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Bush Renditions Even
Uglier Than Imagined

The Voice of the White House
WASHINGTON, DC -- "My colleague here showed me an overview, official study concerning U.S. detainees. It is not generally knows to the public but the U.S government now has over 30,000 (31,082 as of May 19, 2008 ) people in secret custody, all over the world.
An official U.S. program of torture and 'rendition' has been going on since before 9/11 and has never stopped. A number, estimated to be approximately 3,500, have been killed during these interrogations or have died as the result of them.
At the present time, the government, acting under specific Presidential orders, has a virtual fleet of prison ships scattered all across the globe and masked by a curtain of strict secrecy.
The U.S. Army, the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Department of Justice, the U.S Department of State and the Central Intelligence Agency are all heavily involved in this program.
A total of 22 U.S. Navy ships ( including ten ships leased by the U.S. Navy) house prisoners who are kept chained up in the vessels very much like the conditions of the black slavers in the days when slavery was legal in the United States .
Officially, George Bush has said these practices have been stopped but they are still in full swing and the President is fully aware of them, even as I speak.
Specifically, after Bush claimed in 2006 that the rendition programs had been halted, acting under his specific orders, there were 376 new cases of rendition.
The ongoing torture is conducted, in the main, by serving CIA personnel. Since an incident in 2003 when a U.S. Navy doctor refused to give lethal injections to five prisoners kidnapped from Quatar by British special forces, now, all CIA interrogation teams are supplied with a doctor working as a special CIA employee, and under a false name. In fact, all CIA operators are routinely issued completely false American passports by the Department of State's Passport division
It is now known that the FBI, which had originally been a party to these abductions and tortures, strongly objected to the methodology of the CIA and a number of agents flatly refused to participate any further in a deliberate program of what one FBI agent said was 'the same as those practiced by Josef Stalin's' dread secret police. As a result of this revolt, the FBI are no longer involved in this program but agents with first hand knowledge of it have been warned not to discuss the subject with anyone.
The Soviet gulags were in the Siberian wasteland, far, far from prying eyes and Bush's death gulags are floating prisons that can quickly be moved to other locations if their presence becomes known.
The depths of the ocean are excellent places to dispose of the weighted bodies of the unwanted dead. It wouldn't do for a broken, mutilated body of a dead torture victim to float to the surface after being lethally-injected. Unpleasant questions might be asked by uninitiated foreign governments and the floating torture palaces would. find it imperative to get up steam, hoist their anchors and just move to another position without let or hindrance
Names of ships used for this program are known, the USS Bataan, USS Peleiu, USS Ashland and a whole fleet of Navy ACS units. Areas of detention include, but are not limited to, Somalia, the Persian Gulf, Diego Garcia, (where the British intelligence and counter intelligence now use American ships for their own kidnapped suspects) the Gulf of Aden and several areas off the south coast of Cuba, in the area of Guantánamo Bay.
The commanding officers, and their staffs, of these ships are a matter of public record which can be accessed by anyone with a computer
The legal justification for this mass torture and murder program? The office of the U.S. Attorney General has ruled that anti-torture prohibitions (deliberate murder is not a subject here) only apply within the United States and are not operational outside its geographical boundaries
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