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The RNC Just Gutted
The DNC Again 

By Karl Schwar
An historic moment happen in America today.
I received a telephone call at 6am Hungary time today, midnight in Washington, DC.  I was told to make sure to watch the TV news at 6pm my time today in Europe. My friend would not say why, just told me to make sure I watched...that history was about to be made.
We all have heard the rumors of Zionist Rep. Cantor, or Zionist Sen. Joe Lieberman or Mormon Mitt Romney being named as Vice President to run with McCain on the RNC ticket.  Every time I heard such rumors I would say to myself "uh-uh...no way...don't do it."
As a former RNC strategic planner, I can tell you that I am jaw-dropped as to who McCain picked.
Trust me, right now slick-talking, chain-smoking Barky does not want to discuss his Kenya birth certificate and eligibility to be president...because Zionist Barky Hussein Obama is "&%$*@%$!*" and fuming. He and wifey are hair-on-fire, talking in Ebonics while their heads do 360s.  
By the way, I, too, thought his acceptance speech and Hollywood setting were still more hallmarks of his well-known arrogance.  And that has been the message all over the EU TV channels today: Obama pomp and arrogance...style over substance (what there was of it).
Zbigniew Brzezinski may be in the early stages of a major coronary due to the McCain choice.  People all over Europe who thought they wanted Barky are now stunned.
Hillary Clinton must be crapping bricks and Slick is probably using all his toes and fingers to calculate the hammer blow McCain's (or whoever made the call) choice has done to the DNC.  Billy Boy is realizing by now that there has been a revolt, a coup d'etat, within the conservative ranks of America. Those TRUE Conservatives, whether they are Republican or Democrat, will now not vote for Barky (or Hillary) on a bet.  More on that below.
Zionist Joe Biden is probably knocking back a stiff drink or three and realizing that he just cannot win for losing.  The Biden Bad Luck.  If it were not for his bad luck, he would not have any luck at all. Maybe one of these days the DNC types will figure out that REAL Americans are not liberals and they do not want socialism or communism.  More on that below, too.
I have written many times about why I walked out on the RNC.  The reason, for those who don't know, was because they cut a deal with the Russia-hating DNC Zionist Communist Jews so they could have their big War Party (the fraud Global War on Terror) and dress up as Conservative Neocons. That was to the Jew vote and Jew money behind RNC to win elections. Well, they've left the RNC and are now back at DNC supporting Obama and Brzezinski...and yet more Russia-hating, mayhem and dissension building.
The big historical political event today occurred when John McCain announced Republican Governor Sarah Palin of the State of Alaska as his Vice Presidential running mate on the November 4th ticket.  It was a masterstroke (by someone)...a ten kiloton blast in the faces of the DNC and the liberal rabble pretending to be Americans, and most especially Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton.  Yes, the Republicans are running a WOMAN for Vice President of the United States.  And this is one remarkable lady.  She is literally the early October Surprise of this year's presidential race.
Mark my words, do not be the least bit surprised if you happen to hear  Bush or Rice mumbling about being more behind Obama, Zbig and Biden than the McCain-Palin ticket. What just happened is that big. 
Do you remember what the Bush campaign did to McCain in South Carolina in 2000?  They treated him more than shabbily and essentially thrust a knife in his back so Junior could grease his way into the Oval Office. Well, it's now payback time and even the Bush Family probably shit their britches over the Palin announcement today.
I did not realize that John McCain's birthday is today. So, Happy Birthday, John McCain ...but now I must return to continuing to kick the crap out of RNC and McCain until they get it RIGHT.
I do not think John McCain was responsible for the selection of his Sarah Palin...I think we heard the voice of truly Conservative America as it took back the reigns of the RNC and kicked the fascists in the ass.  This is a GOOD sign for America...if they keep their hands on the wheel and stay on track.  It is not exaggeration to at least consider that the true Conservative power of America just abandoned the Bush-Cheney version of Executive government.  I, and many others, could write a book about what a good thing that would be for our country.
The Bush Family has ruined America twice...with the current Oval Office imbecile and, before him, Daddy idiot out chasing their tails and killing millions with their lunatic Zionist New World Order pals.
Many are starting to see Obama for what he is: a Marxist Zionist...a 'black' elitist who...along with his lovely bride...does not like Whitey.  He plans to tax America into the grave for a socialist state and still keep pushing his mentor's idiotic and quite DEAD Grand Chessboard Caspian schemes.  This policy sellout was a crucial condition of getting big Communist Zionist Jew money behind Barky.   This boy is bipolar.  An oreo cookie who lives like the cream filling but flashes the chocolate exterior.  He is dangerous to the future of America.  And Johnny McCain and crew just pulled a quick one on him.
This is the first time in history that the RNC has put forth a woman to be the Vice President of the United States.  Hillary must be fit to be put in a straightjacket about now.
Sarah Palin is a legend in fighting corporate and government corruption.  This lady will not back down for special interests. She even battled and won against Big Oil trying to come in behind Donald 'Mr. Corruption' Young and carve up Alaska. She has served on the school board, as a mayor, and now as Governor of the single largest, most energy rich state of the union.  Read her bio...and prepare to be amazed.  The world will be hearing a lot about her from now on.  
She is NOT a DC insider as are McCain, Obama and Biden.  This lady does not like government corruption, will not tolerate it, and is one tough cookie.  
She was a great athlete, team captain, and leader in her school days and is easily the most intelligently beautiful face ever to run for national office. Talk about REAL photo ops...
