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Translating And
Dissecting DC Lies

By Karl Schwarz
One of my favorite 'Charlie Brown' cartoons to ever appear in a Sunday newspaper went this way:
Lucy says: "I have a good idea, Charlie Brown. I will hold the football and you can come running and kick it."
To which Charlie Brown replied as he appealed with his arms outstretched to Heaven: "Good grief! How long, Dear Lord, how long? Until the mountains turn to sand and wash to the sea?"
"Til the rivers run dry and the stars fall from the Heavens?"
Then Charlie Brown runs to kick the football and as always Lucy moves the ball and Charlie Brown is lying flat on his back.
Lucy, right in his face: "How long Charlie Brown? All of your life, Charlie Brown!"
Folks, that is Washington DC to America:  "All of your life, you idiots who believe our lies and schemes."
If you have been reading my articles on the unraveling of BushCo and its Great Lie of the 'Global War on Terror,' this article may help you better grasp the big picture and the bottom line.
You have to learn  to dissect the DC lies to get at the Truth.
The four articles below are brimming with information as to what has truly happened to our country at the hands of the DC criminal elite, and vividly illustrate for you the vile, criminal deceit - and monumental arrogant stupidity - these bastards bask in and operate from.
1.The World's Foremost Terrorist - The US Government http://www.rense.com/general82/fore.htm
2.US Acts Of War Against Iran               
3.The Mideast Crisis Is The US, Israel & The UK           
4.Phew! Bush Dirty Diapers!      
One of the problems the U.S. has in being a one-language nation is that Americans often need a translator even to understand their own English language.  (Sorry, you PCers, I do not count Spanish.)  Furthermore, for the most part, Americans have a completely incompetent, deformed and corrupted world view because they are cradle-to-grave captives of the Zionist mass media...the most ruthless social engineering, mind control weapon in history. Relatively few have really *traveled* and honestly learned about other parts of the world...and looked back upon America from abroad. By travel, I am not talking about a one-week 'redneck' holiday, or a
10-day Caribbean lard-bucket cruise.  I am talking about truly understanding the cultures of people by actually living in their countries and seeing the world from their perspective.  
I have met countless Americans who have never been out of their home state.  Yet, they spout and mimic the standard media tripe and thereby fashion themselves as 'experts' on current events and other parts of the world.  Their 'knowledge' derives from such 'worthy' venues as the non-stop parade of useless sound bytes from DC, or their favorite tv or talk radio gas bag pimp, or what their bribed, sexually-deviant pastor at church had to say about world affairs. The most dangerous meeting table in America today is where a group of men or women get together for coffee to talk and discuss global events...and none of them have a damned clue about what they are talking about.  It is like Liar's Poker ­ who knows the most about nothing.
I have now been out of the US of A for 26 months, and I can tell you the view back in through the dirty, sleazy windows that Americans cannot see out of is a searingly ugly, penetrating portrait of a country that bears scant resemblance to the America I loved all my life.
Most people I meet around the world, especially in the EU, Russia and Ukraine, speak 2, 3 and 4 languages - fluently. What is worse, many of them are more politically attuned to what Washington, DC is really saying than is the average American. Even though they are not as wealthy as Americans in terms of disposable income, many of the people I meet are FAR more traveled than Americans and much wiser about how other parts of the world think.
Americans need to learn to analyze the photo-op and use critical thinking to see the Big Brother lies for what they are. As they try to mold the Presidential 'legacies' of George H W Bush, Clinton, and the current Oval Office anti-depressant eating, bisexual Fiasco, one has to pay unstinting attention to their words...and weigh them against the facts and reality...to truly see what these liars are up to. Americans need to get it straight:  these three are trying to create the appearance of greatness while building monuments to themselves out of pure bullshit and lies.
America is the most brainwashed, overly-propagandized, distracted with 'nothingness' nation on Earth at this time.  
That is, in part, what the huge blowback against America is all about. The rest of the world knows these three 'Presidents' are sleazy criminals and liars. And the world wonders why Americans don't seem to be able to grasp this reality.  
There are two major problems. First, Americans rely on photo-op/talking head lies for their 'news' and don't even think about checking the veracity of what they just heard on the MSM, or read in one of the newspaper or magazine mouthpieces. They just cannot get it through their thick skulls that what they just heard or read in the Zionist controlled media are LIES...all part of a bigger agenda for the Wealthy Elite and the career politicians who have buried themselves into the fabric of America like a tick on a hound dog.
The other problem is that most Americans are not aware of the extent of lies, or the extent of propaganda, or that they need a translator to understand their own English language.
