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How Do Americans Cleanse
The Wound Of 9-11?
By Karl Schwarz

When it comes to corporate and business ethics, some maintain that a company is only as good as the man at the top, the one in charge.  I know from first-hand experience that is true as a managing director, CEO, but it also applies to nations.  America has had major problems during the last three presidential administrations due to lack of character at the top, George H W Bush, Clinton and the current Bush.

Too many voters cast their ballots based on ideology without the slightest regard for the character and integrity of the person for which they voted.  That is a problem and I do not see it changing any time soon.

How do we, as Americans, prove to the world that not all Americans are bad and evil like those we see in Washington, DC, Wall Street and certain US corporations?

How do we prove to the world, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that truth, justice, rule of law, honor, honesty, character and integrity are still alive in our Homeland - even though under severest attack - and are still the true heart and strength of America? 

How do we clearly demonstrate for all to see that the beacon of freedom and liberty is still alive in our land, and no, we are not going to roll over to these Fascist bitches and bastards? 

Some of the 9-11 "researchers" do not like my approach to 9-11.  Ask me if I care. They have accomplished as little as George W Bush since 9-11, so I rest my case that they are not going at it the right way.

All over America people jump into their shadows when Bush, Cheney or others start their rants about "threat" and "terror" and "terrorists".

I used to think Americans could handle anything, defeat anything, but they obviously have one great weakness ­ threatening words from fear-mongering Big Brother.

I refuse to get bogged down in the minutia or 'looking for the gnat crap in the sugar bowl' as to why the towers collapsed. Fact is, they did collapse but it is far more important to understand why those towers were attacked, aired on TV for all to see, and who was really behind the attack on those towers and the Pentagon.

Those are material facts for a criminal murder trial (and treason) and much of this side show research by rank amateurs would not even be admissible in a court of law, or relevant in proving a murder case. 

I have squared off with many of them who hold the position that "9-11 Truth" means 'pin it all' and 'blame it all' on Bush-Cheney for the glory of the DNC. That, right there, is why

9-11 Truth has failed dismally...for they are using the event as a political partisan issue and not one of justice for ALL.

There are many in 9-11 Truth who do not want those indictments to pop up on both sides of the aisle, and bare the true ugly face of the US government to the world. DNC types fashion themselves as our post-Bush saviors...but they are not even remotely that.

Mass confusion used to be Father's Day at a housing project.  Mass confusion today is trying to understand within the ranks of the DNC why it is also 'The War Party'.

This faction of 9-11 Truth wants the House, the Senate and the White House under DNC control. That is why they hate it when someone like me exposes both side of the aisle as being the guilty parties...the perpetrators of 9-11, the shredding of our Constitution and our individual freedoms and liberties.

They do not want the American Sheeple to know that fewer and fewer people are visiting America due to abuse and shoddy treatment of foreigners by TSA, or that many major airlines are going with the Airbus A380 because it can fly anywhere without having to connect through any US airport.  Their customers are demanding it and refuse to put up with USA/TSA fascism any more.

I do not give a damn about their partisan politics. The future of my nation is literally at stake and the DNC has NO answers, NO solutions. They prove that every day. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi are equally raitorous to America as George W. Bush. Pelosi going on CNN and calling George Bush 'a total failure as president' is outright laughable and akin to the pot calling the kettle black.  She is an abject failure as the resident (Zionist) Speaker of the House and prior to that as a US Congresswoman. 

The DNC side of the aisle is just as guilty as the RNC side.

Those are the facts and they are underscored and sanctified by their own words (lies) and by their own actions - and painfully noticeable lack thereof - when America needs it most.

The US and UK had an agenda to put into play, a war "strategery" (Bush's butchery of that word in the 2000 campaign) that had been in planning for years. Even as early as the George H W Bush administration, they had "Operation Steppe Shield" prepared as a lightning quick invasion of the Caspian Basin area in 1989.

