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Chemtrails 101 -
An Introduction
Seeing Chemtrails Clearly As 
The Silent But Deadly Betrayal

By Douglas Herman
A Rense Exclusive
Q. Where can I best view these things called Chemtrails?
A. You may witness them everywhere in America but particularly in the American Southwest.
Q. Okay, I've looked up and seen contrails that don't disappear, but instead widen and whiten the sky like cirrus cloud plumes. So what?
A. Independent researchers have found that those man-made plumes contain toxic chemicals, thus they have been given the name Chemtrails. These airborne toxins affect your health. Ask yourself: Why are more Americans suffering from respiratory disease or dying of cancer at an earlier age when fewer people smoke, when modern cars spew less air pollution, when more people drink bottled water? Could it be the air we breathe?
Q. If these Chemtrails are so evident, why don't educated people in America see and question them?
A. Educated people in America are programmed from an early age to keep their heads down and focus on a narrow range of scholastics rather than cause friction. Advanced degrees require 5-10 years of extra diligence in order to achieve success and thus ensure personal wealth & prosperity. Advanced degrees carry an aura of supreme intelligence here in America. Thus the mindset becomes: if smart and successful, highly-paid government scientists do not question lines and grids in the sky, why should I?
Q. Yes, but doesn't everyone look up?
A. No, almost no one looks up. Smart sheep and dumb sheep are still sheep. People focus on their surrounding pasture: their offspring, their jobs, their immediate needs, much like sheep. If still in doubt, observe people for several hours. Study people on any suburban sidewalk or city park or Walmart parking lot. Rarely, if ever, does anyone look up at the sky.
Q. I still think that Chemtrails must be contrails. What's the difference?
A. Okay, study the sky closely on one clear day. Why no contrails? No air traffic that day? Now suppose you notice north and south contrails on another clear day. Does that mean all east and west air traffic was cancelled that day? NO. What you are witnessing is Chemtrail spraying.
Q. But why would anyone spray us?
A. For a wide variety of reasons, both benign and malicious.
Q. What are the benign reasons?
A. Reportedly to control the weather for the benefit of mankind. For example, to diminish drought in both the American southwest, where much of the Chemtrail spraying occurs in the USA, and drought-ridden southeast.
Q. What are the malicious reason for Chemtrail spraying?
A. Do you really want to know?
Q. Yes.
A. Population control. Lifespan control. Health control. Mind control.
Q. Is this just another conspiracy theory?
A. You decide. When our own government pens a study: Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025, are they conspiracy theorists? When Henry Kissinger (http://www.dissidentvoice.org/2007/12/culling-the-herd - Dissident Voice : Culling the Herd) mentions useless eaters, was Dr. Kissinger a conspiracy theorist? Retirees in America, who paid into Social Security system, will be owed not Trillions but Qaudrillions of US dollars. Suppose few of those older citizens ever collected?  Imagine if the government, as they have been desperately trying to do, was able to tap into this fund? Suppose instead most retirees sickened and died before the age of 65, while enriching insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies along the way? Imagine what an enormous and profitable windfall for the government. Not Trillions of dollars but Quadrillions.
Q. But is our government really so cruel and cold-hearted as to harm us intentionally?
A. Remember Waco? What about Katrina? All governments are cruel to a greater or lesser degree unless rigidly controlled by an outraged populace. Governments exist to govern, to exert power, to achieve control, to dominate the many for the benefit of the few.  Chemtrails provide one of many, brilliant yet still-to-be-perfected state systems to control the masses. Documented cases already exist of the US and British government spraying of large urban centers, ongoing operations for the past 40 years.
