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What To Do? What To Do?
By Karl Schwarz
I hear that the ranks of the DNC are completely befuddled and buffaloed.  "The DNC is now The War Party?"
Our hero, Barack Obama, wants to 'up the ante' and send even more troops to Afghanistan? "The DNC is now The War Party?"
Our hero, Barack Obama, wants to 'expand the war' and attack Pakistan?  "The DNC is now the War Party?"
You bet it is and this is why.
1.  The DNC Zionist Jew Communists who defected to the RNC in 1996 are back.  (That is why I walked out on the RNC.) That is why John McCain is a complete idiot to stick with 'the Iraq strategery' of George Bush.  Those are the diehard Russia-haters and America-haters, dressed up as Neocons who came over to RNC so they could get the Jewish vote (& money) for the RNC and win elections, and turn the RNC into their own 'war party'.  Now they are fed up with BushCo and its total lack of results. They finally came to the correct conclusion that George Bush is the worst form of idiot, both stupid and arrogant, in US Presidential history.
2.  Another factor is that Zbigniew Brzezinski has his "entire professional reputation" on the line since he both invented Al Qaeda and authored the lunatic scheme of "The Grand Chessboard", aka: The bogus 'Global War on Terror.'  He cannot be considered much of a 'seer' or a foreign policy 'expert' with his entire plan in shambles.
You know, it is one thing to have a senior moment and put it down in words in an overrated book, and quite another matter when the realities of 'the map' and global realities come into play.
I wish General George Patton were still with us. He would whip-out those dual Ivory-handled revolvers and shoot every one of these dumbasses.  Some say that when he was murdered, the Zionist fate of America was sealed for good.
3.  The DNC wants to go show the world they are much smarter than Bush, so they can save both America and Zbig's lame-brained reputation and embarrass Bush in one fell swoop.
You bet the DNC is The War Party because if they also fail to secure  that  Afghanistan pipeline, indictments for treason, genocide and the murders of 9-11, war crimes are going to rain on THEM just as hard as upon the RNC.  Obama stated on July 22, 2008 that it is urgent that we reach a political solution in Iraq, withdraw our troops and re-focus on Afghanistan.  Yeah, the Grand Chessboard is in complete shambles.
That 'Afghanistan plan' is yet another piece of dementia by Obama and Zbigniew because in the entire history of Afghanistan there has never been a single successful invasion of that nation. Those people are as stubborn as a giant redwood stump, and to say they are deadly when pissed-off it putting it mildly. 
Even Genghis Khan walked away swearing "Those people are nuts!"  One would think that a simple objective analysis of the Russian ­ Afghanistan War from 1980-1988 would draw some to conclude "it is a pipeline too far through military means"...and it is.  Russia figured out after 8 painful years that helicopter, tanks and armored vehicles were no match for pissed off Afghans on horseback with Stinger missiles and RPGs.
I can well imagine the howls of laughter rattling the halls of the Kremlin courtesy of the years of idiocy of Bush-Cheney - and now Obama and Zbigniew.
One would think that at least one person in Britain knows enough about the 'bloody history' of their own nation to remember the fiasco resulting from the Kyber Pass and the Treaty of Gandomak.  Britain got their way at first, managed to humiliate the Afghans, and then Britain got eaten alive, losing an entire army of 15,000 men, and had to flee back to the safety of India.
I cannot remember what leader or commentator said it but many years ago someone made the comment that taking on the Afghans was like going tiger hunting bare handed.
If Bush, or McCain or Obama want to get along with the Afghans, they better learn to wear a turban and 'hunker' to get a deal done.
The real reason that Obama would bomb Pakistan is because they have both 'reneged' on the Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline ("TAP") and sided with Iran to do the Iran ­ Pakistan ­ India Pipeline, or the "IPI".  The TAP is still in limbo, fundamentally dead, they do not control the right-of-way through Afghanistan and now those Pakistanis have mucked up their brain dementia scheme even more. 
Yeah, bomb em! Prove yet again how thoroughly stupid American leaders are.
If Bush had any balls or brain cells that worked, he would shout out from the Oval Office, "Does anyone have the telephone number for BRIDAS CORPORATION?"
But I digress, that telephone call would get him indicted as a war criminal and many in our government as traitors and murderers due to 9-11.
Some wonder, why does Karl focus on the Afghanistan pipeline and Bridas Corporation?  Well, it is because right there is what the entire fiasco is about.  That is why. Once the real motives are on the table, then people will much better understand why September 11, 2001 happened, and why our nation has been thrown into the meat grinder of this Grand Chessboard 'brain fart' that was doomed the day it was conceived.
Some readers might recall a "moment of truth" that happened while Gen. Tommy Franks was still running the show in Iraq and Afghanistan, but it happened before 9-11 and even before the invasions.
He admitted to the pipeline 'mission' in Afghanistan and Rumsfeld quickly corrected him, the entire DC 'spin cycle' had to scramble to cover its tracks because this was PRIOR TO SEPTEMBER 11, 2001.
As they say, oops!
"In April 2001, Tommy Franks, the commander of US forces in the Persian Gulf/South Asia area, testifies to Congress in April that his command's key mission is "access to [the region's] energy resources." The next month US Central Command begins planning for war with Afghanistan, plans that are later used in the real war (see May 2001 (F)). [Sydney Morning Herald, 12/26/02] Other little noticed but influential documents reflect similar thinking (see September 2000 and April 2001 (D))."
Actually, they had already started the war planning in March but that is also well in advance of 9-11.  The exact date does not matter if it precedes 9-11 by months.
In legal terms, it is called "premeditation and aforethought to commit murder."
So, if you take the date of April 2001 as to when General Tommy Franks told Congress what the 'exact Afghanistan mission' was, now you have clear proof of foreknowledge of 9-11 - and the attack on Afghanistan - by at least the White House, the Pentagon and Congress.
Yeah, the DNC is now the War Party.  Their asses are on the line, too.
Jeff, are guillotines legal in America?
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