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Mystery Space Machines - Pt 13
Rense.com World Exclusive
By Jeff Rense
All images and videotape footage ©2008 by John Lenard Walson. All Rights Reserved. Copying or Reproduction in any media are prohibited without written permission of Rense.com and John Lenard Walson. All text is ©2008 Rense.com. Links are encouraged.
We begin this tour of objects in Earth orbit with a short Walson video clip of a machine on duty above our heads...or, is that on guard?
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This next clip show an object clearly-defined as being comrpised of several identical or very similar segments.  It's important to note that John's original footage is in FAR higher resolution and definition than any the clips he uploads to YouTube...
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This third relatively short video assemblage show a dramatically different object in the beginning.  Look at the configuration...unlike any other machine we've seen. The end of the video is a compilation of still images of a number of objects captured by John and his modified Meade scope..
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A fascinating video examination of a powerful-looking orbital device.  Note the Walson slow-pan along the length of the craft and see how the articulated sections are clearly identical...
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In this short clip, which you'll want to watch several times, you'll see the same machine in a split screen effect. However, as John was taping it, something red zoomed past it very quickly.  He isloates the object as the section of the tape.  What is it?
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This next one could be a miliatry weapon in space. The more you look at it, the more is seems like a very serious item, indeed..
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This tape presents two differnt spacecraft.  The first one looks very much like a fish skeleton...although rest assured it isn't! The second object looks deadly serious and could be another weapon in space...
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This last video link is tv program footage made by a 200 inch telescope and shows an object that looks far more like a traditional satellite than the objects John is crawling all over with his specially-modified Meade 8 inch scope...
From Ted Twietmeyer
Using a different frame of Walson's video than the still on the webpage, I found a clearer view of the telephoto lens. It's almost certainly a spysat. The opening for lens is even aimed at Earth. The square plate-like projections are most likely solar panels. We have to consider the huge size of this lens, for it to be seen with a 6" telescope from Earth:
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