For example, quoting George H W Bush in a lie: "Saddam, GET OUT OF KUWAIT!" What did he really mean by that?  
Well, a literal translation of the Truth is: "SUCKER, we are now going to break your back, steal all of your oil and your country, too!" 
History has proven this 'translation' GHWB is correct.  Even before Desert Storm, it was George H W Bush stirring up the shit in the Middle East, not Saddam Hussein. Weeks before the Iraq invasion of Kuwait and weeks before Desert Storm, GHW Bush had US Special Forces prodding the hornet's nest. Iraqi oil had been stolen and payment was due.
If you have not read 'The World's Foremost Terrorist - The US Government,' I suggest you do so and get a needed education on what really happened.  Iraq did not start Desert Storm, the United States did and it was in planning to do so for at least several years.
I have provided you plenty of proof including the obscure statements of Zionist Neocon Jew Edward Luttwak that ISRAEL simply could not allow Saddam and Iraq to become a powerful, well-developed Westernized nation in that region of the world. They could not be allowed to use their own oil wealth to build a strong, viable, progressive nation - for Iraqis. Others had planned for a long time to steal that oil and line their pockets, and to Hell with the Iraqis. History and facts regarding Iraq are proving that right now.
If you read article three cited above, 'The Mideast Crisis Is The US, Israel & The UK,' you can learn exactly what the "Iraq problem" was all about and what the "Iran problem" is about right now. Ever since their handpicked tyrant was overthrown in 1979, the US and UK have tried in many ways to get back in and rape Iran of its oil and natural gas wealth, and to Hell with the Iranians.
Remember, this was all to defend 'poor little Israel'...to hide the fact that it was a brazen oil grab and mass genocide of over a million Iraqis.  Zionist Israel has thermonuclear weapons, HUNDREDS OF THEM, and it is NOT a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Act.  The Zionist Israelis also mock and sneer at dozens of UN directives and sanctions levied against them over the years for their outrageous, criminal behaviors.
If I were president, Israel would sign that NNPT or be cut off until they do so. They would also have to comply with all UN directives before they could even get
5 minutes of my time to bitch and whine like they do so well.
They had to hang (murder) Saddam Hussein lest he 'tell all' and George H W Bush, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Retired Admiral Crowe (BioPort anthrax sleaze) and many others be hung for their crimes against humanity. Weapons the US provided to Saddam to use against Iran are "banned weapons" folks, and their use is by definition "a crime against humanity and a war crime."  They were banned in 1972 but the US, sort of like Israel, thinks the laws apply to all nations other than the itself.
Get it straight America. Saddam Hussein was an instrument of US policy 'against Iran' during the 1980-1988 Iraq-Iran War. That is the bottom line. That is why they armed him with illegal weapons and then set him up by stealing his oil. The Zionist goal from day one was to steal all of the oil and natural gas from Iraq and Iran, and leave those nations in poverty.
They have already succeeded in Iraq, and Iranian oil and gas is next on their Lie Agenda.  As I have illustrated in earlier essays, they have also failed miserably in their Grand Chessboard scheme to take over the Caspian Basin oil and gas as well.
I have tried to tell people all of my adult life ­ learn history and facts or just keep getting this idiotic plan shoved up your rear and down your throat, over and over again. That is because the people in DC and London are not going to stop lying, or stop their evil schemes, until WE THE PEOPLE make them.
For example, quoting a George H W Bush 'lie' after Desert Storm:  "Now, we can see a new world coming into view. A world in which there is the very real prospect of a new world order."  What exactly did the smug son-of-a-bitch mean by that? 
The correct 'translation' is that the Bush Family cartel, as of that moment, were declaring themselves the Rulers of the New World Order, a la Bush terms and conditions. Look at the awesome "Shock & Awe" powers the US can wield at any nation. Surrender to the Empire or die!
Most Americans seem to have forgotten that Daddy Bush wrecked the US economy, too.  Junior has all but destroyed it with his stupidity. Most Americans are not aware that when Clinton beat GHWB on "It's the Economy, Stupid!" there was a huge hanky-session and many tears shed down in Houston that the new self-appointed 'King of the New World Order' was sent packing out of the Oval Office.
That meant BushCo had to get back into power no matter what the cost...lying, cheating and stealing elections was nothing compared to their Big Agenda to be King Shit of the New World Order.
That's a problem with these New World Order types. They never a damn about anyone but themselves.  And that will ultimately be their undoing. Their disregard and outright contempt for human life, and our planet, will be the end of them.
They never bothered to stop and think that Russia and China had both risen out of the ashes.  And they will be the last to realize their wet dreams of Global Domination and Global Hegemony were actually dead before they pulled off the mass murder on September 11, 2001 to launch their fraud Global War on Terror.
