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'I Should Have Done
Something When I Could'
By Ted Twietmeyer
Will you say one day, "I Should Have Done Something When I Could?"
Time is running out faster than most people realize. If you're reading this essay on rense.com, a similar website or via email, you are probably already aware of this fact. But this essay isn't intended to preach to the choir. My intention is to provide something useful to share with your friends and families who need help understanding. It is intended to help them to understand that what they see and hear is engineered, controlled and filtered courtesy of Uncle Sam. That spell cast upon them needs to be broken, just as your spell was broken some time ago.
Some twenty years ago, a friend of mine nearing retirement came to our home to help convert it from propane to natural gas. We worked hard and long together that day, cutting, threading and running larger iron pipe in the basement to finish the conversion. When he was finished I asked what I owed him. His kind answer was, "Nothing. Just pass it on." His message was clear and unmistakable.
Today, I pass on to you what I can as well. All the facts are out there in plain sight. It seemed to be the right time to connect a few of the dots and assemble some key concepts into one document, to help others see the light of truth.
Consider what grass-roots efforts have accomplished in the past. Pressure from several grass-roots movements were responsible for ending the endless Vietnam War and causing Richard Nixon to step down as a result of ordering the bugging at Watergate. And in recent times, it was a grass-roots effort which exposed the "rendering" of prisoners by intelligence services to other countries for torture and so-called "questioning." Exposure of the highly illegal and un-American process of rendering began with a journalist taking photos of unmarked planes through a fence, which he observed landing at a closed airbase overseas. That grass-roots movement took off from there and the rest is history. [2]
The world anti-terror war will last 100 years, which everyone was told in 2001 in a presidential address. Does anyone question how a president could know it will last 100 years? When America helped allies fight the Germans and America fought the Japanese, no one announced how long those wars would last, at least not publicly. Could it be that the reason this fake war on terror will last 100 years, is because it's PLANNED to last 100 years? A century long war is a great blessing for defense industry revenue. Before the attacks of 2001, defense industries were dying.
World War 2 was a massive, complex conflict which involved all the countries of Europe yet it only lasted about four years. The war with Iraq has lasted far longer, and still isn't over yet even though it was declared a victory several years ago. Does anyone ever ask themselves why this conflict rages on, and who gains from it?
Why is it that whenever terrorists are shown in the media their faces are always covered? The government and media constantly tell us these men are proud to die for their religion. If so, then why would these men cover their faces with black ski masks? Can anyone even BUY a black ski mask in a DESERT country? Why don't they use a cooler material in the 120 degree heat they can see through?
Yet these proud men who supposedly will kill themselves for Allah never give their full names. They make blurry videos in the age of DVDs (with auto-focus cameras?) when standing over some innocent man who supposedly is about to be killed. Experts examining the videos stated the man in the chair was already dead. Since these killers are completely anonymous, how could any government from any country retaliate against their families if these men are unknown individuals? It makes no sense and defies logic. Could it actually be that their faces are hidden because the world would find out they are really American or allied intelligence agents, and not Arabs? If one looks closely at the build of these men in these videos, they don't appear to be of Arab origin. Many have tree-trunk necks and jar heads like those of Navy Seals.
Could the government stop terrorists from invading America? Uncle has constantly insured that America's borders remain leakier than a rotted Three Stooges row-boat. Uncle is virtually playing the part of Curly by drilling holes in the bottom to let the water out. Uncle also made sure that Mexican Border agents had their automatic weapons taken away, and these firearms were replaced by semi-automatics. Now word has been circulating that now these weapons may be taken away.
Why disarm or under-arm border agents charged to protect America? The answer is a simple one: It greatly reduces their ability to both defend themselves and be able to disable or kill those shooting at them that cross the border illegally. How can they properly defend the border from those shooting at them from Mexico, which has already happened and taken the lives of border agents? Yet Mexican drug smugglers already have used automatic weapons against border agents.
So why was this madness ordered and to what end? The president WANTS illegal aliens in America no matter what he says to the contrary. It's clearly part of the bigger plan to destroy America from within. Illegal aliens bring sickness, crime and a large burden on the health care and financial systems. Emergency rooms within 100 miles of the border have been closed because of the financial drain.
