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Energy Freedom Or More
War And Genocide For Oil?
A NEW Energy Policy

By Karl Schwarz
Jeff Rense and I agree this election is now Barack Hussein Obama versus Sarah Palin. The Obama machine is alleging Gov Palin has no foreign policy experience, but the fact of the matter is neither does Obama. A few airplane trips to the world's current trouble spots, doesn't qualify Barky for anything.
Even with the DNC attacking, lying and fabricating an MSM and internet smear campaign against Palin, the polls are showing they are failing miserably to achieve their goals.
You see, Sarah Palin is a smart lady. She already knows the Iraq War, so callously dubbed Iraqi Freedom, is a war for oil and has publicly proclaimed it as such. Her position was thoroughly vetted by McCain and the RNC before she was selected. You might want to ponder that a moment as to the McCain rhetoric during the primaries and why he selected Sarah Palin to be his running mate.
Major changes are coming to DC if the McCain-Palin ticket wins in November.
In a recent BusinessWeek interview with Maria Bartiromo, Sarah Palin was very candid about her views on why the US is in Iraq...for oil.
http://www.businessweek.com/bwdaily/dnflash/content/aug2008/ db20080829_272692.htm
In fact, Palin is the only person in the race for the White House who is being honest and candid about our Energy Policy and that America absolutely MUST end its dependence on foreign oil...which would also end the need for more wars for oil. Trust me, the DNC slugs just can't do the math.
If you carry that one step forward, it is sheer lunacy for the Obama campaign to think it can 'refocus' on the bogus, utterly fraudulent Global War on Terror and get the oil and gas deals done that Bush has failed to get done in his eight years of hell. This proposed 'refocus' is merely to salvage the reputation of Zbigniew Brzezinski and his idiotic Grand Chessboard scheme. They can get a pipeline done but only SOUTH across Iran...by changing US policies, or they can cease and desist with the killing in Afghanistan and get a business deal done without military force.
There are no other options.
The US has based an entire war and 20 years of failed foreign policies on 'geostrategic imperatives' that are totally unneeded if the US were to be energy independent of foreign oil. WHICH IT CAN DO.
Barky is trying to figure out what to do next because McCain just threw him the best curve ball of McCain's career and the DNC missed it by a mile. Now the DNC is stuck with its War Party plan while the RNC heads off in another direction.
The entire Caspian Basin fiasco, the Afghanistan pipeline disaster, and now the Georgia war are all part of the Zionist New World Order's agenda to control world energy and keep Russian energy might from rising to a position of near dominance.
The Zionist/PNAC/City Of London Banksters will have to get used to the Russian Bear being close to the 'geostrategic imperative' pipeline across Georgia because both Abkhazia and South Ossetia are lost to Zionist Georgia for good. The Bear is not going anywhere.
It is time for Americans to recognize that the schizophrenic folks at the DNC are pushing policies that are destined to create more foreign wars for oil by blocking any move for true U.S. energy independence through their phony environmentalist fronts, falsely using the Endangered Species Act (even if the animals are not endangered, like the polar bears), and with any other strong arm tactics they can find. By pushing outdated environmental policies to protect areas from being tapped for oil and natural gas, these same folks who pretend to be 'antiwar' are, in fact, assuring that there will be more of them.
Contrary to what the DNC Lie Machine is saying about Gov Palin, she is an avid environmentalist and conservationist. She is also mature and pragmatic enough to realize that the vast oil and natural gas supplies in Alaska are desperately needed RIGHT NOW to get the US off this War for Oil game plan before America collapses permanently.
Palin wants to see Alaska's energy resources developed intelligently, environmentally and safely, and has already laid down the a rigid framework that Big Oil will have to comply with if it is to tap Alaskan energy. These sniping, backstabbing sleaze artists of the DNC do not want America to know that this lady's stance on the environment outshines any of their lapdog politicians in Congress. There is a big difference in chatter, posturing and idle photo op rhetoric versus REAL action... and Gov Palin is a lady of action.
No one on either side of the aisle has an Energy Policy that does not include war. Sarah Palin is the only one with real answers.
She is developing the oil and gas of Alaska, but, and this is a major but, she has made the Big Oil tycoons comply with each and every one of her ENVIRONMENTAL DIRECTIVES. She would not, and will not let them rape Alaska and that is part of why the DNC Lie Factory in high gear right now.
