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Six Million Monkeys. One Banana.
By Michael James [censored] in the Truly Free and Absolutely Gloriously Intellectually
Inquisitive German Democratic Republic of Free Opinion
and Academic Research
[First paragraph censored.]
[Second paragraph awaiting German government approval.]
[Third paragraph submitted to the Central Council of Jews in Germany.]
..... and having said that, I suggest that before reading any further, you pull out that old "Monkees" album you hid from your first wife and slap plastic onto rubber.
Are you ready?
'Cos I'm in love. Yeah .... Uhmmmm .... I'm a believer ....
At the height of their popularity, "The Monkees" were credited with exactly six million fans in Europe alone.
But just as rapidly as they rose to fame, "The Monkees" were exposed as frauds, makeovers, and plastic crap fronting real talent. Fucking liars.
Hollywood hoodwinkers.
And just as quickly as they were outed as money-mongering scamsters, not only did "The Monkees" disappear almost overnight with their stash of cash, so did their (government approved) six million European fans.
Where did they go? Are you one of them? Were you the magical sixth- millionth, the one I deny at my peril?
But, hey, I understand. That third wife: Little-Missed Liberty. (Don't forget that British number in 1916, Bondage Balfour, and the French tart you took by surprise in 1936, Zionette. Easy lays, weren't they?) They all played the numbers game. Six is sexy.
If only she, your new-old, starred, striped and spangled whore of a wife knew the truth (hint: noun).
Oh, boy. What a bitch!
Bang goes your (international) Country Club gratis membership. Say goodbye to those annual handouts from zillionaire Uncle Sam, who's still wondering where his initial investment in those original kosher little "Monkees" went.
An investment that (officially) still costs him four billion US dollars each year. And yet trillions more. Without returns.
Apart from dead Americans.
And dying Arabs.
And Rachel Corrie.
And spiralling inflation.
And runaway fuel costs.
And children "over there" whose eyes are welled with tears and their bodies drained of strength because the shelves are bare and their mothers are sick from the sorrow of begging and borrowing and scratching in the dirt.
And the old folks "back home" who open their wrists and close their lives for want of a dime to ease their pain.
And the men and women of gentle, silent courage, whose minds and limbs have been tortured and twisted beyond the last unhearing outpost of despair because they refuse to believe your fucking, wicked evil lies and defend their homesteads against your imperious theft.
And your incalculably psychopathic betrayal of trust and monstrous abuse of the good men and women of ancestral European descent who have, over generations, given up their ghosts for one or another of your demonic, whispered deceits.
And the anguished cries of the unborn whose part is yet that of a world lain waste by one of your planned thermonuclear wars.
And your destruction of those whom I love, have loved and will love.
And the hatred I bear in my heart for all the pain and the suffering and the financial loss and the hurt and the anguish you have caused me by cutting me off from the outside world for exactly six days.
And the tears I shed for you, because you are only human, just like me.
And the unspoken testimony of the one you cannot hear because your ears are sealed with the wax of deafness and your eyes are blind because your vision is crookedly set, though this is the desire of your own venomous heart and not for want of unhindered freewill.
Six million monkeys. One banana.
Peel me.
Mike James, a freeborn, politically independent "lone ranger" Englishman (without Tonto, or even a horse), and a former freelance journalist resident in Germany since 1992, hates lies but forgives liars. A dedicated sceptic of the cult pop religion "The Monkees", his Kabbalistically heretical 5,999,999-megabyte downstream connection went strangely missing in Germany on June 21, 2008. He last enjoyed a taste of real online and intellectual freedom on one of his long-haul stays in East Africa, Poland, Switzerland, England [enough 'relatively free' countries -- ed.]