How many hard working, honest American farmers and ranchers along the border have died because emergency help was too far away, thanks to the closed emergency rooms? We may never know that answer. There can be no other reason for encouraging illegal aliens to come into America other than to destroy it. The sick message is clear that border agents, farmers and ranchers are expendable, but illegal aliens and drug smugglers are not.
America is a land of considerable size which is impossible to completely protect from within. Here are a few facts from uncle's CIA fact book:
Total: 9,826,630 sq km
Land: 9,161,923 sq km
Water: 664,707 sq km
About half the size of Russia; about three-tenths the size of Africa; about half the size of South America (or slightly larger than Brazil); slightly larger thanChina; more than twice the size of the European Union.
Total: 12,034 km
Border countries: Canada 8,893 km (including 2,477 km with Alaska), Mexico 3,141 km
Note: US Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba is leased by the US and is part of Cuba; the base boundary is 28 km
COASTLINE: 19,924 km
We see here it's bigger than one might think, at more than 9.8 MILLION square kilometers with more than 19,000 kilometers of coastline. How could anyone even remotely believe the government can protect it?  Can we imagine trying to spread the entire combined defense force of approximately 750,000 men and women over 9.8 MILLION square kilometers to protect America?
Let's look at a simple example of the invasion of America by these supposed terrorists using extremely conservative numbers. Since the self-inflicted wound in 2001, approximately 2,430 days have passed as of this writing.
If an average of only 50 terrorists came across the Mexican border during each 24 hour period from Sept. 2001 to the date of this writing in May 2008, there would be approximately 121,500 terrorists in America right now. (50 per day x  2,430 days = 121,500.) Yet hundreds to several thousand illegal aliens from several countries, including Afghanistan, are already known have crossed the Mexican border into the American desert EACH day according to the government announcements over the years.
But only a tiny percentage of illegal aliens are captured, and an even smaller number of them are actually prosecuted and deported. The biggest problem with many of these illegal aliens is crime, not terrorism.
Has anyone ever asked WHY nothing else has been blown up or destroyed in America since 2001 if there are as many terrorists running loose as we've been told?
So for discussion purposes, let's assume that there are "terrorists everywhere in America" as we've been told repeatedly by the president. Why haven't ANY of them attacked in the past seven years? In one of my earlier essays I predicted ongoing attacks would NOT happen and that the passage of time would prove this theory was true. Did I use a crystal ball? Remote viewing? Inside information? Not at all. It was obvious shortly after 2001 that what happened on that September day was both permitted and designed to happen. America simply attacked itself on purpose with the help of a bold, power-mad president. The Islamic people are the equivalent a fall guy who takes the blame, willingly or not.
My best guess is that the next new attack will be staged in time to negate any November election. It will be intended to keep the current president in office indefinitely, when America is put under martial law. But if he declares martial law, he MUST have the military support him. And that's highly doubtful at this point. The real question is ­ how long could he remain in office before being forced out?
Remember the television broadcast in 2001 showing the president sitting in a classroom, being told about the planes crashing into buildings? He just sat there and didn't really care. Any other president would be surprised and shocked by this, and would have jumped out of his seat and left the room. But this president did nothing because he expected the attack to happen.
Still don't believe that he knew about it before hand or that he was a part of it? Consider the CIA announcement that the intelligence agency was running drills of crashing planes into buildings on that very morning. This too is a fact, but it was dismissed by the agency merely as a "coincidence." So what are the odds of this event happening in real life on the very same day of a drill for this?
What can we conclude from simple logic about these invisible terrorists constantly referred to by the president in almost every speech as being everywhere ­ repeatedly for the past SEVEN years? They simply don't exist. Are you angry yet?
This is yet another issue which bears close examination. When America was "attacked" newspaper front pages were plastered the next day with front page pictures of all the men responsible. The east coast of America is in Eastern Standard Time. This is the same time zone where the attack took place. All the attacks took place mid-morning ­ yet in less than 12 hours east coast newspapers ALL had the photographs of the "terrorists" plastered on their front pages.
So what's wrong with this picture? I'll explain it.
All newspapers have copy deadlines for the next day's issue around midnight or even sooner. Metal plates for the presses have to be created, mounted on the presses and all the newspapers printed. All this takes place nationwide during the early morning hours, with most newspapers distributed to newsstands before dawn for people to purchase or read before going to work.
