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Bush And His Zionist Pals -
Stupid Is As Stupid Does

By Karl Schwarz
I was wondering why Vladimir Putin was representing Russia at the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympic Games. Within minutes, the news broke that Russia had moved an armored division into South Ossetia and Russian jets were pounding targets in Georgia.
Oops.  There goes another Bush Pipedream up in smoke.
Of course, the Western Zionist media reported only the US/Zionist/CIA and Georgia side of what happened. Russia did NOT attack, Russia responded to an attack on Russian peacekeepers that killed 10 and injured more. Russia has also moved to protect Russian citizens who live in South Ossetia.
America, if you want to avert a major war you need to turn off the TV, get on the telephone and rock DC to its stupid evil core.  
Call your Congressman, call both Senators and make it clear to them that YOU, AMERICA, WILL NOT TOLERATE AN ATTACK ON IRAN OR ANY MORE SANCTIONS AGAINST IRAN. STAND DOWN...or get ready to pay the Zionist pipers, bigtime.
Zionist/BigOil/BushCo is desperate because it has accomplished NOTHING since 9-11 but pile up lies, debt, destroy and loot America, and commit mass genocide and war crimes.
By the stroke of a pen, Russia has taken over most of the entire Caspian Basin area's natural gas. Since I last reported on that - and Gazprom also cutting a major deal with Venezuela - Gazprom has now entered the Ireland market in force while BushCo is yet to acheive anything but one useless photo op after another, one lie after another, and one failure after another...militarily and diplomatically.
One of the reasons this new 'international' (oh, please) naval armada of FOUR US nuclear-powered carrier (floating coffin) strike forces is headed to the Persian Gulf area is supposedly a rotation of US carrier groups. The other reason is the BushCo/Big Oil/Zionists banksters intend to slap a naval embargo on Iran to try to knuckle them under to Zionist demands.
That is a MONUMENTALLY STUPID plan, so read on and I will explain why it is so.
Such an insane blunder will set the stage for a military confrontation between the US/UK and Russia/China. 
Folks, that is Two Superpowers against One Superpower and a wannabe, has-been. The French contribution to that armada does not matter. Going to WAR without France is like going deer hunting without your accordion.  
Do not email these sleazy morons in DC, they delete most on the spot.  Using email to contact those whores is just another cheap trick to keep you thinking they give a rat's ass about what you and the American pubic thinks. 
Intead - Call the bastards, send them faxes but do not waste precious time emailing those lying DC dirtbags.
Read on and you will understand why.
The world is at a very, VERY dangerous stage right now and the perpetrators are the US, UK and Israel. Iran, Russia and China have demonstrated a remarkable level of restraint...but that is now past.  The Bear is fully-aroused and pissed.  The Chinese have had it with Junior's vile insults and the Zionist efforts to threaten their vital oil and gas deals in Iran and the Caspian.
These people are not kidding; the US liars and gangsters are not going to get their way...on anything.
If you have been keeping up with the news out of the Caspian Basin area, Georgia attacked South Ossetia and killed 10 Russian peacekeepers. South Ossetia wishes to be part of Russia again, not part of Western/CIA/Zionist influenced Georgia. Many of the people in South Ossetia are Russian citizens and Russia has moved to protect them.  And Russia is 100% morally-justified in doing so. 
Current news reports as of noon Central Europe Time indicate that about 1,500 are dead in South Ossetia, some of them are Russian citizens who live there, not the Russian military forces that have been moved in.
Remember well, America, that Bush's Black, Gap-Toothed Poodle, Candy Rice, was recently in Georgia while Bush was at the G8 meetings. She pledged her support for Georgia and NATO membership...for a nation that is nowhere CLOSE to Europe. 
BushCo is desperate to get a pipeline through Georgia to the Black Sea. That is one of the few routes they have out of the Caspian Basin's landlocked oil and gas deals.
Georgia attacked, killed 10 Russian peacekeepers and now several thousand residents of South Ossetia have been killed and wounded. The Russian response was swift and empathetic. The Russian Bear is ANGRY and this Idiot BushCo plan is not going to be tolerated any longer.
Russia moved immediately and put an armored division in South Ossetia and Russian jet fighters pounded targets in Georgia. Military operations continued into Saturday on this side of the world with Russian jets obliterating more targets in Georgia including an entire military base at Gori, Georgia.
The Georgia oil port of Poti has apparently also been destroyed by Russian jets.
Moscow is also sending in even more tanks for peace enforcement.  All America heard was the handpicked Zionist President of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvili, whining that the Big Bully Russia was attacking poor little Georgia with 'aggression.'  They are NOT admitting it was the US and Georgia who started things.
