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DNC Lie Machine - Another
Gold For 'Low Jump'  

By Karl Schwarz
I was thinking back over my lifetime and there has never been such a surprise announcement for VP as we've just witnessed. The DNC goons are about to have a nervous breakdown over Governor Sarah Palin...and are now trying harder than I have ever seen them to force someone out of the race for the White House.
The vile DNC backstabbers are plumbing new depths by the hour, so the Gold Medal record for 'low jump' goes to them with ease.  No doubt these slugs and thugs and their hired photoshopping, slander-writing hit teams won't quit until the election is over.   
They will fail because they have no relevant truth to work from.  Sarah Palin is the real deal and she utterly terrifies the DNC and Washington, DC establishment.  She even terrifies the Zionist Jews as evidenced by Rep. Wexler's spew that her appointment was "offensive to Jews." (Read: We don't control her, so she's offensive.)  
The DNC spin machine pumps out one 'headLIE' after another, and all of their lies, disinformation, and misstatements of fact are grim evidence of their shrieking desperation.  Examples of their manic filth campaign...
'McCain Campaign Rushes Lawyers To Alaska'.  Gov Palin sought to have a state trooper (her ex brother-in-law) dealt with after he reportedly threatened to kill her father and was severely abusing her sister...all of which Gov Palin says she personally observed.  What would YOU do?  
Sarah Palin lied about her fifth baby...a DNC lie.
Sarah Palin is worse than Bush or McCain on the environment...a DNC lie.
Sarah Palin threatens polar bears with extinction...a DNC lie.
Sarah Palin threatens extinction of sockeye salmon due to Pebble Mine...another DNC lie.
Sarah Palin does not 'believe' Global Warming is caused by man.  The governor is quite accurate, it isn't - and over 30,000 scientists join with her in rejecting the IPCC-Gore scam.  In FACT, major scientific evidence is showing clearly that a global COOLING, not warming, is underway now. Temperatures don't lie...the liars are over at DNC.
And too many more to count.  Again, the DNC maniacs, with Obama's unlimited war chest, will continue this drumbeat of filth until November 5th...at least.
When you add it all up, you get nothing but DNC lies, slander, smears, trash talk, and hyperventilating.  They do that very well over at DNC.
Frankly, I am not aware of any VP nomination in the history of the United States that has had a bigger effect on the outcome of a presidential race. Sarah Palin IS Obama-Biden's worst nightmare come true.  You can judge that easily by the viciousness of the DNC attacks on her.  
The latest 'scandal' to come to my attention is the allegation that Sarah Palin and her husband were the members of, get this: 'a terrorist organization'... another DNC-generated whopper.  So, read about this 'scandal' below...and then see the truth and perspective which follow it... 
<start insert>
ABC News Confirms That McCain's VP Pick Was AIP Member
Mon Sep 01, 2008
ABC News:
Officials of the Alaskan Independence Party say that Palin was once so independent, she was once a member of their party, which since the 1970s has been pushing for a legal vote for Alaskans to decide whether or not residents of the 49th state can secede from the United States.
And while McCain's motto -- as seen in a new TV ad -- is "Country First," the AIP's motto is the exact opposite -- "Alaska First -- Alaska Always."
We've been exploring the AIP all day here, here and here. Did Palin agree with the group's platform?
She doesn't know what Palin's position was.
"It never came up in conversation," Clark recalls. "But when she joined the party our platform was right under her nose."
And what does the AIP believe?
a.. A belief that "the vote for statehood was invalid because the people were not presented with the range of options available to them" and that "the federal government has since breached the contract for statehood on numerous occasions in over a dozen serious and substantial instances."
b.. A belief that there should be a vote on Alaskan secession.
c.. Remaining "steadfastly opposed to environmental regulations and actively promotes the private ownership and widespread development of
Alaskan land."
d.. A platform which includes:
[A]mending the Constitution of the State of Alaska so as to re-establish the rights of all Alaskan residents to entry upon all public lands within the state, and to acquire private property interest there in, under fair and reasonable conditions. Such property interest shall include surface and sub-surface patent.