WHO has the ability to supply photo-ready images to all the newspapers in less than 12 hours to meet press time? Only the government could do this. Since the government already knew who all these men were ­ WHY didn't it stop them first? Because they were pre-assigned to be fall guys for that day. And even worse, many of them have been found around the world still alive ­ even after they all died on the four crashed planes.
There are more than a million utility and telephone poles scattered across America.
Here are some public statistics from just one famous utility company known as Con-Ed, unedited from the company's website. This is the same electric company that supplies power to New York City:
94,000 miles of cable
264,000 manholes and service boxes
35,000 underground transformers
36,500 miles of cable
207,500 utility poles
47,000 overhead transformers
The above infrastructure is required for just ONE utility company to supply one major city.
A very large percentage of utility poles and transmission towers are located in rural areas across America. High tension power lines across 9,161,923 sq km supply power for major cities. Yet not one single utility pole has ever been destroyed by a "terrorist," even though ALL of them are unguarded across thousands of miles of desert, mountains, prairies and forests. Get the idea yet? This is what I meant in the beginning, when I said the facts are all in plain sight.
It's clear from this simple example that this phantom terrorist enemy being omnipresent simply cannot be real, nor can we realistically protect the electrical infrastructure from anything or anyone. The government can't stop a tornado or hurricane from leveling utility poles en masse, any more than it can stop someone with a chain saw.
I have recently learned that patients who are on oxygen cannot fly on planes with their portable cylinders, and airlines will no longer supply oxygen to these patients. Yet chainsaws are not banned or controlled. At least not yet at the time of this writing.
When the war with Iraq was being promoted because of phantom WMDs (like a used car salesman selling a car without an engine) the American people were promised Iraq's oil, almost like the "spoils of war." Have the American people seen any of that oil? Or pumped a drop of gasoline or diesel fuel made from it into their vehicles? Apparently not, but other foreign oil companies were given control of the oil fields. Yet people everywhere are paying over $4.00/gallon for gasoline. These are the rewards reaped for listening to a pathological liar and doing nothing about it. Yet it seems few have learned anything from this to date. If you are an American as I am, do you feel cheated and lied to yet? If not, are you actually breathing?
We have barely scratched the surface. Already the highest ranking generals in the pentagon have resigned, refusing to promote and play the president's power grab game. Several generals have threatened to resign together if Iran is attacked. Why? Because these honorable men know lies about Iran when they hear them, and don't want to go down in history as helping WW3 reach the nuclear level. Would you?
There was the USAF plane with nuclear weapons mounted under the wings which flew north to south across the entire continental USA from the North Dakota to Louisiana. It is a serious violation to fly a plane loaded with wing-mounted nuclear weapons over American soil. Yet this was called an "accident." This accident could have turned into a nuclear attack, but still no one in the media talks about it anymore. The story disappeared off media radar right after the USAF promised to investigate it. But it was NO accident as we shall see.
The late airman Todd Blue who took his own life for as yet unknown reasons was connected to this event. He worked at Minot Airbase in North Dakota where the aircraft originated. This is also the location where the nuclear weapons involved in this "accident" were stored. Barksdale airbase in Louisiana where the plane landed is a logistical location for equipment materiel headed for the mid-east.
Fortunately, REAL patriots in the USAF prevented that aircraft from continuing on to the mid-east. It could have become the mid-east equivalent of the Enola Gay ­ the name of the airplane which dropped the first nuclear bomb on Japan. It requires a presidential order to move and mount nuclear weapons under the wings of any aircraft. There are numerous safety and ordinance officers that must sign for nuclear devices at every step as they are moved from storage to the wings.
ONLY an order from the president can authorize mounting nuclear weapons under the wings of an aircraft. All nuclear weapons are kept under guard in a high security area. Can anyone believe that USAF career officers, men and women, all of whom were psychologically tested for their jobs - decided to risk their careers, retirement pensions and prison time in a futile attempt to start a nuclear attack? Utter nonsense.
