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The Allies And The
Use Of Gas In WWII

Both the USA and Great Britain planned and meant to use gas during WWII. Germany as a consequence of the Versailles dictate of 1919, was forbidden to produce and import any kind of gas or liquids that could be used to produce such gasses, Article 171.
The Reich kept strictly to the requirement of the Versailles dictate regarding chemical warfare equipment. Even the Weimar Republic kept to the dictate. During the Sea Disarmament Conference, 1921/22, in Washington, the following nations did not agree to gas or any chemical weapons being dangerous weapons: USA, England, France, Japan and Italy. The use of chemical weapons were discussed, but without an agreement being signed.
In June 1925 in Geneva the question was once again discussed, one reached the so-called Geneva Gas-War Protocol. Out of the 44 nations attending the Geneva conference 38 had, by the end of 1935, signed the protocol. 21 nations took reservation, 17 were reluctant. By the end of 1935, 28 nations had ratified the convention. But 10 refused, among those were USA, Japan, Czechoslovakia, Luxemburg, and various nations in South America. The Reich signed without any reservations.
During WWI the American company under leadership of General Amos A Fries (1), developed weapon based on chemicals. The General was manager of "Chemical Warfare Service". After 1919 General Amos A Fries wrote a lot of articles claiming chemical weapons were the solution to new wars. Chemical weapons were human, and chemical weapons must be looked upon as blessing in wars. During the early negotiations leading up to the Hague conference in 1899, the use of gas was an important topic. The USA was for use of toxic gas and that chemical weapons were human. (1)
At the start of WWII both sides had poisonous shells. Bombs with poison was not at hand in Germany. (2) "The use of gas was strictly forbidden in the Wehrmacht! Even the use of gas as answer to such bombs used against Germany needed Hitler's clearing. ... No use of chemical weapons could be used without Hitler's approval. Such weapons should only be stored inside Germany." (3) During the war Hitler refused many proposals by the General Staff to use poisonous gas against partisans on the Eastern Front (4). Hitler said "No!" He did not want such weapons used by the German Army at any front.
Incident in Poland
The first incident involving poisonous gas in WWII occurred on the evening of Friday, September 8, 1939 in the village of Jaslo in the south of Poland. (5) Polish troops had tried to blow up a railway bridge over the river Jasiolka. The Poles had used a chemical bomb(6)
As German soldiers from 1. Gebirges-Pionere.Battalion 82 (a battalion of engineer infantry) came to clear the bridge it exploded. The engineer soldiers found the Poles had used a chemical explosive - but that explosive had not exploded - as it exploded 14 solders became mustard gas victims, two of the soldiers died.
An investigation by the German High Command explained that they did not have conventional explosives that used poison gas mines. The LOST (6) mines were, as the German High Command investigation revealed, fabricated in England. (7) The Germans did not take revenge on the Polish army.
Churchill's plans of using poison gas
In 1940 England had plans to use poisonous gas should Germany start an invasion of England. Sir john Dill, Chief of the British Empire General Staff, tried hard in a memorandum of June 18, 1940 to influence Churchill, even though neither Germany nor Italy had chemical weapons,, to start using such weapons.(8) On June 30, 1940 Prime Minister Churchill ordered General Ismay to prepare for use of chemical weapons. He said: "It is my intention not to wait too long before England shall use chemical weapons." (9) In his book on the war and esspecially regarding chemical warfare Günther W Gellermann writes: "Churchill has ready to use chemical weapons should Germany start an invation of England, even though such weapons could harm the British(10)." According to Gellermann this shows how callous Churchill was towards the people of England.
In April 1942, Churchill offered Stalin 1,000 tons of mustard gas. Stalin however did not want the gas, he wanted 5,000 tons of Chlorine (11), which he would use to produce his own chemical weapons.
On May 10, 1942 Churchill declared in a radio-speech that the reason for Germany's advances in Russia was because they used chemical weapons. Furthermore, he said: "We know the Huns, which is the reason why we are keeping up our afford and why we are building up our storage of chemical weapons. I would say that should Germany again attack our ally, Soviet, with more chemical weapons, then we will start using such gas in our attacks on German cities and towns." (12)
The Gas-Catastrophe in Bari (you will find what USA said about this at the end of the article)
For years the allies kept a strict secret around what happened in Bari in December of 1943. (13)
The allies did not tell the Italian authorities that one of the American merchant ships had mustard gas on board. Had they told, many civilian Italians could have been saved. I would even say that many allied soldiers could have been saved had the Americans had enough equipment and medicine at hand to treat mustard gas victims.
