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Secrets & Lies
Jim Kirwan
So, what is it with 'Secrets' that makes them so irresistible to the Darkside and how exactly were secrets & lies used to first steal and then privatize virtually this entire society.
One of the basic parameters for creating an entirely new constitution for the United States was to free the people of this new nation from the stench of the darkest secrets & lies of old world Europe. This was a major reason why so many fled their native lands to come to America for a new start not just economically, but for the freedom of opportunity that was 'promised.' by a government that actually was not tyrannical but enabling on many fronts for ordinary people. That was then: but that idea was viciously & systematically murdered a long time ago by the income streams created by privatization with massive help from 'Secret' everything!
Secrets & Lies have largely escaped notice in Occupied America, as there are currently so many other things that threaten every aspect of our lives! The owners of this place use Secrets & Lies in such a myriad of ways that to understand the nature of this side of our public and private lives is to begin to come to grips with "how we've all been had"!
WAR: Secrets & Lies are the key to the newly created never-ending wars that the Empire and Israel want us all to subscribe to. The secret no-bid contracts, the secret numbers of the dead and damaged within the US military ­ actually the US Department of Veteran's Affairs has published these numbers for the whole war on Iraq that began in 1991 and continues to this minute. Compare this report with what the government now says. (1)
Then there is the illegal censorship of the deaths of those who die serving the privatized police-state of the Corporatocracy. Since when did America make the death of its troops a secret: Perhaps since this dictatorship began making illegal wars upon people that did nothing to harm us? In this secrecy & lies have served the darkest of twisted dreams, because they protect the owners from the public's certain knowledge of the true costs to our military adventures, and of the actual weakened-readiness of our war-weary troops.
Even 'WAR' itself has been permanently changed by the secrets & lies in which all has been cloaked. Who profits from these contracts; who benefits directly from the stock portfolios that rely on 'War, War, Lots More War'! And of course because so much of this secret is built on lies, there will be no consequences for any of those that make all of this "a slam dunk."
Before 911 there were 17 people on the no-fly lists: today there are over a million. So in the intervening seven years the government is saying that they have FAILED to such a degree that the USA now has over a million ENEMIES that cannot be trusted to be allowed on a plane. This is the same government that started spying on all American citizens seven months BEFORE 911.
In addition the telecom giants that went along illegally with the president's demands (before 911), should all be 'doing time' because there was absolutely no reason for these private corporations to have violated the laws of this nation with such impunity at the time that they did so, without even a question! Of course all this was secret from the public and clearly illustrates how secrecy and privatization work hand in glove with lies to get whatever is needed in any given situation, without the "problem" of legalities or justifications never mind having to accept responsibilities for their actions-ever!
POLITICS: Here secrets & lies have taken a page from old-world Europe and resurrected the power and influence of secret-societies, worldwide. These self-appointed bands of criminals have, with massive help from the technology of today, perpetuated and expanded their ancient desire to rule absolutely over the entire planet. There have always been 'secrets & lies' and secret-societies, but never before have these self-centered mono-maniacal criminals had so much access or so much power as they have been able to amass in the twenty-first century!
One example of this cancerous behavior can be seen in the cabal that created the Spanish Inquisition which was created when Spain became an Empire. The program lasted from the 1478 until 1964. It succeeded in destroying the success of the Spanish Empire in the first fifty years of its tenure, but few tracked the fact that the barbarity of the Inquisition was the reason for the failure of that empire-just as our blood-soaked history and policies will kill any chance for any lasting rule. The US and Israel have ignored this historical legacy of torture and secret imprisonments that were currently redesigned by the US Department of Justice and the congress for use by the military as well as by own current dictator! And because of so many "secret-secrets" and outright lies, nothing is being done about any of this!
The US once had a government built upon open discussion and accessible law-making with oversight. That has now been stealthfully re-created by the owners through nightmares within nightmares; of secrets within secrets and lies within lies-all of it protected by secrets & lies. By privatizing virtually everything that was once owned and directed by the public, the owners get not only the benefits and the vast resources at ten cents on the dollar, but also total control, which was the point! (2)
PRIVATIZATION: With Reagan's "Morning in America" came a massive privatized income stream that was created out of what were public services in almost every area. Public institutions were closed and their inmates thrown into the streets, because they did not "make money." Public transportation systems that had been created (with taxes) to help people get from place to place but were privatized and forced to show a healthy profit or be canceled. Public library's and many public hospitals were also included. Much of the national power grid, as well as the water companies that were once public; have now gone into the shadows of privately held corporations: No oversight, no public participation, no checks or balances on their profit margins or their practices. Now California is beginning to privatize fire fighting: Hey if it was good enough for schools, police, prisons, hospitals, as well as water and energy needs why not just privatize the entire nation! (3)
Cheney and his friends have privatized virtually the entire field of energy policy, with all its vast components and worldwide 'partnerships' that screw the public here and make billionaires of all their friends. The current chaos over oil prices being just one of their little tricks to drain every drop of cash from everyone that drives, or shops, or flys in America!
We also have the largest privatized prison system in the world, and we've begun to militarize the police forces here, using privatized mercenaries to secretly train just another bunch of armed mercenaries with heavy weapons and an attitude that shoots first and maybe talks later, if at all. . .
We pay government to provide services, yet relentlessly those public services are sold off or converted to private corporations: Do we pay less in taxes for the loss of public services-hell no! The same is true of public infrastructure, roads, highways and bridges; many private contractors have become part of what were public contracting services, tripling the costs and eliminating the oversight. On the highways we are now 'thinking about' hot lanes! Those with enough money can pay a small fortune to use the public's highway like a toll-road, just for themselves (in their own private lane of course). But then many parts of the Interstate Highway Program, have recently been sold off or leased long term to other countries: Some of those were converted to toll roads that were built by Americans with tax dollars-did the public benefit from any of these sales or leases-of course not, in fact we get to pay again, to ride on roads we already paid for with taxes.
?What most fail to realize is that America is becoming a place where the only jobs available will either be in administering the capture and imprisonment of their fellow citizens, or they can join the military and become part of that meat grinder that has killed 73,846, and permanently disabled 1,620,906! These numbers only count the 17 years from 1991- 2008, which is how long just the Iraq War has continued! The other choice we have now for 'new employment opportunities' is to become part of the homeless or the unemployed that will serve as targets for all the privatized programs that replaced this nation-state with a Fascist-police-state that now rules over Occupied America! This is the reason that there is no interest in saving jobs, providing health-care, education or anything like a job with any future whatever. "We are the business of America." You and me and all the hundreds of millions of us that work to stay alive: the owners have made taking everything we have their number one priority! How many will continue to pay for services they no longer get, in an Occupied America that is made only of Secrets & Lies!
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