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Alexa.com Caught Suppressing
Rense.com Ratings Again

For many years, Alexa.com has been systematically suppressing their 'ratings' of Rense.com. We have been well aware of this but thought it was time to post the deception for all to see...with Alexa.com's own graphs.
EVERY TIME Rense.com begins to soar up toward its TRUE ratings level, Alexa.com Zionists (and it could be as little as one or two people) turn the rating graph sharply down. Below is ABSOLUTE proof. Note - these Alexa.com ratings lies are in direct, documented 100% opposition to Rense.com server hit stats.
With our coverage of the US and world financial collapse, our hits went volcanic again (and we thank you for that)...rocketing upward at a near 90 degree angle as you can see below in the first Alexa.com graph from 9-28. We happened to check to see if the usual pattern of suppression would occur again, so we downloaded the graph.
Sure enough, as always, Alexa.com software or staff reversed the upsurge as you'll see in second Alexa.com graph of 10-1. Fortunately, we can present both of their graphs below, plus an overlay of the two which shows their chicanery in the raw.
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