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Barack Obama Is A Zionist
Muslim Communist

By Karl Schwarz
Talk about an oxymoron! You do not believe that? This is from Barky's second book, in his own words:
From Audacity of Hope: 'I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.'
Maybe you caught the Barky-George Step-on-all-of-us interview when Barky slipped regarding his 'Muslim faith' and Stephanopoulos had to correct him that he meant to say 'Christian faith'. "Uh, oh yeah, my 'CHRISTIAN' faith!"
When you do the simple math, Barky stands with the Muslims if the chips are down, yet he is the Zionist New World Order hand-picked candidate as Democrat president. One has to think about the perversion of that math to see this Barack Obama lunatic for what he really is...and the evil and madness of the Zionist New World Order plan.
So, 'Who is Barky?' I have come to the conclusion that Barky's big words and attempts to sound like JFK or Martin Luther King Jr are an attempt to cover up how conflicted he is inside.  
He is exactly what Arkansas Democrat Gazette editorial chief Paul Greenberg said about Bill Clinton in 1992 when Arkansas' largest newspaper did NOT endorse Bill Clinton for President:
"He has mastered the art of equivocation. There is something almost inhuman in his smoother responses that sends a shiver up the spine. It is not the compromises he has made that trouble so much as the unavoidable suspicion that he has no principles to compromise." -- Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Oct. 28, 1992<#_ftn1>[1]
In 1992, and again in 1996, Bill Clinton did not win the majority vote in Arkansas, his home state. Note in the footnote below on this Paul Greenberg quote from an editorial that this was - and still is - posted on a US-based Jewish website.  No, Clinton was not the Messiah and no, he was not respected, admired and held on high by most sane Jews.
One has to be a hell of a hand-puppet actor to pretend to be a Christian, pretending to be a Zionist Jew but who is really a Muslim at heart and faith, pretending to be a Zionist communist candidate for President of our nation. There are so many bats flying around in Barky's belfry he cannot count them all. 
The architects of communism were Zionist Jews. They have tried to force that darkness on America ever since the concepts of communism and socialism were dreamed up. The Zionists do not want to admit it, but when Stalin ran the Trotskyites (Zionist Jews) out of Russia, they led the way to create Nazi-style fascism as the ideological counterbalance to communism. They thought the Lenin-style communism was pure and Stalin's methodology was not to their liking. 
Folks, many of the NEOCONS are Trotskyite communists and Zionist Communist Jews. That is who is behind this lunacy and behind Barky Obama. You need to wake up as to who is backing this slick-talking, never done anything, B. H. Obama.
One of my biggest levels of disgust with America is how it has been eroded from a nation of moral doers with values and integrity into a nation of sniveling content-deficient nitwits who can barely walk around the block without getting lost. The America I grew up in was a far better, far finer nation than America is today. We as a nation have not improved; American society has fallen of the ladder of social evolution and is now floating in the sewer.
Americans can no longer differentiate between life-and-death issues for our Nation and nitwit issues that are totally irrelevant. The most disturbing trend is this new, overwhelming, knee-jerk propensity to prefer to believe LIES over truth.   
The new book 'The Audacity of Deceit' by Brad O'Leary may well be the undoing of the Obama express. Between exposing what these people are really after and the sleazy attacks on Sarah Palin backfiring in their lying DNC faces, this may prove to be like 'both barrels of the shotgun' and put an end to this stupid discussion.
The smear attacks on Gov Palin to try to lead the mindless masses to obsess on her and not on the 'black' (white?) Barky the DNC has put forth as a candidate for president are way past the point of being inane, asinine and an attempt to NOT have Americans take a long hard look at Barky and throw up in disgust.
We are not seeing any reasonable political discourse raising America and political debate to a higher level. It is gutting everything that was once a great and decent nation. Look around you. See anything that makes sense any more? Lest you missed the memo, America is in big trouble and sinking.  Bush has done enough damage it will take a generation or more to fix his stupidity.  Barky and his commie friends want to come in and finish America off.
There is an entire gaggle of nitwits who think this is the time and place to launch the Zionist New World Order and compel it upon all of mankind, with these elitist snobs of the DC Zionist Criminal Cabal running the show, of course.
So, let's look at this Barky Plan and see what he and his Zionist commie buddies have in store for Conservative America.
