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Mystery Space Machines - Pt 14
Rense.com World Exclusive
By Jeff Rense
All images and videotape footage ©2008 by John Lenard Walson. All Rights Reserved. Copying or Reproduction in any media are prohibited without written permission of Rense.com and John Lenard Walson. All text is ©2008 Rense.com. Links are encouraged.
This newest segment in the continuing John Walson series of video images of objects in space, on the moon...and on Earth, comprises two parts. The first shows stills of more strange objects in space...in orbit above us right now. The remarkable detail of this unknown space craft is especially notable for the far right end close-up. What does this machine DO?

Here is a short video of the above stills...

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Here is another spacecraft videotaped by Walson over the UK...
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And here is a closer, higher-resolution clip...
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UK ETs On Video NOT - And Other Important Clips
In the second part of this story, John Walson starts off by exposing a fraud. The beginning of the video footage, shot by John, shows figures at night under a bright light. This footage was reportedly taken by another UFO researcher and represented to a Hollywood producer as 'ETs walking around' in the dark.

The producer was duped and allegedly paid the researcher's airfare to LA, hotel and meals, and substantial cash, to view the purloined footage. The video, in fact, does not show 'ETs' walking around at all...the figures are white-helmeted firefighters at the scene of a small plane crash in the UK in the year 2000.
Here is part of the original news story of the crash...
Fatal Crash Probe Crash experts are trying to discover the cause of the accident.
The Goodwood Racing Company, owners of the airfield, said in a statement: "The Goodwood fire crew was on the scene of the crash Aerodrome director Tony Houghton said: "We are obviously deeply upset by this tragic accident and we extend our most sincere sympathy to the families and relatives....

Now, watch the video clip yourself and you will clearly see the alleged 'ETs' are actually Firefighters in white helmets. Following this opening segment in the following video, there are a number of intriguing clips from other Walson archives...

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