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From Dick Eastman
The Zapruder film is real. Zapruder was there to film the event -- one more "laughing Israeli." He did not want to make his presence known and so he kept his video secret all that time. The film certainly had market value -- one must ask what reason Zapruder could have for holding it back -- especially from the authorities. Clearly an obsruction of justice. DO you think Zapruder knew fellow Zionist Jew Jack Rubinstein, who was dying of cancer anyway, and had one more service he could render the country he loved?
The film is not faked and obviously you are posting your attack on the video in defense of Fetzer who was instrumental, with John Judge, in seeing that this new evidence was smothered under the pillow of bogus "debunking" and studious ignoring and diverting to other "no-plane-equivalent" theories.
Here is what really what happened -- I'm giving you the conclusions, not the multiple lines of evidence supporting all points:
I have no investment in any explanation.
At the moment, I think the following is the best explanation of the facts established by photographic evidence and what reconciles with witness the tendency of varying testimony.
First, bombs went off inside the Pentagon. Minutes later a single- engine aircraft or missile (I have suggested that this could be a remote-controlled F-16 -- such a plane would fit the facts, as would other possible single engine planes of fifty foot length or less) hit between ground story and second story at column 14 -- and that this plane may have been guided in by a trailor that was parked right along the wall where at column 14 where the crash took place. Also, as indicated by the missile smoke trail in the security camera video picture #1, a missile was being fired by the "killer jet" as it approached the building.
This missile either went ahead of the plane to soften the wall ahead of the crash or else it targeted someone inside the building (perhaps a briefcase with a homing device) to make sure that this person did not escape the attack. Also the trailer parked at column 14 may have had explosives, because the damage near the gound at that location is far too extensive given that the nose of the plane hit at the ceiling of the first floor (i.e. i.e. the ceiling of ground-floor offices, the floor of the second story.)
Even after objects struck a black-op commando attack, by infiltrated dual-citizenship "Pentagon personnel" including Lincoln Leibner continued killing targeted individuals from naval intelligence, from Pentagon auditing, to others who knew to much who were assigned to that portion of the building that morning to get what the Zionist plotters had coming to them.
View this: http://youtube.com/watch?v=KQ_g1buWhAA Then read this article by Barbara Honegger. http://www.thehandstand.org/archive/ september2006/articles/911second.htm Remember -- I am not trying to convince you -- I am merely stating my conclusions.
To summarize these conclusions: Assassination bombs killed people inside the Pentagon minutes before before the crash. The van at column 14 may have exploded as the larger of two flying objects hit there and a smaller missile entering to the right of column 19 on the second floor. Thus on the second floor we have two holes. The one where the larger object took out column 14 and the windows to the right and left of column 14 and the other that went through the window to the left of column 19 and knocked off limestone facing on column 19 (although there is some damage to column that is not explained as I showed).
The damage near the ground of column 14 is too much if the plane hit at the ceiling of the first floor. Remember, the engines hang a few feet lower than the fuselage and so there should be more damage near the ground floor where the engine hit than where the fuselage hit. This is not the case. I suggest that the white trailer that was parked also contained explosives -- possibly simple "flash powder" to create bright white initial flash that would -- like a flash bulb -- momentarily blind witnesses so they would not actually see the Boeing fly over the building as the smaller and much faster two objects hit the building below.
People who threatened this Israel-directed black op against the US for the purpose of getting Americans to spend blood and treasure killing Israel's innocent Moslem neighbors were assigned by high-up infiltrated black-op agents to offices in the targeted southwest wedge -- and where bombs and missiles did not kill them commando attacks finished the job. Rumsfeld ordered that no rescue go into the building -- see the research of Carol Valentine and Elmer Lane.
The only Fakes are the no-planers and the ray-gun disinformation smoke-screen operatives who are obstructing justice in the greatest treason conspiracies of all time.
Dick Easman
Yakima, Washington
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Sent: Tuesday, July 29, 2008 8:14 AM
More Faked Evidence in the Kennedy Assassination
The Zapruder Film
9/11 in 1963
Most people assume the famous "Zapruder film" showing the moment John F. Kennedy was shot is an accurate portrayal of what happened. What many don't know is that even before digital video it was possible to alter moving picture images.
And the Zapruder films shows extensive signs of having been doctored. Manipulation of moving pictures is another similarity between the Kennedy assassination and the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center. Details:
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