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Shrill And Strident ADL
Trying To Save Barky's Butt

By Karl Schwarz

In this pivotal election year, if nothing else, we can all rely on one thing: Abe Foxman of the ADL (Anti-Defamation League) will make a complete, total, shrill, desperate, psychotic assh*le of himself, as usual.  In Foxman's latest psycho pronouncement, Christianity is labeled a religion of 'hate' toward Jews. That is, of course, beyond total bullshit and perfectly representative of Foxman's typical efforts to turn black into white and to project on others his own hate-oriented, elitist world view.

This is the standard mindset of a rabid, diehard Zionist Jew where the absolute reverse of their manic statements is almost always the TRUTH.  In this case, the reality is that radicalized Jews HATE Christians with a passion, and have ever since they had Jesus nailed to the cross.


Foxman made his asinine statement because the Christian block is solidly behind Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin. I know many who cannot stand McCain but the Governor is moving mountains in this election year practically on her own.  Every Zionist Jew outlet is in full swing to try to block Palin because her presence in this election is breaking up Barky's act, and blocking their dreams of the US being a Zionist controlled communist-style nation.

As you read below, make no mistake. I do not condemn all Jews for there are many, many non-Zionist, pious, honest, hardworking, honorable ones who are great people, model citizens and who do not believe in or support the 60 years of genocide of Palestinians by Zionist Israeli Jews.  My community group at church has four families of Christian Jews and each (either the husband or the wife) were disowned by their rabbi father for choosing Christianity over Judaism. People like Abe Foxman do not want the world to know how many Jews have opted for Christianity and have been banished by the ADL and AIPAC type folks, and their own families.

Judaism in its correct form is not a religion of hate any more than are Christianity, Islam or Buddhism.  Zionism, however,  is a secular, geopolitical system of hate...it is NOT a religion. It is a power cult (hiding behind the Jewish faith) of death, greed, lying, avarice and self-aggrandizement which views with contempt and derision all who do not subscribe or submit to its dogma.  

Today's Zionists are largely the descendants of the hideous butchers who slaughtered over 30 million Russian Christians to force communism on Russia. These are the descendants of the murderous thugs who murdered 1.2 to 1.5 million Armenians and do not want to 'talk about it'. Just this year, Congress voted to recognize the Armenian genocide but the AIPAC and ADL Zionist gangsters swung into action and forced the cancellations of the Resolution. 

And the US wonders why Armenia does not trust Zionist Jews and US at all.

These are the conniving, lying, genocidal beasts who wanted Iraq stomped to death by US and UK so Iraqis could not benefit from their own oil and natural gas wealth. 

These are the same demented nuclear terrorists in control of 500-600 thermonuclear WMD who are now trying to force a war with Iran...even though Russia is already on the record saying that ANY attack on Iran will be viewed as an attack on Russian interests.

Zionists are always chattering about 'peace' but, in reality, it is the LAST thing they want.  Peace is not profitable and is simply not going to pave the way for Zionism to dominate the planet.  However, divide and conquer just might.  This is even all the more mind-boggling to most clueless Americans who cannot understand how a minority group of Zionists within the world's total Jewish population of about 15 million can have come to control so much of the Western world.  


These are the folks who claim 6 million Jews were exterminated during World War II but they absolutely refuse any scientific, academic or scholarly investigation of the FACTS...they do not want the TRUTH or the true number of dead known. They have succeeded - through their vicious 'hate' laws - in sending people who question THEIR version of history to prison.  Ernst Zundel sits in a German prison at this moment for asking if '6 million' really died. 

The DC Zionist Criminal Cabal did not get that moniker due to it being a Christian movement. The Zionist New World Order did not earn that designation by being a movement of Islamic and Christian people out to get the Zionists.

No, through their century and a half of hate, greed, avarice and genocide they have well-earned the dislike much of the world holds for them. 

Wanted felons and killers are given safe harbor in Israel because they fit right in with the Zionist power structure there.  Abe Foxman does not want Americans to know how much sheer hatred they show towards humankind with their world-leading industries of pornography, child porn and pedophilia, illegal drugs like ecstasy, and huge arms deals to anyone with the shekels to pay for them. Foxman hopes Americans never wake up to the international  level of mob activity, prostitution, extortion and flesh trade that many Zionist Israelis engage in all day, every day. No, Foxman does not want anyone to know the true face and the true nature of the Zionists that he fronts for.

There are many trends setting in that are not good for Barky and his anointment as the preferred Zionist New World Order candidate in this year's election. That is why Foxman is lashing at the Christians of America because they represent the voting block that the Zionist New World Order can fool some of the time but not all of the time.

The Christians of America are banding together to block Barky's bid for the White House and that has Foxman lashing out in raging theatrics.

Western states are pulling away from Barky, as are women voters, independent voters and a large number of conservatives who were not going to vote for McCain. Even many Hillary backers are going to McCain due mainly to Sarah Palin. 

Barky has been reduced to offhand remarks, various babblings, snide remarks and displaying characteristics that couldn't lead America out of an uprising of the Girl Scouts of America. He is now reduced to relying on a gaggle of DNC lying operatives who are creating anything and everything in an attempt to discredit Sarah Palin and get Barky back into the fight. 

