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Obama - Catspaw Of
International Finance

By Dr K R Bolton
Editor, Restoration Magazine
Exclusive to Rense.com
Now that Obama has won the Democratic nomination. it becomes ever more relevant to explore the connections of his backers and advisers, as this will give an indication on the direction the USA will head should he win the presidency.
To consider this as primarily a racial matter ­ whether in terms of white racism or conversely of liberal anti-racism, is to obscure the role of the Money Power in seeking to control the USA and hence much of the world.
Obama seems to have arisen from virtually nowhere. Yet he was able to dominate the field with the assistance of bigger funding. A Reuters report carried in the Dominion Post (Obama raised $45 million, Feb. 22, 08) stated that Obama had raised just over $US36 million back in January, three times more than McCain; while Clinton had raised $US13.9 million.
There is much talk of "change", of a "new direction". It is the type of "populist" or even mildly "left-wing" rhetoric that serves as a façade for plutocracy while championing "The People", just as the Bolsheviks were said to be fighting for the "proletariat" while receiving plutocratic largesse. As Oswald Spengler observed early last Century, "there is no proletarian, not even a communist movement, that is not run in the interests and direction of Money", to paraphrase from his Decline of the West. The same can be said for other movements of supposed reform, whether liberal, socialist or social democrat, in which we might include the Democrats.
It will be recalled that Roosevelt promoted the New Deal under the guise of socialistic measures on behalf of the people, yet behind his administration stood plutocrats such as Bernard Baruch. The Federal Reserve Bank was inaugurated under the façade of controlling the money supply on behalf of the people, as attempted by Lincoln, and intended by the US Constitution, yet the Fed was conceived, established and run by the Warburgs, et al. Obama is in such a political tradition.
Among Obama's leading financial backers is the omnipresent George Soros. I've often cited Soros as one of the primary movers and shakers behind the scenes of much of the trouble in the world, designed to coalesce all nations, cultures and peoples into a universal state. He was one of the major hidden players in the destruction of the Soviet Bloc (which turned soured on the bankers since the time Stalin kicked out Trotsky), and funds the so-called "velvet revolutions", one of the consequences being the present Russo-Georgian conflict. He is a principal financier of what might still be termed the "New Left", or "post-New Left, funding sundry causes including narcotics liberalisation, feminism, abortion liberalisation, pretty much anything designed to undermine the traditional structures of a targeted society under the guise of "human rights" and the "open society", the latter term being the name of his world wide network of subversive fronts.
Obama has had Soros funding since his Senate campaign in 2004. CNSNews.com reported at the time that this newcomer and comparative unknown had backing not only from the patriarch, but from four other family members, a daughter, two sons and his wife. According to the report by Robert Bluey, Soros had met Obama a few months previously in Chicago, and was seen as an emerging national leader. (Bluey, Unlike Kerry, Obama coverts Soros' support, CNSNews. Com, July 28, 2004).
Obama's advisers contain some very familiar, old faces for a supposed "man of change" Chief economic adviser is Austan Goolsbee, likely to be Secretary of the Treasury in an Obama Administration. Goolsbee is said to be a member of the crypto-Masonic Lodge 322, aka Order of the Skull and Bones, as are both presidents Bush and John Kerry for e.g. Dr Antony Sutton, Stanford research specialist traced the origins of Lodge 322 quite convincingly to the Illuminati, with such links as similarity in ritual and origins in Bavaria. (Sutton, Secret Cult of The Order, Veritas , Australia, 1986; Bolton, From Knights Templar to New World Order, Renaissance Press, New Zealand, 2006).
Goolsbee is said to be an initiate from the Yale Class of 91. His membership seems to have been definitively identified by Yale News, although the article now seems to have disappeared down the Memory Hole.
