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DC & Corporate Fascists,
Lie, Lies And More Lies

By Karl Schwarz
Before I became involved in nanotechnology, I was the head of a company that was affiliated with UUNet, the original US Internet backbone company when the Department of Defense privatized their DoD internet.  During the Cold War, the DoD installed what they believed would be a communications system that would withstand a nuclear attack from Russia.
Our focus was international and included fiber optics, high-speed, and bandwidth in incredible volume, etc. We moved to nanotechnology due to the expertise of our scientists in photonics - the physics of light.
As part of the UUNet ­ CommAxxess strategy, we started going after telecoms that were entering Chapter 11 bankruptcy to put the screws to their shareholders.  We submitted the high bids and wound up with none of those four telecoms, Viatel, Ebone, Williams Communications Group and Global Crossing.
During the battle over Global Crossing, I was already preparing several RICO lawsuits because of the amazing evidence we had amassed.  Much of the research of my book was the foundation for huge RICO actions that were to be filed against Wall Street and DC to stop the willful plundering of America, and foreign investors. 
One day, we had a piece of evidence drop into our hands in a most serendipitous manner, sort of a voila! One of the Global Crossing shareholders was staying at a hotel and a fax was mistakenly put into his box.
That started to shed light on the long-range Iraq strategies and who was behind them. It also revealed how the US and CIA embedded into Serbia and Kosovo like a deadly tapeworm.  The fax was intended for George Shultz, the former Secretary of State under the Reagan and Daddy Bush Administrations.
Pay attention to the content of the fax regarding how Bechtel was trying to 'paint the picture' and 'control the message' to respond to a New York Times article that was about to break.
The following is from Chapter 11 of my book 'One-Way Ticket to Crawford Texas.'  This is the chapter that has DC the most terrified because it has all of the evidence needed to commence a Grand Jury which could lead to indictments of the real guilty parties who were behind 9-11.
<start insert>
Chapter 11 - The Bush ­ Cheney Energy Policy is Myopic, Brain Damaged and Treasonous.
Meet some 9-11 Suspects that have not been mentioned.
One of the Global Crossing shareholders [Chapters 12, 13, 14] that aligned with me was traveling in 2003 and staying at a hotel. He received a fax by mistake that was from Jock Covey to George P. Shultz, CEO of Bechtel regarding what is called "the Aqaba pipeline."  NY Times reporter Bob Herbert was about to break a story and had contacted Bechtel for comment, and they went into "spin cycle" behind the scenes to spin what Shultz was to say to the media as his "official comments".
This is not the "Egypt to Aqaba" pipeline that only spanned 15 kilometers and was installed by Allseas [1] in 2003.
This one is a billion-dollar project that would route Iraqi oil through Jordan to the Gulf of Aqaba, shared by both Israel and Jordan as seaports.
What follows is a word-for-word rendition of that facsimile:
Date: 11 April, 2003
To: George P. Shultz
From: Jock Covey
Tel:(mobile) 415-601-XXXX
Number of pages including this cover 3
Bob Herbert is preparing a piece on the Aqaba pipeline. He called Corporate Communications earlier today with several questions. We propose responding along the lines attached ­ all drawn from materials now in the public domain.
Herbert says he is writing his piece this weekend to appear on Monday, and would need any comments by mid-day tomorrow (Saturday).
I can be reached this evening either at home (415) 931-XXXX or on mobile (415) 601-XXXX.
Signed, Jock
Page 1 of the fax:  Iraq ­ Reply to Bob Herbert
1. Did the pipeline project originate with Bechtel?
We don't know for certain.
[On background: Both Jordan and Iraq had an interest in a pipeline at this time.  Iraq wanted to provide a secure means of exporting its oil; Jordan was eager for new sources of revenue. Due to the war with Iran, Iraq could not use the Gulf for shipping and was forced to export oil to international markets via Jordan using a fleet of tanker trucks, an extremely expensive solution (Wall Street Journal, October 21, 1983).
Lloyd's List International reported on March 17, 1983 that Iraq and Jordan had formed a joint planning committee to discuss extending an oil pipeline from Iraq to Aqaba. In 1984, the Washington Post quoted sources in Washington as saying that Iraq approached Bechtel to construct the pipeline.  End background]
2. What were Bechtel's relations with the U.S. government on this project?
In the course of pursuing the project, Bechtel had contacts with the State Department, National Security Council, Export-Import Bank and Overseas Private Investment Corporation to ensure alignment with U.S. foreign policy, and to seek financing and investment insurance. Such contacts are entirely normal and above-board on sensitive foreign investments. Indeed, they were widely reported by the U.S. media in 1984. Bechtel had nothing to hide.
