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Phoenix Lander Images
Already Censored By NASA?
Oh what tales NASA can weave, after practicing to deceive...

By Ted Twietmeyer
Phoenix Mars Lander (image from JPL, not Mars)
First black and white May 25, 2008 image of Martian arctic landscape, taken from jpl-nasa NASA website. This is claimed to be a "raw image before processing." But JPL-NASA doesn't say just what the processing does. Surface is believed to be hard and with little dust, since the spacecraft's foot did not settle into the surface.
At 9:52PM on May 25th, 2008 there was a live NASA broadcast from NASA-JPL. A woman named Gay Yee Hill was the moderator for the NASA broadcast. What follows is what transpired on the NASA channel, about 90 minutes after the spacecraft landed. Statements shown in quotations are exact quotes of statements made.
One of the JPL engineers declared and I quote here verbatim, "They have images at the science operations center in Tucson, but we don't have them yet." Right after he said that, the live audio feed for the on-screen video was muted to an almost inaudible level until the images appeared on a wall television display at JPL. On this great historic moment, WHY was there such a delay in JPL displaying these images? It should have been essentially instantaneous.
Several minutes later only a few images from Mars were shown in this order: 1. Several images of the Phoenix solar panel array 2. One image of a circular foot pad supporting the Phoenix spacecraft. This is very similar to the foot pads on the Lunar Lander or Viking Lander. 3. One image of the horizon.
Were any of these images in color? Of course not. Lots of hugs were exchanged at JPL on camera live in color between the staff... while they waited for more black and white images to arrive from the science operations center.
Here in 2008, WHY are we still seeing MONOCROME images? This is absolutely unforgivable to still be doing this trick. The color images from Mars are obtained from a solid state camera, very similar to a typical camcorder or cell phone which almost everyone owns today (but much higher resolution.) Color information is already present in Mars images, but clearly this was deleted for reasons not explained.
The woman interviewing a project engineer eventually asked, "Will we be seeing color images?" The answer was "Yes indeed, we will be seeing color images [short pause here in his voice] in the future." But she never asked why these images today were in black and white today. Technically, there is NO reason for these live images to not be in color except for one major reason - people will realize that Mars isn't red after all, but it has a blue sky almost identical to that of Earth (which I proved with NASA images in my book.) Color image information is being sent to Earth right now, and there is no real reason whatsoever not to show these historic, polar images from Mars in black and white. Perhaps that's was "processing" does to Mars images - it alters them look so they will look like what NASA thinks the public expects to see.
After about 20 minutes, the interviewer Gay Yee Hill announced "JPL's part in the mission is now done, and they will be handing control of the mission to the University of Arizona." The NASA television special ended shortly thereafter. Images from JPL continued but audio was completely muted
What we saw today is a dramatic replay of the Viking lander more than 30 years ago, complete with another image of the spacecraft's foot and a view of the horizon. But those images broadcast more than 30 years ago from Mars were in COLOR. But not images in 2008! Who can believe this nonsense?
Data4science.net will continue to watch and report on the drama, with more reports coming on this mission as they develop. I exposed this very same censorship with the two rovers Spirit and Opportunity back in 2005 with in my book, "What NASA Isn't Telling You About Mars" (available from www.bookonmars.info .)
One can only hope that the images we are seeing actually are coming from Mars...and not from a stage somewhere.
Ted Twietmeyer
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