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Revealed - Aluminum-Fluoride
Complex Insomnia

By Alan Graham
With Alfred Lehmberg
As folks age, many start to experience an insomnia for which medical science, apart from its plethora of toxic or additive Pharmaceuticals, offers suspect bupkis. Unfortunately, I don't have a really good natural remedy, either... even though there are many available, they never did much for me. Still, toward the end of this piece I'll give you the short story on SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), Melatonin-Light Discipline, etc. & share some things you can do which might help. Again, sadly, I think these things are of likely peripheral significance & likely to help only a few.
The "Buzz-Kill" set-up results from my contention that virtually every adult (especially the older ones - to include myself) are suffering, in widely varying degrees, from AlFx (Aluminum-Fluoride Complex) poisoning! This is a poisoning achieved as a result of a lifetime of ingesting Fluoride & Aluminum, forgetting the other toxins contributing: like Chlorine, Mercury & even oxidized Poly- Unsat Food Oils!
If you are being robbed of sleep by Aluminum-Fluoride Complex (AlFx), it is aggravating, but it is also very scary & insidious because if that is the case, reader, then not sleeping well is the least of your impending problems!
Please don't dismiss this by thinking your doctor is doing everything necessary on your annual "complete" physical to protect you - because he isn't! In fact he is very likely to use the TSH thyroid test results discussed below to do the exact "right thing" to exacerbate or worsen your condition! Yes.
"Why," you might ask. Well, for 2 really compelling reasons, for him:
1..The misdiagnosis will lead to the really big bucks in the future as a result of the major chronic diseases it causes requiring "management"... like heart-disease, high cholesterol, high BP, Kidney failure, MS & more, ad infinitum.
2..But most important, is they can easily get away with it because even though they do the exact WRONG thing, they will appear to be doing "everything they can," by the book, so no one is going to look deeper or ever make the connection to AlFx poisoning. So much for the image of heroic medico. J'Accuse!!
There might actually be a third reason, pure speculation & paranoia on my part, but they might be afraid of being "whacked" or "terminated with prejudice" because the players involved are Big, and I mean BIG multi-national corporations spewing out Fluoride (some of which is put in your toothpaste & Tap-water) & aluminum (some of which is in your Table-Salt, Tap-water, Antiperspirant & Antacids) like a toxic hydrant resulting in a High (hyper) Thyroid condition from AlFx poisoning. See? We're talking about our glad facilitation of multi-billion dollar industrial tentacles spreading corrosively into every facet of our existence and benefiting the very few at the expense of who remains.
I'm not very proud to say that a major portion of my adult life I was guilty of all the following (these are sort of in descending order of influence) :
1).. Tap-water - Arguable tied with Antacids for #1...tap-water has both elements for AlFx. Fluoride for strong teeth (actually, a toxin that makes your teeth harder but more brittle). Aluminum as an anti-clouding agent. Chlorine to kill bacteria (actually, attacks the Good bacteria in your gut, thus compromising your first line of defense, your gut, that protects you from the very toxins we are discussing).
Use Reverse-Osmosis or the best filter you can find, then store your clean cooking & drinking water in glass mason jars...don't use bottled water - the water is likely crap & the plastic bottle weeps and oozes crap.
2).. Antacids - Many contain various forms of aluminum while destroying valuable stomach acid needed to absorb minerals & other nutrients affecting to rid the body of accumulating toxins.
Instead of taking antacids, try the exact opposite by taking "stomach acid" in a capsule (Betaine HCL w. Pepsin)...most older people have TOO LITTLE stomach acid, which is the cause of heartburn...not too much acid.
3).. Fluoride Tooth-paste - Consuming this crap starts at an early age because so many children swallow tooth-paste...did you know there are crazy, sociopathic MD's who actually prescribe Fluoride tablets to children if they don't have fluorinated water in their area. These Bastards refusing an enlightenment on this issue should be jailed! Use a non-fluoride TP.
4).. Aluminum Cookware (to include the evil Teflon) - I was such a bonehead that for 15 years I not only cooked with Aluminum pots & pans but I would leave acidic tomato dishes like chili & spaghetti sauce in the pot for days in the frig to insure I got maximum leaching of Aluminum. Waiter! Check please! Glass & enameled cast iron are best, followed by cast iron.
5).. Beer & soda cans - Ahh...I never drank Beer...just ask my wife Morgan Fairchild, "yeah, that's the ticket." Seriously, it is speculated that a major component of the GWS (Gulf War Syndrome) is AlFx because of all those palates of canned beer & soda cooking out there in the 120 degree middle east sun... injury on top of insult.
6).. Table-salt - It's a double whammy...there's the Aluminum for anti-caking & large amounts of manmade Iodine contributing to the very thyroid disease that it was put in to prevent! How's that for irony? Use grey or pink sea-salt with ZERO additives.
