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Zionist Jews Run
Scared Of Mike James
German State Attorney Cites Insanity
Learning to live among the sane and comfortably numb
in the European Soviet Union of Zionist States

By Michael James in Germany
"No policeman would ever ask someone born in 1959 to stand in the dock before a judge and swear on the Bible that he had witnessed a crime that allegedly took place twenty years before he was born. Such a policemen would soon find himself charged with corruption and the witness would be incarcerated for perjury." -- 'Mike James Sues German Jews for Incitement to Bear False Witness'.
"It remains the case that the German Reich survived the collapse of 1945 and did not cease to exist, neither through capitulation nor the exercise of foreign power in Germany on the part of the allies; it possesses today, as it always has, legal and judicial sovereignty. The BRD is not the legal successor of the German Reich." -- Bundesverfassungsgericht (Federal Constitutional Court), 31 July 1973 (Urteile 2 Bvl.6/56; 2 BvF 1/73; 2 BvR 373/83; BVGE 2,266 (277); 3, 288 (319ff; 5.85) 126; 6, 309, 336 und 363)
It's not every day an educated and highly-informed former journalist is accused of insanity. It's the sort of thing that happened quite frequently however in the former USSR. It was a classic defence of those exposed by the STASI for anti-Marxist thinking in the former communist East Germany.
I don't have access to a scanner at the moment and can't upload this frighteningly Orwellian letter sent to me by the State Attorney of Frankfurt, so please see my faithfully typed reproduction below.
In essence, the State Attorney, having conferred with the Central Council of Jews in Germany, has decided not to bring a prosecution for Volksverhetzung (racial incitement [against the Jews]) against me for the following reasons (adapted translation):
"The guilt of the accused, following some consideration was estimated as very minor. It would not be in the public interest to seek a prosecution. Contingent upon this assessment were the following factors: the accused has no previous criminal record and is not under investigation; on account of his psychiatric health there remains some doubt as to his awareness of the crime."
Paradoxically, the letter ends with a warning: "If the [mentally insane] accused continues [to ask troublesome questions] he will lose the benefit of the above-mentioned ruling." (Additions in brackets are mine.)
One strike and you're crazy; two strikes and you're sane. Don't "crazy" people repeatedly make the same "mistakes" or is the State Attorney afraid to prosecute a man who will counter-sue for incitement to bear false witness?
What did I do? Let me refresh your memory. I simply sent letter to the Central Council of Jews asking them if there was something mysteriously Kabbalistic about the very rounded and sacredly indisputable six million number. Why would positing 5,999,999 or even 6,000,001 be considered "holocaust" denial and put an inquisitive man behind bars? Why can't mature, grown-up human beings answer such a question without hauling me before the police and then involving the State Attorney into the bargain? Did I hit a nerve?
And why the snide the comment that, should I continue in my "craziness", I shall suddenly be deemed sane enough to go before the bench (without a jury, which is always the case in Soviet Germany)? Is that not a threat? Is not making threats with menaces a crime in Germany as it is elsewhere?
There is something else which irks me profoundly by the way I have been slandered in this letter, and here I have an honest confession to make. I do indeed suffer from depression and I have a long history of alcoholism. In the latter case, I've kept my old pals, Johnny Walker and Jack Daniels, well out of reach for ten years, despite two spectacular relapses. In the former case, I tried everything the Jewish medical establishment threw at me before deciding to live with depression and chronic fatigue rather than endure the horrific side effects delivered by pharmaceuticals.
So how did the Central Council of Jews and the Frankfurt State Attorney get hold of my medical records? There are very strict laws in place in Germany that prohibit the betrayal of trust and confidence in terms of doctor-patient relationships. Who snitched? Who pried? Who stole information that does not belong in the public domain?
If they really want to know just how crazy I am, I must also fess- up to a midlife crisis. I'm a divorced 48-year-old desperately in love with the daughter I never had. Her name is "Billie". I met a young lady recently who told me she wouldn't mind cooperating with me in an intimate manner to bring forth "Billie", but now I have cold feet. I would really love to meet "Billie" one day and teach her everything I know, and learn much more from her besides. I yearn for this unborn daughter of mine but I have serious doubts about her prospective mother, and I wouldn't want her to grow up in the European Union of Soviet Zionist States.
On April 4, I shared a series of e-mails with a close friend in Germany. I spoke of my depression and how pessimistic I was in terms of a free Europe. I spoke at length about ways in which the European Union could be abolished. I expressed my wish to leave the European Soviet and live a life of freedom in South America. I may even have said it would be better to commit suicide than live in the emerging Soviet fascist European Union.
