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US Government RATS Did
The Anthrax Attacks

By Karl Schwarz
Yes, Dr. Bruce E. Ivins is now 'Suspect Number One' for the 2001 anthrax attacks on America. He supposedly killed himself (with relatively slow-acting tylenol-codeine) rather than face criminal indictment, trial and possible execution. Among the strangeness surrounding his 'suicide', Ivins died even before the formal complaint was finished that was to be filed against him.
Case closed? Not even close.
Odds are the 'rats' in our US government are trying to close off the trail so people will quit cornering them again and again with the truth of their obvious attempts not to investigate the anthrax attacks and bring the true guilty parties to justice.
Odds are these same US government rats were the perpetrators of that anthrax attack for a few simple reasons:
1. The weaponized anthrax used was the type of Ames Strain that is only available at a very few places, including the Fort Detrick MD CBW weapons research lab.
2. Once that fact is established (and it is), it narrows the list down even more.
There is also a good chance that Dr. Ivins was eliminated so this story will fade away and people will stop demanding action and the truth.
Remember that the anthrax attack occurred while Bush was trying to push through Patriot Act I and begin his attack on Afghanistan.
Two possible blockades to getting Patriot Act 1 passed were Senator Tom Daschle and Senator Tom Leahy - both of whom received 'anthrax letters' at their DC offices on Capital Hill. Both were pushing amendments to the Patriot Act I to protect US civil liberties which were about to be trampled by Bush in his ramrod version of that grievously un-Constitutional bill.
This was all transpiring while BushCo was getting the troops and naval ships into position to attack Afghanistan on October 7, 2001. There was a pipeline deal to steal, the same one that Obama and Zbig think they will get done once Barky takes the throne.
This entire fiasco regarding the Anthrax attack on the US is far from being resolved. The FBI has apparently been told to not dig to the bottom of the barrel and solve the case once and for all. A full, unimpeded investigation of the matter would probably indict Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Tony Blair, several in Tel Aviv, and a gaggle of DoD subcontractors all working in unison to make the threat of Global 'Terror' seem real. Real enough, that every time DC says "BOO!" the majority of Americans either jump under their beds or freeze like deer in the headlights.
If you take the time to read this following series of articles that appeared in The Hartford Courant, Connecticut, there are some key threads and statements made that start to shed some light on what was and is really going on.
BioPort, the original maker of the anthrax vaccine for the Department of Defense, keeps making the statement that its vaccine is 'safe' and has been 'proven to be safe.' Bush used those 'findings' to propose that every man, woman and child in America should be forced to take the (often debilitating, sometimes death- dealing) shots under 'Project BioShield.'
Trust me, folks, absolutely, totally and unequivocally REFUSE to have this vaccine administered to you or anyone you know or love.
It will terminate your current status of health...and possibly your life.
There was so much liability headed toward BioPort from wrongful death lawsuits resulting from their crappy, deadly vaccine that they made a quick offshore move to avoid liability and merged with DynPort Vaccines, LLC, a shady entity that is both biotech company and a mercenary soldier parent company. DynCorp was later bought out by SAIC, one of the BushCo bandits in this bogus Global War on Terror.
The statements from BioPort regarding the 'proven safety' of its defective, destrctive product are bald-faced lies. Their vaccine was NOT proven safe in FDA clinical trials. Tragically, the approval to inject the vaccine into US troops was expedited and rubber stamped without any clinical trial, and countless thousands of our young men and women have paid a terrible price ever since.
That is Lie Number One and more of them just keep piling up.
Always remember, those folks in DC are LIARS.
The doctors and nurses at Landstuhl, Germany were under direct orders to falsify the medical records of the US soldiers when they found such strange side effects from this vaccine as "mystery pneumonia." This condition is medically and scientifically termed as eosinophilia...where the sacs of the lungs literally ooze profusely and drown the patient. More on that subject below.
They are also told to falsify the medical records regarding how many US soldiers are developing DVT (deep vein thrombosis, leading to heart attack, stroke and pulmonary embolism) and amyloidosis within months after receiving this deadly toxin of a vaccine.