The US merchant Ship John Harvey, 10617 BRT, came on November 28, 1943, her skipper was Captain Edwin F Knowles from Baltimore, Maryland. The ship had 540 tons (14) of mustard gas on board. Only seven US soldiers and their commanding officer, Lieutenant Howard Beckström knew about the mustard gas while none of the crew or the ship captain knew.
On December 2, 1943 the German Luftwaffen with JU 88-bombers attacked the 30 US-transport ships in Bari. The Germans sank 17 ships and damaged 8 more (15). This was almost a Pearl Harbor in the Mediterranean. During the bomb attack the ship John Harvey caught fire, exploded and sank. In the explosion the mustard gas was set free. All those who knew about the mustard gas died. USA did not tell about the gas onboard the John Harvey (16) which led to the poisoning of 328 soldiers and sailors of whom 96 died. Even the number of civilians that died due to mustard gad poisonings was kept quiet. The allies said the dead either died from burning or bronchitis or lung problems(17). Churchill ordered British medical personnel not to tell what the reason was.(18) First in 1974 did English documents come to light which told the reason.
Crimes by Anglo-American
The German scientist Fritz Hahn found in an archive in Washington DC plans (19) showing that USA planned a gas-war against Germany. According to the US-plans they should start a 15 day operation "using gas bombs after the Axis-Countries have started the bombing". (With the knowledge we have today such a propaganda would have been easy to fabricate. (RJH) The attacks on Germany should come from Foggia in Italy and England. 30 German cities and towns should be drowned in mustard gas and/or by use of Carbonylchlorid, COCl. The result of this operation was calculated to 5.6 million dead and 12 million very sick Germans - so sick they would need medical attention for a long time. German cities like Munich, Augsburg, Stuttgart and Karlsruhe were the main targets of the plan. Carbonylchlorid, COCl. This was one of the points in the plan, No 4. Foggio was not far away from Bari. Pr squar Mile (European) or 6.2 statute miles. The Americans meant to use 100 air planes with 500 pound Carbonylchlorid, each. Totally the Americans meant to drop 280,000,000 Lb poisonous gas over Germany. (20)
It was first in 1984 when the world learn the truth about English plans regarding using poisonous gas over Germany. The BBC reporter Robert Harris (21) found documents regarding the use of biological weapons against Germany in WWII. These document clearly show what England's war-time minister wanted to do. According to these documents, the chief of the British high command, General Hastings Lionel, quoted Churchill: "I want a cold blooded war effort to be started and the use of poisonous gas ... When we start this I do want everybody to go for it with all they got. I want sound people to start the planning and not allow any psalm-singer to stop us from what we are about to do." . (22) Churchill also said: "We can bomb the cities along the Rhein and many other cities and towns so hard sprinkled with gas that most of the people will have to have medical care for the rest of their lives. And we will do this by using poisonous gas." (23) Churchill had no moral scruples when he gave his instructions.
According to Japanese historian, Yoshiaki Yoshimi (24) who found proofs of this in a archive in Maryland USA, asked:. Did the Amercans in the last days of WWII use chemical weapons against Japan? The use of chemical weapons should kill about 200,000 Japanese.
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This is what US-authorities tell about the disaster at Bari
(Since this is not part of what Dr Heinrich Wendig in booklet 3 I have shorten it)
One of the most disastrous bombing attack against allied ships during the entire war took place at Bari, Italy, on December 2, 1943. This port was in the British theatre of operations, but several American [merchant] ships with [U.S. Navy] Armed Guards aboard were at Bari on that fateful day [when a German air raid occurred]. When the last bomb had fallen, and the last ship exploded, and the large fires had run their course, 17 ships had been sunk and six damaged. There were five United States ships sunk and one damaged. One other United States ship came through unscathed.
To overcome the outright lies and audacity - in Yiddish Chutzpah, the truth, in facts, must be spread, loud and clear ...
Please forward this article to all your friends, and to those who are aware that something is drastically wrong in this world, but can't understand what is happening; teach them, and they will learn.
Heil og sael
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