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Freedom Of Speech Is Not Carte
Blanche To Lie, Slander
And Defame
By Karl Schwarz
When John McCain announced Sarah Heath Palin as his VP choice on August 29, much of the world was stunned, including me.
Most decent Americans wanted to know more about this attractive lady and devoted mother of five children. The slimy DNC media machine reacted quickly and launched a massive character assassination attack on her. It failed.
The Republican nominee for Vice President of the United States did exactly what I thought she would do in her speech to the Republican Convention...and to the world. As a Christian of true moral fiber and character, she rose above the cacophony of the MSM-DNC Lie Machine with grace, elegance and ease. This lady is a born leader and a person of true inner strength.
She teed up and and shredded Obama and the DNC. As one of the BBC commentators remarked: "Whether the Obama campaign likes it or not, tonight a new star in American politics was born."
The BBC headline called it better than Americans will probably see in their Gulag media: Palin Takes Battle To Democrats
And she did.
"She also attacked Mr Obama's 'change agenda' and suggested he was more interested in idealism and 'high-flown speech-making' than acting for real Americans."
"In politics, there are some candidates who use 'change' to promote their careers," she said.
"And then there are those, like John McCain, who use their careers to promote change."
You can see part of the speech video and see the entire text at this link:
http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2008/09/03/sarah-palin-rnc- conventio_n_123703.html
NY Times has the text of her speech:
http://elections.nytimes.com/2008/president/conventions/videos/ transcripts/20080903_PALIN_SPEECH.html
I have seen accounts where the DNC was hoping she would bomb...not a chance. This lady blasted a grand slam out of the park and sent the DNC into three modes: "Oh, shit!"; depression; and toward intensifying their campaign of lies and smears on this new American Icon.
I have seen most of the snide emails going around calling her "Moose Lady" or "Caribou Barbie", but, fact of the matter, she just blasted the MSM and DC Elite with a Wetherby 340 magnum.
They now know that clearly possible DC is going to be hit by a Catergory 5 hurricane named Sarah. The DC elite, the DNC and the MSM are now in total panic mode because, oh my, this lady is for real.
"I am not coming to DC to serve their opinions, I am coming to serve America." That should tell most where she stands on the Zionist New World Order. She is for AMERICA FIRST. She is the only candidate of the 4 who has a clear vision of a NEW Energy Policy and US independence from foreign oil.
Now the DNC Lie Machine will really freak out because Wednesday night, in St. Paul, Sarah Palin became one of the most powerful women in the world. Unlike the ilk of Hillary, Boxer, Pelosi, and Feinstein...Palin is a woman Americans can support and back for the right reasons. She has emerged and is in a league of her own.
With the loathsome DNC Sleaze Factory working overtime to wrongfully smear the Governor from Alaska, it is now time to call a spade a spade. America has two major problems and they must be fixed, NOW.
The DNC is a reprehensible machine of true hate politics, and will tell any lie, harm any life to keep itself in power. They are the true core of the wicked Zionist liberal elite...the same opportunistic, parasitic Communist Zionist Jews who left the RNC and went back to the DNC. They are not welcome around McCain-Palin in the same old business as usual mode for DC. Helping defend Israel is one thing but gutting America for Zionist agendas is quite another matter.
The American Main Stream Media is a vile propaganda, mind control instrument of lies and misrepresentations of fact to implement a long-term vision of a Socialist America. The Communist Zionist Jews of DNC are firmly behind that strategy. They were over at RNC as Neocons but they fled the sinking Bush ship thinking Obama would be the horse to bet on to keep their War Plan alive...and the Zionist New World Order.
They did not think McCain had a chance. However, with the masterstroke of adding Governor Palin to the ticket, they are now bracing themselves because America is lining up behind this lady, having been thoroughly revolted by the despicable attacks levied on her and her family in the days since her announcement was made.
She made one particular comment that has the Obama camp in knots.
As everyone knows, Palin is the mother of a Down Syndrome child and if she is elected parents all over America with special needs children will have a friend in the White House who truly understands.
Both the MSM and the DNC either have to go, be broken up, or severely remodeled for America to ever seriously recover and to prosper again. As you read on, every time you see the DNC at work, you can add in the MSM because there are elements in the media who are not who they pretend to be. Many of them form the center of a wicked Zionist mouthpiece out for the total destruction of the moral core and fabric of our society...making it far easier to control and dominate us.
The reason I walked out on DNC to become a Republican is because the DNC is now un-American, un-truthful, dishonorable, sleazy, and treasonous to our way of life. It has been that way since the Carter Administration. The Democrat Party is NOT a party of the people, it is an insidious network of nitwits all protecting their pet projects, 'ists' and 'isms.' I am NO fan of the Bush RNC way of doing things, but the DNC represents what is the very worst in America.