Pay attention ­ THE RUSSIAN BEAR IS MAD...AND IT CHARGED WHEN IT WAS ATTACKED. Russia did NOT start this crap - George W Bush, Zionists and Mikheil Saakashvili did.
As of 12:15pm Central Europe Time, the Kremlin has made an announcement that they have 'no territorial aims' regarding Georgia.  They have moved to protect South Ossetia and Russian citizens who live there and Russia has made it clear that it means business.
It is MORE than blatantly obvious/odious that BushCo planned this to coincide with the Opening Ceremonies of China's 2008 Beijin Olympics. That way, Bush could be in Beijing and appear to have nothing to do with Georgia starting another 'Bush Dirty Diaper Op.'  Trust me, folks, this has turned into another soiled Bush Diaper already, and Russia is not going to back up or back down. The BushCo perps are feeling for their first time what Russian military might looks like and feels like.
Putin, Medvedev and the Russian military have warned the EU and the US many, many times ­ STOP pushing EU and NATO membership to our borders.  No one in the EU, NATO, London or Washington DC bothered to listen or take the Russians seriously enough.
Just this morning while America slept, Russia has moved in more armor, more airstrikes into Georgia and the EU is panicking.  This time Bush went too far, and even the UN is having fits trying to draft a letter that is acceptable to all parties asking for a cease fire.
When the USSR broke up, Russia withdrew, pay attention, withdrew 80 armored divisions from Europe and former CIS states. The US does not have 80 armored divisions ANYWHERE.
The Russian response to the lunatic Bush 'Defensive' Missile Shield is they are now putting deadly Russian missiles in place to take out Junior's skyrockets. 
Where this has now passed the Stuck-on-Stupid phase - even by Bush Standards of Stupidity - is that the BushCo Zionists are STILL trying to scheme and plot and lie so they can justify an attack on IRAN.
The US recently announced that it may close the Strait of Hormuz...so Iran cannot export its oil, gas and petrochemicals.  A blockade of Iran.
You can be absolutely certain that CHINA is not going to tolerate that. Iran is supplying it oil and liquefied natural gas under a $400 billion contract and Iran also supplies India, Indonesia, Malaysia and most of the Pacific Rim with its oil and LNG. Much of the energy needs of the EU, in fact, comes from Iran. I know for a fact that Austria gets 25% of its energy supplies from Iran, hence, it is not backing the BushCo/Zionist plan to attack Iran.
Many in the EU are going to bolt because much of the oil and natural gas to the EU comes from Iran.
Even Angela Merkel-Schmerkel is whining about someone in her government cutting an important natural gas deal with Iran.  Not hard to understand why.  Germany needs the natural gas but now Schmerkel has to explain herself to her Zionist Masters...a little tricky after she went to Israel and groveled before the Israeli Knesset parliament.  Yeah, I can almost hear her now: "Germany supports Zionist desires to attack Iran and save the world from Iranian nukes.  And, oh, by the way, Germany is so very sorry for the (Holohoax) Holocaust.'
The German people were livid at her groveling before the Knesset in Tel Aviv. Germany has been on its knees before Zionism since it lost the War.
Listen clearly - No One is going to sit still for a US naval blockade of Iran, NO ONE. Both Russia and China will respond and it will be with force. 
Russia has just made it abundantly clear to Georgia what the price is for killing Russians under Lunatic Bush/Zionist Plans.
Russia can easily crush the entire country of Georgia, and will do just that if it does not cease and desist. They are showing the scenes on BBC out of London, RTR Planeta out of Moscow, ProSeiben 7 out of Germany and other television stations.  Russia is striking back in force and they are increasing their ability by the hour to put more troops, tanks and jets into position to crush Georgia if that little Bush Ally wants to play hardball with the Russian Bear.
Where this Bush 'shits and giggles' game has now reached the WARNING SIGN is that there are many Russian contractors and Russian technicians at the Iranian Nuclear sites that Bush and Israel wish to bomb.
There is no way to avoid killing or injuring RUSSIANS at those sites in Zionist obsession to take over Iran and destroy it as they have done to IRAQ.
If anyone in America thinks Russia will not, cannot, defend its interests, let the US attack Iran and see how fast Russia and China ram reality up America's butt and down its throat.
Liars, lies and more damned lies - THAT is BushCo and its Zionist criminal co-conspirators in London and Tel Aviv.
UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown, John McCain and Barky Obama have all been in Israel within the past month speaking to the Zionist Knesset parliament, and they have EACH vowed the Official Lie regarding Iran. So did German Chancellor Schmerkel...and enraged the German citizens by her pathetic groveling.