The pentagon announced that about 200 personnel were involved in this event and that a "thorough investigation would take place." Men and women who would do this intentionally without a presidential order, clearly would have known that after the plane had taken off and completed its flight to Barksdale, that additional officers participating in this madness would also have to take the same risks and lose their careers, retirement pensions and prison time. These men and women cannot be held accountable for following orders.
Are we also to believe the pilot, co-pilot and crew of the plane would take all the same risks with their lives and careers needlessly in a futile effort to start a nuclear war? Everyone involved in such an idiotic scheme would face military courts actions. Are you angry yet at the lie of blaming numerous officers and airmen for what happened, instead of the president who ORDERED these weapons mounted under the wings of a bomber? This presidential order designed to start a nuclear attack and subsequent war without the authorization of Congress (which could never be obtained legally) is an impeachable offense, and it's almost a certainty that you'll never hear any more information about this event ever again.
Make no mistake ­ all dictators (or those masquerading as presidents) secretly fear what the people will do to them when they've finally had enough. History around the world illustrates this. When the "decider" comes to any city today, interstate highways are cleared and closed in both directions for as many miles as required to and from the airport to his location for the duration of his visit. Police are stationed at the top and bottom of every entry and exit ramp to the highway. This is a fact. Of course, it doesn't matter what inconvenience this causes people going to/from work during rush hour. Or patients with a heart attack that can die in an ambulance, as they travel a long circuitous route through heavy traffic to the hospital. When you see this kind of control happen to a highway, you can sense the fear by the government of what the masses might do to him.
In past years when previous presidents came to town, presidents truly loved to see the American people everywhere they went. And they were loved by the people as well. Compare president Kennedy and other presidential visits to the ultra-tight security we have today. Now only carefully pre-approved, metal detector scanned pro-president audience members are allowed within blocks of the president. These people are also required to have special tickets or passes to just to see him, and only a select few are allowed to shake his hand. Does this sound like a president who has the people's love and respect?
Or does this sound more like a president who is afraid of the people? Consider how we proved earlier that the concept of terrorists everywhere cannot possibly be true and of course, the government already knows this. That only leaves the people themselves for the president to be afraid of. If the decider wanted ordinary citizens near him, he could order the Secret Service to allow it. The Secret Service works for him, he does not work for them. But he does not want people near him. So why is this? Secretly, he's probably scared as hell when out in public about what might happen to him. Consider all he's done to help destroy America with lost lives, lost jobs, lost homes, brutal fuel and heating costs and other damage is it any wonder he's scared?
He continues to perform like the crazed employee who burns down the building of the only job in town. Forget about dogs ­ this president really does bite the hand that feeds him. This decider has been working hard every day to destroy America, while refusing to give any real aid or relief to the American people over the past seven years.
What good is a paltry "economic stimulus check" when it can't begin to cover the cost of living? If you lived on half an acre in a cardboard box, today a $1200 economic stimulus check wouldn't even pay the property taxes. And according to experts, these checks are really nothing more than a loan for which uncle will want it all back, probably including hidden interest. Watch and see what happens to your taxes next year. No wonder the decider is afraid of the people.
These are but a few examples of a power mad dictatorship and only scratch the surface.
I could go on and on, but these examples should be more than enough to get anyone who still loves American and FREEDOM thinking. How many will be mournfully pining to themselves one day, "I should have done something when I could." Especially when they watch friends, children, grandchildren and family suffer even more than they are now.
Did you ever think in your wildest dreams you would be paying more than $4.00 a gallon for gasoline in 2008? Experts are saying it could reach up to $10.00 a gallon, and stay that way. China is driving up the demand, causing a permanent price increase for the world to pay for.
Remember the grass-roots movements which forced ending of the Vietnam War, Richard Nixon to resign and the exposure of rendering prisoners for illegal torture. If you think that you can't do something that will help end this madness then you're just not thinking. I'm not suggesting anything for you to do. What you do is up to you.
When a self-appointed decider is performing actions that threaten the very existence of America, it won't be the efforts of any one person that will force change. It requires the efforts of thousands or millions of people. This is what causes great worry to those in power. Keep in mind that for everyone working in government from building janitors to the president, it's still a JOB and a source of income. They don't want to lose that job, any more than you want to lose your job.
