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Operation Dagestan
By Karl Schwarz
Reports are now coming in that some tanks were driven by Ukrainian soldiers in South Ossetia. The Russians now have dead Ukrainians as evidence. It also appears that mercenaries may have been used in the Georgian attack on South Ossetia. They have 'dead mercenaries' or more dead US advisors than CNN would want for Americans to know about, and Bush too.
These are death-throes desperation from BushCo and their Zionist thug partners-in-crime. Recognize it for what it is.
The US and its Zionist zhid killers and mercenary scum have also been trying to stir up shit for Russia in Dagestan as well as South Ossetia. This did not start recently - it has been going on for years.
Dagestan? What the Hell is 'Dagestan' and where is it, you ask?
Well, it has choice 'beach frontage' on the Caspian Sea. It is yet another part of Russia that the Zionist US and Zionist UK and Zionist Israel want to control.
Note on the two maps below that the shortest point (and also relatively shallow water) to get from Kazakhstan to Georgia and the Black Sea is across Dagestan. You can see more detailed maps (including depth of water) at an earlier article on this subject at http://www.rense.com/general82/grand.htm
They can just skirt around the deep water if they had Dagestan in their pocket to back these US objectives. If they could just install a Globalist ­ Zionist ­ Puppet Government in Dagestan, they could get at the oil.
The entire Caspian Basin community is 'against' the US running a pipeline through their source of food in the region.
A BushCo Zionist-run Dagestan, folks, will not happen.
Russia is not going to back up even one nanometer to accommodate the US-Zionist-London Banking Family schemes regarding Dagestan.
Russia already has vast energy production in Dagestan and just offshore of it. In fact, natural gas from that area will be used to supply some of our nanotechnology plants in the future when new gas-concentrate ethylene cracker plants are completed by Russia in this region.
Unfortunately, we have the brainless Stuck-on-Stupid mentality in charge of 'war planning' in DC, and those idiots are drooling to get their hands on Dagestan if they can. They evidently do not care how many stupid plans they come up with, how many dirty diapers they create, or how many they kill.
They can plan all they wish...but it's just going to be another 'not happening'...another Junior Bush Dirty Diaper.
They are now desperate in DC, London and Tel Aviv.
Note that Dagestan borders with Georgia and to the south Azerbaijan. During this entire Caspian Basin fiasco, the American Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce in Baku was the CIA center of operations in the Grand Chessboard scheme to take over the entire area.
There have already been clashes between the US operatives and Dagestan/Russian forces. This is yet another land grab / oil grab effort that the US has on its agenda and why Georgia is so very critical. There have been many covert attempts and acts of terrorism to try to flip the area over to Zionist control.
It is not going to happen.
Without Georgia, the US cannot get a pipeline out to the Black Sea. They would have to cut a deal with Iran, like Bridas Corporation did, and come across the northern side of Iran to the Black Sea and Mediterranean and due south to the Arabian Sea.
That would require that these wannabe Masters of the World would have to eat crow and probably a big plate if Iranian cow shit to get Iran to help out the US.
Russia did not start the current mess, nor did Iran. The True Axis of Evil based in Washington DC, London and Tel Aviv started it.
You see, these map-challenged morons have this cretinous idea in their heads that if they could grab Dagestan they could get a pipeline from Kazakhstan to the Black Sea without having to come south in Turkmenistan and then cross through Azerbaijan and Georgia.
It would be so easy to come across Dagestan and Georgia, if they could capture Dagestan and put in a puppet regime friendly to US greed and aims.
Now the US and its Zionist thug friends are getting desperate because with the recent stroke of a pen Russia took over most of the natural gas in the entire Caspian Basin region.
The US and Zionist greed barons are so desperate, in fact, they ordered Georgia to attack South Ossetia, killing thousands of civilians and Russians. That is pretty desperate.
Lest you have not been paying attention, the US is losing the Grand Chessboard scheme...and lost the Global War on Terror they day they launched it on September 11, 2001.
It is all about pipelines, oil, natural gas and a bunch of rich- prick billionaires who bought into this sham and are now about to lose their ass.
Thus far, Russia has not done what it could easily do...and that is roll its armored divisions right over Georgia...and end this 'debate' fast.
Thus far, Russia has merely made it clear "Do not tread on Russia!"
I have noted the articles that Israel is thinking about attacking Iran without US permission.
I hope those lunatic Zionist killers do. Russia will shred them from the skies.
Vladimir Putin meant exactly what he said:
"Any attack on Iran will be considered by Russia to be an attack on the national interests of Russia."
Any of you American Sheeple want to be drafted to go tangle with a totally pissed-off Russian Bear?
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