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How To Stop
The Masons/NWO

By Kim Sterling
You must fight for and demand a public register of Freemasons including The Order Of The Eastern Star (female Masons)
This would comprehensively prove if they are a good charitable fraternity or a criminal organisation.
Freemasonry portrays itself that it is all good. It should not have a problem with a public register of their good? members.
After all, wouldn't you like to know if your best friend, family, lawyer, policeman, doctor, emergency services, neighbour, military forces, social services, politician, judge, dentist, tradesman, vet, supermarket, council, postman, religious leader, care worker, etc, is a Mason ? Fact, Freemasonry flourishes on the abuse of your trust.
First of all, write to your local lodge (via signed for letter), we guarantee they will ignore you. Then do a Freedom of Information request (via signed for letter). Then take your results to your Politician (ask if he is a Mason). If you get nowhere, you now know for sure that everything we say is true. Next, you must educate everybody. Start petitions and send/fax/print off copies of this email to everyone in your street, workplace, library, waiting rooms, supermarkets, public transport etc. Knock on the doors of your local lodge (local house of corruption) and ask them questions. Make sure you have a witness, voice recorder and video-cam. Ask them for a public register or about someone you suspect of being a member. We have to waken up immediately, we HAVE to fight this as we are running out of time. Get rid of this Masonic mind-controlled virus and the NWO will fall. No Masonic foot-soldiers = no power. Direct any doubters to the websites below (and follow the links) or get them to read the David Icke newsletters.
Freemasonry is the main tool for the Illuminati - Oil Barons - Bankers - Royalty - World's Richest Families (mainly American/Israelis). These people are responsible for a trillion, trillion crimes (underestimated) against the planet and its contents. All food, fuel, poverty, starvation, misery and energy costs are all manipulated by the NWO. All wars, terrorism, drugs, crime, politics (including Lisbon Treaty) is fabricated by the NWO. They also own all media so they control everything you see, read and hear. All of the laws in every country have been changed to favour the NWO. We are literally being controlled by a criminal network/organisation and they have nasty/vile/despicable plans for us all. Checkout the brilliant truth-seeking websites below and educate yourselves to this very serious situation. Freemasonry is also a mind-controlled religious cult and they DO practice witchcraft.
Give us a public register of the secret societies and the "societies with secrets" (the Freemasons get out clause). Then we will no longer be controlled by a criminal religious cult/network/organisation. If you are a member of Freemasonry, there is nothing to stop you reading what you are a part of. You are just a fool and a tool to be used. Do you really think you'll get the call when it all kicks off? If you are not one of their bloodlines, you are just as dispensable as the rest of us. You ARE being used and rewarded.
Please don't waste valuable time on their silly Masonic signs, numbers and symbols. It's all designed that way to cloud your investigations. Get focused and start working towards a public register first. Incidentally, why have they got charity status when their ninth degree Mason takes his vows to kill for Freemasonry ? Do not listen to anything from a Mason's head, its brainwashed.
This email is brought to you by the Anti Corruption Party (a support group for victims of Freemasonry) We are all victims but YOU just haven't worked it out yet. Your ignorance is bliss for Freemasonry. Here are some of ACP's friends websites below.
www.davidicke.com (before you criticize David Icke, who do you think brainwashed you?) Just subscribe to David Icke's brilliant, truth-seeking newsletters. Only £3 per month and 100% accurate reports, the truth on a plate, mate.
www.ivanfraser.com www.rense.com
www.rinf.com www.prisonplanet.com
www.joestirling.com www.theforbiddenknowledge.com
www.surveillanceissues.com www.clubconspiracy.com
If you are still skeptical about what we have to say about Freemasonry, please read this factual, (ultimate) truth about the Freemasons. It's by Gordon Kameron, you can download it for 50p ($0.91). This book is only 68 pages long so there is no excuse for not reading this excellent truth. You will not find these secrets revealed in any lodge or admitted to by any Mason. You can find it here....... <http://stores.lulu.com/GORDONKAMERON>http://stores.lulu.com/GORDONKAMERON Just how much more facts, truths do you need ? take action now, today.
These are just a few of the thousands of good guys we would like to put here, but just follow the links and the truth will blow you away. Sincere apologies to the good guys websites that we didn't manage to fit in. We must advise you to avoid the conspiracy site "Above Top Secret". Totally run by Masons who ban or discredit anything anti-Masonic or any logical, reasonable point of view.
Anti Corruption Party contact details....... ACP, 93 Ashburn Road, Glasgow G62 7PQ Scotland. You can call 07799 612 227 or 07954 209 674 and leave a message, we will call you back or you can email <mailto:acparty@ntlworld.com>acparty@ntlworld.com or <mailto:voacs@mac.com>voacs@mac.com You can also contact us through the website forums above. Anonymous communications are usually ignored. Make sure you get a genuine reply as these crooks are protecting their plunder. Technology is brilliant, we pay for it and the criminal Masonic members get to abuse it. Simple logic, why don't the authorities investigate Freemasonry ? Forward this to all or we all fall. Ban the NWO's criminal Masonic foot-soldiers.
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