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American Lies &
American Delusions

By Karl Schwarz
I had a hard time not destroying my TV early today. That was because I saw the ultra asinine George W Bush saying something so preposterous, so inhumane, so in character with this piece-of-shit we have as President of the United States, I had to fight myself back.
I had to remind myself that strangling my TV was not strangling this cretinous bastard. And that is what George W Bush is.
This is what this shallow scumbag had to say in a photo op, after the US, Israel and Georgia attacked Russia as part of this bullshit Bush Strategic Plan and got their asses kicked black and blue:
"Russia has invaded a sovereign neighbouring state and threatens a democratic government elected by its people," said Mr Bush.
"Such an action is unacceptable in the 21st century."
I agree with Jeff Rense: "The vile, inhuman, unimaginably OUTRAGEOUS hypocrisy of this little, drunken piece of shit's speechwriters leaves one staggering for words. The Rapist of Iraq, the Assassin of Afghanistan has spoken the most astonishing, stupendously hideous laughable filth of the new century and perhaps the last.'
Agreed. American butcherous conduct and disregard for human life is unacceptable for 'any Century.' I am sticking with that assessment of this bastard from Hell named George W Bush.
I have been asked many times why I announced for US President on May 2, 2005, withdrew, and then decided to live in the EU.
There are many reasons but the biggest one is actually two, and both are equally important as to what I value in my life and of issues of human compassion and decency on this planet.
First, I have been a warrior fighting for what is right in America since 1982 and have had to do so mostly on my own. Americans are not doers; they are spectators waiting for painless solutions to rain down from the skies. I have stood up more than once just to learn that Americans would prefer to sit on their asses and watch a doer get slaughtered by the powers that be. It is a sickness in America, like watching a Gladiator being stabbed to death on the floor of the Roman Coliseum and then yawning or applauding...or both.
It does no good to stand up for what is right because the spectators guarantee that the gladiator will not survive.
Three times I have been a multi-millionaire and three times crushed by Clinton and Bush forces just for standing up to make America a better place. No, I am not Liberal but I clearly see the problems and what it will take to fix those problems. It takes money and it takes action. I have spent my last $1 trying to fix America. Roundtable coffee klatches pondering the essence of nothingness based on the intel lies and deceit pouring out of DC are a waste of my time.
My bet is at least 75% of America heard or watched that photo op by Bush and bought off on that lie. hook, line and sinker.
America is not all about 'the rule of law.' That is one of the cruelest hoaxes of all perpetrated on the American public. I left because I refuse to live a lie because when one does that.your life and its meaning become nothing but a lie. That is a major problem in America ­ countless millions are living a lie and they have yet to figure that out. Many are too stupid to figure it out. Most will never even try.
It does no good for anyone to stand up to change what is wrong.
America will not stand up with that person. I learned that the hard way.
The second reason was more personal. In July, 2005, I met the most incredible woman I have ever known in my life. She is a Russian citizen who lives in the EU. We have been together most of the past three years, and have had a few cultural differences to learn about but, to me, she is utterly beyond remarkable. After being trashed by American women, it is a wonder to find someone who appreciates that few men have the sheer determination, courage and character I have always stood for. It must be in my German genes but it was honed through 57 years of always doing the 'right thing' no matter the cost.
I learned a lot from this Russian lady. We have had many long talks at dinner, while walking, going to the pool, etc. It was truly stunning to discover how brilliant, wise, mature and kind women who have not grown up in America are. I don't blame most US women for their dead-brain, self-absorbed vapid lives and values.
They really never had a chance...given the dark and dirty social engineering they are exposed to - aided and abetted by a phony, empty 'education' system with a personality shaped by the CIA- created 'womens' liberation movement', so-called 'feminism' and a dominant pop culture of 'celebrity.' All of this, of course, is neatly installed in their usually fat or obese bodies and minds by the Zionist mass media and Wall street advertising ghouls. A more self-obsessed society there cannot be. And let me hasten to add that most American men are just as screwed up, wallowing in their own sports, beer and net porn worlds, and their search for toys and trophy wives. Americans all too often resemble air-headed, fat hamsters on a wheels of greed, spinning their way to nowhere at the speed of light.
The Russian woman I speak of lost her father some years ago, but she told me many funny stories about him. He was never a communist nor were any of the other members of her family. They were just born on the wrong side of the border and had to get along with their communist party masters. I have laughed hard many times at some of the pranks her father pulled on their local Communist Party chief just to prove him the fool he was.
Most Americans can do the same with any mayor in America, any city council member. Americans do not have to look long or hard in DC to find a fool in charge of their local show.
Americans have been brought up to believe that all Russians are godless communists who hate Americans. That was yet another grand lie from DC and the London controllers, so they could pursue their great Cold War. Most Russians are just like Americans used to be...and they want the same basic things in life. That's a fact Americans may never wake up to. I have yet to meet the Russian who does not want freedom, prosperity, financial security, opportunity and respect for doing what is right. Every Russian I have ever met wants the best for their children and better than they had in life. Sound familiar?
My Russian friend has been a Christian all of her life...she just did not have real freedom until after 1991.
She has more family values than any American woman I have ever dated and is the most loving mother of the best-mannered 22 year old son I have ever met. She knows more what the true meaning of freedom is than any American woman I ever knew, and unlike Americans, she does not take her freedoms for granted. She can shop any American woman into submission, but...when it comes to taste, elegance, class and basic human values she is in league all her own.
