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Still Alive In Outlaw Territory
Jim Kirwan
For nearly eight years now this country has been Outlaw Territory, the Badlands of the planet where law and order have been left to die of neglect in the West Texas sun of Crawford, and all across America as well as in the Halls of Congress where 'Justice' has not shown her face since December 12, 2000.
No regulation, no oversight, no investigations, no criminal justice, no civil justice; nothing here but outlaws living and killing under the international rules of power and greed, namely: "There are no rules, only the winners shall profit, and they shall take it all!"
The Judicial branch brought us here but the Congressional branch is the one that has condoned everything that the executive branch of government has demanded from every citizen, over all this time!
Contrary to what most Americans might think, the world has been watching what "we've" been doing in Outlaw Country since we first began to live in this Twilight Zone with our new Barbarians that claim absolute rule over the country now, and the world tomorrow!
". . .a comprehensive and malicious assault upon the integrity of the international and domestic legal orders by a group of men and women who are thoroughly Machiavellian and Straussian in their perception of international relations and in their conduct of both foreign policy and domestic affairs. Even more seriously, in many instances specific components of the Bush administration's foreign policies constitute ongoing criminal activity under well-recognized principles of both international law and U.S. domestic law, and in particular the Nuremberg Charter, the Nuremberg Judgment, and the Nuremberg Principles, as well as the Pentagon's own U.S. Army Field Manual 27-10 on The Law of Land Warfare (1956), all of which apply to President Bush himself as Commander-in-Chief of United States Armed Forces under Article II, Section 2 of the United States Constitution.
Depending upon the substantive issues involved, those international crimes typically include but are not limited to the Nuremberg offenses of crimes against peace: For example, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, and perhaps their longstanding threatened wars of aggression against Iran and now Pakistan. Their criminal responsibility also concerns Nuremberg crimes against humanity and war crimes as well as grave breaches of the Four Geneva Conventions of 1949 and of the 1907 Hague Regulations on land warfare: For example, torture at Guantanamo, Bhagram, Abu Ghraib, and elsewhere; enforced disappearances, assassinations, murders, kidnappings, extraordinary renditions, "shock and awe," depleted uranium, white phosphorous, cluster bombs, Fallujah, and the Gitmo kangaroo courts." And there's much more (1)
From War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity, this "government" has now 'moved-on' to insisting that they must be allowed to totally restructure the entire financial system of this country, by turning the whole thing over to the Federal Reserve and the Securities Exchange Commission. In reality what they really want to do now is to convert the US Treasury with guidance from a private central bank called the Federal Reserve; into the world's largest Hedge Fund!
"With capital of $700 billion and the authority to buy and sell any highly leveraged financial instruments, the Treasury will become one gigantic hedge fund that can and may well act to move multi-trillions.
If such an entity makes one wrong move, it can bankrupt its owners within a few hours." (2)
Maybe we should take a step back and think about this obscenity a bit more. Secretary Paulson has implied that if we don't do exactly what he says 'then the economy will most certainly crash.' But is that true and who exactly is Paulson really:
"Paulson is a ruthless and brutal eco-freak usurer who learned his trade at the Goldman Sachs stock-jobbing operation. He is now the leading member of the committee of public safety which rules in Washington and which includes Gates, Rice, and Mullen. He now demands the astronomical sum of 700 billion dollars for the bailout of mortgage-backed derivatives, collateralized debt obligations, credit default swaps, and other poisonous derivatives. Make no mistake -- this is not a bailout of homeowners who are threatened with foreclosure; it is a bailout of the lunatic house of cards which desperate bankers have built on these mortgages using derivatives. The entire crisis is not a crisis of subprime mortgages, it is a crisis of the derivatives bubble which was launched by Wendy Gramm of the Commodities Futures Trading Commission and Greenspan of the Fed with the connivance of Robert Rubin of Goldman Sachs and Citibank, and others in the Clinton administration, some 15 years ago." And there is also this clarification about the difference between money-centers and traditional banks:
"when we look at institutions like J.P. Morgan Chase, Citibank, and Bank of America, we become aware that these large money center institutions have become detached from any conceivable connection to the world of production, wages, transportation, and all other useful and productive activities. These institutions are not commercial banks any more in any meaningful sense of the term. Ten years ago, in the midst of the Asian financial crisis and the aftermath of the Russian GKO state bankruptcy collapse, the boss of JP Morgan Chase went on television to announce that his bank was specialized in the "risk business." The risk business meant that JP Morgan Chase had simply given up on the traditional activity of commercial banks, which was primarily to provide loans to corporations for productive investment in plant and equipment that would also create well-paid industrial jobs. J.P. Morgan Chase decided long ago that that activity was nowhere near profitable enough to be continued." (3)
The Markets created this crisis, they were the ones that made massive and obscene amounts of money, and now that they've failed, they're demanding that the public which they have screwed for decades must bail them out! This BAILOUT at the point of a financial gun is a rotten idea all round!
After eight years of virtually no oversight at all, and no effective legal constraints, this is how the private mega-giants of finance chose to manage themselves, after all the regulations were lifted in order for them to rake in obscene profits; with an investment-to-reserve ratio of roughly between 80 or 100 to one: This debt crisis was inevitable, but the solution to it is not!
These barbarians first took everything into the realm of private profits where they hid all the facts from government and public alike: then they proceeded to run rampant over whatever remaining rules there might have been-until the lid blew off the whole stinking mess and all of them were staring straight into bankruptcy and ruin! Now they are demanding that we simply take the word of the same people that are about to be charged with War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity, coupled with the word of the same crowd that created this mess in the first place on Wall Street and in Congress-in order to save these houses of ill-repute which they insist on calling "institutional pillars of this society"! Classic crap!
These 'institutions' are nothing but another bunch of private- thieves with privatized-licenses to steal, without oversight, and without any social conscience. They're like teenage vandals that were left alone in a government house for eight years and now they've set the place on fire, but they don't want to be blamed for any of the damage that this will no doubt cause to the US Economy! And on top of that outrage they want to tell us: Those who actually own this economy; not only what to do about the fires and the crash that's coming-because of their actions-but they are not even willing to put up with oversight, by the courts or the public, in how they plan to go about fixing this national disaster which they created! Jail would be too good for them all-but whatever happens they can not be allowed to run "the fix" or dictate how it should be dealt with, under any circumstances!
This entire economy runs on credit: Credit depends upon paying your debts; Apparently these clowns were betting that the debts would never come due ­ and anyone that stupid should not be allowed anywhere near the US Treasury or the government. These are private independent contractors who have been issued a private-contract to control and deprive the public of the means we need to survive. If we want to live we need to remove these private contractors from any position of authority, anywhere in government but especially from the financial-markets they have nearly destroyed!
To do this right, we really need to come together at least on this problem!
1) The Bush Administration is an ongoing criminal conspiracy . . .
2) The Treasury Morphs into a Hedge Fund
3) NO to the Paulson-Bernanke Derivatives Scam Bailout
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