The U.S. government initiated some contacts. For instance, Bechtel official P.T. Hart noted in a memo that he met with Lucian Pugliaresi of the State Department's policy planning staff "at State's invitation to discuss Bechtel interest on the Jordan-Iraq pipeline.U.S. Department of State and National Security Council continue to be most interested in mean of exporting safely Iraqi crude oil." (Hart memo to E.V. Moriarty, December 18, 1983, cited in Institute for Policy Studies report, March 24, 2003)
[On background: As the U.S. media widely reported in 1983-84, the Reagan administration was concerned about the potential impact to U.S. economic security of Iranian attempts to block Iraqi oil exports through the Gulf. This concern was addressed in National Security Decision Directive 114, signed by President Reagan on November 26, 1983. It requires no conspiracy theory about Bechtel's political pull to explain the administration's interest in an oil pipeline to Aqaba. Note that the administration also supported an alternative proposal from Israeli Prime Minister Shamir to reopen an old pipeline from Iraq through Jordan to Haifa; this proposal was rejected by Iraq for political reasons. Bechtel would have had no participation in or profit from this alternative pipeline route. See George Schultz, Turmoil and Triumph, 237-238; Samuel Segev, "Nations eye Iraqi reconstruction Israeli oil pipeline plan unlikely to succeed," Winnipeg Free Press, 9 April 2003.  End background] 
Page 2 of the fax:
3. Was Bechtel concerned about potential conflicts of interest with Schultz as secretary of state?
No, because Shultz was careful not to engage in discussion involving Aqaba or other Bechtel projects. As he noted in his memoirs, all report on the pipeline project "were withheld form me at the time, as it appeared that the Bechtel Corporation might have a role in such a project and I had totally removed myself from knowledge of any matter that involved Bechtel." (238n)
[On background: Allegations to the contrary to not stand scrutiny. For example, a recent report by the Institute for Policy Studies claims that:
"On January 14, 1984, Secretary of State George Shultz wrote Rumsfeld with ideas for following up his meeting with Saddam. Shultzdiscussed the Aqaba pipeline:
"There are recent reports that Iraq is giving priority to pursuing an Aqaba pipeline as an additional oil export outlet. We have had further discussions with Jordan, Iraq and U.S. contractors on this possibility, and are considering how best to approach the Israelis to express our interest in the line's unhampered construction and operation."
"Shultz also fretted that 'Ex-Im does not favor involvement in Iraq.' He noted that Eagleburger had written Ex-Im director Draper urging him to change this position."
This account is entirely unsupported by the cable cited. It was not drafted and sent by Shultz, as the author of the report mistakenly assumes. Notations on the cable to Rumsfeld indicate that it was drafted by the North Arabian Republics section of Near East Affairs and signed by Richard Murphy, Assistant Secretary of State for Mideast Affairs. In its brief mention of the Aqaba pipeline, the cable makes no mention of any relationship between the contact and the Aqaba project; rather it indicated Eagleburger's chief interest was in a Westinghouse sale of steam engine turbines.  End Background]
4. Is such a pipeline today still a good idea?
That is for others to decide. Bechtel has no involvement in such a project today."
End - of the Shultz "How to Spin 101" fax. I wonder - can these people do anything but lie to all of us citizens of the United States? Sure enough, Bob Herbert, NY Times [2], ran the story Monday April 14, 2003:
Published on Monday, April 14, 2003 by the New York Times
Ultimate Insiders, by Bob Herbert
"Let's go back some 20 years. Ronald Reagan was president. George Shultz was secretary of state. Lebanon was in turmoil. And Iraq and Iran were locked in a vicious war that had sharply curtailed the flow of oil out of Iraq."
"This remains, two decades later, a touchy subject. When I brought the matter up last week with James Placke, who in 1983 was a deputy assistant secretary of state for Near Eastern affairs, he said, "My memory on that is kind of foggy.""
"But at the mention of Bechtel, he said: "Ahh, now you've said the magic word. Now I remember. Bechtel was promoting it.""
Speaking of Jock Covey [3], I found this on him and did not see very nice things written about him regarding his "Kosovo" and "Bosnia" service [4] in other news items. [5] His abusiveness over there sounded somewhat reminiscent of the DynCorp bust and conviction on running a flesh trade in little teenage girls; i.e. not a good ambassador for theU.S. (us).
Covey had former ties to Kissinger and current ties to the Wilson Center, headed by none other than 9-11 Commission vice-chairman Lee Hamilton. [6] Stack and rack that Commission GW, deal right off the bottom of the deck. As for the bios of all of the 9-11 Commission members, they left off a "key trade skill" for each of them ­ that being "Whitewashing".
