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Wartime Collaboration Between Zionists
And The German Government
By Dr. Harrell Rhome
There is ample evidence that world Zionism collaborated with the National Socialist government during the Second World War, in order to: (1) protect certain elitist Jews and their various interests; (2) pressure most of the Jews of Europe to leave; (3) thus, accomplishing the establishment of the state of Israel. More and more evidence has come to the forefront, demonstrating the truth about what at first seems to be an unlikely scenario. Nazis helping Jews? Jews helping Nazis? And, during the "Holocaust"? Is this some kind of conspiracist fantasy? How could this be? Stranger political bedfellows could not be imagined! But, when the facts are examined, as is often the case, truth is stranger than fiction.
In 2001, I was honored to publish an exclusive first-run feature of Prof.Dr. Clarence Lang's revealing and somewhat startling translation of an important historical document. It appeared in my print newsletter, The Revisionist Observer, No. 4, 2001. Since that time, I came across an even more controversial work, Adolf Hitler, Founder of Israel (in German, Adolf Hitler, Begrunder Israels) by Hennecke Kardel. The translation and editing leave a bit to be desired, nor is it properly sourced or referenced, but it contains quite a storehouse of information ­ as well as speculation. There is no time now for a full review, but essentially the book maintains that Hitler and the main characters in the National Socialist movement (and later, the government) were of either Judaic or part-Judaic descent. Among other things, this makes Adolf a Rothschild relative! I previously mentioned the book in my online e-magazine feature, and misunderstandings resulted.
Hence, I am not presenting these hypotheses as either completely true -- or completely false. Read the book and decide for yourself. When my commentary continues after the translation, you will see why I bring attention to this controversial work.
Remarkably, if we accept Kardel's ideas, then the "Holocaust" was just a sad and curious intra-Judaic affair! Interesting idea, is it not? See the Appendix to obtain Adolf Hitler, Founder Of Israel as a softbound book or as an e-book.
The intriguing Hoyer Memorandum follows, but first we acknowledge the revisionist contributions of Prof.Dr. Clarence Lang, a true gentleman and a scholar, and proudly count him as a colleague and friend.
Translated by: Professor (Emeritus) Reuben Clarence Lang, M.Theol., M.A., Ph.D.
R. Clarence Lang, M.Theol., M.A., Ph.D., is a retired Lutheran Pastor and Professor Emeritus (History and German). He completed his doctorate in history at the University of Kiel, Germany, with a dissertation entitled "DAS BILD DEUTSCHLANDS IN DEN VEREINIGTEN STATEN, 1918-1923", or "The Image Of Germany In The U.S., From 1918-1923" a study of Anti-Germanism in the U.S.A. In addition to scores of articles in English, he has recently finished several monographs in German.
Translator's Notes: This documentation -- title will be duly translated -- was mailed to the translator in the early 1990's by Henning Fikentscher. Born 1900, he was a German military surgeon with some 1000 days on the Soviet Front, where two of his sons were killed. After the war he became actively involved in researching historical topics, foremost the topics under question here. The translator began corresponding with him in 1988 and visited him in Mohrkirch, near Flensburg, Germany. What is here translated was published by Grabert Verlag in Tuebingen in two installments in the "Hochschullehrerzeitung", a bulletin-like newspaper for researchers and teachers. The first installment was in 1967, in Number 4, pages 26-27; the second 1968, in Number 2, page 35.
Unfortunately, the installment breaks are not given in the German text.
As shall be seen, this is based on a Memorandum, which the editor possessed, written by Horst Hoyer. Fikentscher wrote the translator that his last letter to Hoyer in Bonn was returned unopened (unfortunately no date was given). From this he concluded that Hoyer fell victim to an unnatural death and his wife then took her life. They had no children.
A DOCUMENT AS TO THE MUTUALITY OF GUILT IN THE FINAL SOLUTION OF THE JEWISH QUESTION by SS Lieutenant General Horst Hoyer, last residing in Bonn. During the war he supervised some 250,000 interned Jews near Lemburg, Poland.
Here are excerpts of Hoyer's observations and experiences, based on the Memorandum he prepared in connection with the opening of the German-Israeli Peace Treaty in the Luxembourg City Hall, 1952.