There is an excellent article on the Foxman pronouncement posted on Rense: 'ADL Says Christianity Is Hate'. The following two paragraphs are excerpts from that article...

"The Jewish Anti-Defamation League, creator of hate crime laws, denounced the statement from World Evangelical Alliance. "This Evangelical document is not an offer of love, but a prescription for hate," says ADL head Abe Foxman. "As long as the WEA teaches that Judaism is incomplete or misguided, anti-Semitism will continue." His statement accuses WEA of creating "immense pain and anger."

So basically, Christianity is 'hate.' The Bible's message that all humans are "incomplete and misguided" - worse, damned! - without saving faith in Christ, is hate."


(End excerpt)


This is the same type of strategy that the maggots of the DNC, the Barky campaign and sites like DailyKos are using to try to turn everything around backwards. As I recently reported, the NY Times journalist Paul Krugman is now saying he has never in his life seen the likes of the lie campaign the RNC is throwing in Barky's direction...when the TRUTH is it is the DNC that started this bashing of Palin to get her out of the race. They failed, so now Foxman has to put his diatribes into the mix.

Of course, this is the same "Jewish faith" that nailed Jesus Christ to the cross. They try to wash their hands of it but that blood does not wash off.  Most Zionists are  psychotic and hung up on their precious Talmud (Jewish Book of Laws) which completely skips over Isaiah 53. That was the prophecy in the Bible which foretold that Christ would come among them, he would be rejected by 'THEM' and put to death.

Remember well that Christ threw the money changers out of the Temple and to this day we still need to throw them out. The Zionists are in a panic that some of their homeboy financial titans like Lehman Brothers, Citigroup and AIG are dead and dying and are being carved up by non-Zionist factions. That means that the flow of pelf to Israel will not be as big as it has been under the Clinton and Bush administrations.

Just as the Zionists love to have others do their dirty work for them, as the Romans in the crucifixion of Christ, the US gets to play that role because of our gutless leaders in Washington, DC. There is a reason for that explained in the next two paragraphs.

Regardless of what the Bible says (Old Testament to the Jews is called Torah), they reject that Jesus Christ was the Messiah who was foretold.  There are two reasons. First, they expected a Great Rabban - only a Jew would do - who could be the greatest teacher of all time to show them what the Old Testament really meant.  Second, if they could not have their Great Rabban, they thought they should have a Great General who would free them from bondage and conquer the world for them so we could all live under the heels of these Kosher Crackers.

Over the millennia, Jewish rabbis and scribes have created interpretations of what the Old Testament means. That has been complied as the Talmud...their Book of Laws.

Not all Jews buy into the teachings of the Talmud, or are even exposed to them much, because if there is any true hate prose on this planet,  it is found in some of the passages of the Talmud.

For example, the children of Goyim and Christians are animals, mere cattle.

Another, it is OK for a Jew to lie to a Christian and steal from a Christian. That is how we get mindless robot thieves like Michael Milken (Drexel Burnham Lambert), Gary Winnick (Global Crossing), Dennis Kozlowski (Tyco), Sanford Weill (Citigroup) and Maurice Greenberg of now imploding AIG.



They believe it's just fine to steal from Christians. In fact, some - thank God, not many - think it is their Talmudic duty to steal all they can and then play the part of magnanimous philanthropists with big donations to poor little Israel. For example the two biggest donors to a new Houston Synagogue were Andy Fastow (ENRON) and Gary Winnick (Global Crossing). Both enterprises were gigantic public company frauds on investors - and were designed to be that way from day one. Gary Winnick pledged $40 million of his stash to build the Tel Aviv chapter of the Simon Wiesenthal Tolerance Museum.

Many Zionists believe they are free not to obey the laws the country they live in, and that the Talmud is the only rule to follow.

The Talmud teaches - for any Zionist Jew who will listen and take the words to heart - that Jesus was a psychotic madman, a terrorist, and a frequenter of prostitutes and whores. The pious Jews for the most part do not buy off on such teachings because they clearly see the hate and contempt Zionists have for all others. They recognize that Judaism has a special place in the Bible and so does Christianity. It is primarily the Zionist Jews, like Abe Foxman, who support and implement the hateful aspects of the Talmud...and then point the finger at everyone else.

The Jewish rulers back in the time of Christ did not like it that 'their version' of the Messiah was not the one who came. They took exception that Jesus made it very clear to them that they were hypocrites and their interpretations were self-serving, wrong-headed and sinful. 

That is why they wanted him dead.  Too many were listening.

These are the same people who want the so-called 'hate laws' passed so it will be against the law to even object to them or question their insanity.

These are the same people who want the word "Christ' removed from Christmas, and that Christians should make do with 'Happy Holidays.'  I note for the record that no Christian group I am aware of is suggesting we rename any Jewish holidays such as Yom Kippur, Hanukkah and others.

These are the same people who have been undermining our education system for about 4 decades and pushing any way they can to debase the moral values of America.  Ultimately, as we've seen, there is a technique to their madness.

These are the same people who are behind Barky Obama and much of America is beginning to see quite clearly that the Obama campaign has been a carefully orchestrated scam and fraud on voters to further undermine our nation.

It is time for the United States to tell Israel to sit down and shut up; that it will have 90 days to create separate states of Israel and Palestine...or no more US aid.


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