Evidently, these idiots who profess to be 'antiwar' actually want and would welcome as many more wars as needed to dominate as much foreign oil as possible. They are already attacking based on the non-endangered polar bears and protecting a 2,000 acre ANWR that is known to have a vast pool of energy under it. It can be DIRECTIONALLY drilled to a great extent but the DNC hyperventilating morons do not want anyone to know that.
ANWR is part of an area of about 1,000 square miles that is ultra rich in energy reserves. It can be easily tapped without any undue harm to the environment, but the DNC Spin Machine does not want anyone to know that, either. Here's one typical smear...
"Sarah Palin - worse for the environment than even Bush and McCain"
'Sarah Palin, hard at work destroying everything that makes Alaska special'
The DNC doesn't want you to think about wildlife starving to death through overcrowding which is what happens when their numbers are not balanced by hunting for food. Alaskans know this but those in the southern 48 are kept clueless by the lies and a complicit media.
That posting is yet another blatant lie from the same nutcase liars who can't understand that no oil and gas production in the US means there will absolutely be more foreign wars for oil. But, hey, war is profitable, right? Palin's record as governor of Alaska and the environmental steps she has already taken disprove every word her (foundation-funded) environmentalist critics are saying and every willfully false posting they are making on the Internet.
I remember years ago when Rense first exposed the Peak Oil scam.
The Russians figured it out years ago...oil is an abiotic. It is produced CONSTANTLY by the Earth from natural processes. It has nothing to do with "fossil" anything. Where the geologic conditions are ripe, the Earth is an oil producing machine that works on its on...without any help from the DNC.
What is going on within the RNC ranks right now is McCain and Palin are about to divorce the US from the BushCo way of getting oil for America through war and genocide. That plan was stillborn before it was ever launched. There is no way for Barky and Zbig to revive the plan because it was stupid to begin with and Bush has managed to turn it into the biggest Dirty Diaper of his entire life.
Most Americans have not a clue how big Alaska is. It is huge and far bigger than Texas. It is mega-rich in energy and mineral resources, which is, by the way, the exact reason that the United States bought Alaska from Russia. If you are not aware of that, read it again. Alaska was purchased from Russia for resources, not as a huge stage for environmental melodrama and paranoid fictions to be acted out upon.
They are spreading all sorts of rumors that her husband works for BP (forgetting to mention he is union) so, therefore he (and his wife) must be part of evil Big Oil. Ridiculous. Her husband was a commercial fisherman all of his life until the economy crashed in Alaska. He works for BP because he has 5 children to feed, and soon a grandchild to assist with.
Some of the most laughable lies are about her endangering the polar bears. Read carefully: the polar bear is no longer an endangered species; their numbers have increased enormously since the 1950s.
Unfortunately, facts and truth have never gotten in the way of the liberal environmental movement or the DNC. There are MILLIONS of square miles in the Arctic...but the ANWR and surrounding energy reserves cover only about 1,000 square miles.
These DNC twits would do America and the world a great favor if they just adopted a Pet Rock, sat down, shut up and let the real workers get down to the business of saving America...and their pin- headed asses, too.
I was not going to vote this year, but Gov Sarah Palin and Energy Independence gets my vote.
There is something else the critics are not telling America.
Nanotechnology has made huge breakthroughs to where the cars of the future WILL run on water and hydrogen. There will always be a need for petroleum for petrochemicals, plastics, synthetic fabrics and pharmaceuticals...and thanks to the EARTH and ABIOTIC OIL, we will never run out of them. Our company is right in the middle of all this, but it will take about 3-5 years for the auto industry to retool, and it will also take the construction of countless new plants that will generate power from hydrogen.
I am quite certain those hyperventilating folks at DNC have not a clue what this all means. Even after our HPS are available, it will still take 10 to 20 years to completely take the US off dependence of oil to power automobiles. Reality is reality, but not over at the DNC. There are 300 million Americans and Big Auto can only make and sell so many cars per year. Right now, Ford, GM and Chrysler are literally facing bankruptcy. Facts are facts and there is nothing DNC delusions can do to change them.
In the mean time, America needs all of the domestic oil and gas it can produce.
Sarah Palin gets my vote because she clearly knows that.
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