According to O'Leary, Obama plans to enact, among others, the following "changes" to American life:
An increase in taxes from the low rate of 28 percent under Ronald Reagan to an economy-stifling 60 percent
An expansion of federal medical insurance to 12 million illegal aliens and policies that would increase emergency room costs by $15.4 billion annually
Health care reforms that would let government determine which procedures and operations senior citizens are allowed to have
A shift on the Supreme Court that would reverse the partial-birth abortion ban, preserve Roe v. Wade for decades, and threaten Americans' Second Amendment gun rights
Sweeping environmental measures that would take 25 percent of farmland out of production, choke off America's domestic energy resources and send energy and food costs skyrocketing;
A new "0 to 5" program that would transfer child-rearing responsibility and authority from parents to the federal government.
This has been the communist liberal wet dream for 50 years. To have the total financial control and decision making authorities all placed into the hands of corrupt socialist morons in Washington, DC. It is in its purest form an attempt to turn the United States into a Marxist socialist state and run completely by the Elitist Snobs of the DC Zionist Criminal Cabal. That is what Slick and Hillary had in mind but they sort of ran into a concrete wall. Hillary could not sell cow shit to cow farmers and Slick could not resist chasing after whores.  
Such a tax rate is needed to consolidate all of that into DC and take away your liberties, freedoms and even choices you have the right to make. They especially want to take away your money because having that laying around tempts them to steal it in other ways. Having money makes one independent from the Big Brother socialist agenda.
When they talk about 'democracy' recognize it as the lie it is. Their version of democracy is just going every 2 or 4 years to rubber stamp their socialist tyranny. These people are deceitful, they are liars and they are un-American. When they talk about 'freedom' recognize that as the lie it is.  It is an obtuse reference to 'their freedom' to dictate your life to you and your children from cradle to grave.
Such a tax rate to empower these nitwits in DC would flatten the US economy, kill the consumer, lower the standard of living in America, kill job creation and totally break America. If that is what you want for your future, go ahead on November 4 and slit your own throat.  America is still as free country, at least until then.
There is a demographic reason the DNC has always been behind illegal immigration and granting full US citizen entitlement to illegal aliens, non-US citizens. They know if they 'Welcome to America' enough of them and pander to them as the whores they are in DC, sooner rather than later their bought-off and bribed illegals will reverse that trend that they hate so much at DNC and in the ranks of their Zionist backers. 
There is a catechism regarding presidential politics regarding the election of left of center candidates. That is because on a 2 to 1 margin Americans are conservative regardless of what political party they choose. We are a conservative nation and most have real values. They hate that with a passion in the ranks of the DNC and their Zionist New World Order backers. The Conservatives are the real backbone of America and they are also the biggest single obstacle in implementing this Zionist New World Order.
What the DNC does not want too many Americans to figure out is that many full-US citizens are now being denied benefits so they can accommodate the demands the illegal aliens have put on the system. No, they do not want you to know about that at all. That might tip Americans off to the sheer level of deceit this DNC scam is based upon.
Should illegal aliens have free health care and US citizenship rights? No, they should go back to where they came from and make application to come to the US in the first place...legally. The law is the law, but not over at DNC. 
Many have already come out against the Barky Health Plan because it would put the for-profit entities out of business and nationalize medical care in the US. This is the Hillary plan all slicked-up as Barky's Plan. Provided Barky can survive the challenge to his eligibility to even run for President, he probably plans to nominate Hillary to head up DHHS just like Slick did when he put Donna Shalala in to lead the charge to nationalize the entire US medical industry.   
Many Americans never asked the right questions regarding those people Slick appointed.  Donna Shalala is a Hillary buddy from way back in trying to undermine all that is good about America and push us all under the tyranny of socialist communism run by the DC Zionist Criminal Cabal.  
Some are already beginning to think through the implications of what Barky has said and they do not add up to anything good for America, just the Elitist snobs who are behind this plan.
This Barky health plan proposal is a warmed-over, re-labeled version of what Slick and Hillary tried to do and America rejected it then, too.  It is an overreaching effort, as usual, by Washington DC to concentrate more and more power and control over our lives into the hands of the greedy elitist snobs in our national capital.
I think most Americans who consider Barky's health care proposal will reject it. The cretins of DC want to have the authority to deny certain procedures to the elderly. That is quite inhumane but that is the bottom line about our national capitol. It is infested with idiots, morons, deviates and perverts. I am going to release an expose soon about how the denizens of DC are so easily extorted and blackmailed into doing the stupid, asinine things they do. They are more sleazy and despicable than most Americans can even imagine.  These perverts, criminals and deviants inhabit both sides of the aisle.
