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Extradite Toben, Declare Total
War On Michael James

By Michael James in Germany
Fredrick Toben, one of Australia's most upright, respected and renommiert historians, has indecently been illegally arrested by a sycophantic police force who once swore loyalty to the Queen and were legally committed to the protection and upholding of the law of the land and the defence of every citizen of the British Commonwealth against the abusive crimes of foreign states gone mad.
Robert Peel, the founder of the British constabulary must be spinning in his grave. That a patriotic citizen of the British Commonwealth, who fought the Jewish-backed Marxists in Rhodesia, can be delivered, hand, stock and barrel to the enemies of mankind, the treacherous European Ashkenazi Jewry, must turn the guts of every freeborn Englishmen. I vomit in disgust.
Fredrick Toben is one of the most respected and esteemed historians in the western world. His crime: He has seriously posited exceedingly intelligent questions about the accuracy of the so- called number of Jews alleged to have perished at the hands of the patriotic Hitler regime. His "thought crimes" pale into insignificance with mine; for although I live and write in Germany, and have fearsomely researched this topic more thoroughly than any existing writer living in the "safelands", I can absolutely and with no doubt in my mind say that there was no systematic murder of the "Jews" as outlined in the post 1970s hysteria propagated by fat overpaid Hollywood moguls such a Stephen Spielberg.
I openly deny the holocaust narrative in the heart of Germany; yet not one lawyer has hairs enough on his testicles to arrest me because I would make a Socratic laughing stock out these anti- German, anti-Christ traitors in court.
The holocaust (Shoa) is a fraud designed to benefit and legitimise the illegal existence of the bandit Zionist state of Israel. I have written plenty of articles that have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Shoah is a Kabbalistic fairy tale of epic proportions. I have been prosecuted by the Central Council of Jews in Germany for having exposed them as a bunch of scum-ridden liars, and yet the Senior State Attorney has vindicated my argument. The establishment knows that I'm telling the truth.
The Jews are playing twisted chess with us. We can play three- dimensional chess. They get lost somewhere in the forth dimension and blame it on our ignorance. Funny thing is, they can't play fifth-dimensional chess. I can. They can't. In anger, they tip the table. They're not as smart as they think.
The fact is. The so-called "holocaust" is an "Alice in Wonderland" rip-off, replete with Anne Franks who write sob stories with ballpoint-pens that were not manufactured until the 1950s. It represents nothing more than a vast moneymaking machine. They have screwed us backwards, forwards and every time we open our mouths.
No Jew living today can prove conclusively that the gas chambers ever existed. They served only as delousing clinics. The seminal testimony "Sachenshausen-Workauta" (banned in Germany) proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the "gas chambers" were created as tourist attractions in 1948. There exists not one eyewitness testimony to the death of a Jew in any so-called "gas chamber". That is an historical fact. Call me on it. Nobody can ever prove me wrong.
The true facts are this. Hitler gave explicit orders, in line with both his own Cadre and the Zionist Party of Germany, to intern Jewish people only for the purpose of producing war armaments. In Auschwitz and elsewhere, they were paid a decent wage, were fed adequately (as millions of Germans starved to death) and were given access to all the machinery needed to defeat to the allied advance. Some Jews lived for and prayed for the victory of the USSSR. Many supported Hitler. The agreement was that that loyal Jews would soon obtain their own homeland, probably in Madagascar.
The fact that the Jewish population exploded by an incredible 1.3 million between 1937 and 1947 is something willingly admitted by the Jewish Bureau of Statistics and the Red Cross, but cannily overlooked by hooked-nosed historians with their beady snouts in the trough of high finance. Not even Churchill, a half-Jew, mentioned this so-called "atrocious crime" against his own people.
Guess why? It never happened. The fact is, if you were a Jew during the Second World War (which was only an extension of the first world war in which International World Jewry declared "Germany Must Perish!"), you probably never had it so good. Certainly you were not amongst the 60 million European Christians who slaughtered themselves in an intractable bloodbath to fatten out your investments war dividends on Wall Street.
The British authorities have no right to arrest and detain Fredrick Toben. The so-called European Warrant of Arrest is laughably illegal, for several reasons: it contravenes UK law; the Zionist European Union is illegal, became jurisdictionally illegal because the Federal Republic of Germany itself was an illegitimate corporation at its inception and had no right to sign the Treaty of Rome; the Zionist BRD became officially defunct in September 1990 upon reunification and has no right to try citizens subject to the post-war SHAEF laws, of which Australia was a signatory.
Do you want me to continue? Oh, boy, I can give Mr Toben's lawyer a list that put will put Mrs Merkel and her Zionist hook-nosed snout- pigs in the position of shelf-fillers at a local Aldi store.
Lay one finger on Fredrick Toben, and you got to war with Michael James. I am a man of no means and weak of health, but I shall walk all the way to Mannheim to defend him and bring the illicit German government to heel. I never lose any battle I fight.
I relish this contest. Bring it on, Mrs Zypries (or is it Ms. Zypries?) Bring Mr Toben to Germany and I shall destroy the illegal Federal Republic of Germany.
And the European Union, too.
Mike James, an Englishman, is a former freelance journalist resident in Germany since 1992 with additional long-haul stays in East Africa, Poland and Switzerland. He is committed to national revolutionary change in Germany and England.
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