Thank God that Dumb and Dumber did not launch that idiotic plan for the 'light of reality' would have been the bright glow of Russian nuclear warheads detonating all over America in response.

That was even before they started the initial and final framing of Saddam Hussein to take the Iraqi oil, too, via Desert Shield and Desert Storm in 1991. Then, with the Iraqi sanctions and then the village idiot son with Iraqi Freedom in 2003, they have burglarized Iraq and ripped the bowels out of anyone who dared object or stand in the way.

Over 1 million dead Iraqis?  Tough luck...there are trillions of dollars worth of oil to be stolen.  GW will do it.

Just package it as the (utterly phony) 'Global War on Terror' and the slaughter called 'Iraqi Freedom' and idiot, dumbed-down Americans will never know the truth or the real agenda, or the difference between the two.

However, the Neocon Zionist oil-soaked bankster machine lacked an excuse to put their Grand Chessboard war plan into motion so that Americans and Brits would blindly accept it. That "blindly accept" requirement was crucial to put such an idiotic plan into action. We are talking about premeditated intent to murder and war crimes folks, so yes, that "blindly accept" criteria was extremely important to keep their nationally prominent butts out of prison or being lined up in front of a firing squad, or hung as traitors and criminals for crimes against humanity, genocide and as war criminals.

The excuse to put the fatally-flawed Global War on Terror into action was September 11, 2001.

Most Americans do not know yet that the entire war plan to attack Afghanistan was being practiced by our military in March and April 2001, shortly after George W Bush was sworn into office. Procurement for this Grand Chess-Fiasco started under the Clinton Administration, continued through transition and right into the Bush Administration. It takes time to make all those Shock & Awe war toys and deliver them to the military.

While the military is getting ready, the politicians have to make sure they have dotted every "i" and crossed every "t" in fabricating the intelligence and then feeding the propaganda to Americans through every mouthpiece they can find who will not gag on the words (lies and bullshit) they are feeding to Americans.  

There was an urgency to swing this idiot plan into action. Other nations were moving to get control of a 'mother lode' of oil and natural gas.

That is why our Great Decider cannot find 'whodunit' because it is the entire federal machinery he relies on that did 9-11, both sides of the aisle. The American Empire depends on controlling energy and forcing the world to use the dollar to trade in oil and natural gas. Without those two big sticks the true fallacy and the true impotence of America would be glaringly apparent for all to see, even the deaf, dumb and blind American Sheeple.

All they had to do was sucker the American Sheeple into blindly accepting their national fate that our Great Decider had to "go get those bad guys", those "dastardly wabbit Islamic evildoers". They did a great job of that through lies, propaganda, falsification of intelligence and evidence, and the constant "threat", "terrorists" and "national security" mantra. 

But as time often does ­ their lies have now been completely exposed, they have now failed their mission and the entire world sees it, with the possible exception of far too many Americans who are still grazing, shopping or have their head stuck in the sand afraid of hearing the truth. Not a day goes by I do not encounter an email from a belligerent American who has their head shoved squarely up their own ass, which explains why they see nothing, cannot think straight, etc.

The lies are so many and so deep, truth is not to be found anywhere in Washington, DC.  Why any American is stupid enough to believe what they see on US TV is beyond me.  I do not think Sigmund Freud could sort them out or explain to them how propaganda has reduced them to utter stupidity and a bizarre form of babbling, ill-informed senility.

Americans need to really get this to lodge into their brain and make it useful, critical-thinking information. If you see anything on TV regarding Washington, DC, they are lying to you. Their lips are moving.

If they dared to tell the truth, America would rise up against them.

With the 1991 collapse of the USSR, many of their former republics were freed and set up their own governing mechanisms. Since many of them had considerable oil and natural gas reserves, war planners in DC and UK were salivating at the possibilities. Tens of trillions of dollars worth of oil and natural gas, the biggest motive for lies and murder [and war crimes] in the history of the world. Any lie was not too big to tell to get control of those trillions upon trillions upon trillions of dollars in oil and natural gas.