She is a devoted environmentalist and conservationist...and a pragmatist to the core.  It will not take her long to figure out how corrupt DC is and take aim at many of the snakes there.  And unlike dry-drunk, nose candy, bisexual Bush, she is a REAL Christian.
Palin is also from a modest background...great credentials in these 'blue blood' times of graft and gangsterism.  Her father was a school teacher and her mother the secretary at that school. She is not part of the elitist clique and cabal of DC and has already proven her courage in standing up to them.
At 44, she is the youngest governor in Alaska history, the mother of five (5) children, and their oldest, a son, is in the US Army and will be in Iraqstarting in September.  In fact, he is due to be deployed to Iraq on September 11, 2008.  It will not take her or the son long to figure out the lie of the Zionist Bush Global War On Terror.
She is an avid hunter, loves fishing, and is a no-nonsense adult.  I guarantee that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are changing diapers frequently right now because the Vice President of the United States is also the President of the U.S. Senate. Sarah Palin will put up with Zero DC Bullshit from the House and Senate.
In announcing her, McCain even humbled himself and said in a self-effacing way that Sarah Palin is exactly the type of leadership needed in DC right now to fix what is wrong in America. McCain was very clear that DC is corrupt, she is not.
I have been very, and I mean VERY concerned that the RNC was going to stay on the Bush stuck-on-stupid program...but I think - I hope - the game just changed.
Sarah Palin is a fiscal conservative and a tireless worker for the common good of all. She is totally dedicated to energy independence and recently rammed through a new, crucial $40 billion pipeline from Alaska to the continental United States.
This is a quote from her speech: "The people of America expect us to seek public office and serve America - and the people - for the RIGHT reasons." When this lady speaks she means what she says. She has proven that as governor of Alaska. She puts America first, unlike Obama or Biden.
And perhaps most magnificently, she is not a Zionist.
There is not one man in this November race who is presidential timber. Sarah Palin is.  There is nothing average about this lady.  She even killed that infamous 'bridge to nowhere' that the Congress authorized for one of its pork projects.
The following is exactly why Obama and Biden are having heartburn and nervous stomachs right now.
This was in Chapter 1 of 'One-Way Ticket to Crawford Texas' and folks, this is the reality of American politics and why the DNC has not been able to get anything done but Mr. Sleaze Bill Clinton since 1980:
<start insert>
Bradley R. Gitz, political professor at Lyon College, Batesville, Arkansas wrote an excellent piece for the Sunday, August 24, 2003 Op-Ed section of the Arkansas Democrat Gazette titled "Anger and ideology". He was expounding on the Democratic National Committee strategy of attempting to run an anti-war candidate against President Bush and one that is a self proclaimed Liberal Left candidate.
One of the Gitz quotes from that Op-Ed piece follows:
"But the intriguing aspect about watching the Democrats watch Dean resides in some of the bizarre assumptions they make about the American electorate. Some Democrats seem to believe that Americans will not only swallow, but might even be pining for candidates who vehemently opposed the war in Iraq, want to repeal the Bush tax cuts and favor socialized medicine.
Where party strategist and pundits got these notions escapes me, apart from perhaps the growing ideological insularity and solipsism characteristic of the post-modern left.
So let us recite the catechism one more time, beginning with the first law of American presidential politics: No candidate with radical left-of-center views (like Dean) has ever been, or will ever be, elected president. Self-described conservatives outnumber self-described liberals by a margin of at least 2-1 in all polls, with most of the large moderate remainder probably also instinctively listing in the conservative direction."
<end insert>
I personally designed the 1994 strategy that took the House and Senate away from Clinton and wish I had not done so. They did not tell me that they were cutting a deal with the DNC Zionist Jew Communists to create the War Party we have seen since Bush was placed in office.
I have never said it, but the reason Clinton did not start the Global War on Terror after creating the Patriot Act is because the Republican Congress did not trust him, and even the DNC Zionist Jew Communist defectors did not trust him, either.  They left DNC because of the Clintons. They were under explicit orders that the GWOT was to be Bush's baby.  The reason Obama has raised such huge money is because Zionist Jew Communist money is behind him and Zbig all the way.  They are the true continuation of the GWOT and any hopes the Bush family has of controlling the Zionist New World Order...which is dying right in front of our eyes with the recent powerful moves by Russia.
Get it?
Sarah Palin just changed the entire political landscape not only of the Presidential campaign but of the general state of America.  Assuming voters look past McNutter and embrace Palin with their votes - and make no mistake, she would be THE final reason McKook would win - America may actually find itself on the doorstep of REAL 'change' and hope...for the first time in many decades.  If elected, McCain - the man who called for the bombing of Iran and '100 years of war' may find the American public empowering Palin to the extent he will go more placidly into his twilight than had he done with either Zionist Cantor or Liebermann biting at his ass.
The entire Iraq and Afghanistan lunacy is going to have to stop.  Meanwhile, the real business of America will be settled over on Capitol Hill and having Sarah Palin there could, finally, start the process of turning the US around.
From all I've read and heard, she will not put up with the bullshit from Pelosi or Reid or the Democrat controlled Congress.  They ain't her kind of people.
New game now, and what Sarah Palin represents is the best choice America has to get headed back in the right direction.
'Change' we can believe in from Obama?  Bullshit!
The new McCain-Palin motto was rolled out today 'Country First.' Works for me.
And, lest we forget, we may end up being one heartbeat away from our first woman President...a woman who will command the true respect of the American people...and the world.  A kind of respect Mrs. Clinton could only dream about.
Have a good weekend.
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