The Chapter 5 of my book 'One-Way Ticket to Crawford Texas' addressed this matter in considerable detail:
<start insert, Chapter 5>
""Conveniently left off that short list is DynPort Vaccine, LLC, formed in 1997 and a joint venture of DynCorp, a major Bush backer and owned now by Computer Sciences Corporation, also a major Bush backer, and Ipsen, a company based in the UK where they merged or backed Porton into Ipsen without any public announcement of that event. I thought it was odd to have missed what might be the real game, the real story; i.e. DynCorp and BioPort in bed together. In certain circles, DynCorp is euphemistically called "The Mercenary Company" and that their name just keeps getting left off the list and named in the articles should raise your eyebrows and the hair on the back of your neck.
Some of you more informed readers will remember that former DynCorp chairman Pug Winokur was heavily involved in that colossal fraud named Enron.""
<end insert, Chapter 5>
This is also right out Chapter 5 and no, this matter is not solved and this matter is not going to go away until the true guilty parties are held accountable for criminal negligence and terrorist act of murder in the US and inflicted upon Our US Soldiers.
<start insert, Chapter 5>
''There has been a book written about this wonderful insider deal anthrax vaccine[1] and the following is part of a teaser from a site selling that book:
"Is the anthrax vaccine as bad as people say it is? No ­ it's worse, says author Lt. Col. Thomas S. Heemstra, author of, Anthrax: A Deadly Shot in the Dark: Unmasking the Truth Behind a Deadly Vaccine."
This came from another source[2] and there are many highlighting these facts trying to get to the truth:
"After the attacks of September 11th, President George Walker Bush placed BioPort's North Lansing laboratory under protection, invoking the national interest. Interestingly enough, the Italian magazine Il Manifesto reported, in its October issue, that this happened at the same time that the FBI also placed the El Hibri's at the top of their list of suspects for sending anthraxspores through the mail system. "
Did our President stall and impede another investigation?
There is one possible reason why our President does not want anyone looking into the matter since BioPort and George Herbert Walker Bush are connected via Carlyle Group.
Nothing impresses me more than to see present and former military persons stand up for those that are currently in uniform and being treated wrong or shabbily by the current occupant of the White House after they have served this nation and remain vigilant because they know that there are some real "sleaze persons" in the DoD, our government and certain defense contractors:
Al Capone would have been proud.
"Former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Adm. William J. Cro questionable "vaccine" that is supposed to "protect" the nation's military from the deadly orga nisms.
Not only does Crowe and his mysterious pal, Faud El-Hibri, get an exclusive multi-million dollar contract to produce anthrax vaccine, but the Government agrees to pay triple the original cost in the contract, from $3.50 a dose, to over ten dollars! This, after the company Crowe and El-Hibri partly own - Bioport of Lansing, Mich. - was temporarily shut down by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) after it failed an inspection in November."
This is the type of human being that would be inclined to hire mercenary DynCorp, in my humble opinion.''
<end insert, Chapter 5>
Former Admiral William Crowe is a Neocon and a thug who has paved the way for an unsafe product to be injected into the bodies of now well over 1.5 million US troops who then go serve in the monumental lie of the 'Global War on Terror.'
Crowe is a terrorist, part of arming Saddam Hussein with CBW to attack Iran right along with Cheney and Rumsfeld. Then to line his pockets even more, he joins BioPort and gets that vaccine pumped into all US troops, many of whom now have ruined health for the rest of their lives...all due to greedy pricks like Retired Admiral Crowe.
<start insert, Chapter 5>
""FDA approval granted without testing
In its haste to push this vaccine and order U.S. troops to take it, the normal FDA approval[4] process was expedited and appropriate testing was not performed. Even after problems began to be known neither the FDA, DoD nor BioPort have backed up to re-evaluate their actions, this vaccine, or the present and long-term medical complications it is causing and more importantly, known to be causing to our military troops[5].""