Jock Covey (American) had a distinguished career in the US Foreign Service and United Nations before moving to the private sector. Among his many assignments, Jock served on the Middle East desk in the US State Department and as deputy High Representative in Bosnia. He was also deputy to Bernard Kouchner, the head of the UN Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK), in Kosovo. Jock is currently a Senior Vice President for External Relations at the Bechtel Corporation.
<end insert>
Israel was against that Jordon pipeline and even threatened to attack it.  Israel wanted a fortune in shekels for transporting that oil through 'their port'.  Yes, Israel extorted the US to block that pipeline. One of these days, Americans might wake up and realize that Israel is NOT a friend of the US.
Jock Covey was #2 at UNMIK, UN Mission in Kosovo.  He was from the US Foreign Service - a known CIA front used when needed in all US embassies, all UN 'missions', all global hot spots...and including such operations as the willful genocide of Serbian Christians by the US, Clinton and Madeline Albright.  Also, just like the willful genocide of Russian Orthodox Christian citizens of South Ossetia, August 2008.
If you read my essay 'Georgia-Kosovo - An Historic Connection' http://www.rense.com/general83/george.htm , I disclosed much about the US genocide of Christians to create the illusions for idiot and gullible Americans that the US had to go save the Serbian Christians from those 'evil Muslims' that the US was in fact arming with automatic weapons and bullets and money to go and kill those very same Serbian Christians.  
I privately call such US actions as 'circular-logic murder'...and the US excels in it.  These DC killers think nothing of spinning the truth to create an enemy who was not and is not an actual adversary.  They think nothing about creating genocide so they can then put the media blitz on Americans to sell policies that these cretins have been salivating over for decades.
We just witnessed an attempt at 'circular-logic murder' on the Russian citizens...the Russian Orthodox Christians of South Ossetia.  The spin you are now seeing from DC, NATO, Little Sarko and Merkel-Ferkel is all part of this circular way to conduct genocide...and then walk away free.
Now, pay attention folks. Jock Covey was in Kosovo when that 'secret UNMIK' flight left with hundreds of millions, maybe billions, in US dollars in crates bound for the Caspian Basin area and stretching on into Northern Afghanistan.  This flight was airborne within hours after the WTC towers and WTC 7 had been reduced to smoking, toxic rubble, and close to 3,000 Americans and other foreigners lay dead.  Not long thereafter, Covey resurfaced as the new head of Corporate Communications for Bechtel.
Getting the picture?
During the Cold War, the major CIA operations centers were in West Berlin, Frankfurt, and Vienna.  After the USSR pulled out of Europe, those CIA operations centers were moved to Azerbaijan, Kosovo, Baghdad, and now Tbilisi, Georgia. Once the USSR had withdrawn, the Grand Chessboard morons thought the doors were wide open for US and UK to waltz in and bribe, blackmail, threaten, and buy their way to total hegemony of the vast resources of Caspian Basin oil and natural gas.
They failed.  Miserably.  The entire plan backfired in their faces because those areas are controlled by Islamic nations and these morons had chosen to hide their Grand Chessboard scheme behind their bogus 'Global War on Terror'...aimed at Islam. Dumbest damned move I have ever seen DC do.
You see folks, our government and the corporate fascists who control the policy-making machinery of our government, know that Americans like being mushrooms.  They seem to truly revel in being kept in the dark and buried in shit. Too many Americans chow down on their daily teevee 'news' sound byte shit-burgers and accept them as the truth most of the time.
Bechtel had been after that Iraq to Aqaba pipeline SINCE THE REAGAN ADMINISTRATION! Remember well, that Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld were part of that Reagan Bush Administration.  They were still after that same pipeline during the GHWB Administration and Desert Storm.  They were part of Iraqi Freedom until they lost so many employees they finally had to pull out of Iraq.  Bechtel was getting huge contracts from BushCo at the time.
There were two major US technologies that were allowed by Clinton (uranium enrichment centrifuges made by Magnequench in Anderson, Indiana) and Bush (Magnequench, permanent magnets for servos, for smart bombs and cruise missiles out of Valparaiso, Indiana) to be moved to CHINA.  Bechtel was the contractor for both of those new plants in China.
You can bet all you have that Bechtel is lurking in the shadows regarding the TAP or TAPI pipelines across Afghanistan. All of this Caspian Basin oil and gas needs pipelines, terminals, refineries, even natural gas-fired electrical generation plants (a GE specialty), etc, etc, etc.  Of course, they need posh hotels for these scumbags to stay in while they are chasing their 'really big deals.' Of course, killers for hire like Blackwater USA, will get no-bid contracts so there will be security these cretins.
You can bet all you have that Bechtel is also lurking in the background in Georgia, lobbying to get the juicy pipeline contracts.
