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Countdown To Looking Glass
By Karl Schwarz
Attention KMart Shoppers -
"All of the WalMart stores across Alabama have sold completely out of ammunition, as of yesterday. A reliable source said that one of the Alabama residents told him that while Russia may have invaded Georgia, they sure as hell ain't doin' it to Alabama." 
That's America! The Russkies are coming, so better stock up at KMart because WalMart has run out of ammo. (I bet Bush is flying it into Georgia.)
Many years ago, HBO did a made for TV movie named 'Countdown to Looking Glass/'  It was a fictionalized account of how a nuclear war could break out fast between the US and Russia over Middle East oil and was done very much as if CNN was reporting live on the developing events from the deck of a US aircraft carrier in the Middle East.  "Looking Glass" was the airborne 747 that was to take off with the President and other persons involved in the US war machine.
In this fictionalized account, the US attacked and sank a Russian ship for getting too close to the 'US OIL'. The Russian response was to hit a US aircraft carrier with a nuclear torpedo...no more aircraft carrier.  The CNN-type reporter was on an adjacent aircraft carrier and it, too, went blank-screen seconds after the first carrier was vaporized.  The movie ended with Looking Glass taking off in the US from Andrews AFB.
What Bush is doing with his little temper tantrum is inherently dangerous, and it is all because he did not get his way in the Caspian Basin, in Afghanistan in Iraq, and now Georgia.  Even China is now welcome back into Iraq and that was one of the goals Bush had in that 'power grab' - to deny Russia and China that oil.
This has all been about US hegemony in energy so the US can dictate energy and economic issues to ALL NATIONS.  The BushCo plot failed, folks, big time. They had an idiot strategic vision, that turned out to be an idiot strategic plan, and now America gets to enjoy the blowback from years of stupidity, idiotic failed policies and despicable actions that were never destined to succeed.  And the genocide of 2-4 million human beings.
In my last essay, I posed the question "Are we now watching a really strange remake of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil"? That movie was hilarious to me because of its exceptionally dry wit.
My favorite line was: "How does that saying go?  Curiosity killed the Yankee?" The reporter was a northerner in the Deep South and experiencing a whole new world and asking many questions. I am looking at this Georgia fiasco (and its adjuncts of Afghanistan and the Caspian Basin Caper) and the nonsense photo ops the Zionist West is holding and see clearly that it fits: "Hegemony killed the Yankee."
That is a mental image...but we are, indeed, looking at a colossal battle between good and evil right now.  Russia is the one on the side of good and the NATO and the US-Israel-Georgia team are on the side of evil. This 'get used to it' policy of the US and NATO in pushing and provoking Russia on all fronts has just been responded to by Russia in Georgia. It has been interesting watching these Zionist cockroaches scatter, running for cover and for their lives.
Now that they are a long way from Georgia and the shooting has stopped, out come the cat-calls and trash-talkers trying to photo op the truth with the gross lies that Russia was the aggressor.  No, Russia did not start this mess in Georgia. The Zionist West and Georgia did...and Russia responded correctly, morally, militarily emphatically to defend Russian citizens.  Facts are facts.
I am just waiting for either Bush, or Rice, or Kouchner to pull out the "Hey, Putin, yo mama wears army boots!"
As soon as Russia made it clear that ITS new policy was 'GET USED TO IT'...the Zionist West has gone into hyperventilation mode.  The photo ops are more like 'babble ops' and becoming more bizarre with each passing day.
But for the potential for a colossal war in the Black Sea area, this would all be comical because what Russia is now doing is forcing the killer twits in the DC, London and Tel Aviv to look into the mirror (provided by Russia) and behold their ugly, evil, genocidal selves. The rest of the world is seeing it, too.
If you watch closely, Russia is countering each stupid move with the exact same counter move on the larger chessboard.  The Russians are making mirror image moves and the Zionist West is about to go into a grand mal seizure.
The world is backing Russia on this Georgia matter FAR more than the Zionist West.  Every time Bush, Rice, Miliband, Kouchner, et al have a photo op they are exposing to the world more and more what a colossal lie the Zionist West oil and gas power grab agenda has been.
There is no excuse whatsoever to attack and kill innocent civilians and then accuse the DEFENDER of being the aggressor.  It is the US, EU, NATO, Israel and Ukraine that are in the wrong...and the blood of the dead in South Ossetia is on their hands. Even Germany has a hand in this with automatic weapons that were 'allegedly' shipped illegally to Georgia.