[F]oster a constitutional amendment abolishing and prohibiting all property taxes.
[S]eek[ing] the complete repatriation of the public lands, held by the federal government, to the state and people of Alaska[.]
We also learn that not only was Palin a member, but she and her husband attended the group's 1994 convention.
It's unclear how much Palin's involvement with the AIP has influenced her political philosophy today. Now a member of the Republican party, does she still, as the Vice Chairman of the AIP put it, "pretty well sympathetic to her former membership"?
I missed 3 scandals while having dinner!
LOL! and all the other crap in a little over 72 hours!
COUNTRY FIRST to Sara Palin means---
I am sure the gop will SPIN this as "She didnt know what the party actually stood for" but that is equally DAMNING because it means Palin might have joined the AIP because she is a POLITICAL OPPORTUNIST who saw it as her pathway to higher office.
McCain/Palin = TWO SIDEKICKS, no Leader!
If John McCain thinks we're on the right track, that's not a train I want to be on!
~ Joe Biden
Obama/Biden '08!
<end insert>
Of course, they had to cite Biden to top off this garbage.
The Alaska Independence Party is NOT a 'terrorist group'...they are - in fact - a STATES RIGHTS group.  Get it?
Hmm...there are serious secession movements in Vermont and New Hampshire, so maybe we need to put all of those activists in Gitmo.  
The Vermont and New Hampshire movements have been caused by US federal policies and treaties that those states now claim are violating their sovereign rights under the US Constitution. They are absolutely CORRECT in their interpretation of the US Constitution.  They are equally correct that the DC power grab has grossly overstepped its bounds as to what the US Constitution meant in defining the Federal Government, and the crucial issue of States Rights.
To casually toss about the word 'terrorists' over a valid and key Constitutional issue is typical DNC slander.  For the record, even from Europe, I have noticed that the RNC did not try to disrupt the DNC Convention...but DNC agents and activists are now trying to disrupt the RNC Convention - and screaming "fascists' when they are arrested.  I notice zionist talk show host Amy Goodman got herself intentionally taken into custody.  Another photo op...another media 'martyr.'  The cops told her and others where the line was...and she deliberately crossed it.  Action-reaction.  And the internet went wild.  She's no dummy, that one.  
The AIM movement in Alaska is really not that hard to understand if one takes a couple of minutes to think.
'In the largest presidential designation of land, Jimmy Carter used the Antiquities Act in 1978 to set aside 56 million acres in Alaska. Much of that territory is now national park land.'
How big an area did Carter just arbitrarily set aside for the Feds so there could be no private ownership and no development of Alaskan natural resources?  Well,
56 million acres is 87,500 square miles. The State of South Carolina is 30,109 sq miles and Iowa is 55,869 square miles.  So, Carter grabbed a piece larger than South Carolina and Iowa combined. It's even bigger than Utah at 82,144 square miles or Nebraska at 76,872 square miles. 
Many states like Vermont are starting to object to the arbitrary power of DC and its continual violation of the States Rights provision of the US Constitution.
The federal government has made it a practice over the years of claiming ownership of Alaskan lands and denying access to development of resources and jobs for Alaskans.  Seems some in DC think the only role of Alaska is to provide salmon and King crab for their enjoyment.  The federal government has overstepped its bounds and has harmed the economic prosperity of Alaska just to appease the left wing environmentalist factions of DNC.
Get the picture?
To recap - What Carter did, on a whim to satisfy the DNC environmentalists (to get votes), was to set aside an area larger than Arkansas and South Carolina COMBINED where there can be no private ownership of land, no development of state resources in a total area larger than Utah or Nebraska.  The feds have literally been stealing Alaskan lands for decades and denying Alaskans their Constitutionally-guaranteed rights of self-determination. 
The AIM issue is not one of 'terrorism'...it is anything but.  It is a matter of law and what the US Constitution really says.  If you haven't read the Constitution, you might want to make the effort.  You'll be amazed at what you learn.