It is a menagerie of big-word photo op bullshit that in the end adds up to totally nothing. It is a nuthouse for a minority of Americans who want America to be a socialist state...no moral values, anything goes. The Zionist Communist Jews control the DNC. That is who is running the show and that a vast majority of Democrats who are more moderate or conservative apparently do not see it...is amazing.
Contrary to their professed love of people, they are frauds and are some of the most snide, deceitful, hateful Americans among us.
They loathe conservatives and Christians who have values. They proved just that in their underhanded attacks on Sarah Palin.
They lust for a homogeneous, corrupt society that has no character whatsoever...just a mob of rabble and lots of useless noise.
As is rather legendary, I despise Bush-Cheney, and am one of the few people on the Republican side of the aisle who wrote the book on their lies and deceit titled 'One-Way Ticket to Crawford Texas.' These DNC cretins are so lame-brained they think George Bush is a conservative. That's why most of the true conservatives walked out on them and are now coming back in force. And just watch what happens now that Sarah Palin has arrived.
What I saw in her speech was one lady energizing not only a political party...but much of a nation, too. The media in Europe is abuzz about this sudden change in American politics. They are awed and stunned at this new star in American politics. As do I, Europeans sense the possibility of a major change that is so long overdue in the United States of America. There is hope in the air again.
Even the Conservative Democrats now see her as the candidate of choice in the November election. America is virtually worn out and sinking fast, having grown terminally weary of the Bush and Clinton show. I'd bet most of America no longer sees Obama as a solution to anything. This one speech by Sarah Palin has dealt the Obama campaign a serious body blow and taken much of the wind out of its sails.
They point the finger at Bush and Christians as fascists, yet fail to look into the mirror to see their own DNC fascist face. Deceit is a form of control and the DNC types have honed the art of deceit to truly reprehensible levels. Deceit is a hallmark of fascism and the most ardent proponents of having that boot on the throat of America are the DNC Communist Zionist Jews and their buddies in the MSM.
The DNC inhabits the same bottom of the barrel as the outgoing Bush Administration.
It has been many years since America has had a quality human being on the presidential ticket and Governor Sarah Palin is that person. I have no doubt the DNC types are about to see a vast uprising behind Gov. Palin because at least 2 out of every 3 American voters are still cognizant enough to recognize good and goodness when they see it.
There are about 70 million eligible voters who do not participate in these elections because they are fed up with DC and the charade of lies and deceit that RNC and DNC have delivered for 20 years.
With the appearance of Gov Palin on the scene, many of them will clearly recognize there is, finally, some hope of turning America around with her in office. I believe she is a catalyzing force that has been missing for the past 20 years of the long-running RNC- DNC puppet show in DC.
Because of McCain-Palin, the RNC folks are already bracing because they are going to have to clean house. The DNC will not clean house, they love the sewer they have turned the Democratic Party into.
As soon as Gov Palin was the announced as McCain's running mate, $10 million dollars came in overnight from those conservatives who now see that McCain is trying to head the right way. Prior to that, they were not happy that McCain won out in the primaries. I am one of them and many head in the direction I head. They know I pay attention and know DC well.
Folks, freedom of speech does not include freedom to lie, slander, defame and libel. The First Amendment contains no such right or entitlement. Perhaps that's why God invented attorneys...to protect the innocent from damages...emotional, financial and even physical...from these kinds of attacks. That is not what freedom of speech means or is about. Our Founding Fathers put the bar higher than DNC slime attacks, and over the years I have come to notice that not one damned DNC candidate can reach that bar. My disgust with RNC was because it began a serious walk down the same path.
Much of America is standing up behind Palin and the DNC liars and the Obama machine maniacs will only increase their attacks because Gov Palin is, to many now, the REAL candidate for President. And the DNC Lie Machine - controlled by rotten Zionist Communist Jews to their core - knows this very well. In psychological reality, it's Barky-Biden versus Palin-McCain...as the viciousness of the attacks from the dark side is already demonstrating.
The time has come for Americans to recognize that lies are no way to lead a great nation. Such lies have no place in how America should be selecting our leadership for the future, yet DNC persists that it has to be that way. Supported and facilitated by the liberal MSM every step of the way.
Under the pretense of 'vetting' candidates, they willfully and intentionally try to maim and destroy the lives of decent people.
This sh*t needs to end because America is facing challenges these current dinosaur frauds in Washington cannot face on their best day. This same kind of lying and vile, blatant character assassination was focused on me in 2005 and that's one reason the attacks on Palin are doubly-enraging. In fact, anyone who stands up to deal with the real problem of fixing the near terminal corruption in DC and America is immediately attacked by these DNC maggots and their minions. And to be perfectly balanced, the RNC is equally guilty of trying to destroy people in the media.