I awoke the next morning in the company of two policemen. They were polite, embarrassed almost, but asked me to dress myself as quickly as possible and pack my necessities. What ensued was the scariest 24 hours of my life. Now, I've been there, folks. I was once surrounded by 36 paratroopers at Nairobi airport, all under orders to shoot me dead. I was also the target of an MI6 hit-man in the Taunustrasse in Frankfurt in May 1997. I can still remember having a Kenyan General Service Unit assassin put a gun in my mouth on the outskirts of Nairobi, and instead of blinking, I laughed, and he ran off.
This was different. They took me to a high-security psychiatric clinic in Koppern and they locked me in a room with lights that never dimmed, even during sleeping hours. A fat, balding man would peer in on me every twenty minutes or so, and he wondered why I had not undressed; why it was that I lay on my bed in the cold, tie undone, shoes in place. I didn't plan to stay.
They sent in a battery of doctors and psychiatrists to probe, prod and test me. They could find nothing wrong with me, and I still have the report to prove it. Psychiatric health: A-plus. Extremely high IQ. As sharp as a whistle.
Isn't that fucking amazing? You're feeling depressed and you end up in the most nightmarish, hellish scenario you can ever imagine just because you told a friend about your fears for the future of Europeans and how you're hurting deep down inside for yourself and your own people.
Do you know what they did? They said, "Okay, here's your 'get out of jail free card', but (and there's always a fucking 'but' in your face when that's the last thing you want to see), "You take these, and you take them without question."
So I did.
Do you know what they were? Paxil (Paroxetine). Never heard of this garbage ever before in my life. I was online for 24-hours-straight trying to figure out what was going on inside of my head. I did not know who the hell the I was. I did not even know I had started to drink again. They put me on this pharmaceutical trip, and I went wheeling from one bar to another and my guess is I drank the whole of Bad Homburg dry.
I have no real, quality spectacles anymore. I smashed them by falling over simply because some girl said, "Hi, Mikey." I just span around and my face hit the concrete. I had been off the booze for three days and eventually flushed those tablets down the toilet after four weeks. I can't even remember whether this "Hi, Mikey" happened to me here in Burgholzhausen, Bad Homburg, Switzerland, Berlin or even in Shanghai City. Could have been anywhere. Really. Name that planet.
I purchased two pairs of replacement spectacles at Woolworths, and I have to keep swapping them out because I get a headache after each shift. I can neither read nor write for more than ten minutes without losing vision. I've always had migraines, but now they're worse than ever before. I now have a tremor in my right hand and it shows no sign of abating. That Paxil was designed to destroy my brain cells.
As my readers will know, my Internet connection was recently shut down for six days. When they can't win, they kick the game board.
The German government and their Zionist and Jewish puppet masters have a new weapon in their armoury to be used against those who tell the truth about suppressed history and the illegal European Soviet Union: denial of internet access, without warning and without any apparent remedy.
It is a cruel cut. In all of my discussions with my ISP and the infrastructure providers, T-Com, the message came through loud and clear: We reconnect at our leisure. You're not welcome here. You're making waves. Stop writing the things you're writing and everything will be just fine.
What would Billie say?
Mike James, an Englishman, is a former freelance journalist resident in Germany since 1992 with additional long-haul stays in East Africa, Poland and Switzerland.
Letter from the State Attorney of Frankfurt to Michael James:
Staatsanwaltschaft b. d. LG ­ 60256 Frankfurt am Main
Geschäftszeichen: 6111 Js 222524/08
Bearbeiterin: StAin Niesen
Durchwahl: 60 78
Konrad-Adenauer- Str. 20
60313 Frankfurt am Main
Telefon: (069) 1367 ­ 01
Telefax: (069) 1367 - 2100
In dem Ermittlungsverfahren
gegen Michael James in Friedrichsdorf
wegen des Verdachts der Volksverhetzung
Strafanzeige Zentralrat der Juden in Deutschland in Berlin vom 17.4.2008
Wird nach 153 Abs. 1 StPO von der Verfolgung abgesehen.
Nach dem bisherigen Ergebnis der Ermittlungen wäre die Schuld des Täters als gering anzusehen. Ein öffentliches Interesse, das die Strafverfolgung gebietet, liegt nicht vor. Maßgebend für diese Bewertung des angezeigten Einzelfalles sind folgende Umstände: Der Beschuldigte ist bislang strafrechtlich nicht in Erscheinung getreten. Angesichts seines psychischen Gesundheitszustandes bestehen Zweifel an seinem Unrechtsbewusstein.
Weitere Ermittlungen stehen außer Verhältnis.
Bei der Einstellung ist davon ausgegangen worden, dass es sich um einen einmaligen Fall handelt. Im Wiederholungsfall kann der Beschuldigte nicht mit weiterer Nachsicht rechnen.
Etwaige vermögensrechtliche Ansprüche werden durch die Einstellung des strafrechtlichen Ermittlungsverfahrens nicht berührt.
GESTEMPELT / Beglaubigt / Justizangestellte
Michael James

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