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Russian Deputy PM Ivanov
On BBC - The Big Picture 

By Karl Schwarz
So, Bush 'orders' Russia to cease military operations.  Douubtless there are hoots and howls in Moscow over that lame-brained statement.  Bush, of course, has burned his bridges in US relations with Russia due to the underhanded US-Isreali directed attack on South Ossetia and Russian citizens.
The current BBC reports from Moscow are indicating Russian troops have about 3-4 more days of 'clean up' operations to root out remaining US, Israeli and mercenary forces that were involved in the attack on South Ossetia. That is why Russian troops and armored vehicles are still in Georgia.
What Bush and Condo are worried about is that Russian forces are now tracking down and eliminating US and Israeli operatives who were involved in this BushCo fiasco.
Zionist Rice says "Russia has over-reached." Well, let me assure you, Russia is less than impressed by her rhetoric. She is the little Black Poodle who came to Georgia during the G8 meetings to scurry around and piss on the feet of the Bear while the US, Israel and Georgia were planning to attack South Ossetia and slaughter Russian citizens.
Arf-arf: "Russia faces international isolation," said the Poodle.  I'm sure Moscow is howling and rolling in the floor over that asinine statement, too. If Bush and Rice think the EU will back the underhanded BushCo/London/TelAviv attack on Russia - and get its oil and gas shut off by Russia for doing so - those two photo op clowns are even dumber than they look.
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov made a very clear statement to the US on Wednesday that the US needs to weigh 'a real partnership with Russia' rather than an illusory relationship with it Zionist West puppet state of Georgia.
Nah, Bush and Rice won't do any such thing. They are not through playing 'provoke the Bear' yet, nor are they finished violating Russian sovereignty or stirring up terrorism just north of Georgia to get more Russians killed.
Unfortunately for Jack Daniels Bush and gap-toothed Rice, they are NOT in charge.  America needs to understand that clearly: Bush and Rice are NOT in charge.
The lead-in to BBC Hardtalk on August 14, 2008 started off this way:
"It was one of the most one-sided of conflicts. In five days, the Russian military crushed Georgia's armed forces. Georgia's secessionist regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia are in effect under complete Russian control. In Tbilisi, there is anguish; in Europe and Washington consternation. 
Sergei Ivanov is Russia's Deputy Prime Minister. Is Russia ready for a new era of confrontation with the West?"
That is how host Stephen Sackur tried to frame the picture for the interview with the former Russian Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov, now the Deputy Prime Minister serving with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.
It grows more apparent each day that the Zionist West is now trying to wage a media war on Russia but they will lose that war, too.
People all over the world are watching the Georgia fiasco closely, and they clearly recognize Russia was attacked in the South Ossetia province. In 4 days ,Georgia, US, Israeli and troops from other nations killed over 2,000 South Ossetia civilians and 74 Russian troops. This latest Bush fiasco started with the killing of 10 Russian peacekeepers in South Ossetia earlier, and then the blood-thirsty, warmonger, liar, terrorist of a US president and his buddy Saakashvili started genociding the civilian population.
Over 2,000 dead...entirely and only due to George W Bush, Israel and their Zionist puppet Saakashvili. Are you proud of that, America? Is that a "Miller time" moment calling for beer, flag-waving and chest-thumping...and a little extra sports on teevee?
'Consternation' in Washington, DC? Drats! We lost! Let's kick Russia out of the G8! Let's cancel War Games with Russia! Let's threaten Russia with increasing 'international isolation.'  Go sic 'em Condi, arf-arf!  Let's schedule extra photo ops.  Let's do anything and everything...but admit that the USA and the Bush Administration are warmongering TERRORISTS along with their Zionist Israeli thug pals.
The entire 30-minute interview below is a must see...if you are an American who wants to better understand what just happened in the Georgia-Russia confrontation.  
I am having to paraphrase because there was so much said in this interview.  
Sackur: "Russia attacked a sovereign nation. What you did was illegal!"
Ivanov: "No, I disagree, we believe what we did was perfectly legal. We were defending Russian citizens. Our 300 Russian peacekeepers are an internationally recognized force. Saakashvili conducted ethnic cleansing, genocide on the citizens of South Ossetia. Russian citizens and Russian peacekeepers were killed. Those are actionable charges."
Sackur: "Your government is claiming that elderly and children were gunned down, tanks running over civilians, people forced into cellars and burned alive.  Those are sensational charges. Can you verify any of that?  Are foreign journalists welcome in South Ossetia to verify these claims?"
Ivanov: "Yes, they're WELCOME. My answer to you is WELCOME!  Come verify for yourself. Our military prosecutors are already documenting it.  We have eyewitnesses, we have video."
Sackur: "You bombed targets all over Georgia, far outside of South Ossetia."
Ivanov: "We struck military targets that were supporting the operations in South Ossetia.  Georgia continued to shell the main city and villages from inside of Georgiafrom artillery systems. We struck those targets to save civilian lives."
