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Both Sinclair Obama Sites
Blocked On Eve Of DNC

From Lawrence Sinclair 
One day before the start of the Democratic National Convention, www.larrysinclair0926.com  and www.larryinclairbarackobama.com have been suspended by Startlogic.
Upon contacting of Startlogic, their reasons for the suspension of these web sites sounds insincere.
Startlogic claims that the sites have been suspended due to an unforeseen amount of traffice and strain on the server and that Startlogic cannot unsuspend the account nor can they allow me to access any of the files from the sites.
I find the statements by Startlogic to be complete BS.
So, folks, until I can figure out how to set up the site on a VPS private server, I guess the Obama/Biden camp have won for the day, anyway. 
Thank You,
Larry Sinclair
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