This gigantic federal land grab, by the way, was not deliberated in Congress.  Both Carter and Clinton have used 'executive powers' to designate such areas under the Antiquities Act.  Under completely arbitrary application of that Act, the entire Planet Earth is an antiquity!  There is no logic inside the DNC when it comes to doling out favors to their pet 'ists" and 'isms'...and they simply run 'states rights' into the ground...illegally.
The arbitrary policies of DNC political crooks have harmed Alaska - and the rest of America - economically in denying Alaskans their Constitutionally-guaranteed right to access and develop the resources of their own state.
Of course, the DNC loves to deliver political payback when states like Arizona or Alaska do not vote its way in key elections to assure the Democrat Party control of the House and Senate.  
The Democrats proved that in 2006, when they promised to end the Iraq fiasco if they were just given control of the Congress.  They were...and haven't lifted a finger to stop anything since.  In fact, the DNC cartel has overwhelmingly approved all Bush-Cheney-Zionist funding authorizations to continue destroying Iraq and its people and to steal Iraqi oil.  All done so the US can continue to sit on its own vast and secret domestic oil resources.  See Lindsey Williams' book 'The Energy Non-Crisis' for a complete expose of this fact.  
I don't think Obama has a clue about what America really thinks of the DNC and its liars on Capitol Hill.  In fact, most honest Americans on both sides of the aisle are enraged at the post-election Democrat Iraq war lies and deceit.
There's a sort of national chauvinistic arrogance that the US is 'too pretty' and 'too pristine' to develop its own domestic energy resources...so it just goes and rapes other nations - far out of sight of the American Sheeple.
Gov Sarah Palin clearly knows America MUST develop energy independence from foreign oil...or America is going to collapse.
You will be hearing another DNC enviro lie regarding the development of the Pebble Mine, about 200-300 miles inland in Alaska.  That area has vast amounts of gold and copper...both of which the US needs to break its dependency on foreign sources.  China just tied up one of the largest copper reserves on Earth with that $9 billion deal with the Congo.
Unless you want to see the US decline even more and lose still more jobs for lack of our own resources, it is time for the DNC factions to start thinking and connecting the dots.  Their endless years of stuck-on-stupid has now caught up with them...and they are just as responsible as Bush for killing the US economy.
If you look at this pragmatically, and leave the RNC-DNC emotions and rhetoric out of it, we have a leadership problem in America of adverse policies and actions that are producing tragic end results for all of us. 
The DNC has already cranked up its media/internet Lie Machine regarding Pebble Mine...and is, of course, lying about the fact that Sarah Palin has already laid down the law that Pebble will be the most environmentally-controlled mine in US history. She is no threat whatsoever to sockeye salmon.  The only impediment to US independence in key strategic resources is the DNC and the DC gangster power base who seem to revel in their misguided and myopic environmental plans, agendas and policies. 
As soon as the DNC sandbox brats, like Carter and Clinton, sneak through these shady, underhanded land grabs for the environmentalists and further empower themselves in DC, it becomes a mindset of 'mine, mine, mine!'  There is never any intelligent thought about what has to be done to provide natural resources and energy supplies for ALL of America. They have created a stagnation in our nation and that has, in turn, led to the outrageously disastrous foreign policies maiming both the US - and its reputation on the planet - for generations to come.
Americans are going to have to decide if they want more wars for oil (and minerals) in foreign lands (Barky's big Afghan expansion, for example), or to finally take a concerted stance on developing the energy independence of the United States of America from WITHIN the United States.
That is not a minor question, it is a pass or fail question that America has to come to grips with before it is too late. All the RNC-DNC sniping and backstabbing is doing is delaying the inevitable logical decision...and each day lost brings America closer to collapse and failure. What is most revealing right now is that it is the DNC doing the lying and sniping...while McCain-Palin are moving ahead.
You DNC twits have another problem.  Karl is backing the RNC again - because of Sarah Palin. This is a lady who knows exactly who she is and where she is going.  And let's hope America chooses to go along with her.  
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