Hoyer claimed that the "final solution" (that is, the planned killing of Jews because they were Jews) was one of mutual responsibility, a few Jews with a few Germans. Hoyer gave the Memorandum to the West German Government. What readers have before them is squarely based on it. The editor hereby emphasizes that this was given to the Institute for Postwar German History for the sake of historical truth. In this, the editor is prepared to take an oath that what he presents matches what is written in the Memorandum. That this was highly significant can be seen that two weeks after the ratification of the Israeli Treaty, the Jewish party sought to get Hoyer's copy and was willing to pay him DM30,000 if he were to sign a statement that the Memorandum was fictitious.
It was decided to publish only those excerpts which appeared relevant for further research, since up to now little had been undertaken, officially, in what might shed more light on the "final solution", foremost, how and from where it emanated. We in our publications have ever again hinted that the number of persons involved in the "final solution" was extremely small and they were masters of deception. In this one must be mindful of the intense inner-Jewish tensions and contrasts, above all between the goals of the nationally assimilated Jews and those of world Jewry and Zionism. These contrasts are much, much deeper than the one between believing and non-believing. As one becomes aware of this, many otherwise incomprehensibles about Jewry become clear, foremost, that one group of Jews fell victims to another, and that of those targeted, few escaped.
It is exactly these contrasts which are the focus of the combined two newspaper articles here.
II. EXCERPTS FROM HOYER'S MEMORANDUM. (Since the excerpts are distinguishable, the translator, for the sake of clarity, has numbered them).
1. In all serious hate-filled literature in Germany and elsewhere, one hears only of collective and sole guilt of the German people. However, nowhere does one hear or read of a mutuality of guilt, yes, even that the main guilt falls on international Jewry, as to the fate of the Jewish people in the so-called "final solution".
2. Despite tempting financial offers from popular magazines, I was determined to keep silent. I did not want to stir up old hatreds and anti-Semitism. I kept silent, as I took for granted that time and the goodwill of many would help in healing the wounds of the past. This was until the opening of the so-called Israeli Agreement.
3. In the face of this, I became convinced, and am prepared to reinforce this with an oath that the "final solution" of Jewry (in so far as this concerned wartime Poland under German control, and from my vantage point of view), emanated from official Jewish and German departments (German, "Stellen"). Although attempts, on my part, to name exactly the responsible persons proved futile (however, as we shall see shortly, it could not have been Adolf Hitler), I became convinced that the deliberations of this "clique" took place on the departmental levels in the German Military Transportation Command (German, "Kommandatur") in "Akademizca" (English, "University") Street in Lemburg.
There, to the best of my knowledge, is where the details of the "final solution" were clearly laid out. Sephardic Jews (see Translator's Note below) could hardly have been victims, for these were taken out of Galicia by the hundreds, as entire families were flown out by the German Armed Forces with their Allies, in connection with the "final solution". Thus, in October 1943, sixteen selected Jews were taken from my labor camp to Lublin and then to the old civilian airport on the Chortower Highway and flown to neutral Spain, to be handed over to the United States, including a relative of Henry Morgenthau, a member of President Roosevelt's cabinet.
(Translator's Note: As to the terms Sephardim and Ashkenazim, the following seems pertinent. In Die Geschichte des Volkes Israel" ("The History of the People of Israel"), 1926, Ludwig Albrecht, a professed Christian, wrote on page 654: "The name Sephardim, designating the Spanish and Portuguese Jews comes from the biblical book, Obadiah, verse 20, "...the exiles of Jerusalem who are in the Sepharad shall possess the cities of Negeb."
"The name Ashkenazim, designating the German Jews comes from Genesis 10:2, 'The sons of Gomer, Ashkenaz, Riphath and Togarmah...'.)
4. From July 1941 to march 1943, I was chief administrator (German: "Vorgesetzter") of some 250,000 Jews, officially organized as the German Four Year War Effort. Our orders included manufacturing army clothing, processing scrap metals, captured war materials and the like. These Jews were paid volunteers. To secure smooth operations, I had to trust "my Jews" as head of departments and keepers of logs. Through them I was informed of all world happenings, even on an hourly basis. This was, for me, incomprehensible and even fantastic. Thus, I got insights which left me speechless, for "my Jews" knew full well, what world Jewry had in store for them and they were as helpless as the German people themselves.
5. Now for some names. Is Siegfried Langsam, the onetime Austrian officer still alive? Are Walter Sonnenschein and Dr. Wachter with their wives still alive? What about Zuckerhorn, Spitze, Loewenstein, Gregor, Fackler and many, many others? Are they anywhere in the world? If so, let them now step forward and tell their people, as well as the German people, fearlessly, what took place in the Akademizca Street! At the time, they feared world Jewry, putting me in their confidence, didn't they? They pleaded for my help, knowing full well that I was utterly helpless in the face of these underhanded activities. From that street in Lemburg emanated actions which neither the German nor the Jewish people, nor the SS, nor the front soldiers knew about, or could have known.
