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Major Health Discovery
Made And It Is Not Good

By Kafka 
Last year, I purchased five Chinese made 1,000 watt electrical generators. They were all defective because of faulty electrical magnetos that would not produce voltage to fire the spark plug. The generators would not start or run.
Off the shelf replacement ignition systems were not available, so a decision was made to design and build electronic ignition systems to make the generators functional. My friend, Carl, designed and built a state of the art prototype ignition system using a Hall Effect Sensor to detect the rotation of the motor shaft to fire the spark plug. The new prototype worked perfectly on the test bench inside the house but the Hall Effect (Magnetic) Sensor failed after seconds of operation installed on the generator outside the house and would not respond to a magnet manually passed in front of the Hall Sensor. The magnetic sensor capability failed completely. But, after close inspection, the Hall Sensor was observed to be in a permanent conductive state while outside the house installed on the generator. The ignition system was removed from the generator and placed on the test bench inside the house. It stopped conducting inside the house. A total of fifteen Hall Effect Sensors failed in the same manner.  Two separate tests were performed by moving the solid state ignition system with Hall Effect Sensor outside the house where it failed and became conductive and when moved inside the house, it became non-conductive. That is to say, outside the house it was permanently on and inside the house it was permanently off.
Inside the Hall Effect Solid State Sensor there is a component called a Hall Plate. If the Hall Plate is driven into saturation by microwave radiation from the sky, it would go conductive, and if you shielded the Hall Effect Sensor from that foreign radiation, it would go non-conductive. Moving the Hall Effect Sensor inside the house would shield the radiation somewhat and again the sensor would go non-conductive !
When we realized the implications of our findings, we felt terror !
This is our conclusion.
We know the chemtrails are a primary RFMP (Radio Frequency Mission Planner) heavy metal barium mixture plus DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Programs Agency) chemistry (biological) used for various military applications, including weather control. We know the atmosphere has been converted into an electrical plasma environment with ongoing ionic manipulation. We believe the atmosphere is an ever decaying calderon of death for citizens. Sooner or later it will effect the health of all.
With the addition of significant microwave radiation in a plasma atmosphere environment, you have a recipe for death of all life on earth.
1. The human electrical system is greatly compromised and disrupted.
2. Inability to sleep.
3. The heart beat rhythm can be interrupted and adversely effected, pulsing fast at times. 
4. Blood pressure increases.
5. Accelerated aging of the skin.
6. Cancers.
7. Visual eye problems and a multitude of illnesses can be attributed to the plasma atmosphere with microwave radiation coming down on the citizens.
8. Mental processes adversely affected and reduced.
9. Every aspect of life on earth is at risk for sickness and death.
Remember, it does not matter who kills you, whether it is lawful or not. It does not matter if it is the good guy or the bad guy that kills you. The reason for your death does not matter. It only matters that you are dead.
We continue to investigate.

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