However, both the US and UK were vehemently hated in many of those areas because of the many years of underhanded efforts to try to create the collapse of the USSR. That caused real hardships to real people that are just like Americans, they want freedom and liberty and opportunity, and darn, the US and UK bandits show up to put them under yet another form of tyranny and try to rob them blind.

They knew about those oil and gas reserves as early as the Carter Administration, which is why Jimmy Carter and Zbigniew Brzezinski created 'Al Qaeda' in an attempt to alienate those Islamic areas away from Moscow and into the coffers of US and UK Big Oil.  It was part of a much larger strategy of US and UK hegemony in energy and absolute control of pricing and distribution.  

It would help if Americans paid more attention to facts. This is a big, dynamic world and no, it is not all about America.  That exiled billionaire in the UK, Boris Berezovsky used to be the liaison for Yeltsin to those same Caspian Basin nations that our war planners and Big Oil covet. He is wanted under a warrant in Russia for treason and high crimes against the Russian state. That is why he is in the UK and ­ take a hint ­ the UK is protecting him.

He sold out his nation to US and UK Big Oil. He was aiding and abetting the US and UK takeover of the Caspian Basin.  He is a Zionist Jew and evidently was easy to bribe if the amount of shekels was a big enough number. With about $25 trillion in oil and natural gas at current prices, they could afford to pay a very big bribe to get an inside track for their planned takeover.

That is what is "so secret" about the Cheney Energy Task Force. He was informing them that Bush and Cheney were going to go take Afghanistan by force so: 1.) they could all get the pipeline; and 2.) then turn huge revenues and profits due to the brilliant GWOT; and 3.) make their shareholders as happy as pigs in mud.

That is what the big secret is about the Cheney Energy Task Force.

Many of the people who lived in these Caspian Basin areas had experienced lives of extreme hardship due just as much to actions of the US and UK as their former Russian rulers. Many of these Caspian Basin nations remember all too well that Boris Berezovsky tried to sell them out and to whom he tried to sell them out. Keep the chronology straight, folks; that was happening under the Clinton Administration.

When it all came unraveled in 1991, most US companies and persons were not welcome in these former CIS areas of the USSR. Most of these areas did not trust the US then and do not trust the US now, for good cause.

Tricky Dick Cheney loves to mumble that "God did not put the oil and natural gas in areas friendly to the US", but he fails to mention that those areas to a large extent dislike the USdue to direct experience with the US. There are a lot of people in this world who do not like "white cracker supremacy" and I have yet to meet the human being who likes American and British style arrogance.  

They do not dislike or hate America for some abstract reason; they dislike or hate America due to direct experience with the abusive arrogant nature of Our Nation and some of the traitors within the USSR that tried to give away what was not theirs to give.

America is not hated for "our freedoms".  America is hated because our government and some of our corporations think they have the freedom to rape, pillage and plunder anyone, any time, anywhere to get their way. Some in our government and their mercenary operatives have killed and maimed many in far away lands and it is never reported in the main stream media of America. They cannot let the delicate American Sheeple ever figure out what evil is being done in their name or that they are so buried in shit and kept in the dark that they are mere mushrooms, not citizens of a Great Nation.

The current CIA extraordinary rendition program being a perfect example of what the US thinks it has the right to do to other people and no other nation on Earth has that right. OnlyAmerica can conduct war crimes and call it "legitimate defense of America".

Such is the arrogance of Empire, not the mark of true greatness. It is also the mark of desperate people playing a bad hand and trying to force it to a winning hand.

A little oil and gas company out of Argentina found out that the door was wide open to them and they set about getting into a key position in the Caspian Basin. In spite of the best efforts of Bush and Cheney, this company just keeps on getting things done and getting bigger every day.

