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How Zionism Works
Zionism versus Torahism

Zionism - the value is catching and selling fish. 
Torahism - the value is teaching people how to fish. 
Zionism - the profit is in causing conflict. 
Torahism - the profit is in resolving conflict. 
Zionism - developing policies that place people and countries in debt to force to work to pay back loans at high interest rates. 
Torahism - providing the environment to stimulate the desire to work for mutual benefit. 
Zionism - Health - the profit is in curing people of illness. 
Torahism - Health - the profit is in teaching how to prevent illness. 
Zionism - leverage is the way to negotiate agreements. 
Torahism - long term implications have priority over short term benefits. 
Zionism - the profit is in selling information.
Torahism - the profit is in teaching how to benefit from information. 
Zionism - bulk up e-mail as tax and insurance  will be levied on e-mail content.
Torahism - minimise the size of e-mail as interplanetary communication is the real problem.
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