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Georgia-Kosovo - An
Historic Connection
By Karl Schwarz
I have been receiving some emails from 'offended Clintonoids' that I would put Bill Clinton in the same category as George Bush. Well, these folks can take all the umbrage they want but the fact of the matter is that Clinton IS in the same dirty diaper bin as BushCo.
So, get over it. Read on and then try to explain to me how great Clinton was as president. He is pure scum, just like the Bush Family.
I am receiving emails from some who are asking what the former relationship was between Russia and Serbia. It is much more than just the fact that Yugoslavia was part of the USSR.
Almost 1,000 years ago, Russia invaded the Balkans and held that area for a while. The Serbs were part of that invasion along with others who were attacking that area. This occurred several years after Russia crushed the Khazarian Empire. My recent piece on Khazaria had an insert of historical facts which disclose that Russia went as far as the Balkans in that era of Medieval history.
They had a religious reason for doing so due to regional battles between the Byzantine East Christian Church (King Constantine) and the Roman Catholic Church of Rome. It was also due to the fact that the Russians are Slavs and most of the Serbians (especially the Christian Serbians) are also Slavs. They are distant cousins of the Russians.
They have also been very protective of their Christian Slavic cousins in Serbia until the US government 'Balkanized the Balkans' under the Clinton Administration. That is what triggered the Russian response as to what Clinton and NATO did to the Serbian Christians and why Russia has been opposed to what has since been done in Kosovo.
The reasons for Russian-Serbian affinity is that both are ethnically Slavic and their languages are of the same Slavic origin - as is the Bulgaria and Ukraine. All of these languages are based on the Cyrillic alphabet, not the Roman alphabet. 'Russia' looks like this: ??????, and 'Russian Federation' looks like this:
?????????? ?????????. The Serbians are Southern Slavs and use a modified Cyrillic alphabet. The Russians call Russia 'Rossiya" and the federation is Rossiskaya Federatiya. In the Serbian Slavic language this is how they write Serbia:
??????. When transliterated the Serbians spell their nation 'Srbiye'.
If one knows what to look for, even the new tennis phenomenon, WTA #1, Ana Ivanovic is a beautiful Christian Serbian Slav.
As a means for explaining this Kosovo fiasco and outright damned US created tragedy, Americans need to first grasp that Bill Clinton did not hang the damned Moon in the sky nor was he the Second Coming of Christ. He is a major league Zionist New World Order scumbag and a war criminal that inflicted genocide on the Serbian Christians.
I am providing some links to YouTube videos that have just become available and were sent to me by some Canadians regarding an interesting conference in Montreal.
The Russians have been offended at what the US did to the Balkans under lies and pretense and then handed over Kosovo literally to a bunch of criminal mobsters including the Albanian mob. You will learn in one of the videos that the Albanians have a very powerful lobby in DC and were involved in this dissection and gutting of the Balkans. One of the largest offshore US military bases sits in Kosovo...also the home to a major CIA presence...and a major UN presence of 17,000 strong. This new 'independent Kosovo' is run by mobsters, under the auspices of the UN and CIA - just like Georgia is now run by Muslim and Zionist Jew mobsters.
People who view the video links below need to bear in mind who they are listening to.
The first is Retired General Lewis "Joe" Mackenzie, commander of the Canadian troops who served in the Kosovo and Serbia dispute.
Listen close because you are going to learn that the CIA, NATO and Clinton were directly involved in financing and arming the Muslims to kill the Christians. After many Christians had been killed, in rides Slick Willie fresh from a Monika Lewinsky tryst (or some other harlot, Slick just loves harlots) to save the day. This Canadian general was there, so listen closely to what he is disclosing.
The American public was told that the US was intervening to 'save the Christians'. As I said in a recent piece, our current US ambassador to the UN, Zalmay Khalilzad, was directly involved in arming the Muslims and the genocide of the Serbian Christians.