In foreign policy, Obama's chief adviser is Zbigniew Brzezinski, national security adviser in the Carter Admin. Brzezinski is a protégée of the Rockefeller dynasty, founding director of David Rockefeller's Trilateral Commission, and has served on the board of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). His recent comparison of Putin with Hitler and Stalin accords with Soros' position. Relations between Russia and an Obama USA are likely to become ever more strained. Considering Soros' strategy, it could be that the USA under Obama will recede from the Bush era gung ho Yankee global hooliganism, in favour of an internationalist strategy of cultural, political and economic subversion, including increased activity in encouraging "velvet revolutions"; what amounts to a renewed ideology of "world revolution", a 'Plutocratic Trotskyism'. 
Other corporate backers of the "people's man" include: 
Warren Buffet, said to be the greatest American investors of all time.
Robert Wolf, UBS Americas, Swiss based international bank; formerly with Salomon Bros.
Paul Volcker, ex-Federal Reserve Bank, honorary chairman of the Trilateral Commission for North America.
Valerie Jarrett, chair of the Chicago Joint Stock Exchange, who served as chair of finance for Obama's 2004 Senate campaign.
Under the "notable names database", "Obama for America: organization" those plutocrats listed as backers include:
James Bell, Boeing, Dow Chemicals. 
Warren Buffet mentioned above, who sits on the boards of the Washington Post, Coca Cola and Salomon Bros. 
Peter Chernin, News Corp., Fox Entertainment. 
Gary Cohn, Goldman Sachs. 
Walter Eberstadt, Lazard Freres, member of the World Policy Institute, one of those think tanks that combine Leftist and plutocrats. 
William Foote, Chase Manhattan, Chicago Fed. 
Richard Fuld Jr., Lehman Bros., NY Fed., CFR. 
Bill Gates, Microsoft. 
David Geffen, music mogul. 
Fred Gluck, Rand Corp., CFR. 
Lawrence Jackson, Wal Mart, biggest importer of Chinese junk; and well known exploiter of Hispanic labour, hence it s support for 'multiculturalism' and open immigration, as generous 'humanitarians'. 
Vernon Jordan, Lazard Freres, American Express, Revlon, Daimler-Chrysler, CFR, Ford Foundation, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberger.
Olden Lee, Pepsi.
William M Lewis Jr., Lazard Freres.
Henry McGea, HBO Videos, Time Warner.
Matthew McKenna Snr., Pepsi.
Thomas J Meredith, Dell computers.
Robt. Pohland, Pepsi.
Nicholas Rey, Merrill Lynch, Bear Stearns, CFR.
Alan Schwartz, pres. Bear Stearns.
Terry Semel, CEO Yahoo.
Jack Skolds, Exelon Nuclear.
George Soros, currency speculator.
Joshua Steiner, Quadrangle Group, Lazard Freres, CFR.
Franklin Thomas, pres. Ford Foundation 79-96, adviser Warburg-Pincus NY investors, Alcoa Aluminium, Citigroup, Pepsi.
John Thornton, ex-pres. Goldman Sachs, Ford Motors, News Corp., CFR, National Council US-China Relations (with Kissinger and other plutocratic luminaries).
Robt. Wright, CEO NBC Universal. 
Obama's wife Michelle, a major factor in her husband's political life, serves on the board of the Chicago Council for Global Affairs, the Chicago branch of the CFR.
In Feb. 2008 Sen. Jay Rockefeller, of the omnipresent globalist dynasty endorsed Obama. Sen. Rockefeller is as one would expect a Bilderberger, CFR and Trilateralist.
We can see behind Obama the coalescing of the biggest international financial interests, including those of Rockefeller, Salomon, Lazard Freres and Goldman Sachs. These are the bankers of whom the eminent US historian Dr Carroll Quigley of Georgetown University Foreign Services School, stated were aiming at:
"Nothing less than to create a world system of financial control to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole" (Quigley, Tragedy & Hope, MacMillan, NY, 1966, p. 340). 
Obama almost makes McCain look revolutionary by comparison; yet to this outsider from far off New Zealand, the only real "people's choice" seems to have been Ron Paul, which explains why he was shut out by the mass media, as Pat Buchanan was in a previous presidential election.
Reach Kerry Bolton at vindex@clear.net.nz
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