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US And Israel Behind
Georgia's Stupidity, Suffering

By Karl Schwarz
My bet is the Georgian Olympics team members are glad to be in Beijing and not dodging the Russian Bear in their homeland.
I received an interesting email from a former US Special Forces soldier, and a day later, another from a retired USAF colonel. Both were almost identical as to the gist of what they were asking me...
"Karl, your focus on these facts is helping me to better understand what these idiots have done. But I have a question: is there anything you like or respect about our leaders?'
Hmm, how could I answer that in a 'timely fashion?'
The US medals tally at the Beijing 2008 Olympics show some surprise performances. To wit:
1. George W Bush, Gold Medal, Beijing 2008 in the category of number of diapers soiled. The category was Power Crapping.  Little Lord George was the favorite to win the Gold because the entire world already knew he is full of bullshit in staggering proportions. His performance proves it, but that is only part of the story: W was also the only certified 'imbecile' entered in the event.  Apparently, no other nation felt it could outdo Bush in the bullshit department and he competed unopposed.
2. Richard B. 'Tricky Dick' Cheney, Gold Medal, in a new Olympic speed record for sliding around the track on his own sleaze. It was awesome.  Dickey was clocked at close to 60km/h in tennis shoes, chasing a US $100 dollar bill around the track, sort of like those greyhounds chase that mechanical rabbit. The Chinese were so amazed his pacemaker did not stop, thousands of them were chanting "See Dick Lun! See Dick Lun!" They will remember that performance for many years in the Beijing Bird Nest Stadium.  
3. Condoleezza 'Kindasleezzy' Rice, Bronze Medal, set a new fast-talk record for jaw-jabbering but her poor overall points totals cost her the Gold or Silver.. She got a 9.5 on speed but only a 2.0 on content.  The only reason she won the Bronze was because the Chinese judges knew she was utterly full of shit but she was talking far too fast for them to tell for certain. The judges apparently did think it was sort of cute the way she waved at them all the time like one of those little plastic China dolls you can buy to put on the car dashboard...the one with the head that bobs up and down and the hands on the end of little, round springs.
4. John McCain failed to win a medal.  You can't compete if you don't show up.  The addled, pending Republican Presidential candidate forgot where the games were, not a big surprise for a man who can't find the Iraq-Pakistan border.  Best guess is he apparently thought Beijing was somewhere in that vicinity.  
5. Barky Hussein Obama, the other pending candidate, failed to win anything.  He tried to compete under the name of 'Slick Wobama' but Chinese officials determined his papers were bogus. They kept trying to explain to him that 'The Grand Chessboard' was not an Olympic event. He became rude and indignant, insisting that 'since he is going to be the next US president' they should at least let him compete for best NWO Speech.  Beijing officials had a good laugh at that. The latest word is he is still being detained for psychiatric evaluation and is now knocking back three packs a day.  

I could go on. but there is real news to address.

The United States has a problem. Our nation cannot do anything right.  Nothing. We have a FUBAR strategic vision and a W FUBAR strategic plan.  I keep waiting for the UN, or G8, or some forum to demand that America change its name to the United States of Screw-Ups.

The Industrial Spin Cyclists of DC and their Zionist thug controllers are about to set a Gold Medal record of their own regarding little, but strategically-located Georgia. Yeah, those 'geostrategically imperative pipelines' are a bitch when someone starts playing games with a Superpower like Russia.

I was flabbergasted listening to a Georgian member of parliament being interviewed on BBC. The CIA must have done a "Jason Bourne thing" on his head. He was asked why Georgia would pull such a stupid stunt as attack, invade South Ossetia and kill Russian peacekeeper soldiers.

This idiot MP from Georgia did not even deny that Georgia attacked first, invaded South Ossetia or killed Russians. What he could not provide was even a 'half-assed excuse' as to why Georgia was dumb enough to do so.  Apparently, he is out of the CIA-Zionist-Mossad loop.

What was particulary stupefying was this Georgian MP acted surprised that Russia kicked their ass, to the point of him shaking and hyperventilating. He came across as 'rather Jewish' not to mention apoplectic.

This is as close as I can get in paraphrasing what he said because I was laughing too hard to catch it all: "We are a EUROPEAN nation and we have the same rights to freedom as any European nation. We are a free European democracy and we are not going to sacrifice our freedoms!  Russia has attacked an EU nation with aggression!"

Say what?  Uh, will someone please get this man a map and a tutor?  Georgia is in Central Asia or at best Eurasia, not Europe proper  What's next?  Will Afghanistan and Pakistan get the next offers for EU and NATO membership?  Can Vietnam be far behind?