You need to read the last two sentences again and ask "Why is the Christian nation of the USA arming Muslims to kill Christians, and then pretending they are putting the US military into action defending the Christians?"
The answer is simply this: the cretins in DC are creating the justification to attack by creating the genocide problem in the first place. If you do not think that is sleazy, maybe you just do not know what the word sleazy means. This is what the CIA, Blackwater, DynCorp and others are really up to. They are black ops parts of these sleazy US agendas.
The second and third videos are the former Canadian Ambassador to Yugoslavia, James Bissett, made before that nation broke up and afterwards. You are going to hear some things about our good buddies in Croatia and genocide, the CIA, and things Clinton did that violated the NATO charter and international law. Imagine my surprise that Slick Willie or Diaper Poop Bush would violate that NATO charter or international law.
Remember back...Gen Wesley Clark, of Little Rock, AR, same high school I went to, was the commanding General for this deadly DU charade that Bill Clinton, Madeleine Albright and General Wesley Clark inflicted on Serbia.
Yes, I am from Little Rock, AR.
You will hear how a massacre was faked and then Madeline Albright and Clinton stepped in to blame Milosevic, as the US is riding to the rescue to 'save the Christians' to get America's mind off Monika Lewinsky. Yes, the same Slobodan Milosevic...the one they pointed the finger at for war crimes before the ICC at The Hague.
Those Christians died at the hands of the US arming the Muslims to go kill them. That is a fact. The Clinton Administration and Zalmay Khalilzad armed them to do just that. That is a fact, too.
Even though he died in Brussels, remember well that in almost 4 years of intense effort, they were not able to pin anything on Milosevic.
Maybe after you watch these videos you will better understand why I have no respect whatsoever for the Clintons, Albright, Bush and Washington, DC in general. They are all lying, murderous thugs. The Clinton Administration created the ethnic cleansing of Christians just as Bush has just done in South Ossetia.
If you have been paying attention, the news was awash with the recent arrest of alleged 'war criminal' Radovan Karadzic.
http://www.nytimes.com/2008/07/22/world/europe/22serb.html? _r=1&oref=slogin
It recently came out that he was arrested because he 'violated his agreement' with the CIA. Whodathunkit?
You will also hear how CNN aided and abetted the US to 'paint the picture' for idiot Americans who thought they were hearing nothing but the truth from Clinton, Albright and the other talking heads in the MSM. Folks, our government is 99 levels below the sleaze level that most Americans think it is. Imagine my surprise at CNN being nothing but a mouthpiece for US lies and hegemony...and genocide.
Hey CNN, are you now aware that you aided and abetted the American genocide of Christians and Muslims alike in the Balkans?
The last two videos are by a war correspondent that was there in the Balkans, Scott Taylor.
Listen closely, these video links were just sent to me by some insiders in Canada who have been reading my essays on this incredible fiasco we have as a US Government:
"We thought you might find these of interest:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1LjmGei-UJY (Major-General Lewis Mackenzie)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jfIlDkxnOJQ (Former Amb. James Bissett)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JnU293w9cw (Former Amb. James Bissett)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZY7x3Tm5SII (War Correspondent Scott Taylor)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7NGXJGlAqlQ (War Correspondent Scott Taylor)"
As revealed in my essay 'US-Israeli-Muslim Genocide Of Russian Orthodox Christians', not only was Zalmay Khalilzad involved in the arming of the Muslims to kill the Serbian Christians the US was supposedly rushing to save, but Kosovo was also the origination point of a 9-11 flight to deliver a large amount of money into Northern Afghanistan just hours after the WTC towers were collapsed in a controlled demolition.
Did you notice that Clinton delayed and delayed and delayed in rushing to save those Serbian Christians, after he armed the Muslims to go kill them?
This scumbag Khalilzad was part of the attempted takeover of the Bridas contract in Afghanistan after he aided and abetted the Balkan slaughter of Christians. He was also then appointed by Bush as the US Emissary to the puppet Karzai regime in Afghanistan and then to the post of Ambassador to Iraq. Then, Bush appoints him as the US Ambassador to the UN.
