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US-Israeli-Muslim Genocide
Of Russian Orthodox Christians

By Karl Schwarz
In the heat of the moment, right at the edge of the abyss, the truth often surfaces. I think it just did...and from the most unlikely source - the president of Georgia Mikhiel Saakashvili.
I think what disappoints me the most about American 'leadership' since Daddy Bush, Clinton and this current evil drunkard bisexual moron got into office, is that we as Americans have always hoped for and expected the best from our leaders. Great leadership is how America became the shining beacon to the rest of the world it was...but that bright luster is gone now, turned into an ugly shade of gray-black by Zionist fascism and total deceit.
The world now views America as its enemy...and worse - sort of like 'how in Hell can they go even lower than they already have in proving to the world what they are?' The world has learned to expect the worst from the demonic denizens of DC. That, of course, is not the way it is supposed to be. I have watched all three of these past President-clowns for 20 years, and over time, information has surfaced exposing that hardly anything they've said has turned out to be true. All three are pathological liars, hiding dark, deadly agendas behind their lies and empty, duplicitous words.
Bush: "Russia's actions are unacceptable." In reality our War Criminal President should be slapped into chains and sent to the ICC forthwith for war crimes, crimes against humanity, and ethnic cleansing for openers.
I am getting information in from all over to add to what I already have in hand. There is a picture emerging that is the main point of this article.
Much of what people are reading in my current essays appeared in my book 'One-Way Ticket to Crawford, Texas', but now that data is greatly updated which even further certifies the revelations in the book. This picture is W FUBAR in monumentally staggering proportions.
There is a certain smell of mendacity about this entire Georgia fiasco. It has a hue of color to it that is starting to look way out of focus to me, and it is apparent that Bush, Rice and even their puppet Saakashvili are lying out their asses with greater frequency and more preposterously each time.
It is becoming more and more obvious Georgia did not 'attack' South Ossetia - the United States and Zionist Israel did. And those two psychopaths planned and carried out ethnic genocide against Russian Orthodox Christians. Now, read that again.
Jeff Rense sent me the link to an article I had never seen. Most Americans missed the news in January 2004 where Bush and Rumsfeld made it clear that the US military presence in Georgia was going to be forever.
More pipeline Dreams in DC La La Land. Russia is getting tired of US and Zionist trespassers setting up camp and military bases right in its face. Russia withdrew 80 armored divisions and scores of surface- to-surface missile systems from Europe, so there could be peace.
That was the end of the Cold War, but we have diehard Zionist morons in the United States, UK, Israel and among the City of London Banksters who foam at the mouth like rabid dogs merely at the thought of ways to create more wars. The US, the Zionist Jews and NATO have pushed and pushed to keep things destabilized. And they have done a fine job of it.
Of course, that move by Bush was right on the heels of an assassination. Read on.
Now, a totally useless 'defensive' missile system (gag) is being put into Poland and the Czech Republic, both former USSR territories.
Yet more Western Zionist provocation, more senseless acts.
I am watching every detail of this Georgia­Russia collision because this could easily turn into a major military clash between two Superpowers over a pipeline right-of-way and 'that other matter' I am writing about. So, what is this strange color and putrid odor that is now so noticeable?
There was the predictable Tbilisi Georgia photo op after the little Black Poodle arrived and, as expected, featured her and Mickey Saakashvili. In a back-slapping effort to twist reality, Saakashvili is now blaming this entire military conflict on the fact that 'certain major EU nations' rejected NATO membership for Georgia because there were, quote "territorial disputes' within Georgia.
That is total, absolute horseshit ­ to be frank and blunt about the matter. The US and puppet Georgia governments are the ones who *created* the 'territorial disputes' by not recognizing the legitimate vote of South Ossetia and Abkhazia to no longer be part of Georgia. Those two 'provinces' voted, clearly and accurately, back in 1991 to remain a part of Russia.
So, what is actually fueling the current fighting and dying? Read on, you are not going to believe it...and if you are a Christian you should be raging mad at Bush and the US government and Zionist Israel.