Rats don't like the light of day no matter what hole they live in. We have the light of day on our side. Why become one of the guilty who, in the end because of inaction, must bow their head in shame and say, "I should have done something when I could."
America has reached a point where there is nothing to lose from action and everything to gain. When the remaining freedom is gone, so will ALL life as we live it today. It will never be the same again, no matter how much blood is shed or how many gallons of tears. There will be no turning back.
If everyone continues to sit idly by, web-pages, writings and essays such as this one will suddenly become forbidden material. Even reading or having writings like this in your computer will become a crime. Anything a citizen does in the name of freedom at that point in the future, will cause them to be considered an enemy of the state. Great patriots of our time like Keith Olberman will disappear overnight from the media. Who in their right mind wants that to sit idly by and wait for this to happen? To do nothing is to support tyranny. Who would want that on their conscious?
If you haven't read the Patriot Act yet, you owe it to yourself do so.
It will astound you at the length and breadth of it. How could such a draconian 1,200+ page document be ready for signing by Congress just a few days after 9-11? At 9:30 at night? Clearly, the Patriot Act document was already set to be rammed down Congress' throat during the planning of the WTC event - just like the photographs which were quickly distributed to newspapers showing the world exactly who all the "terrorists" are that did the attack. You see, time DOES prove all things. And as we have seen with newspapers, timing reveals many things as well.
Here a small sample from the 2001 Patriot Act table of contents ­ an Act clearly useful against patriots whenever so desired by the government. Parts of the Act have already been shot down in court when challenged.
Sec. 201. Authority to intercept wire, oral, and electronic communications relating
to terrorism.
Sec. 202. Authority to intercept wire, oral, and electronic communications relating
to computer fraud and abuse offenses.
Sec. 203. Authority to share criminal investigative information.
Sec. 204. Clarification of intelligence exceptions from limitations on interception
and disclosure of wire, oral, and electronic communications.
Sec. 205. Employment of translators by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
Sec. 206. Roving surveillance authority under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance
Act of 1978.
Sec. 207. Duration of FISA surveillance of non-United States persons who are
agents of a foreign power.
Sec. 208. Designation of judges.
Sec. 209. Seizure of voice-mail messages pursuant to warrants.
Sec. 210. Scope of subpoenas for records of electronic communications.
Sec. 211. Clarification of scope.
Sec. 212. Emergency disclosure of electronic communications to protect life and
Sec. 213. Authority for delaying notice of the execution of a warrant.
Sec. 214. Pen register and trap and trace authority under FISA.
Sec. 215. Access to records and other items under the Foreign Intelligence Surveil-
lance Act.
Sec. 216. Modification of authorities relating to use of pen registers and trap and
trace devices
Sec. 217. Interception of computer trespasser communications.
This is only a portion of the Section 2 table of contents. There are NINE other sections to it. Realistically, we may never have the entire Act repealed. Politics is often about compromise to get things done. But we can work toward having the more serious incursions on our freedoms repealed, and those that remain more tightly limited in scope. Exposure of it to the public is a good start. You can bet that very few Americans have read it, and have depended on mainstream media to review it for them. This is yet another big mistake.
Could anyone after reading everything presented here still look forward to bowing their head in shame and say, "I should have done something when I could?" Remember ­ all or part of ANY act can be REPEALED, and it will require sufficient pressure exerted by the people. (See [1] for the link to the actual text on a government website.) Even Richard Nixon stepped down as a result of public pressure.
Contrary to what government and media may want you to think, the American public still exerts considerable power on governmental actions. Congressman and senators often perceive silence from the public as acceptance, or even as a sign the public is condoning their actions. The biggest subliminal lie promoted by the media is to give you the impression that you are powerless. This lie is engineered to keep you from trying to do anything at all.
Is this the kind of America you want to pass on to your children, grandchildren, descendants and friends? To allow our countrymen to be afraid of terrorists who don't even exist ­ except at the highest levels of government? To bow your head one day, and say "I should have done something when I could."
What will YOU do about it?
Ted Twietmeyer
[]1 ­ Patriot Act text - http://frwebgate.access.gpo.gov/cgi-bin/getdoc.cgi?dbname
[2] -  A one hour documentary about a journalist exposing the rendering process aired on Link TV, on May 18, 2008.
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