7).. Baking powder, bleached flour & many other foods - contain Aluminum as an anti-caking agent. You can find most of these w/o aluminum, etc. on line or in a health food store.
8).. Tea (both green & black) - Tea sucks fluoride right out of the environment! If a tea plant & some other veggie are grown side by side, the tea will have about 7 times the fluoride. Look for an organic tea that advertises being grown in a fluoride-free environment...really cheap tea is the worst.
9).. Antiperspirants - These contain high amounts of Aluminum.
Here is the best, #1 tip de jour - use a mineral-salts stone like "Thai Crystal Deodorant Stone"....it non-toxically works better than ANY ANTIPERSPIRANT you can find. Additionally, a better diet itself will go a long, long way towards ones potential to provide offence to ones fellows... in other words, eat crap to smell like same, eh?
Here's why AlFx is so destructive & easy to unwittingly, or wittingly, mis-diagnose:
1.. The AlFx compound is a mimic of TSH, the Thyroid Stimulating Hormone which tells the thyroid when & how much T-4 hormone to release, when too little T-4 is detected in the blood. When the proper TSH is in control it runs on a cycle (12 hrs up & 12 hrs down) so at night every cell "powers-down" which allows GSH (Glutathione) to remove toxic metals, etc. while SOD (Super Oxide Dismutase) repairs the damage caused by those toxins...this also allows you to sleep. You see how critical this natural system is?
Half your "alive" time! Half!
2.. However, when AlFx takes the job away from the TSH, it runs "full-tilt-boogie" 24 hrs a day! What you "experience" is hyperthyroidism. HYPERthyroidism involves extreme tiredness, inability to sleep: no GSH to remove toxins & no SOD to repair the damage. More & more toxins build up displacing trace minerals necessary as molecular cofactors foreverything that goes on, chemically, in your body! You slowly get sicker and sicker & die before your time from any number of seemingly unrelated diseases.
3.. In reality? What you had all the time was HYPER (High) thyroid but look how the doctor has the perfect "get-out-of-jail-Free" card! See? the results of medico's "Gold-standard" Thyroid assessment, the TSH Test, will indicate HYPO (low) thyroid!
This is because the AlFx keeps "yelling" at the thyroid to make more T-4 as if the blood was low on T-4...so, the good doctor is covered when he reflexively gives you Synthetic T-4, Synthroid,
the "gold standard" wrong thing to do because you actually have HYPER (high) thyroid, not a HYPO (low) thyroid... so uncalled for T-4 just makes it worse.
4.. I wish I could say that if you stop ingesting the toxins & do the counter-measures of Supplements & Nutrition things would improve in short order, but that is not likely to happen any time soon, if ever -BUT- you can stop it from getting worse by doing a few things that you should be doing anyway. Things like eating green-leafy veggies, taking extra selenium, high fiber pectin foods or pectin fiber formula, avoiding tap-water & the other toxins I mentioned.
The reason for all my doom & gloom on the issue is that the reactive"pit-bull" atom, Fluorine, makes a nearly permanent bond at the TSH receptor site, as opposed to TSH which is occasionally swept out. Still, the real tragedy is that later on the resulting disease cannot, or more accurately, will not, likely be traced back to AlFx poisoning & the fact that the doctor did EXACTLY the wrong thing, will never be detected. Why? Because nobody will look, reader! The doctor will just give you Lipitor & Blood-pressure Med's for your failing Heart (or whatever) and then "Heroically" move on to his next victim... I mean patient...
When you "Stroke-out" they will all blame the butter & eggs you loved so much, when it was really "The Man" who killed you. You know, the FDA, the AMA, big industry & the best "Law-makers" money can buy!
Below is a list of things to do for general thyroid health... again, you should be doing these things anyway, even if there is no such thing as AlFx poisoning because there are many other toxins, etc. that your cells have to deal with... like oxidized Poly-Food Oil (Soy, Corn, etc.) & Mercury, just to name a couple.
A. Iodine - Use Sun-dried sea-salt or a legitimate Himalayan sea- salt instead of the potentially negative refined iodized salt. Iodized refined table salt in excess can led to both high & low thyroid. Sea salt also has iodine but in proportional trace amounts with the other 70+ trace minerals enjoying a synergistic effect, a symphony of nutritional efficaciousness opposed to table salts banging trash can lids.
The label must say "unrefined & nothing added" (it's the fraggin' additives like Aluminum for Anti-caking which are most harmful). Sea Salt is off-white or pink- if it's snow-white, it's refined. Also Sea-veggies like sea weed and kelp are good. Don't go crazy, though, with the liquid kelp. This is because there is no good test for iodine, see, so take a moderate dose and... see what happens. Really.