6. Backtracking. On April 8, 1945, I was taken prisoner by the Americans in Aberhaid and under the tightest of security taken to Camp Aigen on the Main River to Kleinmuended near Linz on the Danube (as witnessed by the American Captain Kelly). My name was on an international list, yet during my three and a half years as a prisoner of war, no harm was done to me, neither by the Polish nor Jewish interrogators. This at a time when even the word Galicia, once the great Jewish center, was enough to be beaten to death.
Why didn't anything happen to me? (Translator's note: that is, he was not tried as a war criminal.) I was, was I not, a SS criminal, and for four years employed some 250,000 Jews? The Jewish interrogator, a born American, in Camp Regensburg, spoke privately about this, telling me that, indeed, about the same time as the Germans surrendered, May 1945, the Third American Army had two reports about me; one from the Polish Underground, the other from the Jewish Underground. Yet, I continued wondering, why did the Allies not touch a hair on my head? Was it fate? Was it providence? The Allies kept me simply as a war prisoner. But then a German court took over, in December 1948, among them a former German army judge, sentencing me 15 months in confinement. The charge was that I had "a high position" in the East.
7. Astonishingly, as a prisoner in Camp Moosburg, near Munich, in the Spring of 1947, I was forced to sweep streets, where I saw many of my Jewish co-workers from Lemburg, foremost in the Max Weber Square. Even the mentioned German army judge couldn't tell me, how they got from Lemburg under the Soviets to Munich under the Americans, in the midst of war-caused ruins and chaos. As I saw, things were going well for them. Very well, indeed! They looked very well, living elegantly, being provided superabundantly by UNRRA, doing big business with ration cards.
8. As for my claims that Hitler could not have known about this "final solution", I can provide the following personal experience in Warsaw.
In the beginning of 1940, I was commissioned by the governmental officials in Radom, Poland, to make large business contracts (furniture, iron beds, mattresses, laundries and the like) with Jewish firms in Warsaw. These were delivered promptly and reasonably priced. From our official papers, I learned about the establishing of the Jewish Ghetto in Warsaw. With two of my officials and co-workers, Markowsky and Zwgieslsky, members of the Jewish Council of Elders, I drove to Warsaw to deal with the authorities in the Ghetto. They had their offices in Palais Bruehl, the seat of the former Polish Foreign Ministry. My official business was done in short order; the contracts were agreed upon and subsequently delivered.
As our official deliberations were ended, an orderly announced, "Officials! Leaders! The gentlemen have arrived." Some sixteen or seventeen serious looking Jews were ushered in, introduced and took their seats around a large oval table. In a festive short hour, recognition was given these Jews with personalized certificates (on white hard paper, 40 by 40 cm). On the left was a large golden national insignia with letters in Gothic and a seal with the original signature of Adolf Hitler.
These certificates assured the full protection of these Jews, their families and properties by the Greater German Reich. Included were words of thanks and blessings by Hitler in the name of the German people. Around this table with its distinguished Jews and in this festive hour, one sensed no hatred, no war and no conspiracy.
What was happening? Just by accident, I witnessed an event, international in scope. The aged Polish Marshall Josef Pilsudski, who died 1935, was, it seems one of the few responsible European statesmen who soon recognized the extraordinary, yet also dangerous, restless personality of the young German Chancellor, Adolf Hitler. Seemingly, this Pole wanted to direct Hitler peacefully into the precarious waters of foreign affairs and was determined to negotiate a long-term peace pact. But this was countered by a "clique" of English and French friendly members in the Polish Foreign Ministry. These found support from German conspirators on the highest military and diplomatic levels. These Jews, leading Zionists, realized what a dangerous game was being played and thwarted this by bribing them with millions of real gold- based currency. This is not unusual in the East, and not overly upsetting, in any case, generally very successful. It was, thus, through this intervention of these Zionists that the Non-Aggression Pact of January 1934 in which the Polish Foreign Minister, Josef Beck, [see Appendix] played a key role, was realized and the German conspirators were foiled. That is foiled for the moment, but this made them more successful the next time.
This great diplomatic event of 1934 was rewarded by Hitler in 1940 with personal letters of recognition and protection. Since these Zionists excluded the Sephardic Jews, one can thereby isolate the key to the "final solution", as world Jewry, having little regard for these assurances, wanted it differently, working through German conspirators.
