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New Dangers Of
Oral Bacteria

By Mary Sparrowdancer
Copyright © 2008 - All Rights Resevered

During the 1900s, many changes took place in the lives of Americans.  The Constitution was blatantly and criminally violated by politicians who had sworn oaths to uphold it, and the increasingly rogue government has continued to favor the financial health and security of enormous major corporations over the rights, health and freedom of individuals.  The diet of Americans was changed by those in charge of the food industry in order to better feed corporate greed.  "Modern medicine" stepped back in time and became something based more upon pharmaceutical greed than common sense.  The result of all of this has been a steady decline in the health of Americans.  The United States is now the top ranking consumer of pharmaceuticals needed to mask all of the national symptoms.

Perhaps the most serious problem affecting the deteriorating national health is the American diet.  For over a generation, Americans have been urged by fraudulent government "experts" representing the grain and cereal industry to consume a diet based heavily upon cheap, processed starchy grains, cereals, pastas and breads rather than fresh fruits and vegetables.  Cheap processed grains are light in weight, have a long shelf-life, and ship easily.

Eating a diet based upon processed starch creates a number of problems for the human body.  Consuming starch leaves a wake of pH ash that is highly acidic, which in turn, leaves the body tissues vulnerable to infections and cancers.  A starchy grain diet also results in a decreased level of the essential amino acid, lysine, which has been noted to guard against viral invasions, such as herpes.  Additionally, and of increasing significance, the consumption of starchy foods leaves an unnatural residue on the teeth, creating a breeding paradise for periodontal bacteria.

Perhaps the term "oral bacteria" is misleading, in that it suggests that oral bacteria remain in their starchy paradise within the mouth, teeth, and deep within the gums.  Unfortunately, this is not the case.  According to the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP), periodontal pathogens have been found in plaque removed from coronary arteries.  The AAP also noted "that periodontal disease may increase a person's risk for the respiratory disorder Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), the sixth leading cause of mortality in the United States." In addition, one study found that 50% of the placentas of pregnant women suffering from preeclampsia contained periodontal pathogens.  A recent study by the Harvard School of Public Health and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute discovered a link between periodontal disease and pancreatic cancer.  According to Medscape Medical News, other researchers have "noted significant associations between a history of periodontal disease and lung, kidney, pancreas, and hematological (blood) cancers."

As the critical, life-saving importance of maintaining the best oral hygiene possible finally surfaces, it is natural that each of us would desire the best and most efficient tools available for ourselves and our families in order to combat potentially deadly oral bacteria.  Brushing and flossing combined are the suggested daily routine for keeping bacteria under control.  Unfortunately for us all, however, the most promising flossing tool for combating periodontal disease, FlossRings and sterilized floss segments, remain largely or completely unavailable to us thanks to CNN, which deliberately and repeatedly maligned and destroyed these products on national TV.  This irresponsible piece of CNN "news" eliminated the only serious competitor to the 100-year-old dental floss industry, an industry that has been predominantly presided over by Johnson&Johnson.  Johnson&Johnson, said to be the largest pharmaceutical and medical devices company on earth, has been referred to by CNN as a "partner" in various joint undertakings.

The FlossRings and sterilized floss segments offered a superior method of flossing, but in addition this was to be the only sterile floss available on the market.  The products were created and patented in the mid 1990s by a young inventor in NYC named Sean Dix.  The Dix FlossRings and sterilized floss segments were clinically proven to remove 31% more plaque than Johnson&Johnson's waxed floss.

The Dix products were given favorable reviews by New York Times, Bloomberg, Forbes FYI, the Boston Globe and other major publications, as well as given a permanent place of honor in the Smithsonian's affiliate, The National Museum of Dentistry.  The Rings are placed on the index fingers and a four to five-inch piece of floss is attached between the rings.  Using this method of flossing helps one achieve the correct angle necessary for removing maximum bacteria and biofilm.

It was the sterilized floss strips, however, that were the largest threat to the established, old-fashioned, non sterile, spooled floss industry.  Although Johnson&Johnson had apparently attempted to create a sterile floss 100 years earlier, they had failed to do so.  Sean Dix, however, the young inventor with a simple American dream, was poised to bring the first sterilized floss to the market and shake the flossing industry to its very foundations. Since 100% of all people polled thus far incorrectly believe that all dental floss is sterile, the Dix sterilized product was certain to easily take over a large percentage of the floss market from the old floss giants.  The public would certainly prefer putting a sterilized product deep into gum tissues rather than something spooled and handled by factory workers in various foreign countries.  The entire flossing industry would then have had to follow Dix's lead and update their old spooling machinery in order to create their own sterile floss and compete with Dix.

The Johnson&Johnson Director of Worldwide Licensing and Acquisitions stated that the Dix products would bring in an estimated $50 to $100 million annually, thus also creating numerous job opportunities for people in America, where the Dix products are exclusively made.

CNN, however, likened the revolutionary Dix products to a piece of junk one might find in a Cracker Jack box.  CNN also failed to mention that this would be the only sterilized floss on the market.  In addition, one of the dentists CNN filmed trashing the Dix product was later discovered to be the pre-instructed, personal dentist of the "reporter" responsible for the film clip.  The clip was played repeatedly throughout the day and night for several days until complete audience saturation had been achieved.  As a result, all of the Dix major investors and national sales force then quit, major pharmacies throughout the US discontinued carrying the Dix products, and the dream of bringing a superior health care product to the market while also providing new jobs in America was suddenly ended before it had a chance to even begin.  The year that CNN did this and destroyed our chance to have sterilized floss was 1996. There remains no sterile floss on the market to this day because CNN eliminated the only new competitor who would have made sterilized floss available to us.

While it is not known with certainty how the dangerous periodontal bacteria initially make their way into the mouth, at least one 1996 study suggests that the "transmission of bacteria can occur spontaneously via the saliva, or by means of oral hygiene aids and/or dental instruments."  One must at least wonder what has been introduced into the mouths of millions for the last 100 years via non sterilized dental floss, spooled and factory assembled in other countries that are not known for their standards of hygiene or for their responsible adherence to strict rules of product safety.

This is an anti-trust case in which you, the consumer, have been left with no choice but to continue to purchase and use an inferior, non-sterilized product.  If you would like to see the Dix FlossRings in your local stores and pharmacies, phone the stores and ask for his products.  If you would like to have access at last to sterile floss, contact the Department of Justice and tell them to do their jobs so Sean Dix can sue the giant corporations that destroyed his business and eliminated him from the floss competition.  Then, he will be able to bring us the sterile floss we deserve.  antitrust.complaints@usdoj.gov  If you are a lawyer willing to help, please contact Dix at dixppi@worldnet.att.net or visit his website at http://www.flossrings.com/   Losses and damages due to Dix are estimated at this time to be approximately $3 billion.

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Mary Sparrowdancer is an independent journalist and the author of a bestselling true book about the return of the Messiah, justice, and human rights, The Love Song.  She lives in Tallahassee.   www.sparrowdancer.com
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