If you start feeling anxious, nervous, clammy or you develop "Betty Davis Eyes [slap-slap]" - then you've gone too far and are showing hyPERthyroid symptoms. The bulging eyes is usually the later symptom. Back off before you start singing raspy. TPO Test - Thyroid Peroxidase Test can indirectly show an iodine & selenium deficiency.
Some iodine rich foods are: 1). Eggs - cheap eggs are higher in omega 6 (anti-thyroid), cage-free eggs are higher in omega 3 (pro- thyroid). 2). Sea veggies - seaweed & kelp (powdered kelp can be used as a salt substitute). 3). Cranberry - only use health food store quality, 'no sugar added', highly concentrated juice and sweeten with Stevia.
B. EFA's - 1). Fish Oil and/or Krill Oil - to get the more complex Omega 3's (EPA & DHA) take a fairly LG divided dose...4 to 9 grams daily. 2). Flax Seed - 1 to 3 tablespoons ground fresh with coffee-grinder. 3). Black Currant Oil (BCO) - to get the more complex Omega 6 (GLA) take as directed on label. Avoid the less complex Omega 6 (LA) in soy, corn oils, etc. I personally don't care for Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) as a source of GLA because BCO has twice the GLA (17% compared to only 9% in EPO). It matters I think.
If you only take the Fish Oil or only take the Fish/Flax oil combo...either will probably do the job... BUT, if you want to 'knock it up a notch' and take GLA, always take with some Omega-3 source. Read "Fat Facts" at the web site to understand the necessary synergy between GLA (Black Currant) & ALA (Flax) or Fish/ Krill (EPA & DHA). Don't eat fish for Omega-3 - too much mercury.
C. Selenium - the Super Star of mineral antioxidants and necessary for production of T-4 & T-4 to T-3 conversion...take 400mcg of Selenomethionine daily, in addition to the 70mcg or so, found in your Multi but NO MORE than the additional 400mcg.
Mercury blocks selenium... so NO fish! The seas could do with a recovery, nes't ce pas?
D. Zinc & Copper - also needed for T-4 production & T-3 conversion. Necessary to stimulate the pituitary signaling the thyroid to make more thyroid hormones. Always take at a 10 or 15 to 1 ratio with Copper. If you take 30mg Zinc- take about 2mg Copper...you can safely take this amount (30mg & 2mg) in addition to the amount usually found in your Multi., which is about 15mg & 1mg.
E. Vitamin D3 - necessary for thyroid production. Take 800 to 1200iu of D3 only - avoid the potentially toxic D2 found in milk.
The very best & safest D-3 comes from exposure to the sun. Most brands of the great probiotic dairy product, Kefir, also uses D3. Never take Vit. D without Calcium. Southern Canada's sun can make D-3 in the summer but not the winter..."Rule of Thumb" - if your shadow is shorter than your height, then your skin will make D-3.
Dermatologist lie - Exposure to Vit.D producing UVB from the noon day sun helps protect you from skin cancer as long as you don't burn...that's why people in northern new England have more skin cancer than folks in the sunny south...just NEVER burn.
F. Vitamin E - take 400iu of "Natural Mixed" Tocopherol. 2nd best is "d" alpha Tocopherol...NEVER use "dl" alpha.
G. L-Tyrosine - the Amino Acid that is the precursor to T-4 and the wonderful Co Q-10 (the #1 heart muscle supp.) It is best if you take the whole spectrum of Amino Acids ...again it's that synergistic thing. A good way to do that is consume WPI (Whey Protein Isolate) every day. Don't take Tyrosine with MAO inhibitors - it could cause high BP.
H. Antioxidants - along with the already mentioned Selenium... take the 3 heavy-weights of antioxidants, R Fraction Alpha Lipoic Acid, Grape Seed Extract & instead of taking the True King of antioxidants, GSH, (which is not readily absorbed when taken as supplement), take the cheaper, GSH precursor, NAC (take with 1000mg of Vit.C). NAC works in synergy with selenium & Vit.E.
I. Progesterone - if menopausal, progesterone can help the thyroid where as estrogen is anti-thyroid. You may need an estrogen / progesterone combo (natural, if possible) because menopausal hormones being in balance is a way to insure your thyroid hormones are in balance.
J. Take a good Multi (NOT freaking Centrum or comparable Crap) - No minerals chelated with Carbonate or Oxide, look for Amino-Acid Chelated, Kreb's Cycle, Citrate, Lactate, Gluconate, etc. - no Vit.D-2 (ergocalciferol), look for D-3 (Cholecalciferol) - No Vit.E that is "dl", look for "d" or "Natural-Mixed".
K. Calcium & Magnesium - Can help eliminate Aluminum from your body. NEVER use calcium CARBONATE or magnesium OXIDE. always use an organic chelation like Amino-Acid Chelation or Citrate, et al.