9. As part of official duties, I became intimately acquainted with the Ghetto in Warsaw. There a small class of workers, artisans and professionals, did their duties faithfully and diligently. But, in this, they were forced to live miserably as the upper classes were involved in underhanded dealings in the black market. Thus by haggling, one could obtain in the Ghetto all which made life happy, pleasant and alluring. Over and above all of this, capsuled off, was a thin upper crust celebrating apocalyptical orgies, as champagne and various brands of beverages flowed freely with an abundance of exquisite foods. Meanwhile, the Jewish proletariat lay in the streets, starving, begging and dying.
Once in our discussions, I was told, impassionately, "Our race has to learn to sacrifice!" Later I was told by Jewish Fascists, "Of those here, we shall still let 60% 'bite the dust' before Madagascar." (Translator's note: For these Jews, this was to be the first step before the return to the Jewish homeland, Palestine.)
10. Regarding this, if the passionate wishes of the Roman Catholic churchmen, on all levels, had been granted, then even the Jewish babies in the bodies of their mothers would have been targeted. Even the thought of such hatreds gives one "goose pimples."
11. In conclusion, may I point out (Translator's note: As was already done by the editor in his preface.) that two weeks after the ratification of the German-Israeli Treaty, the Jews on their part, offered me DM30,000 for the Memorandum, handed, in the first instance, to the West German Government. Rejoicingly, I would have accepted this offer. I could have used the money very well, for I was as poor as millions of Germans and their fellow Europeans. But nothing would come out of this "little business deal", for it included a "little stipulation", namely, I was to verify by my signature that the Memorandum was fictitious.
[End quoting.]
This very same meeting of important, privileged Judaic Honorary Aryans is also cited in Adolf Hitler, Founder Of Israel, pp. 152-153.
"It appears from all the Hitler's destructive dealings with the Jews, ever since his Vienna days, that he differentiated Eastern Jews - as said Rathenau: "The Asiatic Hordes", or simply Heydrich: "The Mob" - from the small minority of the Western Jews whom he recognized, because they supported him in seizing the power with millions of dollars."
"In 1967 the "Institution On German History After The War" in Tuebingen, published a presentation of the German Deputy in charge of the "Four Year Plan", who in the former Polish Lvov (Lemberg) was supposed to organize work for a quarter million Jews living there. It said: "The negotiations with the 'contract partner' took place in the Office of the Armed Forces Transport commander at Akademicka Street (Academy Street). There, contingencies were made for the "final solution". Sephardic Jews living in Galicia as a minority, were separated and deported by hundreds with the German help and its Allies' airplanes, including entire families. That's how in October 1943, sixteen selected Jews from the Labor Camp in Lublin (the camp was installed on the grounds of a civil airport at Czwartkowa/ Thursday Street) were transported to Spain and from there to the U.S. Among them was a relative of President Roosevelt's advisor Morgenthau."
When I published this in my newsletter, we received mail noting the similarities of Hoyer's wartime assignment with the movie, Schindler's List. Just a curious coincidence? Had someone heard this story? Or similar ones? Remember, the memorandum was released in German in the late 1960s, and plenty of "Hoyer's Jews" survived the war, so who can really say? But, whatever the case, we could never expect Steven Spielberg to portray an SS General heroically, as a benefactor and friend of the Jews! It conflicts starkly with the current politically correct agenda, raising far too many questions as to what really happened during the so-called "Holocaust".
We really should not be surprised by collaboration between Nazis and Zionists. The National Socialist government, through its myriad of agencies and sub-agencies, did business with more than a few seemingly odd and incongruous connections, including Judaic Zionists. The Jews of Germany were the most assimilated in all of Europe, and had been for centuries. While never large in number, they were an important part of German life and culture. As to mischlinge (mixed, German-Judaics), more than a few families had this genetic admixture. Why should the culturally integrated Jews and their descendents, especially the mischlinge, not be expected to participate in political movements, of all sorts and on all extremes? Examine the actual governmental policies and programs of National Socialism. Once we move beyond racialist and outré esoteric occult trappings, (that is, to the actual political programs) there is nothing that would preclude Judaics from participation, at all levels. If truth be told, National Socialist paradigms, including extreme exclusivist elitist volkish nationalism, underlie the political protocols and policies of the Israeli apartheid state. AshkeNAZIs, indeed!
So then, wartime collaboration should be no surprise, and is easily verified. Did you know that some Jews lived openly in Berlin during the war, with synagogue services? When the Soviets entered Berlin, they found over 800 who had been sheltered in a special hospital that was open for them all throughout the war. http:// www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/world/europe/article3537593.ece If the Germans were so intent on killing them all, how could this be?