As we have shown without a shadow of a doubt - Iran NEVER made the comment that Israel should be 'wiped off the map' with any form of force.  That is a Western Zionist LIE used to start the next war.  Ahmadinejad's comment was that REGIME CHANGE is needed in Tel Aviv.
<start insert>
As a closing example, the president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has been attributed as threatening 'poor little Israel' by stating, quote: "Israel must be wiped off the map." 
Well, what did he mean by that? Nothing because the statement was intentionally mistranslated from Farsi to fan Zionist war propaganda against Iran. No one in Iran made such a statement - NO ONE - it's just another Zionist Tel Aviv-UK-US lie to try to start a war.
The full, actual VERBATIM, correct Ahmadinejad quote, translated directly to English from Farsi reads:
"The Imam said this regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time."   
Now, read that again.
Do you get it now? Can you see the ENORMITY of the LIES you are being fed around the clock?
<end insert>
The Farsi word for 'map' is NOT in the statement ANYWHERE.  The Farsi word for 'wiped" was NOT in the statement, either.  There was no reference to 'WIPED OFF THE MAP' whatsoever in what was said.  Get it?
It was not reported anywhere in sufficient detail in the Western Zionist Media what Putin said while meeting the Iranian Government in Tehran months ago.  (And surviving yet another CIA/MOSSAD assassination plot).
Putin made it crystal clear that Russia will NOT tolerate ANY attack on Iran from ANY of the Caspian Basin nations, and that includes the new military bases that BushCo has put in those nations under 'no bid' contracts to its buddies.
The Caspian Basin nations of Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan got the message loud and clear.  Russia is next door, stand down and do not aid and abet the US/Zionist stupidity.
Putin also made it more than clear that 'ANY ATTACK ON IRAN WILL BE VIEWED AS AN ATTACK ON RUSSIAN INTERESTS.' Get it??
I do not care if you have to read that 10 times, get it into that idiot American Sheeple head ­ Russia considers any attack on Iran as an attack on Russia.  
Right there is where Americans need to pause at the edge of the abyss and consider whether they want to see the end of America.
That is exactly what is going on in Georgia right now.  We can thank the Stupid is as Stupid Does President, George W Bush, for wrapping poor Georgia into yet another Bush Dirty Diaper.  People are dying right now in Georgia and Mikheil Saakashvili secured permission from the Georgian Parliament at about 11am Central Europe Time to invoke Martial Law in Georgia.  
That is a clear indication of one of two possible things.  First, he wants the people off the street so they can focus on survival of Georgia.  Secondly, he is bracing himself because Russia is about to roll right OVER Georgia with Russian tanks and air force, and put an end to the Bush idiot plan of taking a pipeline across Georgia.
Mikheil Saakashvili accused Russia of 'aggression against Georgia" ('arf-arf') but has yet failed to admit it was Georgia that killed the 10 Russian peacekeepers. That lunacy had to come from George W Bush and his Zionist 'strategists.'
The Zionist Media does not want Americans to know that. The MSM does not want Americans to know that if there is an attack on Iran, Americans are going to get to see what Russian Fury looks like, up close and personal.  The Zionist MSM wants American Sheeple braying and focusing on the 'Official Lies' and not that Russia has made it abundantly clear that the utterly bogus Global War on Terror fraud is OVER.
The gloves are off, the brass knuckles are on, the Russian tanks are rolling and the skies are full of Russian jet fighters.
Here is what DC and Tel Aviv are NOT telling you,America.
Russia does not want Iran to have nuclear missiles. Russia is already making sure Iran is not using its 'legal' nuclear power program for nuclear weapons. That is, in part, WHY Russia has many technicians in Iran at the very facilities that the US, UK and Israel intend to attack. Russian contractors are also building their nuclear facilities, and providing their nuclear power generating technology.
Russia already has this entire matter under control with Iran and the liars in Washington, DC, the liars in London and Tel Aviv do NOT want you to know that.
Again, US and UK and Israel are lying to the world. Nothing remarkable about that...it's just business as usual for these snakes. That is all they do...lie.  Americans need to wake up and smell the coffee.  Or they will be smelling a huge wars and counting hundreds of thousands...or millions...of dead.
Russia has already made it damned clear: kill a Russian and we will kick your ass up between your shoulder blades. If Bush is not careful and prudent, he is going to be wearing his balls as earrings along with Gordie Brown, little Nicky Sarkozy, and numerous others.
This is not a game, America. BushCo, London and Tel Aviv are lying their asses off yet again, and Russia has made it damned clear that no more crap will be tolerated.
If the US DARES to throw up a naval blockade of Iran and shuts down the Straits, neither Russia nor China will put up with it for a second.  Get it?
Now, unless you want to see the United States confronted in WAR with both Russia and China, get off your ass and CALL the bastards in DC, NOW.
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