These are the published facts from that area, long before the US could get in the door.

v      January 1992: Gas exploration rights for Yashlar block in eastern Turkmenistan awarded to Argentine firm; Bridas Production profits to be split 50-50 between Bridas and Turkmenistan government.

v      February 1993: Bridas awarded Keimir Oil and Gas Block in western Turkmenistan. 75-25 split in profits, in favor of Bridas.

v      1995 Bridas Corporation meets Taliban for first time to commence negotiations.

v      1995 Unocal and US Government attempting to pressure Taliban to abandon contract negotiations with Bridas and pressure Turkmenistan regarding Bridas contracts.

v      October 1995: President Niyazov (Turkmenistan) signs agreement in New York with Unocal/Delta (Saudi investors).  Turkmenistan starts jerking Bridas around on its Oil Contracts with that government.

In 1989 Unocal was acquired by the government-owned Petroleos of Venezuela. That happened under the George H W Bush administration and was approved by CFIUS and him. It was not until 2007 that Venezuela sold Unocal to Chevron and distanced themselves from further US involvement.

I have maintained that Unocal might not be the right name as to who was being so opposed to Bridas Corporation. That is because Venezuela and Argentina get along just fine.  

I believe in time we are all going to learn that it was ENRON that was trying to bust up the Bridas achievements. The Unocal name was just being "dropped" so people could not figure out who was really behind this Grand Chessboard fiasco. It does not take much research to find out that ENRON was a cog in US energy policy, every bit as much so as the CIA and the US military.

If Unocal was the point man and not the straw man, it was probably without the blessings from the Venezuela national management. That is why I have always thought they were a straw man and behind them was a "pet energy company" like ENRON. Some company that is just sleazy enough and just discreet enough to play in these takeover schemes.

During the Clinton Administration, extreme pressures were put on both Turkmenistan and Pakistan to not go along with Bridas and the Trans-Afghanistan pipeline.

v      Jan. 1996: Bridas signs agreement with Taliban and General Rashid Dostum (Uzbek, controls the northern third of Afghanistan in warlord fashion) forTrans-Afghanistan pipeline.

v      Feb. 1996:                    Bridas v. Unocal, $15.0 billion interference of contract lawsuit filed in Texas. Dismissed, re-filed as arbitration claim. Remember "Delta Oil, Saudi".  This lawsuit was directed at State Concern Turkmenneft and the government of Turkmenistan. Ultimately they lost the lawsuit to Bridas.

v      March, 1996: U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan, Tom Simmons, urges Bhutto to give exclusive rights to Unocal. Bhutto offended and demands apology.

v      Nov. 1997: Unocal tries to woo Taliban away from Bridas and are rejected by Taliban. (Delta, Saudi)

Those actions by Clinton and the CIA were what prompted the Bridas lawsuit, but they prevailed well after the idiotic Global War on Terror was launched.

v      9 Sept 2003: Bridas prevails at 5th Circuit, U.S. Court of Appeals after years of being jerked around in Texas courts. $485+ million arbitration award upheld.  Bridas SAPIC, et al v State Concern Turkmenneft, Government of Turkmenistan, Case 02-20929, http://caselaw.lp.findlaw.com/data2/circs/5th/0220929cv0p.pdf

v      22 Mar 2004:     U.S. Supreme Court denies Writ of Certiorari, upholding 5th Circuit.   State Concern Turkmenneft v. Bridas, 03-1018

Who was representing Turkmenneft and the government of Turkmenistan was the law firm of Mayer Brown, Rowe & Maw.  Their senior partner Richard Ben Veniste never said a word about his firm keeping Bridas tied up in the appeals while he was sitting on the 9-11 Commission pretending to be looking for the truth. If the American Bar Association had an Oscar, or Emmy, or Tony award he should have won it that year for 'best bullshit fiction performance'.

He was just part of a huge cover up.  Read on.