<end insert, Chapter 5>
There is plenty of evidence that the BioPort anthrax vaccine, now DynPort Vaccine LLC, is deadly, pure crap and was absolutely not needed except to fill the right pockets in DC...criminals who have no regard whatsoever for the harm they have done to our military.
<start insert, Chapter 5>
""Pneumonia Mystery
UPI reported in August 2003[6] that medical teams had been sent due to about 100 cases of pneumonia that had been contracted by our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. That number is now in the thousands of cases of pneumonia[7], but this particular pneumonia is proving out in the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center (a DoD hospital being used for Iraq and Afghanistan casualties and other health issues) to be something quite unusual. They are running tests and there is no bacterium or virus present in these thousands of cases of pneumonia.
What is a commonality is that all of the troops were forced to take the anthrax vaccine shortly before being deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. I personally know oneUS soldier that has had this mystery pneumonia four times while deployed to Iraq since March 2003.
UPI Investigative reporter Mark Benjamin came across this story and I have tried to persuade some of my sources to talk to him about what they know. They are afraid because the US Army has threatened people regarding any discussion of the various medical conditions that are popping up and, being confirmed by tests, and the apparent links that may go back to this sweetheart deal vaccine that BioPort sells to our DoD as a sole source provider. I personally think if the whole ugly story were known, the real manufacturer is DynPort and BioPort is a ruse knowing that the litigation is coming and they are positioned already to make sure no plaintiff ever collects a dime in judgments. There is a word that fits; it is called "sleazy".""
<end insert, Chapter 5>
The correct diagnosis this thus, and is being created by the debilitating and sometimes deadly anthrax vaccine.
<start insert, Chapter 5>
""Acute eosinophilic pneumonia or AEP. AEP is an acute pneumonia with fever but without identifiable infectious cause. It starts rapidly and soon progresses to respiratory failure.""
<end insert, Chapter 5>
It is the shitty anthrax vaccine, folks. Our nanotech researchers have been on this matter for 4 years but Washington, DC is full of liars and despicable people who will do anything but own up to the truth. To further fleece the US taxpayers and fatten their portfolios, these cretins would, if they could, shoot this deadly crap into every American under the bogus "Project BioSheild.' program. They've already used it on every US soldier and results have been despicably devastating and in a real court of law constitute nothing less than criminal negligence and intent to harm...and all of it just to make a buck.
Evidently, the FBI has been told 'hands off' and to stay away from the most likely suspects.
This is a person who was monitored by the security systems of Fort Detrick as entering the building at odd hours, conducting 'research' when no one else was around and, according to some, caught on security cams in the virus storage areas without authorization. He may also be the one who stole the exact same type of weaponized anthrax and then used it to spook Americans into hiding under their shadows every time the word 'anthrax' or 'terrorists' or that phony 'terror threat color alert' was rolled out and bludgeoned into the heads of every American by every lap dog media outlet and every fraud politician in DC.
"Lab specimens of anthrax spores, Ebola virus and other pathogens disappeared from the Army's biological warfare research facility in the early 1990s, during a turbulent period of labor complaints and recriminations among rival scientists there, documents from an internal Army inquiry show. "
A 'person of interest' in a real investigation would be one who tried to pin the theft of pathogens and anthrax attacks on an Egyptian scientist who worked at Fort Detrick.
Dr. Philip M. Zack was employed at Fort Detrick and he was ordered to leave due to his harassment of an Egyptian who had come to America 25 years before the anthrax attacks. The person he was harassing and tried to set up was Dr. Ayaad Assaad. The FBI has already questioned Dr. Assaad and he was cleared, so why did they not focus on the person who tried to set him up for those anthrax attacks?
Due to his actions towards Dr. Assaad alone, it is not a stretch to say that Dr. Philip Zack has every appearance of being an Arab- hating Jew.
Who is Dr. Philip Zack? Apparently, a Zionist Jew for starters or just a Zionist. Some claim he is Catholic. Since it was Israel that was pushing so hard for the total destruction of Iraq, we have a possible motive right there to make America think the bogus Global War on Terror was a real threat.