As I say, this crap has to STOP.
These vermin are the same who are trying to engineer a society of anything goes, gay marriage, mass abortion on demand even if used as simple 'birth control', legalization of drugs, and the Global Warming and 'Peak Oil' scams. Their ploy is to continue to cap and hide under 'national security', the giant oil supplies in the ground under our 50 states so big oil and the defense industry can continue to suck America dry fighting new wars for oil.
The liberal DNC chant for 'free health care' like other socialist nations is a joke as they completely ignore the fact those programs tax their citizens into an early grave ... there is nothing FREE about 'free medical care.' They don't want to admit that there is virtually nothing free in life, breathing being one of the few exceptions. They just hear and repeat their tired mantras of 'environmentalism', 'abortion', 'animal rights', 'entitlements', etc, etc, - their knee jerks are automatic and predictable. They have the herd mentality of lemmings and the critical thinking skills of an amoeba.
They receive and forward - and create - countless abusive emails spreading lies and filth like a surreal virus. The latest smear of photos purporting to show Bristol Palin 'drinking' is but one example of the current wave of smut...the photos are NOT of Ms. Palin or the father of her child.
I cracked up laughing reading a DNC lie that 'Bush-Cheney are totally to blame for the illegal immigration problem.' Nope.
Bill Clinton opened the flood gates on that and Bush's fatal sin was not doing anything to stop it. Even when Bush sprinkled a few National Guard on the border with Mexico (with no ammunition!) it was just another BushCo effort to plunder the US Treasury for his insider buddies. Both the RNC and DNC are to blame for the illegal immigration fiasco, and that is a fact.
The majority of Democrat liberals are not opposed to illegal immigrants or giving them what amounts to a full-ride scholarship and free ride in this country. They want all illegals to have the same basic citizenship benefits and rights as American citizens.
Under the guise of defending against race 'hate', or protecting 'diversity' and 'political correctness', these American DNC manipulators and their dupes never mention that when enough illegals finally arrive, they will out breed us and turn America into a second or third world Marxist socialist state.
That is not the American plan for America, it is the Zionist Communist Jew plan for America.
Watching the DNC liberal types creating lies and misstatements of fact regarding Sarah Palin is truly amazing. This lady is NOT a DC insider, she's the real deal and her being in the race for the White House may well have cost the Obamanation his dream of sodomizing America into a Marxist socialist state starting in 2009. I am the real deal, too, as are most of your caring enough to read this commentary, and the faster we, and America, put these DNC liars in their place the better, as far as I am concerned.
Our American Experiment is failing and who is to blame for that are the Liberal Morons of America that infest DNC and the United States of America. America is facing a catastrophe and has to change course. NOW. By a 2 to 1 margin, America is a conservative nation that does not support the lunacies of the DNC and its sycophants.
The DNC puts forth the myth that it is they who are the arbiters and elected representatives of this Great Society. Most Americans now see that as the cruel lie it is.
I am convinced that if Jesus Christ and Governor Sarah Palin were on the RNC ticket this year, these depraved DNC thugs would still try to crucify them both with intentional lies.
They will tell any lie to get the White House back and restart the program to turn America into the USSA. Their true, vile character is apparent to anyone who is watching the smear campaign against Gov Palin and her family. I have said it many times, one cannot ascend to the moral high ground wallowing in the sewers.
This entire debate about ANWR and developing America's own oil and gas is yet another failed environmental idea and assures more wars in foreign lands...more mass death and mass profits for the genocidal US war industry Such policies are an endless testimony to the stupidity amd greed of the allegedly 'anti-war' party.
Jeff Rense uses the phrase 'failed society' and I have responded that I do not think that phrase is strong enough. I am not sure there is a strong enough word in the English language to accurately portray how low-life some in the American nation have become. We cannot even elect a decent human being to office due to the mob rabble, white noise, lies and knives-in-the-back these cretins and their sycophants all over the US start spouting off as soon as a quality name for leadership appears.
Lest you DNC 'anti-war' types have not been paying attention, there is, right NOW, the very real chance of a massive, maybe global, Nuclear World War brewing. BushCo has managed to piss off Russia big time, and Barky and Zbigniew intend to keep right on doing it with Barky in the White House continuing to chase failed policies and dead objectives in Afghanistan.
The problem of the DNC mindset is many faceted. Some don't have a clue, at ALL, and the rest will only connect the dots they are comfortable with. They simply refuse to see, or think or ponder uncomfortable possibilities. Some of them rail on and on about the Zionist New World Order, yet they are the ones who support it the most through their ignorance and sheer stupidity.