News reports have been published in the past that the Saudis offered $100 million a year to the Taliban if they would side with US-UK objectives and abandon their deal with Bridas Corporation. That offer was flatly rejected.

Due to September 11, 2001 we attacked Afghanistan to take over a pipeline right-of-way. That Bridas court case, in US courts, sheds much light on reality and the motives of some within and close to our US government and its policy making machinery. 

The TAP [Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline] crosses Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan to get to the ocean. By cutting off the well-head end (Turkmenistan) the Clinton Administration blocked the pipeline temporarily. Then in 1996, as mentioned above, they tried to cut off the other end of the pipeline in Pakistan so only Afghanistan stood in the way of US pipeline hegemony.

I have known about that lawsuit since 1999 when I met Bridas and got an earful as to what that lawsuit was really all about.

To this day, the US and UK have failed to get the pipeline done. They stirred up a hornets nest and it has now spilled over into Pakistan, Turkmenistan and other Islamic nations in that area. Since 9-11 Bridas has completed two pipelines, expanding a major one into Russia and about to complete two more to China, in spite of George W Bush and his grand flop plan.

They have managed to anger Islamic Pakistan and alienate that nation away from US objectives. To say that we have angered and alienated the Pakistani population against US objectives (due to US policies and arrogance) is putting it kindly and mildly. 

They have managed to anger Islamic Turkmenistan to the point that they are selling their vast stores of natural gas to Russia, China and India. Last time I talked to anyone fromTurkmenistan it was their fervent wish that Bush and Blair rot in Hell, and Berezovsky and Clinton too.

To this day the US, UK and NATO forces only control about one-third to one-half of Afghanistan. They do not control the entire pathway (right-of-way) that is needed to build the Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline so the US and UK can get their ill-gotten gain out of the Caspian Basin.

So, where do we start as the American people to prove who did 9-11 and clear our name, wash our hands of such evil and underhanded actions by some in our government and corporate spheres?

It is really not as hard as one would imagine.

One just has to ignore all of the propaganda, smoke, mirrors and DC-generated bullshit and lies and go right at the heart of the matter.

After I went public in 2004 I was contacted by a high level Bridas Corporation person through a middleman. I was provided considerable information relating to the entire Bridas Corporation Central Asia activities and game plan. Their business plan so to speak, that was put into motion and was accomplishing one huge feat after another until the US pimps and terrorists started trying to upend everything.

Well, they modified their business plan due to what the US did to them in Afghanistan by force and in Pakistan to block the TAP.  As the Bush ­ Blair Show sunk deeper into the quicksand and quagmire they alone created, Bridas has moved right along to be a major player in the Caspian Basin.

There are four natural gas fired electrical generation plants in Pakistan that are owned by US companies. Even in their management discussions, quarterly reports and press releases they were moaning and whining about the lack of performance they could get in Pakistan and therefore "improve the company performance for their shareholders". They just could not charge the inflated rates for electricity they do elsewhere and turn that big profit for their shareholders.

They needed cheaper natural gas to power those electrical generation plants and boost their bottom line. Sounds quite American, does it not? Always for the shareholders; not human life or quality of life. Let the US government go kill 1 million or more so they can have that cheap natural gas and improve their bottom line; just another day at the office.

Since the TAP [Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline] was to go through Pakistan to get to the sea, there is where a key matter of evidence can be found to prove who was behind 9-11.

Who was involved in Electrical Generation plants in Pakistan?

Dynegy-Illinova (later sold to Tenaska but irrelevant to this matter or the chain of evidence)

GE Capital (financing for GE gas fired electrical generators)

El Paso Energy (2)

Devon Energy

Baker & Botts, law firm headed by James A Baker, III

Mayer Brown Rowe & Maw, law firm that includes Senior Partner Richard Ben Veniste, 9-11 Commission

Getting the picture thus far?