What is surfacing, slowly, begrudgingly, is that the Georgian forces that invaded South Ossetia had both Zionist Israel and US military advisors. That is now a known fact, and even some of the BBC reporters are watching that issue very closely. If you recall, the DoD scheduled war games for Georgia for most of the month of July and evidently some of the 'advisors' stayed behind for this really stupid idea for the South Ossetia caper.

There is also evidence that NATO wannabe Ukraine is involved in this fiasco, too.  That could become extremely problematic for Ukraine because Russia not only provides most of its oil and gas, but they are also almost the sole source of  Ukraine pensions for its retirees and invalid citizens.  Most Americans are clueless about any of this, and even with all of the EU and NATO chatter about brining Ukraine in, Russia is a major benefactor to people of that confused country. Talk about biting the foot of the Russian Bear. The Russian winter may be coming sooner than usual for Ukraine if it turns out they, too, were involved in this fiasco.

This entire Georgian train wreck is patently, obviously a US, NATO, Zionist Israel attempt to 'put Russia in its place' and test Russian resolve. You can rely that these 'war planners' are now looking at each other...Oops! Most of the Georgian army now lies in ruin, many dead soldiers, and even their state infrastructure has been severely damaged and continues to be pounded by Russian jets. Georgia is, just today, trying to pull what's left of its troops out of South Ossetia.  The fighting is not over yet, however, and my bet is those Zionist, Israel and US military advisors (killers) are still trying to rally their smashed units back into the Russian meat grinder.

The other breakaway region of Abkhazia is now attacking Georgia, too, via its own partisan fighters. Nothing quite like getting the entire hornet's nest stirred up.  What monumental stupidity. There are also reports of a considerable Russian military build-up in Abkhazia just in case Stupid wants to stick a finger in that electrical outlet, too.

CNN International out of London has been holding firm to the Standard Official Zionist Lies as to what happened. They are blaming it all on Russia as 'aggression' and not saying a single word that it was Georgia that attacked first and Russia then retaliated.  US statements coming from the UN are clearly showing that the US is not getting its way in Security Council sessions over the Georgia issue.

One BBC reporter nailed President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili to the wall with a line of questioning:

"Excuse me, are you saying that Georgia attacked first? Your parliament just today declared formal war on Russia and is it your position that Russia is the aggressor? Your troops crossed into South Ossetia and started this!"

Their president went into the same routine about Georgia being a free nation and how Russia was destroying its ability to defend itself.  He accused Russia of 'aggression' and 'madness' and stumbled over and over again trying to explain away why Georgia attacked South Ossetia and killed the Russian peacekeepers. Saakashvili kept insisting that Russia had been preparing for this war for months.  Hmm, looks like Georgia had been the one doing all planning to attack, and did.

It was painfully obvious the Georgian President was not enjoying the Russian version of Shock & Awe as his nation was being systematically dismantled, spayed and neutered. Most of the Georgian army's hardware is now toast.

Come to think of it, this Georgia fiasco is reminiscent of the Lebanon fiasco that Israel blundered into.  It has that same putrid Kosher smell about it.

The BBC reporter pressed him on this hard: "You did not have the military power to challenge Russia at any time since 1991, what made you think you did now?"

Saakashvili just kept mumbling "free democracy", Russian "aggression", Russia is engaged in "ethnic cleansing," Russia is destroying Georgia's ability to defend itself, etc, ad nauseum.  He stressed many times that he had offered a 'cease fire' and Russia had not responded except with military firepower. He did not respond to a question about this 'war' coming right smack on the heels of US/DoD sponsored War Games that just ended in Georgia a few weeks ago in late July, 2008.

I had a hard time deciding if he was in shock or just stupid. He stated everything but the only two standard excuses: 1) we were stupid  or,  2) the "Devil" made me do it.

Uh...here's a hint to President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili ­ do not piss-off a Russian bear if you do not want to end up fighting it.  Every other nation in that region of the world, including Armenia, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan have figured out they can trust the New Russia a hell of a lot more than they can trust the US or the Zionist zhids of Israel.  Also, none of those nations consider themselves as 'European' nations.

Yeah, this is definitely a Georgie W. Bush plan that failed the moment he dreamed it up.  Yet another very nasty, dirty diaper. More dead people, no secure pipeline.  In fact, the only pipeline through Georgia and the only oil port and now piles of trash.

On Sunday morning in the EU, BBC is showing video of most Georgian troops 'withdrawing' (hauling ass) fast from South Ossetia.  Russia has withdrawn its troops from Georgia back into South Ossetia but Russian jets are still pounding targets inside of Georgia and will apparently continue reducing Georgia to junk until it completely pulls ALL of its troops from South Ossetia.  

