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Sarah's Pipeline For America
By Karl Schwarz
The Trans-Canada part of the $30 billion natural gas pipeline initiated by Governor Sarah Palin has been approved. They are even starting to take contractor applications to construct the Canada portion of it.
Since Alberta is also rich in natural gas and willing to sell huge volume of it to the US, note how this pipeline is being routed.  This is not only great news for America, but those Canadians living in Alberta will be happy, too.
This crucially-needed pipeline is only about 30 years past due, or more. Who has been blocking it?  Answer: the radical DNC environmental lobbies that seem to excel in creating foreign oil wars for their anti-war affiliates to bitch about, and Senator Joe Biden and his buddies...Pelosi, Boxer, Hillary, Feinstein, et al. There have also been some liberal Republicans along the way who don't want this pipeline built. 
The warmongering Neocons want the foreign conquests for oil and natural gas to continue...even though their 'tour of duty' with BushCo has proven in spades that their PNAC business plan is a complete and total failure.  
The Iraq exit has been 'delayed' because Al Malaki intends to do what is best for Iraq, regardless of what George W Bush thinks about it.  Iraqis possess, at a minimum, the world's fourth largest known reserves of oil and natural gas - some say second - which is worth trillions, and that is why the Zionists and BushCo destroyed their country.  What is keeping the peace in Iraq right now is essentially US bribes and the persistent US assassinations of thousands of Iraqi patriots who would fight to free their country of its American occupiers.  Al Malaki is stalling until Bush is out of office in hopes of being able to allow Iraq to benefit from its own natural resources.  He wants Iraq to be for Iraqis...the same policy of the murdered Saddam Hussein.
The recent award of a $3 billion oil services contract to China rather than Halliburton is telling. I hear Halliburton has their panties in a wad which is good news about this ghoul of a 'corporation' which has made countless billions in no-bid contracts thanks to the gangsters in DC.  Even though I am a conservative, I think Halliburton should be put out of business permanently.   They may or may not be #1 but they are one of the sleaziest corporations on the face of this planet. Rogue is a good word, corrupt fits perfectly. 
Bottom line, Gov Palin is a 'doer' and her pipeline achievement is both a states' rights issue (that oil and gas belongs first to Alaska) and a blessing for the United States and its failed energy policies. I have also learned that the increased check amounts Alaskan citizens will receive as their share of oil and gas profits will surge past the current $1,200 and will soon be over $3,200 for each citizen of the state.
Of course, the socialist loonies over at DailyKos characterized that as socialism, when in fact it is capitalism made to work for all. The Kos cretins have been helping to coordinate the shameful attacks on Sarah Palin and have shown their true colors in doing so. Now DailyKos is bitching and whining about the annual profit sharing checks the Palin's will receive...because their family consists of a husband, wife and five children...
"This year's Permanent Fund Dividend of $3269 includes $1200 for help with high energy cost and goes to every citizen of the State.  Just think what she and her family will get (5 kids, 2 adults = $22,883)!  Your high priced gasoline and heating fuel helped make that possible!"
Get a life, you liberal TWITS.  Better yet, get an education.  Alaska has nothing to do with the price of energy, morons.  
Did anyone notice that now Pelosi is waffling on offshore drilling, with 'conditions' of course?  Pelosi is nothing more than a political whore fronting for an anti-American Zionist agenda.  The hypocrisy of these creeps has no limits.
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