If you dig even 1 inch deeper you can find a long list of companies that screwed California out of $5.5 to $7.5 billion due to illegal means of overbilling through a fraudulent scheme termed "two-way trip accounting". The FERC [Federal Energy Regulatory Commission] was tied up for years on that fiasco, of course, led by Bush appointees to make sure the punishment did not fit the crime.

Total fines for stealing $5.5 to $7.5 billion were miniscule.  California later figured out that these Bush Buddy Bandits had actually stolen closer to $9 billion. They are still arguing over that behind the scenes.

Who was involved in 2000-01 fleecing of California, and would directly benefit from the Afghanistan pipeline?



BP (Amoco)


El Paso Energy


What was interesting was that most of the firms involved in the rape of California, and the planned rape of the Caspian Basin received slap on the wrist fines for stealing billions of US dollars from California electricity customers.

What was that for?

Folks, much of that money was flowing through arcane money laundering channels to the Caspian Basin area so they could get into position for the Big Kill. They could not sell their shareholders or boards on the idea of leasing large tracts in the Caspian Basin, drilling many holes, and not having a way to get that oil and natural gas to world markets. No pipeline! Much of that money was being used to make up for the "poor performance" of electrical generators in far away lands, such as Pakistan.

Gagged FBI translator Sibel Edmonds detected a network headed in one direction to finance 9-11. Our investigations detected some of the same people headed into the other direction to get in on the Caspian Basin.

There was a clear pattern of RICO level conduct. Invest in Bush Co, fined lightly, come join the big party to carve up the Caspian Basin.  

It has been "no pipeline" status since George W Bush took office.  Some of our big oil giants have invested huge amounts of dollars in the Caspian Basin area drilling holes for oil and gas and have not a prayer yet of getting it to market.

So, how do we cleanse this wound of 9-11 and get justice for those murdered that day, their families, American citizens now sinking due to the blowback, and now the rest of the world, since this fiasco is now impacting the entire world?

Easy, and I assure you that the name that pops up will not be Osama bin Laden nor will it be any Islamic person affiliated with Al Qaeda. Neither bin Laden nor Al Qaeda is involved in oil, natural gas, pipelines, electrical generation plants, Wall Street stock prices, or stupid war plans emanating out of Washington, DC.

Osama is just a CIA operative that we financed and backed in the Russian ­ Afghanistan War from 1980-1988 so Russia would not get that pipeline ROW to the sea and get theCaspian Basin producing vast oil and natural gas revenues for Russia before the US and UK could figure out a way to steal it.

Did you catch that? If not, read the previous sentence again with eyes wide open and brain turned on.

When can we establish in this crime and evidence chain "date of theft occurred"?  September 11, 2001 was the date of "means". October 7, 2001 was the date the theft occurred when the US and UK forces invaded Afghanistan because of September 11, 2001.  

The US and UK could not let Russia get into position to do this:

September 10, 2001: "Those who control the oil routes out of Central Asia will impact all future direction and quantities of flow and the distribution of revenues from new production," wrote energy expert James Dorian in Oil & Gas Journal, published the day before the terrorist attacks.

Well, guess what? The Bush and Blair Show have been such total screw ups Russia has won any way due to Bush and Blair incompetence.

There were too many in DC and UK salivating at all the trillions of dollars they could pocket if they played their cards right and took over the Caspian Basin. They could not let the 'godless communists' totally dominate world energy supplies and embarrass the "capitalists'.  If they had let that happen, NYC and London would not be able to control and dominate oil, prices, manipulate economies in who does and who does not get energy for their economy.  Russia could have taken the stranglehold away that the US and UK like to so subjectively apply to certain nations.

With that power in their hands, Russia could have demanded all oil and natural gas trade be in Euros or rubles and that would precipitate the entire collapse of the American Empire and the US economy. It would also completely change the dynamics of whether or not the US and UK could control economies by manipulating their "energy diplomacy".

They either could not, or were too arrogant to, get control of the Caspian Basin through business or commercial negotiations. 