Most Americans missed the timing 'coincidence' of when Iraq fell in 1991 and when the USSR fell shortly thereafter.  Iraq had the 4th largest army on Earth and most of it was supplied by Russia. Within days, that 4th largest army lay in ruins with huge holes blown through it.
Inside the Kremlin, they got the message loud and clear and resolved not to make the same mistake twice.  Russia has now redesigned and re-armed and can deliver more Shock & Awe on Americans than they could imagine or endure. Get this straight in your propagandized American head ­ both Russia and China are Superpowers that can bury the USA if the USA does not get its head out of its proverbial ass.
Here is another example from the pages of the Clinton Chronicles when Clinton was overhead on a live microphone celebrating with Boris Yeltsin the US entry into the Russian markets under 'Perestroika'. People needed to think that one through and pay attention as future events unfolded.
<start insert>
"I trust that most readers might recall the comment Clinton was overhead saying to Yeltsin  "Welcome to the Rich Man's Club." Traitors can always be found for money, including right here in the USA and especially in Washington, DC."
<end insert>
What exactly did Clinton mean by that statement? 
The literal translation to get the Truth is:  "Thanks, Boris, for getting Zionist Jew Boris Berezovsky to line up the Caspian Basin nations for the US, and letting US Big Oil into Mother Russia. Your reward (bribe) will be HUGE and both CIA and MI6 will provide the traitor Zionist Jew Boris Berezovsky safe-haven in the UK."
If one wants to get an earful, they should talk to a Russian about Boris Yeltsin and Boris Berezovsky. They are both considered by Russians to be despicable traitors and, unlike America, Russia deals harshly with traitors as a means of getting rid of national scum.  To this day, the UK is harboring Berezovsky...while there are outstanding warrants against him in Russia for crimes against Mother Russia.
The Clinton Administration blocked the Bridas Corporation and that TAP (Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline) by bribing Turkmenistan and then Pakistan which left onlyAfghanistan standing in the way. Clinton was delusional enough to think a few cruise missiles into Afghanistan aimed at "alleged Al Qaeda bases" was enough to spook the Afghanistan people into immediate surrender. Yeah, right.
While that was going on, Berezovsky was the apparent point man for the US and UK to wedge their way into the Caspian Basin oil and gas treasure chest. One would wonder - couldn't the United States find someone who was actually respected in those 'targeted' areas, rather than a person despised by practically everyone as Berezovsky was/is?
That's another problem United States government gangsters have.  They are beyond lousy at picking the right horse in the race. History has proven that again and again.  Consider, Manuel Noreiga, Saddam Hussein, Shah Pahlavi of Iran, Allende, etc, etc.  It is a long list, and every time US government thugs pick a tyrant who will let the US have its way, they leave behind a legacy of enduring hatred towards all of America.
For example, Dick Cheney, Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice and Bush were running all over the world uttering "Saddam has chemical and biological weapons" and "Saddam has a nuclear weapons program" and "mushroom clouds over a US city!" when they knew that absolutely none of it was true. They lied over and over and over again, "Saddam is a threat to Israel and the US and the WORLD." Rice and Powell even admitted in Egypt that the sanctions were working and Saddam was no threat to anyone. They were also uttering "the threat", "the terrorist threat" and the word "TERRORISTS" at every opportunity.
What exactly did they mean by that in reference to Iraq? The literal translation is thus:  "Nothing has worked. The Iraqis will not effect 'regime change' so now we have to mobilize our armies, navies and air force to go steal their oil by force, all based on lies."
Remember, this was all done to 'defend' the thermonuclear beast of 'poor little Israel' and hide the fact that it was a brazen oil grab and the murder of untold numbers of  Iraqis. This was a bank robbery and premeditated slaughter, genocide, all rolled up into one huge lie which is now tens of thousands of lies.
Pay close attention to the allegations they are making against Iran right now.  You'll hear the exact same lies, same vile strategy, same fake reasons they used to attack and invade and annihilate Iraq. Vast amounts of oil and natural gas that are not under the control of the US and UK and nations building their own future and refusing to roll over for the New World Order and oil thugs. Out to defend 'poor littleIsrael' as the excuse again, but the real excuse is Iran intends to keep its oil and gas wealth working for Iran, not the London Zionist banksters and their criminal surrogates in DC.
For example, just days after September 11, 2001, George W Bush was putting on another fake photo op performance in NYC at Ground Zero:
<start insert>
"President Bush: Thank you all. I want you all to know -- it [bullhorn] can't go any louder -- I want you all to know that American today, American today is on bended knee, in prayer for the people whose lives were lost here, for the workers who work here, for the families who mourn. The nation stands with the good people of New York City and New Jersey and Connecticut as we mourn the loss of thousands of our citizens
Rescue Worker: I can't here you!