Maybe the problem is these Democrat morons no longer know the difference between the truth and a lie. They have been lying for so long that is a distinct possibility. In their ranks are now two full generations who have not a clue what the truth is. There is no politician in America more corrupt than Hillary Clinton, yet she is an icon to these idiots. There is plenty of evidence that Barky has done illegal drugs and had sex with at least one man, Larry Sinclair. And if the murdered Barky church Choirmaster, Donald Young, could still talk, that number could be a lot higher.
The morons of DNC often rail about the New World Order but cannot see that 'Change' (NOT) Obama is THE hand-picked New World Order candidate in this 2008 election.
What follows is the type of DNC character attack sleaze I began this commentary about. I was sent a link to an article posted on 'Thomas Paine's Corner.' Of course, If Thomas Paine were alive to today he might bitch-slap the whining perp-writer up one side and down the other.
Note the categories this article was meta-tagged so his cretin little buddies could find it under their pet 'ists' and 'isms'. The writer starts off with the headLIE of "Party Whores: Sarah Palin's Big, Sleazy Safari". Then he posts a magazine cover photo, a beauty pageant photo and a nude photo with the subtitle:
'Speaking of sleazy, is that Sarah Palin in the photo on the right?'
No, dipshit, that is not a nude photo of Sarah Palin. It's called 'photoshop' slander.
Party whores: Sarah Palin's Big, Sleazy Safari
Published by cyrano2 at 6:33 pm under American politicians, Animal Cruelty, Animal Suffering, Boobus Americanus, Capitalist Whores, Careerists, Cruel Idiots,Diseased Minds, Empathy Deficient, Enemies of the Environment, Environmental Fascism, Republican filth, Right Wing Degenerates, Right Wing Nation, Rugged Stupidity, Sociopaths in charge, Souless Capitalists, War on Animals
Speaking of sleazy, is that Sarah Palin in the photo on the right?
"Alaska isn't really very hard to understand. It consists of a minority that loves the wilderness and an overwhelmingly Republican majority that wants to squeeze all the cash it can get out of the state before the oil dries up, the fish die out and the wildlife disappears"
By John Dolan, [AlterNet]
Posted on September 2, 2008
Only a DNC maggot would post such an article.
This 'John Dolan' is not a journalist; he is an irresponsible, reprehensible, man-bitch nitwit. I read his whining article and his grasp of the facts and presentation would get him an 'F" in any reasonable class for bias, and for not presenting the matter objectively. He misrepresented every issue and left out key parts to suit his version of his agenda. Such is the handiwork of those who intentionally mislead people.
He completely misrepresented what Measure 2 was all about in Alaska. It is not about 'blood-thirsty hunters' killing bears and wolves from aircraft. It is a legitimate predator control program where the moose, caribou and even livestock herds have been devastated by an excess number of predators. GET IT? http:// dwb.adn.com/front/story/9253882p-9168881c.html
Dolan did not bother to tell any of his readers about that, while flashing the alleged photo of Gov Palin.
Get it? This is how liars and agenda players work.
Alaska has had an OVERPOPULATION of wolves and grizzly bears that are now shredding other animal species...nature is out of balance - and Alaskans are doing something about it. Get it?
I had one photo sent to me - allegedly of Sarah Palin in a bikini by a swimming pool and holding an automatic .22 rifle. Only a genuine liberal American Moron would buy into and promote such digital fakery...just more sleaze, lies and innuendo from the DNC worms.
http://thebruceblog.wordpress.com/2008/08/31/sarah-palin-do-you- like-my-flag-bikini-the-perfect-huntin-attire/
Here is the bottom line: the DNC and Democrat turds are now engaged in the most despicable, lowlife actions against Sarah Palin. And it isn't going to end. If Barky and the DNC 'agenda' cannot be sold to America...maybe it is time you realize that DNC needs to change. America is not the problem, the DNC needs to flush it own toilet...or we have to do the job for it. The majority of good, decent Americans are frankly tired of talking to you and listening to you over-emoting, lying, bitching and whining. Try growing up, try focusing on reality and not delusions. Try walking away from criminality and unprecedented corruption...at ALL levels.
If Barky and the DNC cannot handle Sarah Palin at the polls in November, maybe it is time for you 'liberals' and 'democrats' to take a long hard look in the mirror at yourselves. You are way out of line with what the rest of America is all about and what the majority of Americans want.
If Sarah Palin, alone, is stronger than the DNC message - and she is - I submit the DNC message needs to be shit- canned...permanently. The miserable DNC agenda is out of tune, out of focus, out of touch, and no longer functional in America.
This election is all about America, not the DNC agenda and lies.
In a REAL world situation, the entire DNC agenda is DOA.
I also predict Americans will go to the polls in record numbers in November and will send that message to the DNC and Barky- Biden ...loud and clear.
And Governor Sarah Palin will be the primary reason for it.
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