Where was Dr. Zack employed after he was ordered out of one of the top United States CBW government labs?
"Anyway, this same Dr. Zack worked for Gilead Sciences in 2000. This is the same Gilead Sciences that invented Tamiflu, which has become popular and profitable after the bird flu scare. This is the same Gilead Sciences that makes popular medicines treating AIDS (that many people believe was developed in American military laboratories). And who owns Gilead Sciences? A major stockholder is none other than NeoCon Donald Rumsfeld, who at one time was its CEO. Also, Tony Blair of England, who joined Bush in the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. And Tom Brokaw who had received one of the anthrax letters. And another major shareholder is none other than NeoCon Cindy McCain, possibly the next first lady of the US."
Are you starting to get the picture?
Is it sinking in yet that the extent that you, America, and the world were lied to by these sub-human greed obsessed morons in Washington, DC?
The FBI has been playing "Where's Waldo?" for over 6 years...and now their only suspect is dead?? They have yet to truly focus on who might be the real evildoer.
To make the anthrax vaccine, both BioPort and DynPort Vaccine would HAVE to use the Ft. Detrick weaponized anthrax as the baseline for the vaccine.
I have looked and there is no record of where Dr. Philip Zack was employed during the Fall of 2001 when these attacks occurred. I'll bet if a real investigation were conducted, ties between Dr. Philip Zack, Retired Adm. Crowe, BioPort, DynPort Vaccine, etc, would not be that hard to find. It is established that Zack worked for Gilead Sciences and that ties him to Donald Rumsfeld.
Why do they lie so much? So these people could pull off a $5+ trillion genocide/oil theft war scam and try to steal about (current dollars) $20 to $25 trillion in Caspian Basin oil and natural gas.
They have killed over 1 million in Iraq and Afghanistan, so what are a few anthrax attack deaths on top of that? There is no telling how many they killed inTurkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan to remove obstacles (often entire families) in their way to try to gain control of that $20 to $25 trillion in oil and natural gas.
Have you yet had enough of being lied to by these despicable bastards and bitches in DC who pretend they are representing you and leading America?
They are robbing America. WAKE UP.
These people are not defending America by ANY measure. They are slaughtering millions and destroying entire nations to line their pockets. WAKE UP.
This has all been a complete and total fraud to hide the Rape of America. WAKE UP.
YOUR graves are being dug.
[7]http://www.upi.com/view.cfm?StoryID=20030915-014545-8114r; [Author's note: nurses from Landstuhl confirmed to me that they have seen hundreds of cases of this mystery pneumonia. Troops returned from Iraqconfirmed that many had it and were not sent to US or Germany. The total is a very big number and I personally know one soldier that has had it four times in the past 12 months.]
Hmm, an interesting thing happened on the way to The Truth. Due to my latest article on the Anthrax "Where's Waldo" sweepstakes, I awakened this morning to a tip from a reader I know.  I wonder if the FBI has spoken to the person named in it. My source is a retired high-level officer of our military.
"Karl...Another great hit! Thanks again.  Remember the NEOCON GWB insider, Jerome Hauer?  He's the guy who was spreading the word to other administration insiders to start taking the Cipro drug just prior to the anthrax mailouts." 
I wonder how, if this is true, Jerome Hauer knew about attacks that were not even being discussed or had happened yet?
Seriously, folks, is Mr. Hauer clairvoyant...or is he one of the 'RAT Team' who knows what a total lie the Global War on Terror is?
Hmm, and what, might you ask, is the latest on Mr. Hauer?
Why, he is now on the board of Emergent Biosolutions - the new parent of BIOPORT!
They keep changing parents (from BioPort, to DynPort Vaccine, to SAIC, and now to Emergent Biosolutions) because of the huge amount of criminal negligence and wrongful death litigation claims that have been filed against these thugs.
Sniff, sniff, yep, I say we got a possible RAT here.  
You folks over at FBI, this is worth looking into as well, when you finally get around to addressing the issue of the mysterious Dr. Philip Zack.
August 4, 2008
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