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Limitations, Liabilities & Lies
Jim Kirwan
The Statute of Limitations
In common law there is something called 'the statute of limitations,' which is there to prevent people from being eternally held liable for things that they have done in the past. When a crime is committed or a mistake made, the citizen has a right to challenge anything except murder, when and if a 'charge' comes up that exceeds seven years after the fact of whatever happened. That was the law until the U.S.A. Patriot Act was quietly passed. Under the old rules anyone could be questioned about whether or not they had ever been convicted of a crime, and those convictions could be used to deny employment and or qualification for any number of things. But anything less that a conviction was not required to be listed, by the applicant, as part of their personal history.
After 911, the government has opened those formerly closed books which are kept on all criminal and civil activity in which anything that any person might have been loosely associated with, in any way, might now be used against them when it comes to anything that might be construed as having any bearing whatsoever on 'national security.'
In effect what this invasion of personal privacy does, strips anyone of any finality, when it comes to their personal standing before any form of authority in any situation which the government might feel the need to fully investigate anyone with a supposedly clean record of past behavior.
This 'special treatment' includes your personal medical records, as well as your financial records and all personal contacts that can and in many cases have been traced by the government 24-7, since 2001 when Bush gave himself permission to violate the law, in collusion with the major communications giants. One consequence of this illegal act was to cloud the credibility of anyone with a history of mental difficulties, drug use or abuse, and or any other 'problems-with-authority' that might arise in the course of trying to survive in the speed-of-light society in which zero tolerance has taken precedence over following the strict requirements of settled law. That means when a problem arises, the individual must prove (again) that he or she is innocent of allegations contained in their own records. This ought to be a crime, but instead it has become standard operating procedure when it comes to ordinary people appearing on any number of various lists: including the no-fly list.
Having a clean record is important to those applying for anything; yet the opposite is true of those applying for high government positions. Being a politician for instance requires a closet full of skeletons (and a bank vault full of money), before anyone can be taken seriously as a candidate for anything major. A checkered-past is actually beneficial to politicians, whereas citizens that have not tried to stretch the laws are automatically totally unqualified for high office.
In life people want to know something about those they might need to trust-yet in political life that qualification has not only been dropped but is vigorously kept hidden by the press and by those to whom the candidates would of necessity be loyal to, after the office is obtained. In business one would never hire known criminals unless they are planning to embark upon a criminal enterprise; yet government hires virtually no one but criminals to do our bidding for us.
How else can this be seen, when we hire people to oversee agencies that actually do the opposite of what the supposed agency was created to do to protect the public! Why then are government officials never charged for the crimes they commit-while the public is rigorously prosecuted for virtually any infraction of every one of the thousands of minor laws which we are all supposedly subject to?
When major crimes are the topic, there is no felony involved in most white-collar crimes because that privilege is reserved for the little people who cannot afford the heavy-hitting legal defense teams needed to defeat the charges. So the public now must live in limbo, never knowing when some detail of something decades old might be dregged up to color some action that the government might want to block that individual from taking: While the government can do whatever it wants, despite the laws, in order to stay in power and to keep the public from objecting to their illegal and outrageous crimes, (both national and international).
This is being done in our names, because the 'government' is supposed to be "We the People" through our elected representatives. But the truth is those in office at the top were not elected, and those who were, serve masters other than the people they supposedly represent! When the facts finally do surface about the lies told in order to get elected, such as a false biography, and-or criminal associations that in some cases go back decades-nothing is ever done to the office-holder, and no "responsibility" for the deceptions and lies is ever laid against that high government official or corporate officer-aside from the pitiful few.
Here is the price that we pay for the lies that we tolerate!
Corporations too seem to enjoy near total immunity from both consequences and the need to maintain a responsible record: This ought to be a requirement of their corporate charters, but in most cases it is not, because it might interfere in the scale of the profits to be earned, which is the sole point for the formation of most corporations in the first place. So neither the government nor the corporations need worry about their criminal past, while the public must consider every act they've ever committed when and if they ever find themselves in the clutches of the Thought Police that will rule this country once the Senate passes the other half of that legislation-probably right after the November selections process is complete.
When the government or the Corporations lie, whether to sell a product or a war, millions if not billions of people are directly affected-yet no laws are enforced regarding these huge and massively costly Lies. Instead their crimes are termed "political" and therefore are permissible as they were done to serve "some higher purpose" such as "the national security interests of the United States." Yet the prisons are overflowing with small-time criminals and only about 10% of those locked up, have any real reason for being there!
We established the Code of Law to protect the innocent as well as to punish the guilty; yet these 'laws' do not apply to corporations or apparently to government officials: they only apply to common people, people of color, people without connections, people that are in Henry Kissinger's words only "useless eaters." In brief, anyone with connections need never fear prosecution or prison; and even if there is a conviction they can always be pardoned. If they are not high enough to warrant a pardon then they serve out some mild sentence in a country-club prison where they can play tennis, swim, and compose their memoirs. These crimes cost us billions of dollars, in the case of the criminal attack upon Iraq that will eventually cost us three-trillion- dollars, and no one will be charged with any part of this catastrophic war-crime, from the torture to the maiming and displacement as well as the killing of millions of people!
This war-in-Iraq is now in its sixth year, in this latest iteration, having been nothing more than a continuation of the 1991 war on Iraqhosted by Poppy Bush & Bill Clinton for twelve very long years-eighteen years of WAR and Iraq is still not conquered, but the profits for the criminals has never been greater!
Given the facts that are now part of history, how much should the use of these lies cost those, who used them, to create their mega- profits and confound the rest of the world! No politician of any high political standing wants to Impeach anyone for anything; in fact almost to a person they all swear publicly to support the Madness-of-Israel in its own little quest to destroy the world; and Israel insists that we pay for all this in Euros, not the now worthless U.S. dollars.
The former United States is being led around by the nose by an outlaw state that has never kept her word, broken most of the agreements she has signed, and Israel has abstained from the IAEA while insisting that Iran be prosecuted by the world, for daring to legally pursue Nuclear Energy as a legitimate alternative to oil. Mossad agents were doing many of the interviews inside Abu Ghraib, they had agents in New York city on 911, as observers and possibly as participants; but the FBI flew those Israeli's that were detained out of the country, without questioning them concerning their presence here on that day. Israel is as complicit in the events of 911 as any of the other official suspects, and yet they have somehow now become more important than any other ally we have- why is that! The only consolation is that universally there is no statute of limitation for murder, much less mass murder or crimes against humanity!
By the same token the real problem for most Americans is that there is also no reprieve from this fascist police state which we have allowed our country to become! When 'justice' is no longer even remotely available and the criminals are running the government and the business of the world: there will be a backlash and it will not be orderly, but it will end this tyranny at last!
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