In the Black Sea, the US continues to provoke and 'project power' but the NATO course change away from Poti tells that tale, clearly.
I thank my gracious God that I am not involved in the US race for the White House.  Imagine all the soiled diapers and all sorts of other 'little surprises' awaiting the next occupant.
The Russian Bear responded to an attack on Russian citizens. That is a given. The US and some of its allies have put US and NATO war ships in the Black Sea and are no doubt urgently trying to rearm Georgia.  Cheney is going there next week to reassure the puppet regime of US support.
Russia has made it clear to Turkey, since the Bosporus Strait into the Black Sea runs through Istanbul that Turkey needs to pay close attention.  Ever since the heady days of the Ottoman Empire (based in Istanbul from about 1200 to 1920), Russia has crushed Turkey on multiple occasions when it tried to invade Europe, Ukraine and Russia to force the spread of Islam into Europe. Most of the EU folks don't like to mention that it was Russia on numerous occasions that kept Europe Christian and not Islamic.
Imagine, that US Coast Guard cutter that docked Thursday in Batumi, Ajaria (that third breakaway region next to Turkey) only had 34 tons of 'humanitarian aid'. There are trucks that can haul more than that.  It was a reasonably large CG cutter but it is not a cargo ship. Makes me wonder who could justify the cost to send that ship from the US all the way to Georgia with only 34 tons onboard. My bet is they docked in Batumi so the Russians at Poti would not have the ability to inspect and approve the cargo for delivery into Georgia.
I did notice in the photo shoot that the 'humanitarian aid' was being handed over to some guys who sort of looked and smelled like Kosher Blackwater to me.  The pics were a little gilt-edged and had a funny look to them.  The captain of the Coast Guard vessel acted like he was thankful to be standing on dry ground and not be floating around the bottom of the Black Sea.
Russia is making it abundantly clear that if Georgia is re-armed, this hockey game will resume and Georgia will be the puck.
In Afghanistan, Russia has withdrawn its support for a new highway from Kabul to Pakistan because the 'other road' has come under increased attacks from Taliban fighters in Afghanistan and on the other side of the border in Pakistan. That one move by Russia could completely remove Pakistan as a partner in the TAP pipeline, Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline. Karzai is still scratching his head in Kabul about what he might say to the Russians to get them to change their mind.  He is probably mulling over how Russia could fire not a single shot and kill yet another BushCo pipeline dream.
Russia did not get the immediate support of China and the CIS states of Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. That was predictable for two reasons and neither are a negative to Russia's actions in defending South Ossetia and Abkhazia. First, China is having major 'breakaway' problems in Tibet and its western Muslim regions who now want to be free of Beijing. Second, all of the CIS regions, that Caspian Basin area that US salivated over for 30 years, have their own 'breakaway' region problems.
The 'breakaway' concept is causing heart palpitations to many leaders right now as the desire for 'real democracy and freedom' is growing louder.
In a way, China in a self-serving way just took a step that could help prevent a major war in the entire CIS region. Most of the CIS area now clearly sees that the US 'doesn't have its shit together' and there is no way it can win its (fake) Global War on Terror, Grand Chessboard scheme. They realize since they are landlocked they will need to sell their oil and gas to Russia and China or remain in the back of the bus...or off the bus, completely.
Over Ukraine way, their military depot is still smoldering with losses in the hundreds of millions. On Wednesday David Miliband rushed over from London to Kiev in his whirlwind trip to 'build that largest possible international coalition against this Russian aggression.'  What a moron...another Zionist mouthpiece spewing more hypocritical excrement.  Same old...same old. I learned recently that Miliband is the son of a well-known Marxist theorist. That explains why he is the heir apparent to Gordon Brown, who has until November to save his ass as Prime Minister and head of the UK Labour Party. Just what the psychotic Brits need, a Zionist Marxist as Prime Minister.  That will pretty much do in what remains of England as the complete nervous breakdown sets in.
Yuschenko has his own problems in Ukraine with the citizens there. He has wrecked their economy and even without the Bear now daring him to blink wrong, Yuschenko will probably be out in the next 'elections.'
In fact, it seems likely that many current photo shoot kings and queens are going to be handed their walking papers when the 'elections' come again.  Including, but not limited to, the little Sarko man in France; Merkel-Ferkel in Germany; Ferenc Gyurcsany in Hungary (heads the Zionist West government in Hungary at this time and wrecked that economy, too); Yuschenko, as stated; Mr. Saakashitti, the necktie eater; and either knock-knees Gordie Brown or David, the mouth, Miliband depending on how that all sorts out in London.
