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Superholographic Model
Of The Universe
Superholographic Model of the Universe Bridges the Worlds of Quantum
Physics, the Electric Universe Model, ESP, and Religion. It is the 'Theory of All'.

The Earl of Stirling
Perhaps the most exciting model of the basic nature of the universe is the superholographic model. This is an astonishing theory which holds that the entire universe, including everything even the smallest subatomic particle, is like a hologram. A superhologram whereby our three-dimensional universe is completely equivalent to alternative physical laws and quantum fields layered on a vast surface similar to how a light trick allows a three-dimensional image to exist on a flat piece of film. "The physics of black holes--immensely dense concentrations of mass--provides a hint that the principle might be true. Studies of black holes show that, although it defies common sense, the maximum entropy or information content of any region of space is defined not by its volume but by its surface area.", taken from Scientific American August 2003.
A hologram is created by bathing an object in laser beam light and bouncing a second laser beam off of the reflected light of the first beam. The resulting interference pattern, that is the pattern created by the commingling of the two laser beams, is captured on film. Developing the film results in an apparent meaningless swirl of dark and light lines. However, illuminating the film with yet another laser beam causes a three-dimensional image of the original object to appear.
When laser holograms were first invented the three-dimensional aspect of holograms was felt to be the most important characteristic; however, it was soon realized that there was something much more important, something fundamentally important, from a scientific prospective, about the nature of holograms. The hologram image, say of a human face, can be cut in half and each half of the original hologram is found to contain the entire image of the face. Cut the hologram multiple times and each cutting contains the hole image. In other words, holographic images are a dividable record which allows all data possessed by the whole to exist in every part of the hologram. This 'whole in every part' aspect of holographic images provides us with a new way of looking at order and organization.
This 'whole in every part' aspect to holograms opens a new and exciting way to view the very nature of the universe, of all of nature, and of time itself. In 1982 a University of Paris research team, headed by Alain Aspect, discovered that in some cases subatomic particles (electrons for example) are able to instantaneously communicate with each other no matter what the distance is separating them, be it 10 meters or a billion miles apart. This ability of one particle to know what another is doing, regardless of distance, manages to violate Einstein's principle that nothing, including communication, can travel faster than the speed of light.
Physicist David Bohm, of the prestigious University of London, has formed the theory (based on Alain Aspect's findings) that in spite of its apparent solidity (already known to be an illusion as atoms and subatomic particles are in motion and consists of mostly empty space) the universe is really a phantasm, a gigantic and highly detailed hologram, a superhologram. Further, that the reason that subatomic particles were able to maintain contact with one another without regard to time or distance separating them is not do some exotic form of communication between them, but due to the fact that the subatomic particles are not really individual entities, but are in fact actually extensions of the same thing at a most basic and fundamental level.
Bohm feels that the apparent communication between subatomic particles, at speeds faster than light, is really demonstrating to us that there is a deeper level of reality, a more complex dimension than we are privy to, that is similar to the 'whole in every part' of the holographic image. The subatomic particles appear totally separate to us because because we are only seeing a portion of reality. While this sounds a bit unbelievable, to look, feel, and hold say a pencil, we perceive the pencil to be solid and not in motion. However, the reality that we do not perceive is that the pencil is made up of millions of atoms and a much larger number of subatomic parts in motion and, while solid to the look and touch, the pencil has mostly empty space between the subatomic particles.
This interconnection of all, at the subatomic level with all things being infinitely interconnected , is a radical new way of viewing the universe. It does however, solve a number of problems in such diverse fields as quantum physics, the Electric Universe model, extra sensory perception (ESP), and offers a scientific basis to many theology based beliefs.
In a superholographic universe everything interpenetrates everything else, and even time ~ past, present, and future ~ and space can no longer be viewed as fundamentals. This is due to the fact that in an universe, in which nothing is truly separate from anything else, time and three-dimensional space ~ in effect locations ~ break down and don't exist at certain levels of reality. One of the most fundamental concepts of Christianity is that God is Eternal and that Heaven is in Eternity, where "all that was is; all that is is; and all that will be is".
Precognitive powers, prescience, the ability to see the future (or some part of it) is part of both ESP and the religious experience. Now there is a theoretical scientific basis to the future being fixed and to such precognitive events/powers. Further, many neurophysiologists believe that the human brain works as a type of hologram, that memories are encoded not in neurons, but in patters of nerve impulses crisscrossing the entire brain similar to the way that the patterns of laser beam light interferences crisscross the entire area of a piece of film with a holographic image. A human brain that works using holographic principles would be able to encode and decode frequencies, as that is what a hologram does best. If all things are tied to all other things in space and time, than accessing past, current, and future information with no apparent physical contact would be possible. Further, if reality is more of a phantasm than the solid, linear time progressed, reality that we perceive it to be, the ability to work outside of the normal rules of science may be possible and this includes miracles, both those in the Bible and modern day miracles.
The key thing is that our minds, acting using holographic principles are not the center of all, but we are tied to all. The center of all is the Supreme Being that originated the superhologram, the thought that is creation in Eternity. The center of all is God. And we and everything are tied to Him and we are a part of Him. Using our free will, we can move ourselves away from Him by placing ourselves out of harmony, out of frequency with Him, but all that is and was and will ever be comes from Him.
Religion is not separate from science, ESP and quantum physics are not mutually exclusive, we are linked to all mankind for all time and to all of God's creation for all time because He is the center and creator of all.
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