President Bush: I can here you! I can here you! The rest of the world hears you! And the people -- and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon!"
<end insert>
What exactly did Bush mean by that, since he supposedly tried to 'reopen pipeline negotiations' with the Taliban in August 2001, and in September the WTC towers and WTC 7 laid in a pile of rubble with 3,000 dead in NYC and at the Pentagon? What exactly did he mean by that statement when the military was already gearing up to attack Afghanistan way before 9-11? The literal translation is thus:  "SUCKERS! We gonna come kill all you Turban Heads and take put that pipeline in anyway!"
For example, Bush and Rice have been trying to sweet talk the EU into sending more forces to Afghanistan because Bush still cannot get that pipeline deal done. What does Bush really mean by that strategy? Well, the literal translation is: "The EU has just as much on the line as the US, and the US is losing the Caspian Basin in spades, Help! My pathetic presidential legacy is on the line."
Why did the EU basically say, "no way!"? The literal translation is "The Caspian Basin oil and gas is now going to flow north and east into the EU, and you Bush, you Blair, delivered nothing, so burn in your own lies."
Now we have Obama orating that he will get "a political solution done in Iraq and refocus on Afghanistan." Why?
I learned many years ago. when I see a Black orating like that, trying to be the Next Martin Luther King, Jr and John F Kennedy all rolled up into one, WATCH OUT.  Watch Obama closely and notice how he has to fight hard to stay out of Ebonics mode, and "it's a Black Thing" mode. The man is an extremely dangerous fraud, McCain is an extremely dangerous idiot.
The literal translation of Barky's braying is:  "Thanks to this idiot 'mf' George W Bush, 'mf' US oil companies have oil and natural gas leases in the Caspian and no 'mf' pipeline to get it out of the 'mf' landlocked area. If we don't get that pipeline done, America is in deep 'mf' shit and we're gonna lose billions and billions more, and Russia will have completely castrated what's left of the Grand Chessboard RAP designed by my controller...er...my 'mf' mentor Zbigniew Brzezinski."
Russia has already blown the US completely out of the Caspian Basin in the natural gas arena. My guess is the oil fields are next. Stay tuned, because the Fat Lady is going to sing and many in the US are going to lose billions in their grand scheme to try to dominate the Caspian Basin.
My guess is, the likelihood of a US pipeline across Afghanistan in the next 4 years of a US president: 10% if they play their cards right and get lucky. If not, zero.  
As a closing example, the president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has been attributed as threatening 'poor little Israel' by stating, quote: "Israel must be wiped off the map." 
Well, what did he mean by that? Nothing because the statement was intentionally mistranslated from Farsi to fan Zionist war propaganda against Iran. No one in Iran made such a statement - NO ONE ­ it's just another Zionist Tel Aviv-UK-US lie to try to start a war.
The full, actual VERBATIM, correct Ahmadinejad quote, translated directly to English from Farsi reads:
"The Imam said this regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time."   
Now, read that again.
Do you get it now? Can you see the ENORMITY of the LIES you are being fed around the clock?
The Farsi word for 'map" was not even in the original statement. Even many Jews want Zionism out of Israel and they also want these Zionist thugs who have taken over the US government and the government of Israel 'removed.'  There is an evil regime in charge in Israel and the United States.  A coup has taken place...a Zionist coup.
If you read article three cited above, 'The Mideast Crisis Is The US, Israel & The UK,' you can learn exactly what the 'problem' was with Iraq, and they are now trying to replicate that same pattern of lies regarding Iran.
The problem with Iran is it is building a real nation using its own oil and natural gas wealth, and that has the Zionist Jews and the greedy oil barons in the US and UK about to go apoplectic.
You see, folks, dissecting lies is not hard. Finding the truth in Washington, DC is about as hard as finding the Holy Grail. The truth-tellers in DC are few and far between and get little "photo op time" to warn Americans the extent they are being lied to by the gangsters and their stooges in DC.
There is not a single person in DC (with the exception being Rep Ron Paul) who will stand up before America and admit the bottom line, unfiltered, unvarnished Truth:
The Iraq/Afghan wars have proven to be the biggest mistake America has made in its entire history as a nation, and it is a mistake that has been replicated and propagated through the last three Presidential administrations. It is a mistake which 'they' intend to continue replicating whether addled, treasonous, clueless John McCain or Oreo Obama Bush Dark is 'elected' in November 2008.
That is why there will be no 'change' in Washington, DC.   
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