I have been trying to understand why the UK stayed out of this 'bloody good show' and have been mute in commenting on this matter so far.
Aug 16, 12:42 AM (ET)
(AP) Russian soldiers block a road in Gori, northwest of the capital Tbilisi,Georgia, Friday, Aug. 15,...
TBILISI, Georgia (AP) - Georgia's president grudgingly signed a truce with Russia Friday, even as he denounced the Russians as invading barbarians and accused the West of all but encouraging them to overrun his country. A stone-faced Condoleezza Rice, standing alongside, said Russian troops must withdraw immediately from their smaller neighbor.
President Bush talked tough, too, accusing the Russians of "bullying and intimidation," but neither he nor Rice said what the U.S. might do if Russia ignored them.
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev's press office had no information Friday night on whether he had signed the cease-fire agreement. Russia's foreign minister assured Rice later that his country would implement the deal "faithfully," a U.S. official said. The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because Rice's conversation was private, said Russia was likely to sign the deal Saturday.
As the secretary of state spoke in Tbilisi, Russian forces remained camped out just 25 miles away.
I received an email from a friend in Moscow. The author of the email is a retired Lieutenant Colonel, US Military, now living in Russia.
You might say he is a little closer to what is going on in Russia than other Americans. I am watching RTR Planeta out of Russia but not sure what some of the scenes are or the reporting content. I read Russian better than trying to hear it and keep up.
If you truly want to understand this Georgia fiasco, you need to read this email which has been posted on Rense (and other websites), and then come back and finish this article. Pay close attention to the days mentioned because this 'war' supposedly started August 8, same day as the Olympics. From what this retired LTC is saying, Georgia opened fire earlier than August 8 and was even blocking relief efforts Russia had sent out:
I am seeing evidence in the Russia media that the matter did, in fact, start before August 8.
Hmm, where to start?
Are you aware that Christian Georgia is now 60% Muslim and the Georgian government is controlled by Muslims and some key Zionist Jews?
I thought that interesting ­ Muslims attacking and killing Russian Christians in South Ossetia, aided and abetted by Zionist Jews and the US via Blackwater USA thugs. I have not seen CNN or BBC address that nasty little detail. Not once. It could be a huge detail and smells to me like the Balkans, Serbia, Kosovo, ethnic cleansing on the basis of religion. That might be why many of the EU nations are becoming very uneasy with Bush and this latest stunt.
Most Americans are not aware that the US was FUNDING the Muslims in Kosovo in that US-backed ethnic cleansing campaign through our current UN Muslim ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad. All of this was being done so the US could come up with the excuse to Balkanize the Balkans. Remember well, America ­ that all occurred during the Clinton Administration. The US was funding that ethnic cleansing, and after about 1 million dead Clinton went to 'Wag the Dog' while the Monika Lewinsky matter was embarrassing our nation. Remember, too, that Gen Wesley Clark was in charge of the bombing to stop the ethnic cleansing - that the US started in the first place.
It was during this period of time that the EU lost a vast amount of respect for America. Bush, of course, has managed to finish off that respect rather than rebuild it.
If you saw any of the UN Security Council sessions regarding this Georgia matter, that fact might clue you in as to why the Russian UN Ambassador has NO RESPECT for Zalmay Khalilzad. About half of the Balkans wants that rat bastard dead. The biggest reason that Russia has been so adamant about Kosovo is because the Serbians are ethnically related to the Russians and many of them are in fact Russian Orthodox Christians and even speak related languages, using related alphabets. Khalilzad, too, is a war criminal, protected by the US.
Getting that picture clear in your head?
To this day, most Americans are not aware that Kosovo is a new US operations center for black ops against the Muslim world. I touched on that in 'Pop Goes the Bush Mythology Bubble, Part VI' pointing out that a US flight left Kosovo just hours after WTC lay in rubble in New York City.
The powers-that-be freaked when I ran a seven-part series titled 'Pop Goes the Bush Mythology Bubble." Note in that article that the leader before Saakashvili was assassinated...one Mr. Zurab Zhvania.
