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DNC Wins 3rd Gold:
Barrel Bottom Scum Sucking 

By Karl Schwarz
I knew these scumbags at the DNC and their lying bloggers and email agents provocateurs would quickly set a new world record in the smear and slander competition for lowering the bar...and crawling under it.  They will stop at nothing in their efforts to win in November.
If you missed my piece that appeared on Rense right after McCain announced Gov Sarah Palin as his choice for VP, I suggest you read it now and then continue... because the DNC is self-destructing right in front of the eyes of America.
The email featured in that article was by Democrat Senator Barbara Boxer on behalf of PacForAChange.com. It was circulated to a nationwide DNC-Democrat audience by the George Soros funded MoveOn.org.
This essay has to do with a false allegation of impropriety by VP candidate Sarah Palin made by a very nervous Mrs. Boxer.  Frankly, I don't think Obama could take Sarah Palin in a straight up fight, so he and his handlers are calling in all DNC dirty tricks and hatchet people to do their slime work for them.
You have to take a deep breath and slow down to get the vile spin on this one fully in focus. 
Boxer claimed that Sarah Palin was quote 'under investigation' for firing someone in Alaska and abuse of authority. Ok, let us look at this claim by the eminently-corrupt, war-loving Zionist Senator Boxer and spread out all over the net by MoveOn.org...financed by the dark hand of billionaire Zionist Jew kingpin George Soros.  As expected, this smear was further circulated online by people who seem to have a lust for helping to proliferate filth and spread unverified trash. 
Once again, there was NOTHING to the allegations. The FACTS of the issue were completely twisted and distorted to suit their slander campaign against Palin. The
failure to tell the WHOLE story...the lie of omission...is a favorite tool in almost all the attacks on Palin.
First, read and then further check for yourself the data in the following story...all of which is corroborated in Alaska newspaper stories.  The facts explain, clearly, why Sarah Palin had a fascist pig Alaska state trooper fired.  And be sure to ask yourself what you would have done in the same position.  I would have fired his ass, too.
So, let us put the shoe on the other foot for the benefit of the teevee-addicted sheeple of America who haven't a damned clue about the difference between the truth and DNC-Democrat concocted lies.
Their phony charge of 'abuse of authority' has nothing to do with protecting the lives of one's family.  Legitimate self-defense and 'abuse of authority' are two diametrically opposed concepts. Sarah Palin did nothing wrong nor did she do anything that any other decent person wouldn't do.  She turned the facts of the matter over to state police and appropriate actions were taken. Maybe Barbara Boxer would have sat on her thumb and said 'tsk tsk tsk' but Gov Palin doesn't put up with death threats and the terrorizing of her sister and nephew.
First, if someone was threatening your sister, would you defend her? Most people still above room temperature would, that is a given.  Gov Palin came down on a psycho thug for doing just that: threatening and terrorizing members of her family. The man's actions were far more than just words, they were violent and included threats of murder as you read in the linked story above.
Second, if some state trooper pig threatened to kill your parents would you do something about it?  That's what confronted Gov Palin and she addressed it properly and vigorously and had her ex brother-in-law removed from the Alaska State Police.
Third, if some steroid-crazed maniac tasered your 11-year-old nephew (stepson of this maniac cop) with 50,000 volts, would you do something about it? This lunatic bastard actually tasered Sarah Palin's nephew.  Get it?
Only the DNC and its hit teams could dare point a finger of blame at Sarah Palin for defending her family from this thug. When she came down on his ass like the wrath of God, he took the story to a political enemy in Alaska (a Democrat) and now we have Boxer out acting as if she is defending America, reprehensible scumbag that she is.
So, to review: if you were governor of a state and had a violent, drunk, taser and gun wielding state trooper terrorizing you, your family, your parents, your sister, your nephew and others would you do anything about it?  You're DAMN RIGHT you would.
Furthermore, if some stupid, steroid-crazed armed alcoholic threatened YOU personally, would you do anything about it? This Alaska State Trooper threatened the Governor of Alaska with bodily harm. That, in and of itself, is a felony. So, we have Senator Barbara Boxer either endorsing and thereby aiding and abetting a felony act or perpetration of a felony act against the Palins, and then trying to turn PROPER and CORRECT remedial actions taken by the governor and state into a scurrilous scandal against her.
Get it?
The Democrats are beyond desperate because with Palin now firmly in the race for the White House, Zionist DNC Barky-Biden hopes are growing dimmer each day.
Sarah Palin defended her family, a right ANY person has when threatened with violence. 
Therefore, a 3rd Gold Medal for sucking scum from the bottom of the barrel goes to the DNC and its vile maggot accomplices on this one. There was no 'abuse of power' in Alaska. NONE.  It was a lie. Get it?
You folks have to start thinking and get the facts straight. Senator Barbara Boxer, with the assistance of Soros-funded MoveOn.org, told millions and millions of Americans a willful lie. Sarah Palin did nothing wrong.  Zero.
Get it?  I hope so.
Yeah, the DNC deserves this Gold Medal for yet another example of morally reprehensible behavior, and their rude, crude and malevolent methods.
Political parties should not invade a person's life with lies in the 21st Century. I vote for sanctions against the DNC. Any one second that motion?
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