Then BBC showed Bush in Beijing: "Laura and I just had the 'great joy and privilege' of worshipping in Beijing, China.  That just goes to show that God is universal and God is love. It just goes to show that no person or state should fear the influence of loving religion."  What hypocritical vomit.  What putrid puke.  What a shallow 'human being' we have as President of the United States.

My mother may have summed up Bush best when she was listening to a Pat Robertson-Paula Zahn interview.  "Paula, I am certain that 'this president' is a moral man and talks to God," said Pat.  My mother blurted out, "Yeah, well, Bush might talk to God but he only listens to Satan."

I feel sorry for the people of little Georgia who agreed to participate in this lame-brained Bush/Zionist idea. There are a least 2,000 dead in South Ossetia, due to another senseless Bush prank.  There are no figures out yet how many Georgians are dead or maimed thanks to this latest Bush failed caper.  I think W staged this as a sort of juvenile tantrum since nothing, zero, has gone his way and nothing IS going to go his way. I cannot remember a time in US history where a nation was so afflicted with such a lame duck, lame brain criminal of a president.

I also see the distinct possibility that Bush did this to see if Russia would strike back. They did, ferociously, and you can rely that the planners in Washington, DC now know that any stupid Zionist plans by Bush or Israel regarding Iran will invoke a similar Russian response.

I had to seek a translator to understand what Putin said in Tehran months ago but his words were plenty clear:

"Any attack on Iran will be considered by Russia to be an attack on the national interests of Russia." 

I understood every word of that.  We shall see if Bush or his Black Poodle Secretary of State understood even one word of it.  With the huge oil and gas deals between China and Russia with Iran, yes, Russia and China have a direct national interest in any stupid moves by the Zionists on Iran.

My bet is the good people of Georgia now know what a total idiot President George W Bush is and will not fall for his dirty diapers duty again. Bush went to Beijing to play 'shits and giggles' with the Chinese while Georgians were dying in South Ossetia and Georgia.  I also bet Candy Rice is no longer welcome in Georgia. She crapped a diaper, too, and apparently NATO and Ukraine followed right along.

Saakashvili kept complaining that the KGB had infiltrated Georgia. Probably did, to keep tabs on what the CIA and Zionist zhids were up to. This was all staged and planned by the USA and their Zionist partners in crime...that grows more apparent by the hour.

The BBC news Sunday morning ended with video of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in South Ossetia visiting the injured troops and civilians and humanitarian aid from Russia was pouring into South Ossetia.  Meanwhile, Georgia is now saying it has a 'humanitarian catastrophe' that grows by the minute.

Let me guess, the US and Israel failed to plan for that?  Looks like Junior and his zhid pals might just have to send aid to the poor dupes in Georgia, eh?

Just out of Moscow: the Russian Black Sea naval fleet is staying in position to block any arms shipments into Georgia. So, Congratulations Saakashvili! By heeding the stupid calls from your stupid Zionist masters, there is now a naval blockade on Georgia.  Russian jets continue to pound targets in 'your' country until all Georgian troops are out of South Ossetia.  Russia has already removed its tanks and soldiers from Georgia proper.

Russia just proved it is firmly standing on the moral high-ground and sadly, the US and Israel just proved they are just as sleazy - and deadly - as most of the world already knows.  The Western Zionist media is already trying to depict this as a "this will have long-term negative implications for Russia" situation but that is just for the Sheeple to read and accept as part of the Official Lie.

The reality of the matter is that Russia just showed the world it will not roll over for the true Axis of Evil: the Zionist triumvirate of the US, UK and Tel Aviv.

Stay tuned...I think matters are about to become very unpleasant for Zionist Israel and the US, and my bet is Russia has been preparing for months for any attack on Iran. Putin's words were very clear and the Western Zionist media does not want America to figure out that the US is playing with thermonuclear fire with its aims on Iran.

Just as I was emailing this, 11:20am Central Europe Time, Ukraine just announced that the Russian navy fleet that has blockaded Georgia will not be returning to its base in Ukraine.  Yeah, as I've written, the Zionists were behind this Georgia fiasco and now they are pitching a fit because they got kosher asses kicked in by Russia. Here we are in August and the Russian winter is about to start in Ukraine.  Russian natural gas, anyone?

Now the White House is mouthing-off about "the Russian response was disproportionate."  That's a whopper: "disproportionate"...yet more Zionist palaver for the American Sheeple.

They haven't seen anything yet if they think they can take over Iran with the same sleazy lies they used to annihilate the sovereign nation of Iraq and liquidate well over one million of its people.

You have to WAKE UP, America. Rattle their cages in DC and tell them "NO MORE."


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