Q. Why should I fear a Chemtrail cloud? 
A. Rainwater samples taken after a complete white-out covering the sky in residential North Phoenix, revealed a toxic soup of heavy metals. Cadmium, chromium, copper, aluminum, barium, zinc, manganese, all in levels far in excess of healthy limits or what is normally found in rainwater samples. Some also suspect the presence of genetically engineered viruses and bacteria in Chemtrail residue, thus causing the resulting epidemic of flu-like symptoms.  After a Chemtrail operation, residents report symptoms of pulmonary edema including shortness of breath, anxiety, wheezing, and coughing. Barium and aluminum often have the highest reading of all contaminants. Aluminum has been found in higher than normal concentrations in the brains of deceased Alzheimer's patients. Not surprisingly, respiratory disease and Alzheimer's is on the rise since the advent of Chemtrail spraying more than ten years ago.
Q. Sound scary. Who pays for this Chemtrail spraying?
A. You do. In effect, taxpayers pay to be poisoned. When one considers that the US Anthrax poisonings were a domestic terror event, by Americans against Americans, and never fully investigated by American intelligence groups, the far more subtle Chemtrail operation is more easily understood.
Q. Who flies the Chemtrail planes?
A. No one knows but probably many former military fliers. When one considers that Bush, Rumsfeld and McCain were all former fighter/ bomber pilots, simply following orders and delivering death from the skies, one can envision others doing the same now. Also, many of the Chemtrail planes may be remotely-controlled. Less possibility of pangs of conscience or a repentant whistleblower.
Q. Depressing. Are there any silver linings to Chemtrail spraying?
A. Yes. The scythe that slices through you and your family also slices into the rich and powerful too. Consider: In the days before the Labor Day weekend in wealthy, well-connected Virginia. eyewitnesses reported a rare triple swath of Chemtrails over the skies from Culpepper through Charlottesville to Lynchburg. This was no benign, weather control event, since hurricane Fay had just dropped 5-10 inches of rain everywhere two days prior. Retired NSA, CFR, CIA, Pentagon and World Bank officials in Virginia ALL breathed the same air. Plus the 64,000 unsuspecting, upper class sports fans who gathered to watch the USC-UVA game. The scythe that slices through you and I, also slices across all classes. There are no vaccines against heavy metal poisoning or respiratory diseases.
Q. That's absurd! Why would the Elites betray their most ardent and well-rewarded underlings?
A. Betrayal typifies the degradation of the state. From Nazism to Communism to Corporate Capitalism, betrayal underlies all state policy. Hitler betrayed his top generals and his country in the name of nationalism without a second thought. As Machiavelli said: "Men are so simple and so much inclined to obey immediate needs that a deceiver will never lack victims for his deceptions." Victims of deception, whether among supporters or opponents. Absurd, you say? Tell that to Bruce Ivins and Vince Foster and William Colby and David Kelly and Frank Olson.  As you can see, the list is long. All were betrayed murder victims, loyal servants of the Elites, murder victims disguised as suicides. Likewise, Chemtrails are silent betrayals, poisons disguised as harmless contrails.
Q. Are ALL thin clouds now Chemtrails, even those beautiful sunset clouds?
A. Sad to say, many are, especially clouds in the Southwest. Some say that sunrises will become more suspicious, as the government conceals Chemtrails from the public by spraying at night.
Q. Can anything stop the spread of Chemtrails?
A. Only three things. 1. Enlightened leaders with a social conscience, unlikely to happen in the USA. 2. A widespread outcry from the enlightened American public, also unlikely to happen in the USA. 3. The collapse of the American economy and, subsequently, the weakening of her black operations budget, the likeliest eventual prospect.
Footnote: As the Virginia Chemtrails commenced on the Friday prior to the Labor Day weekend, Chemtrail spraying commenced over Los Angeles on the exact same day, according to a former top NATO eyewitness who observed a complete whitening of the skies there.
A recent but dedicated Chemtrail observer and USAF veteran, Douglas Herman has been studying Chemtrails across America for the past 16 months. The photos were taken at Lake Tahoe, Kodiak, Alaska and Bullhead City, Arizona. Email douglasherman7@yahoo.com
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