arfing the same recorded message over and over again. Maybe the little yapper was stunned almost speechless watching Russian Shock & Awe for the first time in her Affirmative Action life.
The UN Security Council, NATO and EU leaders are groping and trying to find a way to call a 'personal foul' on Russia but the evidence grows by the hour that the guilty players were from Georgia, Ukraine, Israel and the US.
The OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe) voted yesterday in Vienna.  The answer was NO to providing security forces or monitors to resolve this dispute.  Said another way, the OSCE does not view Georgia as an EU member or NATO member, and it is on its own for inflicting war crimes on Russian Orthodox Christians in South Ossetia.  
That vote definitely did not go as Bush, Rice and the Zionist New World Order wanted it to go.
You can depend that yesterday's OSCE vote was a major blow to EU and NATO membership for poor little Muslim and Zionist-controlled Georgia.
Arf-Arf says: "We will rebuild Georgia!"  Great, the US Treasury will borrow tens or hundreds of billions more non-existent money from the Fed, and Bush Buddies will get all sorts of no-bid contracts and billions more will disappear just like Iraq. You can bet that neither Russia nor China will be buying any of that US debt to 'rebuild' Georgia.
Have you noticed Arf-Arf has not said a word since last Friday about "Russia must remove its troops from Georgia now!"  Well, Arf-Arf is sort of distracted right now because Russia has responded to the bogus Bush Missile Shield in Poland and the Czech Republic, and she is having to dart and dash to hand-wringing conferences so fast her little Black Poodle heels are smoking.
Russia:  "Poland is now a target for nuclear strike." 
Of course, that will include the Czech Republic if anyone wishes to test Russian resolve. Over in Germany Angela Merkel-Ferkel is jumping up and down screaming and her hair is on fire.  Meanwhile, Little Nicky Sarko, like Arf-Arf, also became very quiet after he 'brokered the cease-fire.' It's become more than apparent to all of these clowns that the Bear is aiming to knock the Zionist New World Order flat on its ass.
Have you noticed that there has not been a single word from Gordon Brown? Most likely, this is because the UK and US economies are both going into the trash can, thanks to BushCo, and the Brits decided they didn't want to go wreck Georgia with Junior...and then get to foot the bill for 'nation building.'
Russia: "Russia has the same right to pre-emptive strikes as the US claims for itself." 
I bet BushCo didn't see that one coming...since they actually think they are the world's only Superpower. Oops! You can bet Gordon Brown and Queen Elizabeth are having a tête-à-tête on that recent revelation.  Bush just crapped another diaper and if there is to be any 'pre-emptive strike' it will include Buckingham Palace and the Zionist Banksters in the City of London.
Russia: "Long-range strategic nuclear bombers will now be refueling in Cuba." Hmm, Poland is the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis in reverse.  And just like in 1962, the US started it.  Do your research and you'll find that the US put nuclear-tipped Jupiter C missiles in Turkey and the Russians responded by shipping missiles to Cuba. 
Venezuela: "Russian navy is welcome in our country."
Pakistan: "Musharraf resigns to avoid impeachment."
Afghanistan: "Taliban now control most of Afghanistan."
Russia: "Russia will put nuclear missiles in the Mediterranean and Syria." 
Oops, the Little Black Poodle has to scramble faster still because the bogus Bush Missile Shield is not in position to do anything about Russian nukes in the Mediterranean.  Trust me; Italy and Spain are livid at BushCo for this stupidity.  Zionist Israel is about to shit Kosher bricks because any Russian nuclear missiles in Syria will mean for the first time that Israel will not be able to exert nuclear terrorism on its neighbors - or on the US - to get its way in the Middle East.
I knew it, Zionist Israel does not have to worry at all about Iranian nukes. Now they will have to worry about Russian nukes in Syria.  Seems the US has been playing on the wrong Grand Chessboard.  That move by Russia is called CHECKMATE on Zionist Israel.
Russia: "Russian passports for Ukrainians in the Crimea are now available." 
Most Ukrainians want out of Ukraine. They are not enamored with their Zionist-controlled government, crappy economy and living under incredible financial stresses.  They have noticed that things are much better in Russia now and I hear passports are going fast, long lines.  The Ukrainians have had it with the George Soros-George Bush Zionist Show in Ukraine. It did not take the Ukrainians long to figure out that their Orange Revolution was really more like A Clockwork Orange.
Of course, Yuchenko did not help matters when he told Russia where it  could and could not park its Black Sea fleet, or that Ukraine Zionists participated in the Georgia fiasco and have been stirring up trouble along the Ukraine-Russia border as well. Since Russia has been paying the Ukraine pensions ever since the USSR disbanded in 1991, many Ukrainians are now wondering if their pensions would be safer holding a Russian passport rather than Ukraine passport.  The correct answer is, definitely, yes.
I bet the US and EU did not see that one coming either.  Maybe this loss for George Soros will prompt him to 'kick off' and we won't have to worry about his sleaze any more.  Russia has had enough of Russia-hating Soros, and so have I.
Has Russia pulled back in Georgia?  Well, sort of. The Russians know they can't trust the Georgian Muslim Zionist Jew puppet government in Tbilisi.  That's a given. Russia also knows it cannot trust the US or the Zionist zhids.  What the Bear is doing is creating a DMZ - a right and proper buffer zone on all three sides of South Ossetia and Abkhazia to better insulate and protect the borders of those two breakaway regions.  And to be sure, the zhids get the picture clearly...
Medvedev:  "Cross us and we will crush you."
Translation to Georgia: NEVER AGAIN!
Folks, the blowback to BushCo stupidity is obvious to anyone still above room temperature.  Russia has made it clear that the bullshit stops or things will get hotter than Americans can imagine...
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