They had to have another plan: September 11, 2001 and the Global War on Terror.

God may be a poet who believes in poetic justice, for today the US and UK do not have their precious pipeline and Russia is going to be the biggest single beneficiary from the Caspian Basin along with China, India and the Caspian Basin nations blessed with such huge reserves of natural gas and oil.

Russia, China, India and Bridas Corporation have decked the entire armed forces of the US and UK with pens and contracts since 9-11.  

Trillions of US dollars wasted, over 1 million dead and the lives of many terminated or shattered while out chasing trillions of dollars in oil and natural gas pipedreams. Who might benefit from it are those we have spent 30 years jerking around so the US and UK could control it and as of today do not. 

Their failure ­ they forgot that it was a landlocked area and to get the pipelines would be by commercial contracts, pens, diplomacy, not lies, Shock & Awe and carnage.

You see folks, there is not a nation or people on the face of this planet that do not resent thieves, murderers, terrorists invading their homeland to take what they please. It is human nature to fight back against such people. Bush likes to call them terrorists and evildoers, but in their homeland they are patriots and it is George Bush who is the terrorist.

If we were to buy off totally on Bush Bullshit, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, John Adams, John Hancock, Paul Revere, Patrick Henry, Thomas Paine, Benjamin Franklin, et al were all "evildoer terrorists".

I was asked within the past 5 days who I admired the most of our Founding Fathers.  I do not have to even think or hesitate to answer that:

"And they believe rightly; for I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man."

-Thomas Jefferson to Dr. Benjamin Rush, Sept. 23, 1800

Either through a citizen's Grand Jury or in Manhattan or Northern Virginia (since the murders on US soil happened in those two jurisdictions) parties need to subpoena all executives of Dynegy-Illinova, El Paso and Devon Energy that were involved in those Pakistan operations. They need to be brought before a Grand Jury and it will not be a pleasant experience. That should probably expand out to include their board members during the period of time from about 1994 through 2001 [Clinton Administration] and all of their corporate records and communications.

The key issue they will be facing is to name the person and the company who was going behind Bridas Corporation and offering to get cheap natural gas to them so they could improve their 'bottom line' on those Pakistan electrical generation plants and make their shareholders happy. Our government and certain pimps were putting a full court press on to undermine everything Bridas Corporation had accomplished or very near to completing.

It might take some time because some of the key witnesses might need to be put in jail for contempt until they decide to tell the truth. I would not be opposed to water-boarding them as they have had done to others, but, as they watch their lives dwindle away in a jail cell maybe someone will put the truth on the table for a change.

That would be refreshing in America, the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Imagine the horror that would cause in DC. Ah, THE THREAT!

Bridas was already working on the logistics of providing natural gas to those power plants and someone went around behind them. We find that name, that person, the company they were with at the time, we have a "9-11 evildoer" in our gun sights and maybe a future date with the executioner. The only prayer for that person to be spared execution would be to tell the entire, ugly story to the prosecutors and let justice reign again in America. 

I can absolutely and assertively guarantee that who was doing that was not Osama bin Laden. I have a pretty good idea who that name will prove to be and is part of our USgovernment. That was who was playing out the agenda and could not trust many in the private sector with secret matters that could get a president shot or hung for treason and premeditation to commit war crimes. for oil and natural gas and pipelines and US hegemony.

We can get around to GE Capital (financing), GE (those natural gas fired electrical generators) and Richard ben Veniste (senior partner, Mayer Brown, Rowe and Maw and sitting on the 9-11 Commission while his law firm had Bridas Corporation tied up down at Fifth Circuit, US Court of Appeals) later. If we hold them until the next round to appear before the Grand Jury under subpoena, perjury will be much easier to catch and prove.

They should reserve a slot, maybe an entire week for James A. Baker, III because of this:

Who got OPIC [the Overseas Private Investment Corporation of the US] financing to acquire oil and gas fields in Pakistan? A Baker & Botts client.