Sackur: "There are many leaders in the West that are 'gravely concerned' about Russia's actions"
Ivanov: "Why are they gravely concerned?  Russia has not attacked any nation or threatened any nation militarily unless we were attacked." 
Sackur: "Are you concerned that this will affect WTO status? The US wants a G7 discussion of getting rid of Russia as a G8 member."
Ivanov: "Why should it?  What we did was defend Russian citizens, a legitimate right we have.  We did not start this, Georgia did. Any civilized nation would have responded the same way we did."
Sackur: "US presidential candidates McCain and Obama are virtually competing on how they would deal with this latest action by Russia against a sovereign nation.
Ivanov: "We did exactly what any civilized nation would do to protect its citizens."
Sackur was stumped cold...but it was an excellent interview. Sergei Ivanov is completely fluent in English and had no problems fielding and returning HardTalk hard-balls from Sackur.
It was very clear Russia is very angry and is not going to back up...even one inch.
There you have it, folks. The Russian Deputy Prime Minister on BBC Hardtalk clearly stating that acts of ethnic cleansing and genocide were perpetrated against South Ossetia and Russian citizens.  And US and Israeli troops were involved. You will all learn that soon enough.
From other reports, it is clear that US soldiers were involved in the attack on civilians in South Ossetia. US soldiers killing civilians, Russian citizens and Russian soldiers. The Russian army returned fire and killed Americans, Israelis, Ukrainians and mercenaries from 'yet to be disclosed' locations.  I have seen reports that some of the dead and injured mercenaries are of Asian descent.  Some are blacks.  Maybe Tajikistan or other US / Blackwater recruiting grounds?
Now do you see why Bush and Rice are lying out their asses and trying to wage the media photo op war so Americans do not hear the truth?  
Once again...Bush lied and people died.  But this time, Russia is furious.
Sackur asked Ivanov about respecting the 'territorial integrity' of Georgia, which is a leading question about giving back both South Ossetia and Abkhasia to Georgia.  That is NOT going to happen. Ivanov made it clear that both areas voted long ago to be part of Russia. Respecting 'Georgia's sovereign status', no problem. Giving back the territories of Abkhasia and South Ossetia, no way.
At about 11:30am CET, Russian tanks have rolled into the port city of Poti. That was right after the US announced IT was going to take over the UAE port there at Poti.  As I said, Russia is NOT going to back up.
Frankly, the US and Israel owe Russia a gigantic apology for this underhanded shit, but don't hold your breath waiting for that to happen.
Ivanov was clear that Russia had no plans to take over Georgia nor is it going to turn its back on South Ossetia and Abkhasia.  Those areas are part of Russia by vote of over 95% of the people in both areas.
It is Georgia, the US and Israel trying to turn back the clock and go against the wishes of the people of South Ossetia and Abkhasia.
What Bush and Israel just did in Georgia was underhanded and criminal, but should we expect anything les from George W Bush...the Rapist of both Iraq and Afghanistan?  The mass murderer of millions?  I think not.
Bush and Rice are calling it a 'disproportionate response'. No, I would call the Russian response 'emphatic' and clearly justified and, all things considered, restrained.
Russia could easily broom out the Georgian Zionist puppet regime but, for now, it is apparently going to let world opinion continue to work to its advantage.
I have watched this Bush and Clinton lunacy over many years now, and far closer than most Americans.  Here is what I think needs to happen...
1.  Formal war crimes charges should be brought against the US - and against more than just Bush and Cheney. Those charges should include genocide and crimes against humanity in Iraq, Afghanistan and South Ossetia.  Those should extend to Israel and the UK as well, in regard to Iraq and Afghanistan and especially against the US and Israel and Georgia regarding South Ossetia.
2.  The US should be facing sanctions by the World Community and possible rejection from WTO and G8 status.
3.  The US, as a government and as financial institutions, should be facing criminal racketeering charges for the endless acts of financial fraud from DC and Wall Street. Non-US banks have had to write down or write off over $500 billion due to US fraud just to keep a bogus US housing market at least temporarily propped up.  That amount of money does not include the regular and repeated instances of corporate fraud the US is now so adept in engaging in. Ultimately, we're talking trillions.
4.  Formal charges against the US should be lodged by Russia in the World Court due to Georgia, and US activities to stir up another civil war in Russia in the province of Ingushetia, which sits between North Ossetia and Chechnya.  
5.  American citizens should demand DC get out of Afghanistan and Iraq, immediately, as well as Georgia and all Russian provinces where the Bush Administration is undertaking one criminal act after another.
6.  All Americans who have been evicted/foreclosed upon should be given their homes back, fee simple, no debt, as punishment for this huge fraud on the world.
7.  Congress should be completely CLEANSED, and new people put into all 535 positions. The White House should be cleaned out completely...and I mean all people working there.
8.  AIPAC and the other Zionist lobbies should either be banned from the confines of DC, or outright banned as legal entities within the borders of the United States and/or forced to register as foreign agencies to be monitored by the FBI and DHS.
All this shit will stop only when, and if, Americans make it happen.
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