Many Americans are now against the use of Ritalin to 'control children' since it is now known that it damages the brains of young children...for LIFE.  Most Americans do not know that the entire "Crazy Check" scam was invented by Hillary Clinton and Lani Guanier (remember her? she was denied confirmation as DOJ Civil Rights head) as a means to get Big Pharma money behind Bill Clinton.  That entire scam was started in Arkansas and I removed my child from public schools and put him in private schools due to their overbearing attempt to put all of Arkansas' children on Ritalin.  The 'Crazy Check' aspect was to suck more money out of Social Security for those parents who played along since their children were 'crazy.'
I have said for years that the DNC should change its party acronym to BMW, Bitchers, Moaners and Whiners of America.  
When Clinton first pushed the partial-birth abortion matter, Americans did not see that as the ruse it was.  Clinton wanted some 'shock & awe' political issue on the table to consume America's focus while he was handing key US technology out the back door to his buddies over in China.  The two matters coincided and by keepingAmerica focused on the new type of abortion, few noticed Clinton's treason against the United States. This political non-issue failed before and will fail again.
Even though the US Supreme Court recently affirmed that the Second Amendment is indeed the Law of the Land, the Democrats are still pushing every legal weasel way they can dream up to disarm America.  That is part of the Zionist New World Order strategy for compelling global government onAmerica.  Those 100 million or so hunters and armed Americans are too large of a 'potential army' to push us all under...until and unless they disarm America.
I am hopeful that one day Americans will wake up and understand the difference in a political issue and a moral issue. Abortion is one of those non-political issues that has been used to facture America into little camps and that is exactly what its creators intended to do.  There are many such issues that are not political but muck up the scene every election year.  Animal rights is not a political issue. Abortion is not a political issue. All of these little cottage industries were invented to fracture Americato its core.
The DNC factions have tried for years to block any and all attempts to develop US natural and energy resources. They seem to fawn over the environment as long as it is the US and care not that such actions will rape other nations. There is no balance in their logic and the pretense of caring about Earth usually extends about as far as their backyard...if that far.
With the DNC Sleaze Factory blowing up in their faces regarding Sarah Palin, even arch-envirotwit Nancy Pelosi is now willing to consider offshore drilling, with conditions, of course.  What a hypocritical political whore. 
Of course, on August 3, 2008 Pelosi would not let a vote on offshore drilling to come to the House floor.
She then 'changed her mind' when some of their key house seats now appear to be in jeopardy because the American electorate is fed up with foreign wars for oil and natural gas and demanding that DC and Congress get off dead center and their lard asses. But of course, Pelosi had a condition that the oil and gas companies have to cough up money for alternative energy development.
The political deceit and vote pandering of these whores is staggering. Of course, we have Joe "I AM a Zionist" Biden as the DNC choice for vice president and his over 30 years of fighting against US energy independence. 
You can rely that Biden, and Pelosi and all of the other environmental movement nitwits are totally against the pipeline that Sarah Palin achieved. The Zionist New World Order does not want energy independence for America.  That would remove America from the schemes to wage war for oil and gas and subjugate nations that do not wish to play along with the imperialism these morons stand for and promote.  
Think people, if we need no oil or natural gas from anyone, the wars are not sell-able in America. These people do not want energy independence for America. The foreign oil wars are part of the Zionist New World Order strategy to dominate and subjugate this entire Earth, even if they have to ram square pegs through round holes to pursue that objective.
People keep trying to point all of the blame at George Bush but in reality George H W Bush, Bill Clinton and George Bush are equally to blame for this current fiasco and aided and abetted every step of the way by DNC and their nitwit cottage industries.
Part of Barky's 'brainstorms' is to further promote the Global Warming scam, which will starve millions and drive up food prices and secondly, to block energy independence for America.  Those are both part of the agenda for the Zionist New World Order.  They like to pretend how compassionate they are but they are truly conniving murderous thugs.  That is what they really are. Ask Russia!  About 50 million dead at the hands of such monsters in the last century.
The "0­5" PROGRAM
The propensity and willingness of the DNC to lie to get its way has been going on like a raging storm ever since Vietnam. As I recently reported, the New York Times is trying to spin this blitzkrieg of lies against Sarah Palin as being RNC lies aimed at DNC. It is an old trick and these dogs over at DNC just do not know very many good tricks.
Note as an explicit comment made by Paul Krugman in his Zionist New World Order spin piece: "Did you hear about how Barack Obama wants to have sex education in kindergarten."
