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Open Letter To
Mr. Gordon Brown
And Messer's Cheney, Bush, and any other disillusioned puppets

Jim Kirwan
"Brown will evoke memory of Holocaust to warn Iran against threats to Israel.
Gordon Brown will today pledge to support Israel in the face of Iran's 'totally abhorrent' threat to wipe the Jewish state off the map.
He will deliver a blunt message to Tehran by insisting that the radical regime must abandon its efforts to acquire nuclear weapons.
And in a landmark speech to the Israeli parliament - the first by a British Prime Minister - Mr. Brown will offer unequivocal support for Israel's right to exist.
'Britain is your true friend,' Mr. Brown will tell the Knesset. 'A friend in difficult times as well as in good times, a friend who will stand beside you whenever your peace, your stability and your existence are under threat.'
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1036715/Brown- evoke-memory-Holocaust-warn-Iran-threats-Israel.html
Mr. Brown, you are laboring under a severe disillusionment of the highest order. Israel is not a state with any inherit or legal right to exist: Israel was a created fiction that came from the Balfour Agreement through the U.N. by way of Harry S. Truman because of the massive frustration the Zionists had created for Britain when the fledgling terrorist state was a protectorate of the British Crown.
There was no original "state" to which the Zionists had any rights, and all the land that was 'given' to Israel, had been occupied by Palestinians for over a thousand years. You ought to at least get the facts straight before you pledge the lives of England's armed forces to defend yet another lie, to pacify yet another demand of the terrorist state of Israel.
As to having nuclear weapons, it is Israel and its threat to use their own nuclear weapons against the world (the Sampson Option); if and when Israel is attacked that is the real problem here. Israel is not a signatory to the International Atomic Energy Commission's list of nations that possess nuclear weapons, as Iran is. Israel has dodged UN inspections as well as IAEA official investigations for decades, yet no one has embargoed Israel, no nation has seized Israeli banks, or frozen accounts or interfered with Israeli commerce: so how can what you advocate against Iran be justified? (1)
In attempting to defend 'Israel's Right to Exist' Mr. Brown, you are citing facts not in evidence! Other nations have grown up in or on their own lands. This is not true of Israel, as in its current form it is an exaggeration to treat that construct as a real state since most of its population has been imported, and is not indigenous to that land.
It is insufficient to demand the creation of a state from another established land and people, and nothing of this kind has survived in history, primarily because it is unnatural! Had the population of Israel treated their fellow beings as humans instead of as chattel, perhaps there would be no need to 'protect Israel from her many enemies.' However this was never the case.
Israel was born from the acts of terror of the Irgun, and its other terrorist groups that basically harassed the British into giving them what they demanded which was the Balfour Agreement (the license to create a country that could not otherwise exist).
In addition for the last sixty years Israel has proven to the world, countless times over, that they are not civilized or prepared to even consider any relationship other than "Master" in their relations with the people that have called Palestine home for over a thousand years. In addition "Israel" has ignored almost every UN resolution they were part of, except the one that created them. The Zionists have taken the Nazi experience and applied it in spades to their own treatment of the Palestinians for the past sixty years-and thereby set a new standard of barbarity that surpasses whatever the Nazi's did to the Jews of old world Europe. The difference between the five years of WWII and the 60 plus years of Israeli rule over Palestine is beyond comparison! (2)
So by their own example the Zionists of Israel have not earned a place in the community of nations, or among the fellowship of men and women that seek prosperity and equality among the majority of the other people in this world.
Here is an example of exactly how vacuous are the "promises" that Israel has made, as the military protector of the Palestinian people over whom they have an international responsibility to protect and preserve the land and property of those which Israel had defeated in war. You will note Mr. Prime Minister that there is almost nothing left of the original state of Palestine ­ now sixty years after Israel began stealing land and property as well as murdering the population that refused to leave their ancestral homelands.
The United States has already made a public farce out of itself by pledging undying support for this travesty that calls itself "a state," when in fact Israel is nothing but an outlaw territory governed by thugs and barbarians that are demanding the whole of the middle east for themselves to rule-they call this The State of Greater Israel. The problem is that the only constituency for the creation of this outrage is Israel, and those who it now owns outright, like the entire congress and the executive branch of the United States of what used to be America! Among them such luminaries as the Speaker of the US House of Representatives (3rd in line for the presidency), Nancy Pelosi, and the head of HOMELAND Security, Michael Chertoff. Obama and the Clintons also swore undying loyalty to guaranteeing everything Israeli wants, just because it is 'Israel' that is demanding it! The amount of US treasure that has gone into propping up this failed state is literally as unbelievable, as it has been unjustifiable by any standard known to the wider world. Now you want to commit British troops to this failed cause in some misguided moment of 'me-too- ism.' This is pathetic Mr. Brown by any standard, but in these troubled times you seem to be begging for a mutiny from British troops as well as a rebellion from the British people!
The next time you find yourself staring at the ceiling at four a.m., you might want to re-examine your decision in this matter because as Americans learned first hand with the attempted sinking of the USS Liberty ­ Israel eats her friends as well as her enemies, because she's become an equal opportunity hater among nations and as such is undeserving of the statehood she is supposedly seeking! (3)
1) Israel's Nuclear Weapons
2) The World Marks 60 years of Zionist terror made possible by a corrupt U.S. president
3) The Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty - video
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