I also learned that Christianity was never dead in Russia, and no, not all Russians are godless heathens. They never were godless heathens; that was yet more propaganda for American Sheeple - just like this bullshit George Bush is puking out now that he and his PNAC neocon grand plan for South Ossetia has turned out to be yet another Bush Dirty Zionist Diaper. Junior is now in SPIN MODE and lying to beat the band out of his shallow ass.
Once the USSR fell, Christianity of the Russian Orthodox Church arose high and fast like a massive field of flowers coming back into full bloom in the Spring. Belief in God never died in Russia, not even for a moment.
Based on what I know from many Russians, I personally think Russia is more of a Christian nation right now than America. They do not believe in wars based on lies, flag waving and chest-thumping for their government doing the most evil things based on lies and greed. None of their churches or pastors are calling for the genocide of entire nations because they will not roll over to the demands of power lust and greed of the Zionist West.
They do not want war nor are they tolerant of their government out making war based on lies...like both Bushes and Clinton have done in spades.
Think about that, America. They were not "the Ten Suggestions" - they were and are the "Ten Commandments" The Golden Rule in Russia is alive and well. Why would a Russian know more about that than the average American Zionist Christian moron?
About two years ago, a friend in Germany sent me a graphic he had removed from a building and scanned it. It had surfaced in Germany all over the place and he did not know anyone who could translate it so he sent it to me for my Russian friend to translate. I got a 'second opinion' on that translation today and she was close, but not as close as my friend in Moscow.
What this poster says in Russian is "Eternal Zhid" and the symbolism is the arrow that Zionism had driven through the heart of Russia and wound up getting 20 million killed during World War II.
The lower part says "Germania 1940". Before that and after the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917, Zionist zhid Bolshevik communists were responsible for the deaths of about 30 million more human beings, mostly Christian Russians, who would not bow down to the evil god(less) Zionism.
These are the current day buddies of Bill Clinton and George Bush.
It can also be translated to 'ETERNAL JUDAS.' Anything for a shekel or 30 damned pieces of silver. That is what just happened in Georgia. The US was warned, so no problem, let the greedy Zionist zhids keep selling massive tons of arms to Georgia to make war against Russia.
That war machine was just crushed and shredded by Russia.
As I explained in a recent article, the Russian word 'zhid' is many times worse than using the 'N' word for a Black in America.
Its literal meaning is along the lines of 'piece of shit Zionist Jew' - and NO the Russians do NOT apply the term to ALL Jews, and neither do I. Russians firmly differentiate between pious Jews of good heart and intent, and murderous lying deceitful Zionist thugs - who were, as we now know, directly responsible for a key role in the WWII suffering of their own alleged brethren. See the writings of the brave WWII Rabbi Michael Dov Weissmandl here:
They started using that word after about 30 million Russians had been slaughtered by Russian Zionist zhid communists and then lost another 20 million in World War II. Imagine that ­ 50 million dead at the hands of Zionist zhids...and yet they rant and whine like psychotic little bitches about 6 million they cannot document and about which they refuse all efforts to scientifically, academically investigate their claims about that number 'lost' in that alleged nightmare during WWII.
These zhids went to Germany to form fascism after gorging themselves on the deaths of 30 million Russians after 1917.
My Russian friend never met her two grandfathers. They both were killed in World War II. Imagine never having the love of a doting grandfather who loves his stunningly beautiful granddaughter. She never had that pleasure in her life, which has left understandable scars to this day.
The evil bastards who raped and genocided Russia moved on into Germany to create fascism, and on to the UK, Israel and the US.
That is why the true Axis of Evil is now based in those three nations and everything else you have been told by the MSM is a blatant, damned lie. Never forget...the zhids are masters of misdirection, deceit, stealth and projection.
Permit me to repeat...the true Axis Of Evil resides in Tel Aviv, London and in the halls of power of America. You'll likely know them as 'dual citizens' (like DHS chief Michael Chertoff - the literal translation of his last name in Russian means 'of the devil' or very close to it), 'Israel firsters', neocons, Zionists...Christian, Jewish or atheist, and the like. Their Zionist organizations are notorious...like the ADL, JDL, 'B'nai Brith', The Southern Poverty Law Center (a whopper of a name), and, of course, the almighty, all-powerful AIPAC. Their members of Congress are legion...from Pelosi to Reid to every single one of them who continues to vote to send YOUR money is 'Israel.'
This hand-puppet bastard we have as President is the most despicable human being I have ever seen.
Note the corkscrew arrows on the graphic above. Arrows are supposed to be straight to fly straight. The Zionist Jew zhids love to stick the arrow into the heart of any nation and keep turning, turning and turning it until they have completely defiled that Gentile Nation and tore out its soul. That is the meaning of this Russian graphic. Remember it. The Russians do. And it is ultimately why the Bear is enraged.
Our Pretend President is one of these ghouls, even though he calls himself a 'Christian' and speaks to 'God.' So is Obama, so is McCain, so was Daddy Bush, so was Clinton. Look around and you'll find photos of all of them wearing the skull cap. Notice how they show their subservience...look at their faces.
Zionist zhids will tell any lie, enact any evil, or perpetrate any imaginable outrage to get their way. Russia knew that in 1940, Germany knew it, too. It is now time for America to realize it, as well.
Wake the hell up, America. It is NOT the good Jews who are the problem, it is the Zionist ZHIDS...and Bush is one of them and a Fascist Nazi on top of that just like his Daddy and his Grand Daddy Prescott who was financing the Nazis along with the zhid banksters who were financing both sides of WWII just like they did in WWI.
Impeach this turd? No, that is far, far too kind. Indict his ass in the World Court as the biggest war criminal since the main players in WWII.
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