They lie to our country so naive Americans will live in the delusion that they have 'great leaders' and that the US is on moral high-ground...when the very reverse is true. These corporate fascists do not care if the National Security of the United States is compromised by idiot leaders in DC.  That merely means there will have to be ever greater defense expenditures to make up for those 'oversights' and screw-ups.
They adore big-word shit heads like Zbigniew Brzezinski because he can razzle-dazzle idiot Americans with "geostrategic imperatives' and "Grand Chessboards' and 'post-Soviet imperialism' to help sell his crappy machinations and schemes to his vulnerable, dumb countrymen.  
When the policy, the strategic vision, the strategic plan turns out to be a 'RAT'...they cannot and will not change direction because then Americans will start to figure out that their leaders are not nearly as 'smart' or as 'great' as the people were programmed to believe through the lies, and MSM pounding of those lies into the heads of Americans.
This Bush Missile Shield is bogus; it is a direct provocation of Russia and will probably be installed by Bechtel or Kellogg Brown & Root, or someone like them...some part of the policy-making machinery that enjoys the stupid policies because those stupid policies line their pockets.
Note the timing of the Bush Missile Shield - just as they were planning to attack Russia in South Ossetia via their Georgia puppet.
A Russian aircraft carrier is now in route to Syria, along with destroyers, frigates and cruisers. You can rely that Russian nuclear attack subs are defending the task force on all sides, just like the US Navy does. Rely on this, too - that Russian naval attack group can project power from the Mediterranean to the Persian Gulf if the US thinks about attacking Iran.  The Russian task force will also be in position to crush Israel if the crazy Zionists think they will attack Iran.  
Some are now saying that Israel was planning to attack Iran partially via Georgia. I do not doubt that since Baghdad made it clear Israel could NOT use Iraqi airspace for such an attack. I guess Israel forgot about that Russian air wing stationed in Yerevan, Armenia to defend against such an attack from the West or the North.
The corporate fascists are already working on their no-bid contracts the US government will hand out to restore the 'National Security' of the United States.
This time they have gone too far.  This time they killed Russian citizens.  The Russian Bear is still in Georgia and still has its paw square on the chest of poor little Georgia...war criminal Georgia...Christian-killing Georgia.  The US puppet Georgia that just repeated Kosovo in South Ossetia so the US could justify more provocations of Russia.
About the only change in Georgia as of today?  The Georgia police cars are no longer attempting to set up roadblocks to stop Russian armored vehicles and tanks.  In fact, they may not have any police cars left in the area the Russian tanks are in...they may have all been flattened.
Stay tuned folks, Junior is not nearly finished filling more diapers.
[2] http://www.commondreams.org/views03/0414-02.htm; Bechtel was promoting it and the Middle East peace envoy, Donald Rumsfeld, was pushing it with top Iraqi officials. A previously classified State Department memo that is contained in a report on the pipeline by the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington described how Mr. Rumsfeld broached the subject during a private meeting with Iraq's foreign minister, Tariq Aziz.
The memo, from Mr. Rumsfeld, said: "I raised the question of a pipeline through Jordan. He said he was familiar with the proposal. It apparently was a U.S. company's proposal. However, he was concerned about the proximity to Israel as the pipeline would enter the Gulf of Aqaba."
[3] http://www.advocacynet.org/ourboard.html;  Jock Covey (American) had a distinguished career in the US Foreign Service and United Nations before moving to the private sector. Among his many assignments, Jock served on the Middle East desk in the US State Department and as deputy High Representative in Bosnia. He was also deputy to Bernard Kouchner, the head of the UN Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK), in Kosovo. Jock is currently a Senior Vice President for External Relations at the Bechtel Corporation.
[4] http://www.europeanfoundation.org/pubs/id/84id.htm; In reality, of course, Mr. Kouchner's statement about the continuing criminality in Kosovo is just another example of an international body admitting it has been a failure and then using that admission to make things even worse than before. Two days after the statement that the UN had done nothing to prevent crime, it announced that it was appointing the head of the KLA, Hashim Thaci, to be one of the presidents of the Kosovo Council. Thaci, or "The Snake", will be copresident with Ibrahim Rugova and with Kouchner's deputy, the American Jock Covey. The appointment follows the ostentatious kiss which the young and handsome Thaci gave Madeleine Albright on her triumphalist tour of Kosovo after Kfor occupied the province. [Reuters, 15th December 1999]
(Washington Post, February 28, 1986); Later on, our human rights activist Jock Covey gets implicated in back-door support for Saddam Hussein. Apparently there was a plot to fund nuclear weapons research with funds allocated for agricultural aid. This makes perfect sense given Covey's current-day connections to the Bechtel corporation, home of Saddam's old pal Donald Rumsfeld:
[6] http://wwics.si.edu/index.cfm?fuseaction=about.profile&person_id=1;
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