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Zionist US And Zionist Israel 
Crap Another Diaper

By Karl Schwarz

The problem with the BushCo madmen is that they live in a delusion they can do anything to anyone at any time, anywhere. Take a few minutes to read this article because is it why there is a war going on RIGHT NOW in Georgia.

It is all about oil and pipelines and BushCo pipedreams, all dressed up as the fraudulent, phony, vile Global War on Terror hoax. However, the true level of deceit runs even deeper than that.


Well, BushCo terrorism might work in Iraq, it might work somewhat in Afghanistan; it might have worked some in the Caspian Basin area where terrorism was used to try to get control of oil and gas and pipeline right-of-way by terrorizing and killing innocent civilians with US blacks ops teams.  But such really stupid ideas are not going to work regarding Russia and China.  Somehow the BushCo bullies can't quite wrap their evil little scheming minds around the fact the Russia and China are world Superpowers, and they both have massive vested interests in the Caspian area that run contrary to the machinations of the BushCo dummies.

Trust me, Russia and China could not care less about the idiot 'Grand Chessboard' delusion or the lunatic Global War on Terror oil and gas grab.  That 'WAR' was over in 2003 or 2004.

The precious BTC Pipeline does not run through South Ossetia, but it is only 55km from South Ossetia to the nearest point on that pipeline.  So, it's time for another BushCo Zionist 'war'...this one to push Russia back and out of South Ossetia.  Yeah, sure...right....Georgia, US and your owners in Israel and London...go right ahead and give it your best shot...and watch how BushCo dirty diapers continue piling up.

Israel has managed to create a Kosher dirty diaper on its own because they came in and trained Georgia to wage war on Russia to protect this pipeline.  Zionist Jews were key military advisors in the Georgian Army attack and penetration into South Ossetia.  The Russian Bear wasn't impressed and has responded with massive force. That key penetration by Georgia into South Ossetia - with its Zionist Israel war advisors - was the killing of the 10 Russian peacekeepers.


The Zionist Israelis were selling arms to Georgia until Russia objected.  The Jews, of course, didn't care about Russia's warnings when there was money to be made, and stayed right in there feeding off fat Georgian (CIA?) contracts.  This, of course, continued to anger the Bear which will not tolerate the killing of Russians.

I think in the coming months we can expect to see Russia showing the boys and girls in TelAviv (and London) exactly what Russia thinks of Zionist Israel.

I have learned a lot of German and Russian while in Europe, more Russian than German.  Like everywhere, Russia has good, pious, non-Zionist Jews.  It also is infested with its share of Zionist Jew thugs they want to get rid of...one way or another.

I learned what the Russian word is for those thug Zionist Jews.  It is 'zhid'...which is far more intense and derogatory than the 'N' word used for blacks in the West.

The Bear has a long memory and will never forget how the Bolshevik Commie 'zhids' holocausted around 30 million Russian men, women and children during the Lenin and Stalin regime purges.  Russians know a zhid when they see one and clearyly looks at Zionist Israel as run by a bunch of zhid thugs...get used to it.

There is no love lost between Zionist Israel and Russia.  Since the fall of Yelstin, and the breaking of the Zionist oligarch stranglehold on Russia, Zionists chiefs in the City of London and TelAviv have been scheming to recapture Russia at ANY cost.  It is this very Zionist West scheme that killed the Russian soldiers in South Ossetia...an attack led by Zionist zhids as military advisors to Georgia.  There will be Hell to pay for Israel and the US before this is over.

This current Bush fiasco in Georgia is definitely a combined US-Georgia-Zionist Israel operation and Russia has responded to that in force.

Stay tuned,


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