Here is exactly what these people are attempting to push through regarding our children. First, if they want to teach your child about gay sex, or alternative lifestyles, or condoms, or oral or anal sex or whatever, that is their choice in DC, not yours. These people have pushed for 40 years to completely debase America with every angle and strategy they could dream up.
Second, if they want to brainwash your child that your moral values are totally irrelevant and the only things that matter is what the Zionist New World Order wants your child to believe, that is their decision to make, not yours. I am certain that every 5 year-old will have to pass a test that partial birth abortion and abortion are quite okay, regardless of what their parents think on that subject.  Of course, part of the curriculum will be SSRI and Ritalin type drugs for those children who do not want to play along and if Mommy and Daddy object to such teachings, they may lose their children as unfit parents.
Third, if they want your child to believe that energy independence is 'evil' so they can still sell fabricated wars they intend to teach them just that. They will be taught that animals have rights superior to humans and since the animals cannot speak English the children must speak for the animals. They will be taught that hunting is evil and anyone who thinks they need to own a gun is a pervert and a threat to them and society. 
Fourth, if they want your child to believe that racial intermarriage is preferred over marrying within one's race, they will do just that. 
Fifth, if they want your children to believe that illegal immigration is okay and not a serious threat to the economy, culture, values, language and morals of America, they will teach your children just that, regardless of what you think about it.
Sixth, if you think high taxes are death to economic freedom and prosperity, they will teach your child that they are Global Citizens and what you think is outdated, racist and selfish. The children will be taught that socialism and surrendering to the Zionist New World Order is the only politically correct, DNC approved humanist thing to do.
Seventh, if they want to teach your child that there is no God and all moral teachings are archaic and against progress, they will teach your child just that and your opinion does not matter. They want to federalize the meanings and the teachings of what values are and which values are deemed appropriate for the Zionist New World Order.  The DC Zionist Criminal Cabal has a plan and they intend to ram it down your throat or up your ass, whichever you prefer.
Eighth, if you want your child to be a critical and independent thinker, that ability will be totally discouraged by the Zionist New World Order. The most dangerous thing to their evil plans is people who can think and act to resist their deceitful aims of subjugation.
Ninth, your children will be taught that obedience to Big Brother and the Global Order is more important than obedience to their parents.  
Now, I know exactly where the conservative side of the aisle stands on the evil objectives of this Zionist Criminal Cabal. Many of them are waking up and do not buy off on this bullshit direction for America. Lest you missed it, many Americans crossed over the aisle and voted to take the House and Senate away from Bush on the idle, hollow and false promises that the DNC intended to end the war in Iraq. REMEMBER THAT?
We now know on the Conservative side of the aisle that America was screwed by the DNC liars. Have you folks at the DNC side figured that out yet? They talked, they lied, the Iraq War just kept right on going with the Democrats approving ALL funding and not even investigating the lies on WMD, imminent threat or alleged links to Al Qaeda.  The entire world knows Bush lied, but DNC just rubber stamped it.  
It amazes me that the nitwit backers of DNC cannot add up that simple math. DNC constituents do not matter at all to them. They just want the vote, nothing else. They want the implied acquiescence that America endorses slitting its own throat.
What I have yet to see are indications on the other side of the aisle, especially those that bitch, whine, blog, email, comment, etc to the point of nausea that they are wide awake to the reality that backing Barky Obama is a vote for the very thing they bitch about the most.
Folks, it goes even deeper than that. If you take the time to read this article, Barky has direct ties to Marxist US domestic terrorists that apparently even helped financed this do-nothing to get his law degree and then promote himself like a shameless street walker as our next president.
If you do not know who William Ayers is or who the Weatherman terrorist group was, read this and get a clue as to who Barky has been hanging out with for years. The Weatherman faction of the SDS were literally anarchists.
During the late 1960s and early 1970s a group arose in protest of the Vietnam War named the Students for a Democratic Society or 'SDS'.  The Weatherman faction was literally a Marxist terrorist offshoot of that group. They bombed buildings, even courts, to block the prosecution of their members who had been tracked down, arrested and brought to trial.
Hillary is in fact a Marxist; her backers might figure that out some day.  Most of Arkansas knew that long ago.
Americans are going to prove one thing to me for certain on November 4...whether or not if they have ANY idea of what they vote for. The right to vote is worthless if one is clueless about the facts, truth or ramifications are of that vote.
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