What kind of "Holocaust" was that? Judaic folk also lived peacefully in other parts of wartime Europe. Gertrude Stein, et al, spent the war comfortably continuing their celebrity lifestyles in German-allied Vichy France, with close friends in high places.
And, we must not fail to mention the 155,000 (probably more) Jews and mischlinge who served in the German military. As we see, others were rewarded for their services to the Reich, with documents signed and sealed by der Fuerher himself! For more about Jews in wartime Germany, see Hitler's Jewish Soldiers by Bryan Mark Rigg, 2002. Hennecke Kardel, a Wehrmacht infantry lieutenant, was probably one of them. Even if poor General Hoyer did not survive for very long after the war, thanks to his courage and forethought, his testimony did. We must suppose he was eventually liquidated when the Powers That Be thoroughly considered what he actually knew, and the damage he could do. Not only that, he already said far too much by releasing his memorandum to the press. Horst Hoyer was a martyr for the truth, "letting the cat out of the bag" about wartime backroom deals between Judaics and Nazis. Unfortunately, this dedicated man likely suffered the fate of certain other "whistleblowers".
Neither the extreme hardcore admirers of Chancellor Hitler and the NS party nor ultra Holocaust fundamentalist Zionists will like this article very much. But whether you believe Kardel's hypotheses or not, this has been a productive exercise, giving us an odd and exceptionally curious behind-the-scenes look at covert cabals and their wartime wheeling and dealing. Through these unique lenses, we see the real roots and role of the ethnocentric ideology of Judaic volkish Zionist supremacism in the establishment and behavior of the Israeli ministate. The carefully constructed and agreed upon lies of the Allies about the war, its real causes, and the conduct of the war ­ but especially the slurs, innuendos and untruths about the German people -- are, more and more, being deconstructed and exposed. The truth is out, with more to come.
Let the light shine.
# # #
[See Appendix below for additional comments and resources.]
Dr. Harrell Rhome researches and writes about history, current events, world religions and metaphysics with articles appearing in print and online. Look for some recent essays at www.GnosticLiberationFront.com.
Email EagleRevisionist@aol.com to subscribe to Truth In History And Current Events, Harrell's e-magazine feature. Write him at POB 6303 Corpus Christi TX 78466-6303.
· The Hoyer Memorandum is also posted on our Revisionist Observer Online Magazine site. http://hometown.aol.com/ eaglerevisionist/
· To see what seems to be the only extant photo of Hennecke Kardel, and to obtain his controversial book, see final item below.
· But first, read Prof. Lang's cogent commentary about Josef Beck, another political figure of the day with Judaic roots.
TIME MAGAZINE, 06 March 1939.
Josef Beck, Polish politician, born Warsaw Oct. 4, 1894, died Stanesti, Roumania, June 5, 1944. As a member of the inner circle, he worked with Pilsudski after the coup, and was Foreign Minister from 1932-35. As Foreign Minister under Zaleski (who succeeded Pilsudski), Beck sought a foreign policy independent from the French, and cautiously sought to make Germany the driving power in Europe.
Since Josef Beck died at age 49, most likely he was eliminated. In one book it was stated in 1944, "according to the Nazi radio," he died. He may well have fallen victim to the inner-Jewish tension, because he was an assimilated Jew! Beck was responsible for the Non-Aggression Pact of 1934, among other treaties. When I was in church work in Canada 1947-48, I had a member whose name was Mueller. He told me he was a bodyguard for Pilsudski, who was a Lithuanian, not a Pole. Mueller claimed all of Pilsudski's bodyguards were ethnic Germans.
History can indeed by interesting!
ZioNazi Medal? Zionist Star with Swastika on Opposite side.
http://bp3.blogger.com/_7FKbMiiwOw0/RkbiFrTpJdI/AAAAAAAAAA8/ ZZpwzGvorKE/s1600-h/ZioNazi.jpg
BEFORE YOU REFUTE OR REJECT THIS BOOK, WHY NOT READ IT ! ! ! We have acquired a few copies. While you may not agree with this astonishing hypothesis, it is a fascinating book. Kardel poses a plausible scenario, plus see some quite interesting photos. This is the original 1997 edition - new books, in the wrapper.
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Below is a grainy photo of Kardel from the back cover of the German language edition, now a rather hard to find volume. I found this photo several years ago via google, but current image searches reveal nothing.
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