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Brad's Successor To Shadow
World Due In Sept!

What does Brad Steiger have in his bag of tricks or treats for Halloween 2008?
The second book in the Shadow World series from Anomalist Books!
Otherworldly Affaires: Haunted Lovers, Phantom Spouses, and Sexual Molesters from Shadow World
Of all the forces that move men and women, none is more powerful than that of love and sexual desire. This primal impulse apparently extends into the otherworld, as it is responsible for some of the most astounding chapters in the literature of psychic phenomena.
Here are amazing yet absolutely true stories of
­ apparitions of lovers seen at their moment of death, ­ jealous lovers who have sought vengeance from beyond the grave, ­ sexual molesters from the other world, ­ warnings and advice from lovers who have passed over, ­ passionate liaisons between psychic mediums and their contacts, ­ seducers from UFOs, ­ and even more extraordinary tales.
Originally published as Haunted Lovers, this book contains a multitude of actual case histories, many of which were recorded here for first time.
Brad Steiger has been writing about the paranormal for more than four decades, during which he has produced more than 160 books on the subject. He regards this work, which was certainly ahead of its time, as one of his best books on the paranormal.
Release date for Otherworldly Affaires (Anomalist Books) is September 12, 2008.
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