Mike James Sues German Jews For Incitement To Bear False Witness
I want My Freedom Back
Mike James Will Ensure That The Central Council Of Jews Pay 10,000 Euros Into This Fund:
The Baphomet Conspiracy and the Laboratory of Fear
http://www.gnosticliberationfront.com/ baphomet_conspiracy__and_the_conspiracy_of_fear.htm
History and Scriptural Origin of the 'Six Million' Number http:// www.thebirdman.org/Index/Jews/Jews-
How Jews can be saved and brought under the protection of God
Ernst Zündel: A Prisoner in a State That Does Not Exist
Telling the Truth in the Realm of Lies
http://www.gnosticliberationfront.com/ telling_the_truth__in_the_realm%20of%20lies.htm
Goy Show In 2008 Germany
http://www.gnosticliberationfront.com/ germans_enraged_by_merkels_grovelling.htm
One Third of the Holocaust
Lawsuit Against the Central Council of Jews in Germany for Blasphemy and Incitement to Bear False Witness
http://www.rense.com/general82/Punitive.pdf [since modified and translated into German.]
Extremely boring and detailed government small print (really not worth reading).
Fair rebuttal and official BRD disclaimer: [Legal. Section (Abs.): Leckmich-MJ12201959:11.50: jarrow:geordie-uppity;smartass-uk-wtf- und-wtfdik; undderkerlistwirklichgroßneffe(b)und(c)charltons- undmitdemficktmannicht-siehe-hinweise(unten); [MI6 Beschreibung aus 1996-1998: "Knows it before you think it: cunning twat; good luck."] We, the German government and the Central Council of Jews in Germany -- yes, we admit, we are joined at the hip and are constitutionally illegal (nach Urteile 2 Bvl.6/56, 31.7.1973) actually believe we have the balls and matching hoppers big enough to prosecute the above-mentioned [let his name be dirt] for [polite removal of phlegm from throat] questioning the Kabbalistically Crucial and Untouchable Six Million Number, even though we ourselves privately admit that this is a bullshit Hollywood- Hassidic scam, but it sounds like a cute figure and we like its Luciferian Magick [Legal. Abs.: wirhörenauf-ogött-MJ08-09-absofort; Clause: ergewinntdasistabsolutsicher-MJ0807-derarsch; scheisse-wie- sieht-israel-aus-meinehose; Sub. C.l.1: wirempfehlenbritishairways-010708; Sub. C.l.2.: machichsofortfraubundespräsidentin; Sub. C.l.3.: ichdankedir (siehe: diedaobenpissenaufeuch-1948-2008-undfürimmer] and we do not expect [Abs. allg. brit.bastards (and anti-[s]ememas who eat beans on toast (Abs. 1966; 4:2)] his lawsuit against the Central Council of Jews for damages of 10,000 euros to be paid into the Rachel Corrie Fund to meet with any success [siehe: BRD-lügen-haben-kleine- beine-ausnahmegesetze / BRDlhkbag/-oder-wir-haben-keine-chanc[E] mehr-gesesetze-/whkc[E]mg-nach-2010-am-spätesten-national- revolution: ref: UK law: Blair, T.; 2004, Hansard: "Circumcising The British People To Protect Themselves Against People With Foreskins Or Against Other Circumcised People Who Don't Look Like Lawyers Or The Kind Of People I Like To Do Lunch With"] before [wünsch-termin-einsetzbar-und-lassen-wir-raus]. Nor is it expected that the German people [siehe: Artenschutzabkommen / Endangered Species / UN1968-DE u.a. Angreifen und Vernichten] will ever wake up to the fact that we, the Zionist "Gutmenschen" of the German Ruling Caste, have the self-possessed power to shaft unto eternity any fool who works hard and pays his taxes on time. We confidently assume that the above-mentioned [let his name be dirt and bring out your old foreskins] will utterly fail in his attempts to focus the minds of ordinary, hardworking German people on the fact that we have been robbing them blind for sixty years -- and getting away with it in broad daylight while laughing all the way to the bank in Tel Aviv. And you think we don't have a sense of humour? Na, ja. Tschüss, Schalom, gute Nacht, Deutschland!
[The Federal Republic of Germany is a subsidiary of a conglomerate of international banks that serve the state of Israel and should not be confused with a nation state in any way associated with the so-called German people.]
Michael James
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