That is why the Russian Ambassador to the UN has such outward contempt for Zalmay Khalilzad. Russia knows exactly what that war criminal did to the Christian Slavic Serbians and is now sitting in the UN as the US war criminal ambassador.
How does that make you feel, America, to have a war criminal representing the US at the UN? The man who was financing the Muslims in the Balkans to kill Christians, so Slick Willie would have an excuse to Balkanize the Balkans to 'save the Christians' and get America's minds off his Monika Lewinsky fiasco. That was just part of it. There was a larger and much more sinister agenda in play, too.
This same type of scenario of US-backed Muslims and Zionist Jews was just used to perpetrate genocide on Russian Orthodox Christians in South Ossetia.
Now can you see the connection? Is the scene of that bloody US- created atrocity of the Balkans, and now South Ossetia, coming into view?
The Russians are not stupid. Their intelligence agencies are very good and they know what the US and some of its allies are doing to create the crisis and then invade militarily with the 'solution.'
They did it to the Balkans, they have done it to Afghanistan and Iraq, and they just did it to South Ossetia.
What gets even better (and more sinister) is the people on that flight out of Kosovo were not US soldiers, they were former US soldiers who were working for UNMIK at the time, or UN Mission in Kosovo. Yes, the UN is an instrument of US policy. That is why the US can conduct any war crimes it wishes and no one ever says a word publicly at the UN. The UN will even go guard the genocide when asked to do so.
I sent a letter to Kofi Annan demanding to know who else was on that flight, since it was UNMIK personnel guarding that money from Kosovo to point of delivery. Who controls the northern third of Afghanistan is the Uzbek General Rashid Dostum. Bridas Corporation had a contract with him and the Taliban for the TAP, Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline. That money was probably a payoff for breaching the contract with Bridas Corporation. They had that contract signed in 1996 and on October 7, 2001 the US government breached that contract with military force.
Of course, Kofi never responded even though I talked his office staff several times about this US sponsored genocide and that 'secret flight' out of Kosovo guarded by UNMIK personnel. Read the PDF attachment you can find in this article.
10 French soldiers were just killed within 10km of Kabul, and a major battle with the Taliban was said to be raging about 50km outside of the city.
Go for it Barky! Go after that 'pipeline too far' now that the US has infuriated the entire Islamic world against this bogus Global War on Terror. Go over there and let both Afghanistan and Pakistan chew up and spit out 10,000 or 20,000 American lives... or more.
Since that Pop Goes the Bush Mythology Bubble - Part VI article has been blasted off the Internet by the powers-that-be, I attached a PDF copy with this article for Rense.com to post so you can see the entire article. Look for the link at the bottom of this page to get a copy of Pop Goes, Part VI.
Maybe you missed the news about the US mercenary company DynCorp recruiting flesh for sexual predators over in the Balkans while they were there as part of this sleazy US created fiasco. It was in the news in the UK and down in Texas and they were nailed in court. That was all hushed up, but it is in my book, too. Anyone who ever read my book was stunned at how much information I have on these scumbags.
<start insert>
Chapter 5
"DynCorp / CSC is a major Bush campaign contributor [Pioneer level], raking in big dollars as a result of Bush Policy in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other foreign places and in the U.S. and now trying to maneuver to get into the "dirty vaccine" market through this "insider joint venture".
Just so you know clearly what kind of folks work over there at DynCorp [1] and the Bush Family seems to really like doing business with them - they were found guilty in the US and UK of racketeering and engaging in sex slave trade[2] in Bosnia. Such great "points of light" ambassadors for the United States indeed, and they are up to their ears in work handed to them by the Bush Administration. Bear in mind that this "sex slave trade" by DynCorp came to light "on the Bush Watch" and he just keeps handing out hundreds of millions and billions in non-compete contracts to these scumbags.