Next time 'elections' roll around in the Zionist West, musical chairs will not be sufficient to describe the mayhem.  It will be more like a Chinese fire drill in a colony for the blind.
The diehard communist, ultraliberal French Zionist War Monger, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bernard Kouchner has called for EU sanctions against Russia. He pushed for that within an hour after China and the CIS regions did publicly back Russia in this South Ossetia matter. 
Most of the EU nations now have significant trade relations with Russia and are heavily dependent on Russia for oil and natural gas. And winter is coming.  Russia owns their collective butts...all due to Bush-Blair-Soros delivering nothing in terms of energy in 8 years. The Nabucco pipeline is dead and the Soros pet projects of White Stream 1 and White Stream 2 are no further along now in getting from Georgia, through Ukraine to the EU than they ever were. Those two pipelines may now be dead, too.
Photo Op Kouchner probably does not 'get it' that most of the Caspian Region oil and natural gas is going to Russia, China and India.  Those are done deals.
Most of the EU is already balking at backing Kouchner's call for sanctions since Russia is their primary supplier of oil and natural gas.  Many of the economies in Europe are already hurting due to recession setting in, US fraud that was put over on EU banks in the housing bubble scam, and the increased prices for energy, transportation and food. Kouchner can bellow and bluster all he wishes, but no one in the EU is willing to freeze this winter to back him and his imbecilic call for sanctions.  His 'trial balloon' was made of lead.
I have suspected for years that George Soros has been a front for CIA and MI6 objectives. He is sort of a billionaire aficionado of this Zionist New World Order, being a Zionist Jew himself. He was the lead man in Hungary, Romania and Ukraine (pipeline routes for Nabucco and White Stream) with his foundations and Open Society. He even has penetrated Russia and has the same entities and operations in Moscow, but my bet is he will be persona non-grata after the Georgia fiasco that he was also involved in due to his pipeline schemes and dreams.
Russia has known for a long time that Soros has been behind this dissension in Ukraine and Georgia, so Georgie could get his pipeline deals done...but he has yet to nail down a single one...just like the Diaper Dude.
Most Americans do not know that during World War II, Germany invaded Ukraine and the Crimea as part of trying to slug their way through and take over the oil fields of Azerbaijan in the Caucasus.  That was after the US intervened in North Africa with General Patton and his 7th Armored Group and denied Germany the oil of North Africa. The Brits had fought Germany to a draw but Patton ended the debate fast and then headed to Sicily and Italy.
Meanwhile, in Stalingrad, about 2 million people died in the bloodiest battle in recorded history.  Hungary was involved in that invasion of the Ukraine on the side of the Germans.  Most Americans do not know that. One of the local newspaper editors and I have spoken often about this propensity for Hungary to pick the wrong side of the last three major wars in this part of the world and then have to endure the bitter harvests therein.
One of my readers in Canada came across a link for a group there that has been investigating the Soros role in these endless fiascos and pipeline scams and 9-11. You can read up on it if you wish at this link:
I missed this Steve Croft interview of George Soros on 60 Minutes in 1998.  As I recall, I did not watch much TV that year due to business matters but I wish I had seen it.  Read this partial transcript and you might get a better idea of the type of mindset that lurks inside of George Soros.  Pay real close attention to the content and disclosures made in this 60 Minutes show. This man would sell out anyone if enough dollars or shekels were put on the table.
It is already a known fact that Soros was behind the Orange Revolution in Ukraine and the Rose Revolution in Georgia.  Both nations are the origination and termination point for his White Stream 1 and White Stream 2 pipelines.
If you missed my essay on Soros and his role as a front man for US and Zionist oil and natural gas hegemony, I have been on his slimy trail for years but from another direction.  The Soros hedge funds are major robber barons in currency and stock shorting plays to make the money to finance this 'off balance sheet' activity that the CIA and MI6 want done. I am well aware of how Soros breaks the law all the time and the regulators in UK and US just look the other way. He is an 'op man' for those covert agencies.
I was personally involved in identifying some of the Soros operatives who were rounded up by the FBI in Operation Bermuda Shorts. The article about that matter is at the bottom of the Soros article I wrote and is posted on Rense.
Stay tuned, I think the hockey game will start again soon and my bet is Russia will take the Gold Medal. What we are all seeing here are the desperation gasps of the Zionist New World Order as Russia shows them what water-boarding feels like.
Piss-Poodles and panty-waist talking heads are no match for the Bear.
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