Remington Holdings, Ltd., Wash, DC

Western Acquisitions, Inc. and Western Acquisitions LLC

Who is this?  America wants to know

Who got emergency financing, at super low cushy rates, so the trail back to who went around Bridas Corporation would appear to become a moot issue? Was this a "9-11 bonus"?

Who are Remington Holdings Ltd, Western Acquisitions Inc and Western Acquisitions LLC?

Of course, James A Baker and his minions will file mountains of motions to quash subpoenas, claims of "attorney-client privilege" but that will not wash. There are no immunities for murder or treason, or aiding or abetting either.   This may well be tied to the overall plan to go around Bridas and take it all.

If you thought Clinton was stalling and equivocating about what the definition of "is" is, you have yet to see what stalling and equivocation looks like until this Grand Jury sits down to commence business. This is a weeding of the garden in Washington DC that is long overdue.

There is a very long list of people who are directly benefitting due to 9-11-2001 and where they are involved in the Caspian Basin that is a matter that should also be looked into very closely. That includes FMC (James Thompson, 9-11 Commission), United Technologies (GE) and Schlumberger (Jamie Gorelick, 9-11 Commission), Baker & Botts, Mayer Brown, Rowe & Maw (Richard Ben Veniste, 9-11 Commission), Fred Fielding, (9-11 Commission) Bush transition team and directly tied to Diane and Joe Allbaugh, the latter head of Bush Cheney 2000 and later FEMA and after that Newbridge Strategies LLC, part of the rape and plundering of Iraq.

There is a long list of others but to start what will be 'The Trial of the Millennium', one has to first identify exactly who was going around Bridas Corporation to offer that cheap natural gas to those poor under-performing Pakistan electrical plants. Those bottom lines just had to be improved.

You see, September 11, 2001 was not a terrorist attack as to how it was packaged and sold to America. It was a self-inflicted wound to sell a desperate lunatic policy.

It was the means and the excuse to launch the Global War on Terror, and folks, they had been planning that for many years and long before 9-11. It is all about pipelines, oil, natural gas, insider export deals like GE and their natural gas fired generators, and who is going to control those "distribution and revenue" matters mentioned above. It is all about American Empire, hegemony, energy and petrodollar diplomacy all behind a 'shield' of freedom and democracy at gun point.  

It was so totally based in lies that it has now totally failed.

I can guarantee this ­ once such a Grand Jury proceeding starts, this pre-trial matter will set an all-time record in number of times this is uttered ­ "I take my Fifth Amendment right to not incriminate myself by answering that question" or "I refuse to answer that question under the Fifth Amendment."

You will also see George W Bush issue the longest list of Presidential Pardons in the history of the United States, possibly numbering higher in total number than all previous US presidents combined. Many of the names on that list will need to be summoned before the Grand Jury. There are no retroactive powers of any US government body, agency or person. There are no exemptions or immunity for murder or treason. Since they have yet to be convicted for their crimes and sins, such a pardon can be overturned.

As for you DNC folks, sorry to burst your bubble. There would be just as many high profile DNC types summoned before this Grand Jury as there are Republicans. That would not just be for testimony, it would be to identify who to name on the final indictment and preparations for trial. The RNC and DNC split on that matter is about 50-50 and justice should be applied to all equally.

Rely on this ­ if America wants to cleanse its soul and restore its national honor, what I have just described is exactly what is going to have to happen.

Note, it has nothing to do with why the towers collapsed and the Pentagon attacked. It has everything to do with 'why' the towers and Pentagon were attacked and 'by whom'.

It was the initiating event of the dumbest game plan in the history of this planet. Here we are in 2008 and the entire plan is a complete failure.

It was an agenda of greed and lust for power based totally on lies.

There are over 1 million dead and some of these morons plan for much more carnage rather than face the truth, reality or the penalty for their lies and their actions.

The world is watching...and so is God.


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