So, exactly what type of government has the US installed there in poor, little 'Christian' Georgia? I'll tell you. It's a government comprised of mostly Muslim, Zionist Jews and mercenaries. Folks, Georgia is NOT a Christian nation. Get it?
Their governmental 'mission'? Killing Russian Orthodox Christians...and that is why the UK has taken a powder on this fiasco. This is about to get uglier than the ugliest bitch you can imagine. Russia is livid and Russia is not going to back up.
Are you aware that much of the Eastern third of Ukraine is heavily Russian? Are you aware the Zionist Jews have Ukraine stirring up crap with Russia along the Ukraine-Russia border? Are you aware there were Ukrainian troops in Georgia involved in the wanton genocide of Russian Orthodox Christians in South Ossetia?
As expected, the 1,000 pound Russian Bear has already informed Ukraine that it will park its Black Sea fleet any damned place it wishes to park it.
Why this mad rush to save the babbling moron Saakashvili from being toppled from power? The man is a hyper idiot; just listen in to one of his press conferences. His statements are even more preposterous than Bush and that is damned hard to do. However, in his desperation and now anger, he is letting key bits of truth slip out ...and I and many other are becoming very angry at what Bush and his Zionist zhid buddies at up to.
Yes, in the heat of the moment, the truth is slipping out of Saakashvili's mouth.
Behold Georgia!...the New and Improved 'Al Qaeda' boogeyman, operated and run by the CIA, Mossad, Blackwater USA, and our bogus Christian War Criminal President and his treasonous Congress.
The term 'zhid' originated in Russia as an extremely derogatory term to describe murderous Zionist Jews who reveled in killing Russian Christians in the last Century.
The Zionist Jews are not the only group that maintains a position of using the term 'never again.'. The Russians - who lost over 50 million of their people to Zionist zhids before and during World War II - are even more adamant in saying NEVER AGAIN.
Would it offend you, Christian America, if you knew that mostly MUSLIM Gerogia was directed by the US and Israel to attack and slaughter CHRISTIANS in SOUTH OSSETIA? These sub-human killers literally murdered unarmed elderly and children by the hundreds.
Some were burned alive, some were drowned in basements, some were blown to pieces with rocket barrages and tank blasts as Georgian forces (US, Israel, Ukraine, etc) shelled the civilian population killing every Christian in sight. That is exactly what happened and THAT is why Russia attacked with such fury.
That is also why Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov told BBC's Stephen Sackur that 'independent investigators' to document these war crimes are WELCOME in South Ossetia. Russia is going to prosecute; the world can rely on that.
I watched the press conference between Angela Merkel and Dmitry Medvedev that aired from Sochi, Russia right after the Black Poodle ­ Saakashvili 'press conference.' Merkel looked like she was about to have a "Depends Moment" and Medvedev is not backing up one inch.
War Crimes were perpetrated against Russian Orthodox Christians and the bristles on the back of the Bear are up...and they are going to stay up until George Bush and his Zionist zhid friends back up and get gone.
Russia is making it clear it intends to prosecute Mikhiel Saakashvili for war crimes. They should include Bush and his Zionist zhid friends...and I fervently hope they intend to do just that. Angela Merkel was about to crap her britches in the press conference with Medvedev. I watched her closely, remembering how recently she had groveled before the Zionist Jews in the Knesset in Tel Aviv. She was as nervous as I've ever seen her...fully aware that her Zionist Jew buddies and the US had just perpetrated war crimes against Russian Orthodox Christians South Ossetia, killing nearly 2,000 of them.
Russia is way past furious.. and she knows it.
With 30-40 million Russians dead due to Bolshevik zhids, mass murder of mostly Christian Russians and Muslim Russians in the southern regions, and 20 million dead in World War II, the Russians know a zhid when they see one. They just killed a bunch of them in South Ossetia and racked up more of them when they pushed on into Georgia to flush them out and eliminate them.