GW, does the First Lady and your Mother know you hang with folks like this? Christian indeed! What a mockery."
<end insert>
DynCorp was bought out by CSC (Computer Sciences Corporation) and they are part of the 'command and control' systems for the CIA, DoD and all of the black ops these cretin thugs are running all over the world. They were Bush Pioneers for both of his stolen elections.
By arming the Muslims to 'kill Christians' and then rushing in to 'save' the poor Christians, our US government was setting the stage in Kosovo for the 'Global War on Terror'; the mental image for American idiots that Muslims hate Christians. A completely falsified operation that was born as the PNAC P-knuckleheads, the Zionist Jews, the Zionist New World Order, the CIA, and the Oval Office moron, and that sleazy scumbag Bill Clinton and his sleazy Secretary of State, the Zionist Jew Madeline Albright. Her callous disregard for Iraqis and Serbian Christians, and Clinton too, is nothing short of evil.
It was The Grand Chessboard of Russia-hating Zbigniew Brzezinski renamed as the Global War on Terror OIL AND GAS GRAB.
Clinton was getting America prepared to 'hate Christian killing Muslims' and on 9-11, they launched the fake War On Terror. The GWOT started in Kosovo and that is why Russia is not happy about what was done to the Orthodox Christians in Serbia.
Is the picture coming into focus for you, yet?
That is why Georgia, the Ukraine, Zionist Israel and the US were just introduced to Russian Fury that such atrocities will stop or many will die.
Now we have McMoron and Barky thinking they can continue on with this DC charade...but Russia just called the game: CHECKMATE
Make no mistake, America. When apparently nice, mild-mannered, easy going Dmitry Medvedev says: 'Cross us and we will crush you' to Georgia, he means every word of that statement...and Americans had better believe it, too.
There are many morals to this story:
Never trust the US government
Never trust Bill Clinton or Madeleine Albright
Never trust George Bush or Condoleezza Rice
Never trust the CIA or DoD or NATO
Never trust the UN
Never trust CNN
Never trust the Zionist New World Order agenda
Read below in the footnotes that were in my book and hang your head in shame America.
[1]http://www.insightmag.com/main.cfm?include=detail&storyid=163052; DynCorp Disgrace, Posted Jan. 14, 2002 - By Kelly Patricia O Meara:
Middle-aged men having sex with 12- to 15-year-olds was too much for Ben Johnston, a hulking 6-foot-5-inch Texan, and more than a year ago he blew the whistle on his employer, DynCorp, a U.S. contracting company doing business in Bosnia. According to the Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization Act (RICO) lawsuit filed in Texas on behalf of the former DynCorp aircraft mechanic, "in the latter part of 1999 Johnston learned that employees and supervisors from DynCorp were engaging in perverse, illegal and inhumane behavior [and] were purchasing illegal weapons, women, forged passports and [participating in] other immoral acts. Johnston witnessed coworkers and supervisors literally buying and selling women for their own personal enjoyment, and employees would brag about the various ages and talents of the individual slaves they had purchased."
[1]http://www.globalresearch.ca/articles/GUA108A.print.html; Dyncorp's British Subsidiary Sued in the UK. British firm accused in UN 'sex scandal': International police in Bosnia face prostitution claims; By Antony Barnett and Solomon Hughes, The Observer, London, 29th July 2001. Posted 17th August 2001. A former United Nations police officer is suing a British security firm over claims that it covered up the involvement of her fellow officers in sex crimes and prostitution rackets in the Balkans. Kathryn Bolkovac, an American policewoman, was hired by DynCorp Aerospace in Aldershot for a UN post aimed at cracking down on sexual abuse and forced prostitution in Bosnia. She claims she was 'appalled' to find that many of her fellow officers were involved. She was fired by the British company after amassing evidence that UN police were taking part in the trafficking of young women from Eastern Europe as sex slaves.
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