L. Use a fiber formula (first thing every morning) that contains Apple Pectin (binds with metals) but does not contain PRE-ground flaxseed. If you grind your flaxseed in a coffee-grinder & use it right away, then you avoid the high oxidation found in pre-ground seed.
Most holistic practitioners, to include a growing number of MDs, NEVER recommend destroying part of your thyroid with radioactive iodine or a poison like methimazone, or surgically removing part of the thyroid to slow down hormone production in the event you have hyperthyroidism. Invariably, this will drive you into low thyroid from which you may never recover.
What to do initially... and forever:
One major consideration -and one of those thing that make you go "hmmmm- is that medical doctors never mention the first line of defense concerning the prevention or the treatment of a disease, and that is a fine-tuned gut facilitated by the optimum diet. This is my initial approach to virtually every ailment because it can ONLY help... it can't hurt. Truly, how many dodgy pharmz can say that?
Consider, almost every disease either comes through the gut, or is a result of a sick, inefficient gut. A healthy digestive system not only means maximum absorption of nutrients to fight or prevent disease, but it is, as I said above, the first line of defense against poisons, toxins, and the ever present candida yeast causing diseases like, you guessed it, low thyroid.
Here's what to do specifically: Questions? ask alan068@centurytel.net
1. Follow the "Helicopter Pilot's Diet" found in LivingTree Root #007 found at: http://www.alienview.net/ALLT1.html
2. Try Betaine HCL with Pepsin - if your stomach doesn't get warm and if you don't have an ulcer or gastritis, then continue with this "stomach acid in a capsule" with every protein-containing meal. If you take HCL just before eating & your stomach starts feeling real warm it means you probably have enough acid... don't get excited, don't take an antacid! Just drink some cool water to dilute the HCL. Remember, it has to be acid at that point because it needs to be alkaline further downstream... the inverse of that provoked by a dodgy diet is what causes the lions share of health issues, et al, to start!
3. Take a broad spectrum of digestive enzymes with first bite of meal...get one with Cellulase & Lactase if you do dairy - Please stay away from the "evil" Milk. If you are missing a Gall-bladder, then take a formula with Ox-bile.
4. Take a broad spectrum of "Heat-Stabilized" probiotics like acidophilus, etc, or even better, drink a cup or 2 of plain Kefir every day.
5. Stay away from sugar / refined carbos, TransFat from pHVO (partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil), poly food oil (all Vegetable Oil is bad except Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil or Hexan-Free Unrefined Coconut Oil), burnt fat or toasty-brown carbos (both high in Free-Radicals), antacids & carbonated drinks (Destroys valuable stomach acids). The sugaris particularly antagonistic to GSH & SOD.
Oh, and as I promised above, if you suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder): Do some research and find a good UV light box to sit, or read, in front of. Research atwww.mercola.com is a good place to start.
Wake up to really bright lights. See, ones tries to mimic just how we evolved, where the equatorial transition from bright light to pitch black is very rapid... right? So, do the same in your life, with lights. If you are over 40 & not sleeping well, then just before bed you might consider taking 1 to 3mg of Melatonin (see warning below)... melatonin is also a powerful antioxidant with a unique property unlike almost any other...that is, it can readily pass the "Blood-Brain-Barrier" helping to protect you from dementia & Cancer, even, while helping you sleep.
"WARNING" - NEVER take melatonin during the day - only at night, just before bed. If you take it at the start of the day it will not only screw-up your circadian cycle (your 24 hour internal "clock") but it will actually become an "anti"-antioxidant. Also, I don't think young people need to take Melatonin... wait till you are over 40 when your melatonin production starts slowing down...in fact even if you are over 40, it would be wise to first try taking a large dose of Magnesium just before bed to help you relax (maybe 400 to 500mg of Amino-Acid Chelated Mag. or Mag. Citrate)...yes, you need both Calcium & Magnesium, but you can take them separately at different times of the day. Also, try getting lots of bright- light & sunlight during the day & then when you go to sleep make sure there is NO LIGHT...not the alarm-clock lite, not even the tiny "stand-by" lites on your stereo or TV...I mean "PITCH farkin' DARK". Wear a mask if necessary.
This total darkness, after a day of bright sunlight, encourages your natural melatonin to come out and "play"...thus protecting you from Cancer & dementia while additionally helping you sleep.
Believe it or not, you are doing your child a disservice by letting them use a nite-lite... please read all about "Nite-Lites" at www.mercola.com. Sobering stuff.
The reason you should try the magnesium at bedtime first is because there is evidence that taking large doses of melatonin for extended periods can reduce your bodies ability to produce melatonin on its own. So young people, in particular, shouldn't "willy-nilly" be popping melatonin.
That's about it folks - don't be surprised if your MD says I'm crazy, but ask him WHY & then let me know ...I think I can blow him out of the water, and folks, he's undeserving of the privilege of floating.
That's enough.
Well be.
Alan Graham
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