Exactly what are Blackwater USA and Israeli troops doing in Georgia, 4,000 strong, you might (and SHOULD) ask? That is the size of a brigade and apparently another US brigade is on the way. Russia has not attacked a nation in decades, while the US, UK and Zionist Israel have attacked MANY - Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, IRAN, and the BALKANS, and most of the Caspian Basin nations to try to get the oil and natural gas. And now, it is SOUTH OSSETIA'S time.
And what, exactly, is this crap that "poor little Georgia' is doing on Ingushetia? Trust me, what is going on in Ingushetia is 100% CIA and MOSSAD and BLACKWATER.
If you missed the article on Ingushetia, here is the link to it:
Now, if poor little peace-loving Georgia is so peaceful, what in Hell are they doing stirring up shit in Ingushetia and what are 4,000 Blackwater and Israeli thugs doing there?
What was that sudden flare up of anger by Saakashvili while Rice stood there stone-faced? It finally dawned on me that Saakashvili was speaking the truth (for a rare moment) and Rice was hoping the world would not pay attention to what he was saying. NATO membership was denied to Georgia due to the 'territorial disputes' solely caused by US, Zionist Israel and the current Muslim­Zionist regime in Georgia.
That territorial disputes, are, of course, the two Russian Orthodox CHRISTIAN areas that refuse to live under the heels of Muslim and Zionist thugs based in Tbilisi.
I would like to know more about this naval attack by a Georgia gunboat and the Russian frigate sinking it. Why would Georgia be blocking aid inbound from Russia? That apparently happened the day before (Thursday) when most of the world thought the Big Bad Bear attacked, unprovoked, poor little Georgia the same day the Olympics started. That is not Russia's style, that is George Bush's style...100%
My bet is that Georgian gunboat was manned by Blackwater and Israeli operatives. Only an idiot attacks an unarmed freighter delivering relief with the Russian Navy nearby. It was a direct provocation by the US and Zionist operatives. In case you didn't hear, the Russians turned that gunboat into an oil slick in minutes.
Now I know why Swedish minister Carl Bildt had a sickened look on his face. This is American Christian - Zionist Israel genocide on Russian Christians. This is Kosovo all over again, but 100% designed and perpetrated by the United States and their Zionist Israeli zhid thugs.
As this fiasco has developed information has come out that one of the top ministers BushCo has planted in the Georgian government is a Zionist Jew. http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0%2C7340%2CL-3580136% 2C00.html
George Soros wsa behind the coup d'etat in Georgia. Just about everyone in that part of the world knows that
Now I know why Angela Merkel looks so very uncomfortable trying to sell 'Zionist logic' and 'Zionist peace' to Russia, when Russia knows full well that Muslims, led by the US and Israel, and backed up by US mercenaries came into South Ossetia to slaughter RUSSIAN ORTHODOX CHRISTIANS.
Folks, this is your New, Improved 'Al Qaeda' boogeyman led by the US, Zionist Israel, and their Muslim puppets who still apparently think they can grab the Caspian Basin...and ultmately, Russia, too.
Just about everyone in that part of the world knows that Zurab Zhvania was assassinated because he was not in favor of putting Georgia in the hot seat to appease the salivating Zionist thirst for the oil of the Caspian Basin. He wanted peace with Russia and knew that these thugs were pushing for war.
Read that again if you did not get it. Georgia's Zurab Zhvania was assassinated because he was NOT in favor of this Zionist West pipeline plan. The US Zionists replaced him with Mikhiel Saakashvili and now he is apparently seeing things for what they are..even if he won't admit so in public.
As I was typing this, Jeff Rense sent me a link. See this: "The America-Georgia Business Development Council was formed in January, 1998, in response to requests from a number of companies."
Pay close attention to who the board members are "in response to requests from a number of companies". http://www.agbdc.com/
Folks, hang on and buckle up. If Bush and his Zionist buddies keep up with this insanity you are going to see the biggest military clash since World War II...and this time it will be two Superpowers and the death toll of Americans is going to be nothing short of horrifying.
Bad policies and evil schemes are just that...and destined to fail.
This was a premeditated attack by the US and Zionist Israel on RUSSIA. I am serious, get off your ass, call Washington, DC and tell them to END THIS INSANITY NOW.
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